Balance is Life…

In the grand scheme of things, what will matter in 20,000 years? All I know is that we must spend our energy wisely in order to get the most out of this experience we call Life. And in doing that simple thing, on a personal level, we can actually effect positive change on a universal scale.

Things go awry when we get outside ourselves. And we miss things. Important things.

I am the center of my own universe. Nothing is more powerful than I and God in my world. If I am not attending to my center, then I am not in balance. And if I am getting caught up in the drama of others and things outside, no matter how “justified” the cause may or may not seem, then I am not where I need to be. If I cannot act cleanly, then there is muck to clear away and work through.

I learned a long time ago – I can make a great difference in this world with just about everything and anything I put my hand to. Without doubt. But if that thing takes my peace and balance away, and I cannot keep upright, then it is not where I’m supposed to be, or what I’m supposed to do.

April 2013 Heretical Numerology Watch

I was thinking about the equations this month and the messages inherent.  And it reminded me of a true story.

There was a special school with beautiful trees.  They were shapely, beautiful and the best kind for climbing.  During lunch time and after school, children would often sit under their shade, eat lunch and snacks, hang from the lower branches and climb into the trees.  Sometimes little things would be hung from the branches to catch the wind and sun.

This had been a tradition for many years.  But one day a new principal came to the school and she was horrified by what she saw.  How could the teachers and parents of this school have allowed this to happen.  No wonder they needed a new principal!  The test scores might be high, but this was surely an unsafe school just waiting for disaster!   After all, a child could accidentally slip and be hurt and the school could be sued.  Even worse, what if a child pushed another child out of the tree!  The school was just lucky that it hadn’t happened yet.  What radical people this school was made up of!!!  Insane to let children run amok in such a dangerous situation.  Everyone knows you never let kids do this!  Especially at a school!  Never mind that there were always adults present.

As protests arose, parents and staff were told they were the most uncooperative and unmanageable people this principal had ever worked with.  Notes were compared with other principals in other districts, legal issues considered and judgments were made about the character of people from the school.  Memos were written, the board was notified, people were hired and the children came to school one day to find their beloved trees missing all their lower limbs, so that even an adult could no longer reach the lowest available branches.  There was no chance anyone might be tempted even to raise a child up to touch them.  And the school and its children would now be considered safe, even if against the wishes and will of the people who made up the community.

The lowest branches had always been the shadiest, and had contained so many memories.  But they were no longer there to provide shelter or joy.  The injured trees showed huge scars where their branches were now razed off.  And though many children tried (and some cried), after awhile no one wanted to have snacks or breaks there anymore.  Yes, thankfully the trees were not killed, but there were so many tears and many hurt feelings in an aftermath that would lead up to severe tension in the future, as unheard people and needs were devalued in a fell swoop.  Because someone didn’t see it the same way.

It’s a true story.  One we can learn from.  What might have been a better approach?  Decisions were made by an outsider to make the community safe according to what everyone “anywhere else” supposedly already logically and reasonably understood on pure principle.  But in the place of safety, hearts, relationships and even a few wills were broken.  People were wrongfully accused of being irresponsible and rebellious and no one would take time to observe just how safe the children truly were or weren’t.  The more parents tried to please their case, the more they were attacked.  The principal had the power of possible lawsuit on her side, and came from a perspective that didn’t even care for trees.  “It’s just a tree, why should this matter?  Why would anyone want to climb such a dangerous thing anyway?  Why is this even an issue?”  Even the fact that there were responsible adults always present, “policing their own community,” did not matter.  There was no acceptance of the idea that perhaps tree climbing and school could coexist.  And when emotions ran high, there was no sympathy either.  “What’s wrong with your people?  We didn’t completely cut the trees down.  We only took away the dangerous branches.  You can still have happy memories without the dangerous branches.”  It became a painful and emotional end with a lot of take and no give.  And it set the stage for continued upheaval in the school’s relationships from then on.

It would have been awesome if somehow the two sides came together with a new approach that preserved everything that everyone valued.

We face an energy pattern in April that will present us with much the same kind of scenarios.  Where rules, patience, harmony, balance, and new events, ideas and perspectives combine for our attention.  Where we need to consider the preservation of all values.

After the sluggish start we had to the 2013 year, April really becomes a month of full awakening for us.  Fundamental changes start making their need to exist, or actual presence, known.  Fundamental changes may also be the problem.  The western calendar year of 2013 is a 6 vibration.  A number that demands and desires harmony, balance and fairness.  6 is the Divine Mother Archetype.  Combined with April, the 4th month, we get the auspicious number of 10.  Sure, there’s a completion and beginning energy behind the number 10, but more notably is the presence of 0 – the God Power.  For all things came from No-Thing.

