Hello 2013! How are you?

Miss me?  😉

Well, moving has its pluses and minuses.  The moving minuses?  I have not had time to simply blog about numerology, or much of anything else of late.  Just to sell the house and move meant I had to dedicate pretty much my entire body, soul and being to the process and drop everything else that didn’t somehow help me with that.  But the pluses?  Holy cow is my new house awesome! (Closets – I love you!)  I’m not totally unpacked yet (I expect that will take awhile), but I am back on the blogging queue.

So 2012 came and went and I guess you’re itching to get caught up on what the heck is going on?  Yep, me too.  2012 was nice and all that, but 2013 is one of the years I’ve always been more interested in.  (2009, 2011, 2013, 2018 and 2020 have been the big years on my radar for years – these are much more interesting to me.)

Since before Y2K I’ve pegged 2013 as “the year everything changes.”  Now, what exactly that looks like to you is likely going to be rather individual.

Why? Well, it’s like this. You see, numerologically every year contains within it a particular challenge theme for the year.  2013’s challenge involves adaption, volatility and shifting energy.

Oh I know everyone thought 2012 was about “the shift.”  And I’m not denying it.  Plus anytime you focus energy on something, especially en mass you will manifest it at least to some degree.  However, 2012’s challenge was about harmony, emotional attachment and community.  Not shifting.  Not yet.

Something to note: when we’re talking about numerological challenges, you have to think about in terms of testing and in terms of the two sides of a coin.  There are the strengths, the characteristics of what we ideally aspire to.  And then there are the traps, how we can react negatively to the energies testing us.

What kind of energies and events might be expected with this challenge pattern for 2013?

Well, on a world scale in our human history, anything from highly publicized assassinations, international scale natural disasters, as well as the legalization of gay marriage in some US states and even the launch of Facebook have occurred under this kind of challenge energy pattern.

Yeah, some big stuff has happened.

But if you’ll notice – each of these types of events, for better or worse, change everything for the future.  THAT is the part you should expect.  This will be the case on both a mass as well as a personal scale.

Subtle foundations were already laid in 2011.  But what happens in 2013 is more overtly securing new patterns for how we operate, in business, in community and at home.

On a personal level, you should be prepared to be flexible.  Shifts are manifesting this year in your life (for some of you more intensely than others, depending on your numbers), but across the board none-the-less.  Whether that’s a shift in something personal like choosing a whole new way of eating (like going gluten-free) or it’s a shift you’re being thrown into because you had no choice (the company you’ve worked so long for is sold and they either lay people off, or completely change everything about how they operate) – it’s going to be individual to you.

Big stuff?  Worldwide stuff?  Eh, it’s going to happen anyway.  It’s you I want to prepare to find the tests, the miracles and the opportunities awaiting.  It’s implementation time.

What’s going on in your life?  Look for those shifts to happen and when you see them, look for opportunity right behind, because it’s there too.

Wait! What about January – March you ask?  What did we miss?

Never fear, stay tuned for a formal Numerology Watch complete with dates and a recap coming up soon.

Until then subscribe to the blog!  Bye for now! 🙂

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