The tens (numbers followed by zeros) do accentuate the archetype they reduce to, such as in this case the number 1.  1 is the number of direction, the pioneer, discovery and new things as a whole.  But zero adds something extra in the tens.  The tens also hold an extra space for the presence of Guidance at all times.  Not that anyone is every abandoned – no one is.  But 10’s denote special attention from Spirit.  Some have considered it special protection and blessing.  And certainly it is.  But it is also a little more like a parent starting a child out on a new venture – like riding a bike for the first time – and always present with a ready hand for support and guidance.  Or children off to college, embarking on their new adventure into adulthood, but also always having a safe place to call home with their parents, where they can come home, reboot their laundry, and receive nurturing and advice.  Never abandoned, and definitely not alone and without resources.  But also, it’s not an energy that is always needed in this way.  Because eventually, children grow on to become parents and expert bike riders of their own, needing less and less immediate guidance and attention.  The presence of tens do not convey inexperience as souls, but they do denote the presence of new experiences.  Similarly I likewise find that those with 100 (note the double zeros) when applied to people tend to denote older souls who are new to the human experience or to the Earth experience.  Zeros show us where the plateau jumps, our gateways of transformation in our spiritual development, are.

So… back to April.  Wake up calls make themselves known here.  Our rules may not be in our best interest.  Or we are lacking discipline in areas that need it.  Harmony (real or perceived) may be challenged as it butts heads with the number of awakening.  But so will laws, institutions, foundations and patience.  April involves new ways of dealing with and approaching things – and when I say new, I mean NEW!  And not based on previous knowledge or work.  It means considering something that hasn’t been considered before.  It may also mean considering the danger of something new.  With the previous holding patterns present in the year, you can see why now things start feeling like they are speeding up and the year is finally really under way.  With the possibilities of challenging harmony and balance in this month, the answers lie not in looking at things in the same ways they always have been.  Age old arguments and ways of solving things will not provide the answers here.  Our ways of looking at and arguing about law will not help us here.  The answer is something that might seem completely radical, or just something that hasn’t considered before or in a long time.  And there’s a warning in the mix.  Our desire for balance and harmony must not result in simply conforming.  Conformity and illusions of harmony are challenged here.

2013 Dates of Numerological and Celestial Significance
(Dates in bold carry greater weight)

January 13 – 15: Numerological Arch of Influence
January 15: Date of Numerological Significance
January 21-23: Numerological Arch of Influence
January 22: Date of Numerological Significance
January 24-26: Numerological Arch of Influence

January 26: Date of Numerological Significance
January 30: Jupiter Goes Direct in Gemini
January 31: Date of Numerological Significance

February 12-14: Numerological Arch of Influence
February 12Date of Numerological Significance
Februa 14Date of Numerological Significance
February 15: Significant Meteor Strike in Russia
February 18: Saturn Goes Retrograde in Scorpio
February 20-21: Numerological Arch of Influence
February 23: Mercury Goes Retrograde in Pisces
February 25Date of Numerological Significance

March 13Date of Numerological Significance
March 17: Mercury Goes Direct in Pisces
March 20Date of Numerological Significance
March 24-26: Numerological Arch of Influence

March 29Date of Numerological Significance
March 29- April 1: Numerological Arch of Influence

April 1: Date of Numerological Significance
April 10-12: Numerological Arch of Influence
April 12: Date of Numerological Significance
April 12: Pluto Goes Retrograde in Capricorn
April 19Date of Numerological Significance
April 23: Date of Numerological Significance

April 23-29: Numerological Arch of Influence
April 25: Partial Lunar Eclipse

April 28-29: Numerological Arch of Influence (smaller arch ocurring inside a large arch)
April 29: Date of Numerological Significance
May 10: Annular Solar Eclipse
May 25: Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse
June 7: Neptuune Goes Retrograde in Pisces
June 26: Mercury Goes Retrograde in Cancer
July 8: Saturn Goes Direct in Scorpio
July 17: Uranus Goes Retrograde in Aries
July 20: Mercury Goes Direct in Cancer
September 20: Pluto Goes Direct in Capricorn
October 18: Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse
October 21: Mercury Goes Retrograde in Scorpio
November 3: Hybrid Solar Eclipse (Both Total and Annular!)
November 7: Jupiter Goes Retrograde in Cancer
November 10: Mercury Goes Direct in Scorpio
November 13: Neptune Goes Direct in Pisces
November 28: Comet ISON Flies Through Atmosphere of the Sun (If it survives, it may be “the comet of the century.)
December 17: Uranus Goes Direct in Aries
December 21: Venus Goes Retrograde in Capricorn
January 31, 2014: Venus Goes Direct in Capricorn

March 2013 Heretical Numerology Recap

In continuation of our look at where we’ve been and where we’re going in 2013, we now turn to the energies of March 2013.  

As March came into our lives, it brought us to an accentuation of an equation that is popping up rampantly all throughout 2013.  An equation related to Trinities everywhere, but most especially the Divine Service Archetypes of the the Divine Child, Divine Mother and Divine Father.   These archetypes have always had a mathematical and energetic relationship with each other.  But this year they take center stage, emphasizing service to the greater good, from the micro to the macrocosm.  Each of these archetypes govern a corner of the Divine Triangle in Service.  But what they all have in common is the theme of Understanding – mental, emotional, and spiritual.

March also brought with it a cooler season than most of us are used to (at least in the US).  Which brings me to a little side venture in science research I’ve been following.  As in, just what’s up with our Sun?

Scientists are in the midst of speculation over space weather, solar activity, the unexpected quiet in activity from our sun and its affect on Earth.  The last 100 years has been the warmest for Earth since the mini ice-age of the 1700-1800’s.  In large part, we have recognized that during the mini ice-age our Sun was very inactive and quiet.  Coming out of that pattern cycle, we experienced a dramatic increase in solar flare activity.

And now?  Suddenly the solar cycle has quieted, seems sluggish and basically isn’t as active as previously predicted.


Well, much speculation as to what that might mean is going on. Is it a short cycle?  Is it a double peak cycle?  Or is there a possibility of a cooler period coming to  Earth again?

This isn’t entirely news this year, as it’s been discussed in solar science circles for awhile now.  But I find it interesting because I’m fascinated with patterns.  And if Pluto’s behavior reflects our own here on planet Earth, then what kind of effect does solar weather have or reflect?  Seeing as all life on this planet is possible thanks to the sun?  Metaphysically, it’s been generally regarded that large amounts of solar flare activity stimulates a fury of fiery activity here on Earth as well.  And if the Sun is moving into a less active, “cooling off” period for the next century, what does that mean?

Additionally, our sun itself has a natural 11 and 22 year solar cycle.  The 1st 11 years is essentially a waning period and the 2nd a waxing period of activity.  You can learn more about our sun’s solar cycle in NASA’s primer.  Solar cycle 25 has been said to start around 2020, a year I already find pretty interesting.  Master Numbers 11 and 22 are also interesting, as 22 took center stage during the last 100 years of the 20th century and 11 takes center stage during the first 100 years of the 21st century.

And what’s the significance of 11 at this time?  As I’ve written about for years, during the first 100 years of the new millennium, and most especially during the first 20, 30 and 50 of the first 100, it challenges us at every turn and forces societal change.  It is one of the reasons so much fear and doom has been associated with the shifting between millennia.  By the sheer numbers alone, Life and how we do, see and value things will never be the same as before.

Interesting stuff!  So on many fronts, scientific and spiritual (and what if the Sun’s cycle is changing its pattern?),  it’s something to watch and learn from.  As every generation since the beginning of time has done, we look to the heavens, we study the patterns in creation around us and we learn.

2013 Dates of Numerological and Celestial Significance
(Dates in bold carry greater weight)

January 13 – 15: Numerological Arch of Influence
January 15: Date of Numerological Significance
January 21-23: Numerological Arch of Influence
January 22: Date of Numerological Significance
January 24-26: Numerological Arch of Influence

January 26: Date of Numerological Significance
January 30: Jupiter Goes Direct in Gemini
January 31: Date of Numerological Significance

February 12-14: Numerological Arch of Influence
February 12Date of Numerological Significance
Februa 14Date of Numerological Significance
February 15: Significant Meteor Strike in Russia
February 18: Saturn Goes Retrograde in Scorpio
February 20-21: Numerological Arch of Influence
February 23: Mercury Goes Retrograde in Pisces
February 25Date of Numerological Significance

March 13Date of Numerological Significance
March 17: Mercury Goes Direct in Pisces
March 20Date of Numerological Significance
March 24-26: Numerological Arch of Influence

March 29Date of Numerological Significance
March 29- April 1: Numerological Arch of Influence

April 1: Date of Numerological Significance

January/February 2013 Heretical Numerology Recap

So let’s hear it.  How’s your 2013 shaking out?  Mine was definitely off to a sluggish start, and you?  Feel like all your starting up for the year isn’t really going anywhere?  I hear tell there might be some reasons for that.  Something about some planets that were hanging out there in a holding pattern, not really moving, so it affected us here on planet Earth too.

Now, I’m a numerologist, not an astrologer.  But I do believe in observing the skies and seeing how that plays out for us down here and how it matches up with what I see in numbers.  And when the planets appear to stop, it’s generally time to take their advice and at least slow down too.

As a result, March kind of feels like what January should have been, or even December.  There’s a reason for it numerologically too, as January’s energy was not the usual “let’s get started” energy.  Instead, it was ruled by an archetype that called us into a slower energy reserved more for withdrawal, taking our time to think and reflect – not act.  And perhaps even demand some rest and respite.

If you felt like you spent January hibernating or recuperating from December 2012 (or the holidays and family reunions), well… January’s numbers might have actually lent to that.  It was a good time to observe dreams too, so if you wrote any down, go back and look over them again.  From a business point of view, it was lots and lots of paperwork, studies, meetings, exploration and examination time.  From a numbers point of view, it’s almost as if January was still part of last year.

February pulled us into a karmic energy warp demanding responsibility and integrity from us.  Mercury went retrograde in Pisces on the 23rd.  However, as if to herald the new year, further punctuate February’s karmic theme and drive the lesson home, not only did Saturn turn retrograde in Scorpio, but there was a significant and unexpected meteor strike in Russia on February 15, 2013 – the day after Valentine’s Day (a date of numerological significance).  The explosion injured more than 1000 people with its shock waves.  This unexpected meteor strike came from the direction of the Sun where we can’t turn our telescopes, hence it wasn’t noticed in advance of it’s approach to Earth.  However it also just happened to occur the same day that near-Earth asteroid 2012 Da14 made its fly-by – close enough to our planet to come within some satellite orbits!  NASA and other scientists have assured us that the two were completely unrelated events (projectiles from entirely different directions et all), but it’s interesting none-the-less.

January on the whole stayed pretty quiet with it’s biggest numerological activity showing up the 4th week of the month, making it pretty void of challenges and unpleasant unpredictability, socially or financially.  February echoed the quieter start with most of its activity taking place in short exciting bursts during the second half of the month.  It was still fairly uneventful overall as it seemed to take on more of a warning sense  of reminding us of value, responsibility and rules, while still holding us back a bit from really starting the year.  A warming up to the plate essence waits with March around the corner.  The overall quiet begins to shift by second half of March and on into April, finally “starting” the year.

That’s it for now.  Subscribe to the blog and stay tuned for March/April currents!

January – February 2013 Dates of Numerological and Celestial Significance
(Dates in bold carry greater weight)

January 13 – 15: Numerological Arch of Influence
January 15: Date of Numerological Significance
January 21-23: Numerological Arch of Influence
January 22: Date of Numerological Significance
January 24-26: Numerological Arch of Influence

January 26: Date of Numerological Significance
January 30: Jupiter Goes Direct in Gemini
January 31: Date of Numerological Significance

February 12-14: Numerological Arch of Influence
February 12Date of Numerological Significance
Februa 14Date of Numerological Significance
February 15: Significant Meteor Strike in Russia
February 18: Saturn Goes Retrograde in Scorpio
February 20-21: Numerological Arch of Influence
February 23: Mercury Goes Retrograde in Pisces
February 25Date of Numerological Significance

Hello 2013! How are you?

Miss me?  😉

Well, moving has its pluses and minuses.  The moving minuses?  I have not had time to simply blog about numerology, or much of anything else of late.  Just to sell the house and move meant I had to dedicate pretty much my entire body, soul and being to the process and drop everything else that didn’t somehow help me with that.  But the pluses?  Holy cow is my new house awesome! (Closets – I love you!)  I’m not totally unpacked yet (I expect that will take awhile), but I am back on the blogging queue.

So 2012 came and went and I guess you’re itching to get caught up on what the heck is going on?  Yep, me too.  2012 was nice and all that, but 2013 is one of the years I’ve always been more interested in.  (2009, 2011, 2013, 2018 and 2020 have been the big years on my radar for years – these are much more interesting to me.)

Since before Y2K I’ve pegged 2013 as “the year everything changes.”  Now, what exactly that looks like to you is likely going to be rather individual.

Why? Well, it’s like this. You see, numerologically every year contains within it a particular challenge theme for the year.  2013’s challenge involves adaption, volatility and shifting energy.

Oh I know everyone thought 2012 was about “the shift.”  And I’m not denying it.  Plus anytime you focus energy on something, especially en mass you will manifest it at least to some degree.  However, 2012’s challenge was about harmony, emotional attachment and community.  Not shifting.  Not yet.

Something to note: when we’re talking about numerological challenges, you have to think about in terms of testing and in terms of the two sides of a coin.  There are the strengths, the characteristics of what we ideally aspire to.  And then there are the traps, how we can react negatively to the energies testing us.

What kind of energies and events might be expected with this challenge pattern for 2013?

Well, on a world scale in our human history, anything from highly publicized assassinations, international scale natural disasters, as well as the legalization of gay marriage in some US states and even the launch of Facebook have occurred under this kind of challenge energy pattern.

Yeah, some big stuff has happened.

But if you’ll notice – each of these types of events, for better or worse, change everything for the future.  THAT is the part you should expect.  This will be the case on both a mass as well as a personal scale.

Subtle foundations were already laid in 2011.  But what happens in 2013 is more overtly securing new patterns for how we operate, in business, in community and at home.

On a personal level, you should be prepared to be flexible.  Shifts are manifesting this year in your life (for some of you more intensely than others, depending on your numbers), but across the board none-the-less.  Whether that’s a shift in something personal like choosing a whole new way of eating (like going gluten-free) or it’s a shift you’re being thrown into because you had no choice (the company you’ve worked so long for is sold and they either lay people off, or completely change everything about how they operate) – it’s going to be individual to you.

Big stuff?  Worldwide stuff?  Eh, it’s going to happen anyway.  It’s you I want to prepare to find the tests, the miracles and the opportunities awaiting.  It’s implementation time.

What’s going on in your life?  Look for those shifts to happen and when you see them, look for opportunity right behind, because it’s there too.

Wait! What about January – March you ask?  What did we miss?

Never fear, stay tuned for a formal Numerology Watch complete with dates and a recap coming up soon.

Until then subscribe to the blog!  Bye for now! 🙂

What Song Do You Vibrate To?


As we all find ourselves transitioning into the fall season of 2012 and ever approaching December 2012, it’s obvious a lot of us are reflecting on the importance of like attracting like.

I found the quotes and video link below to be quite compelling in connection.

  • The physics of matching the frequency of what you wish to attract, in order to attract it in the first place.

  • The spiritual truth (quoted from Abraham) that you cannot attract what you are aware of being absent.  Which actually touches upon what quantum physics has already discovered – that when we try to observe and focus on a quantum particle, it no longer stays where we want it and it no longer behaves the same.  We have to “not observe” in order to observe.

  • And then the video clip of David Icke’s lecture with the live demos of sand particles rearranging with each change of frequency.

It all points to the same thoughts and ideas.  If you don’t like the pattern of your life, it’s simply a matter of switching the channel and singing a different song.  However, you can’t be focused on missing out or looking outside of yourself for it to happen.

It also compliments the pure simple truth about the I AM that is you in numerology – you came here vibrating to and singing a musical chord. A song that I can see in numbers.  When you are not true to yourself, you cause discord in that divine pattern of how you were created.  Part of my job is to help you see your Divine Self again.

In addition, I found this tidbit compelling this morning from Brother Ishmael Tetteh of the Etherean Mission in Ghana (shared on Facebook).

“If we ever feel envious of another [or wish for our path to be like another’s], we should not ask God to help us to be like them, rather we should ask God to show us how to do that as ourselves. “God, show me how to do that as me… Show me how to be Bill Gates as me… Show me how to be Oprah as me…” This way you’re activating your own greatness.”

So my question to you is: “What song do you sing?”  Are you trying to be someone else?  Live to someone else’s expectations?  Have you lost your identity?  Does the presence of certain others cause you to shift your true nature? Do you become less happy, less nice, less you when you engage in certain discussions, emotions, activities?  Even food is a vibration – does it compliment your natural state or compromise it?  Does the diet you are following bring you peace?  And do you notice other people who actually help you become more true to your natural state than others?  Activities?  Music?  Art?  Food?  (Keep in mind that sometimes these things are meant to shift and change throughout our lives.)

Perhaps if nothing else, as we approach the end of 2012, it’s time for a deeper consideration of what it all means.  And if you aren’t feeling yourself, if you feel you’ve lost your identity, if you find yourself in pain, perhaps the answer is to stop missing Yourself, stop looking for causes, and get your Vivacious Divine Self out there and simply just Be.  

Quotes of the Month: 

“A powerful Universal truth is simply this: you cannot attract the presence of something wanted when predominantly aware of its absence.” — Abraham

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency to what you want and you cannot help but get that. It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy, this is physics.” — Unknown

(The above quote has been mis-attributed to Einstein, but there’s no evidence that he ever said it.  There do appear to be some references tying this quote to Bashar, but in either case, no matter who said it, it’s compelling.)

This Month’s Recommended Video:

Sound Vibration Creates Form

via David Icke

The Spirit Of 9/11: A Numerological Perspective

It happened 11 years ago today.  And though the energy of 9/11/2001 is identical to the energy of 7/4/1776 (a 11/5 day), it is the sub-vibration of 11 I’d like to focus on today.  Especially the 11 Master Number cycle and what it teaches us.  After all, the upcoming Dec 21, 2012 that everyone is focusing so much energy on, is a 33/11 day – double master numbers that contain the Martyr and the Spiritual Teacher – pushing the fulfillment of 11 on that day.  Because the whole world is focused on it, it can’t help but be important.  And today speaks ahead to us about the important role 11 brings.

The affects of an 11 cycle can be felt physically in our daily lives, in our very existence on this planet.  Our weather and life as we know it are affected and created through the 11 month lunar and the 11 year solar flare cycle.  Our seasons, our space weather.  Things we depend upon, and events that surprise us.  It’s spiritual impact is also subtle and has been less prevalent, until now.

It happened 11 years ago today.  The Twin Towers fell and the Pentagon was attacked.  A terrible act of hatred against innocent people was executed.  People died as the planes crashed into the buildings.  People died as they tried to save the lives of others.

And though hatred danced, sang and cheered, Innocence, Love, Unity and Heroism abounded that day.  And not just love – the feeling, but Love – the action.

For a moment, all differences erased.  For a moment, nothing else mattered than your fellow man.  For a moment, the daily facade we build around us snapped.

In that instant, we weren’t Republicans and Democrats (and the rest ignored by the two), we weren’t liberals and conservatives, we weren’t colored and white, we weren’t UT vs. A&M, we weren’t east vs. west, south vs. north, men vs. women.

There are a whole lot of divisive things we weren’t that day.  We weren’t any of these labels.

11  represents the Unity within Paradox Principal.  It represents the existence of two seeming opposite energies that exist in a perfect whole within seeming paradox.  It shows us the essential balance there must be for this physical plane of existence to be and represents the bridge between here and the next dimension.  It also represents great trials, tribulations and spiritual testing.  It represents the Gateway of Transformation.

With the exception of those who carry this particular vibration on a personal level, so much of our modern lives have been spent without the significant presence of this number’s energies.  It’s true that about 3 days out of every month will hold this Master vibration.  However, the energy is always short lived.  Any lasting submersion into the energy emotionally and on an individual level comes from larger patterns.  And when we look at the Western calendar, it happens in the passing Years.

The phenomenon of the last millennium in terms of Master Number years is that the closer we got to the year 2000, the fewer and fewer 11 years we experienced as a Western society and the increase of other types of Master Number years.  1910 was the last 11 year experienced in the 20th century.  Go back and look at the significant events that took place in 1901 to 1910.  Very interesting.

Then came 2009, the first 11 year experienced in 99 years.  Go back and think about that year.  If you talk to folks, you’ll hear a lot about how difficult that year was for people.  However, you will also find that no one agrees or quite can put their finger on the reason why.  This is because 11 is a powerful Master Number that not only challenges us, but it challenges us in spiritual ways that have nothing to do with what is happening physically.  It often challenges us through our greatest fears, which is very individual and unique to each of us.  What challenges you is not necessarily what challenges me and visa versa.  And it’s supposed to be that way.

To make it even more interesting, no matter who we voted into the presidential office to begin that year, all the men we were voting for carry a Life Lesson of 11.  Even the female candidate carries a life lesson of 33 – the master number of the Martyr.  Wow.  With all that focus that a public office like the presidency carries, with a life lesson that compounds the 1st 11 year in 99 years – I’d never want to be that person.

And 2009 was just the beginning.  Once we flipped into the new millennium, we will now begin to hit 11 years every decade.  It’s no wonder the fearful stories in human history that surround the changing of millenniums.  It forces societal change.  And we’re here, on the brink of history being made.

And don’t be complaining about it.  You’ve been asking for this.  It’s happening.  The world is evolving.  So Be Love Now.

11 is the Job number.  You can read a nicely indepth wiki synapses of the biblical story of Job here.  But essentially, in this poetic story, God describes Job as a righteous man.  And the Devil (or more correctly translated – Adversary) comes forward and says – “Oh yeah?  Job’s only righteous because You’ve blessed him.  Curse him and give him to me.  Hurt him and cause him pain.  I’ll show You that he’s not righteous after all.  In the end, he’ll curse You and You’ll see what he really is.”

As a quick side note:  I do caution you not to write off the historical inspired writings of the world, just because religions of the world have abused them and their responsibilities at some point.  You don’t have to have a particular religious viewpoint to gain from the writings of ancient peoples.  The universal lessons illustrated are valuable. Just as there are timeless inspired messages  of today, there also always have been throughout human time.  It’s our job to consider and learn.

So to get back to our story, God agrees and lets the Adversary do horrible things to Job.  The Adversary kills Job’s 10 children, takes away his home and all his thousands of animals, his clothes and riches.  He even gets God’s permission to strike Job’s own person and gives him boils from head to toe.  In the end, Job is sitting as a bum on the side of the road, wearing sackcloth and pouring ashes on himself because he’s in so much pain.

And Job still didn’t curse God.  He was still a righteous man.

What’s further interesting about the lesson of Job, and how perfect an analogy it makes for the energy of the Archetypal 11, is that his friends become convinced that Job must have done something wrong to deserve what has happened to him.  (Maybe he has karmic debt?)  Once upon a time they respected him, looked up to him as a leader, as a righteous man, as an example before God.  Now they judge him, consider themselves to be better than him and in their efforts to “help” him, they harass him and tell him that he must confess his sins and change his life.  He must repent, they say!  They’re not quite sure what he did, but he had to have done something horribly wrong.  They cannot believe that he did nothing to deserve his horrible current life and instead of supporting him through the pain, they judge and no longer think the best of him.  (Maybe he manifested this because he did not have enough faith, or positive thinking?  Maybe he attracted his circumstance because like attracts like? Maybe it was because he had been rich?  Maybe it was because of his ego?)  And so even Job’s friends become part of the “punishment.”

And still, even when his friends and his own wife no longer believe in him, Job remains a righteous and good man.  He passes the test.  He transits that gate of transformation.  He moves on to the next level of enlightenment.

11 is a powerful number for spiritual service.  It is the number of the Spiritual Teacher, whether the spiritual teacher is embodied as a person, or the energy is embodied as a lesson.  It is the Light Bringer, The Way Show-er.  That is the Blessed Divinity of the number; the manifestation of righteousness.  And don’t confuse that with the overused and abused description of righteousness that religions have tried to program into the world.  Neither Love nor Enlightenment is ever about control or taking away choices.  You must arrive and experience on your own.  This is only achieved through freedom.  No one can force you to come to enlightenment or righteousness (meaning without guilt or wrong-doing).  Just think about what the term “without guilt” alone means.  It’s not just that you did nothing to be guilty as in a court of law, but also that you are not burdened by it either.  That you do not even assign guilt where it does not belong.  Get away from the marketing hype of the world and look at the actual energies behind the words around you, especially the words you find to be triggers for you.  Words do mean things and nowhere more so than in numerology do we understand and needs respect this.  God spoke and everything came into BEing.  Words and their energies are powerful and important.

However, 11 brings undeserved persecution and spiritual testing, not unlike as it was for Job.  Not necessarily that under 11 it would happen that you will experience such to the level that Job did in the story outlined above, but the essence of the lesson is there.  The lessons may radiate into the physical, but they are not physical lessons by nature.  They are spiritual lessons.  Why is 11 meant to be all this?  Because our souls agreed to it for the overcoming.  Only through overcoming do we grow.  We reach enlightenment through exercise.  Though sometimes we do learn and grow from them, we don’t need karmic debt and “sin” to learn and grow.  We can be challenged through the sheer joy of being on this planet, in this incarnation, to learn what this plane of existence has to offer us.  Our souls can choose to be presented with hardships just for the sake of both learning and teaching.  We don’t have to deserve them.  We don’t have to pay a price.  We just get to receive the lessons for free, without trade.  Maybe it doesn’t seem as interesting as rocket science, but it’s as, if not more, important.  We are actively forwarding the evolution of a spiritual race.

So you think you are a good person.  Others think you are a good person.  Is it really true?  Did you mean it?  Or the instant that you find yourself challenged… the instant that you are faced with your greatest fear, your greatest pang, your greatest loss (I cannot imagine much worse than the loss of a child, much less 10 of them), your greatest irritant and your biggest button that someone might push… do you go off the track?  Are you no longer dependable to be that good and safe person you believe yourself to be?  Will you still be kind to people if your car breaks down?  Can you still be at One and share love and unity with someone whether they are a liberal or a conservative or not?

Can you. In the face of a terrorist attack upon you and your neighbors. Forget the damn labels, embrace your fellow human and recognize their absolute Divinity and perfection in the eyes of God.  The I AM you supposedly claim to be.

And can you do this even 11 years later.

This is what 11 begs of you.  What reality have you chosen?

Below: A message of positive deeds and dedication to honor the fallen and spirit of Unity that 9/11/2001 brought to us.  I don’t know anything about the organization, but it is a principal that I like very much and is very in keeping with 11.  Instead of waiting for a holiday, what will you do to make the world a better place on 9/11?

A Brief Explanation About Master Number 44…

A friend asked for some clarification after my last numerology post, which led into a brief explanation about the Master Number 44.  I thought you might be interested as well, so I’m sharing a bit of my response below.  

August 31st was our first 44 day of the year 2012.  Master Number 44/8 is the vibration of self-discipline, abundance and success through Balance.  But this isn’t the kind of success summation that everyone seems to preach about 8s.  8 is not necessarily about “success” as most fluff books out there tend to promote.  And though the Chinese consider it lucky, it’s not because of the Divine aspects of the archetype, but because the interpretation was colored by culture as they associated the number 8 with that of royalty.  The dichotomy between peasants and hierarchy.  8 is a leadership number that demands great responsibility, but tends to be more openly on a pedestal.  And a tedious one at times at that.

44 is the Master Vibration of Dynamic Inspiration.  And it requires balance between worlds.  Balancing family/work, spirit/earth, emotion/logic, etc. with a strong foundation established in each.  Foundation is key.  Without a good foundation, things fail.  Like the house built on sand.  44 tests that foundation.  But it also tests connection between “earth and sky.”  Foundation is half the equation.  A building isn’t enough to just have the foundation and skeleton.  The realization of the vision involves the rest, the design, the architecture.  You won’t get there without the planning and work (4), but it’s not complete until the rest is put together – the part everyone sees and focuses on (8).  That’s why 8 is the number of completion.  And that’s why it’s so attractive and glowy.  It’s like a celebrity.  It’s the pretties we see in that fantastic feat of architecture.  No one tends to admire the foundation, but the building would not be possible without it.

I find that Balancing issues come up around 44.  We have also in history had events like the tsunami in 2004 fall on 44 days.

August 30th led into the energy with a hidden 11, the Job number, which led into the small numerological arch of influence I’ve already noted between the two days.  Btw, that’s Job as in the old testament bible story about Job.  11 is a number of spiritual leadership and testing. Lessons under 11 are not about the physical things that happen, but about what you do and the spiritual side of the happening.

August/September/Fall Heretical Numerology Prediction Notes…

For now, I am compiling my data for the rest of the calendar year.  This has taken a lot of time to boil down into a list for you to peruse.  But it’s together now and as deadlines draw near, I’m going to go ahead and get it out to you to look at.  I’ll elaborate more on details in a later update, but for now, let me invite you to look over each month and see the differences amongst them.

Remember what I said last month about November?  Now look at the list of data below and see how November stacks up next to all the other months.  That is the month to watch.  “Water of Life” and spirituality are words that are ringing in my ears when it comes to  November.  Something about water, blood and what they symbolize is very important during this time.  A thirst for “water” and spirituality, but not everyone will find satiation.  And I don’t believe November encapsulates it.  I believe that it brings it forefront.  I think a reference to ground water is being made here, as well as circulation – like a circulatory system.  And I would definitely draw analogies with chi and the healthy flow a human body is supposed to have, to that of the Earth.  This whole theme is both physical and symbolic in how it comes through.  The feeling I get physically though is that ground water is going to become available in areas it wasn’t previously and disappear in others it’s been rather reliable in.  Whether that changes due to earthquake or something, I’m not quite sure.  Just keep in mind there’s a rather significant spiritual parallel as well.  Phrases to reflect on:  Waters Of Life, Throne Of God, Holy Spirit, Blood Flow (as between mother and unborn child), Ascension, Divine Feminine As Creator.

Also, with all the references coming up about water, I’m going to assert something controversial about dowsing.  And I say this as an experienced dowser and as someone whose great-grandparents and other family members were once upon a time successful water-witchers in their day.   I don’t think it’s water that actually draws down our diviner rods in traditional water witching.  I think it’s something else.  

I’m also seeing a pattern this year I did not expect.  Towards the end of the year (with an intro taste to the energy felt in August), there are multiple arches of influence back to back or that overlap.  In November, we have three separate numerological energy arches that overlap each other.  Arches of influence, as I coin the phrase to describe them, are already a series of days with compounded energies contained.  But in November, December and a little one in August, we have compounded arches!

What does it all mean?  Well, things are afoot.  And when you add social circumstances (and inherent pressures) already in place, like the holidays and U.S. election, expect some fireworks.  I’ve been analyzing U.S. presidential candidates and history.  I think I can guarantee that what it reveals is rather unexpected.  Stay tuned.

2012 Dates of Numerological and Celestial Significance
(Dates in bold carry greater weight)

August 7-9Numerological Arch of Influence
August 8: Mercury Goes Direct

August 9: Date of Numerological Significance
August 20: Date of Numerological Significance
August 14-18Numerological Arch of Influence
August 19-21Numerological Arch of Influence 
August 25: Date of Numerological Significance
August 31: Date of Numerological Significance
August 30-31Numerological Arch of Influence

September 6-8Numerological Arch of Influence
September 8: Date of Numerological Significance
September 13-15
Numerological Arch of Influence
September 17: Pluto Goes Direct
September 19: Date of Numerological Significance
September 19-20: Numerological Arch of Influence
September 24: Date of Numerological Significance
September 30: Date of Numerological Significance

October 4: Jupiter Goes Retrograde
October 5-7Numerological Arch of Influence
October 7: Date of Numerological Significance
October 18: Date of Numerological Significance
October 23: Date of Numerological Significance
October 29: Date of Numerological Significance

November 4-6: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 6: Mercury Goes Retrograde
November 6: Date of Numerological Significance
November 11: Neptune Goes Direct
November 11-13: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 13: Date of Numerological Significance
November 13: Total Solar Eclipse
November 17-22: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 22: Date of Numerological Significance
November 22-28: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 26: Mercury Goes Direct
November 27-29: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 28: Date of Numerological Significance
November 28: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

December 3: Date of Numerological Significance
December 3-5: Numerological Arch of Influence
December 5: Date of Numerological Significance

December 13: Uranus Goes Direct
December 16-17: Numerological Arch of Influence
December 17 Date of Numerological Significance
December 16-21: Numerological Arch of Influence
December 21: Date of Numerological Significance
December 27: Date of Numerological Significance
December 27-31: Numerological Arch of Influence

January 30: Jupiter Goes Direct

Metaphysical Candy…

We are all supposed to follow our paths and be experts in something and I believe that’s tied into our passions in life.  I just mentioned in a Facebook discussion with Julie McAllister that numerology is like candy to me – candy I’m allowed to gorge on. Candy I can’t quite get enough of and never seem to burn out on. I never seem to tire of studying and growing in it.  And I love discussions and questions! They help remind me what language I need to speak.

And for all that stuff I’m not meant to be an expert in?  There are others to be that expert for me.  People like Julie with her healing/medium work and organization for mothers of children with special needs.

So what is it for you in life that’s like “candy?”

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