Balance is Life…

In the grand scheme of things, what will matter in 20,000 years? All I know is that we must spend our energy wisely in order to get the most out of this experience we call Life. And in doing that simple thing, on a personal level, we can actually effect positive change on a universal scale.

Things go awry when we get outside ourselves. And we miss things. Important things.

I am the center of my own universe. Nothing is more powerful than I and God in my world. If I am not attending to my center, then I am not in balance. And if I am getting caught up in the drama of others and things outside, no matter how “justified” the cause may or may not seem, then I am not where I need to be. If I cannot act cleanly, then there is muck to clear away and work through.

I learned a long time ago – I can make a great difference in this world with just about everything and anything I put my hand to. Without doubt. But if that thing takes my peace and balance away, and I cannot keep upright, then it is not where I’m supposed to be, or what I’m supposed to do.

What Song Do You Vibrate To?


As we all find ourselves transitioning into the fall season of 2012 and ever approaching December 2012, it’s obvious a lot of us are reflecting on the importance of like attracting like.

I found the quotes and video link below to be quite compelling in connection.

  • The physics of matching the frequency of what you wish to attract, in order to attract it in the first place.

  • The spiritual truth (quoted from Abraham) that you cannot attract what you are aware of being absent.  Which actually touches upon what quantum physics has already discovered – that when we try to observe and focus on a quantum particle, it no longer stays where we want it and it no longer behaves the same.  We have to “not observe” in order to observe.

  • And then the video clip of David Icke’s lecture with the live demos of sand particles rearranging with each change of frequency.

It all points to the same thoughts and ideas.  If you don’t like the pattern of your life, it’s simply a matter of switching the channel and singing a different song.  However, you can’t be focused on missing out or looking outside of yourself for it to happen.

It also compliments the pure simple truth about the I AM that is you in numerology – you came here vibrating to and singing a musical chord. A song that I can see in numbers.  When you are not true to yourself, you cause discord in that divine pattern of how you were created.  Part of my job is to help you see your Divine Self again.

In addition, I found this tidbit compelling this morning from Brother Ishmael Tetteh of the Etherean Mission in Ghana (shared on Facebook).

“If we ever feel envious of another [or wish for our path to be like another’s], we should not ask God to help us to be like them, rather we should ask God to show us how to do that as ourselves. “God, show me how to do that as me… Show me how to be Bill Gates as me… Show me how to be Oprah as me…” This way you’re activating your own greatness.”

So my question to you is: “What song do you sing?”  Are you trying to be someone else?  Live to someone else’s expectations?  Have you lost your identity?  Does the presence of certain others cause you to shift your true nature? Do you become less happy, less nice, less you when you engage in certain discussions, emotions, activities?  Even food is a vibration – does it compliment your natural state or compromise it?  Does the diet you are following bring you peace?  And do you notice other people who actually help you become more true to your natural state than others?  Activities?  Music?  Art?  Food?  (Keep in mind that sometimes these things are meant to shift and change throughout our lives.)

Perhaps if nothing else, as we approach the end of 2012, it’s time for a deeper consideration of what it all means.  And if you aren’t feeling yourself, if you feel you’ve lost your identity, if you find yourself in pain, perhaps the answer is to stop missing Yourself, stop looking for causes, and get your Vivacious Divine Self out there and simply just Be.  

Quotes of the Month: 

“A powerful Universal truth is simply this: you cannot attract the presence of something wanted when predominantly aware of its absence.” — Abraham

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency to what you want and you cannot help but get that. It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy, this is physics.” — Unknown

(The above quote has been mis-attributed to Einstein, but there’s no evidence that he ever said it.  There do appear to be some references tying this quote to Bashar, but in either case, no matter who said it, it’s compelling.)

This Month’s Recommended Video:

Sound Vibration Creates Form

via David Icke

The Spirit Of 9/11: A Numerological Perspective

It happened 11 years ago today.  And though the energy of 9/11/2001 is identical to the energy of 7/4/1776 (a 11/5 day), it is the sub-vibration of 11 I’d like to focus on today.  Especially the 11 Master Number cycle and what it teaches us.  After all, the upcoming Dec 21, 2012 that everyone is focusing so much energy on, is a 33/11 day – double master numbers that contain the Martyr and the Spiritual Teacher – pushing the fulfillment of 11 on that day.  Because the whole world is focused on it, it can’t help but be important.  And today speaks ahead to us about the important role 11 brings.

The affects of an 11 cycle can be felt physically in our daily lives, in our very existence on this planet.  Our weather and life as we know it are affected and created through the 11 month lunar and the 11 year solar flare cycle.  Our seasons, our space weather.  Things we depend upon, and events that surprise us.  It’s spiritual impact is also subtle and has been less prevalent, until now.

It happened 11 years ago today.  The Twin Towers fell and the Pentagon was attacked.  A terrible act of hatred against innocent people was executed.  People died as the planes crashed into the buildings.  People died as they tried to save the lives of others.

And though hatred danced, sang and cheered, Innocence, Love, Unity and Heroism abounded that day.  And not just love – the feeling, but Love – the action.

For a moment, all differences erased.  For a moment, nothing else mattered than your fellow man.  For a moment, the daily facade we build around us snapped.

In that instant, we weren’t Republicans and Democrats (and the rest ignored by the two), we weren’t liberals and conservatives, we weren’t colored and white, we weren’t UT vs. A&M, we weren’t east vs. west, south vs. north, men vs. women.

There are a whole lot of divisive things we weren’t that day.  We weren’t any of these labels.

11  represents the Unity within Paradox Principal.  It represents the existence of two seeming opposite energies that exist in a perfect whole within seeming paradox.  It shows us the essential balance there must be for this physical plane of existence to be and represents the bridge between here and the next dimension.  It also represents great trials, tribulations and spiritual testing.  It represents the Gateway of Transformation.

With the exception of those who carry this particular vibration on a personal level, so much of our modern lives have been spent without the significant presence of this number’s energies.  It’s true that about 3 days out of every month will hold this Master vibration.  However, the energy is always short lived.  Any lasting submersion into the energy emotionally and on an individual level comes from larger patterns.  And when we look at the Western calendar, it happens in the passing Years.

The phenomenon of the last millennium in terms of Master Number years is that the closer we got to the year 2000, the fewer and fewer 11 years we experienced as a Western society and the increase of other types of Master Number years.  1910 was the last 11 year experienced in the 20th century.  Go back and look at the significant events that took place in 1901 to 1910.  Very interesting.

Then came 2009, the first 11 year experienced in 99 years.  Go back and think about that year.  If you talk to folks, you’ll hear a lot about how difficult that year was for people.  However, you will also find that no one agrees or quite can put their finger on the reason why.  This is because 11 is a powerful Master Number that not only challenges us, but it challenges us in spiritual ways that have nothing to do with what is happening physically.  It often challenges us through our greatest fears, which is very individual and unique to each of us.  What challenges you is not necessarily what challenges me and visa versa.  And it’s supposed to be that way.

To make it even more interesting, no matter who we voted into the presidential office to begin that year, all the men we were voting for carry a Life Lesson of 11.  Even the female candidate carries a life lesson of 33 – the master number of the Martyr.  Wow.  With all that focus that a public office like the presidency carries, with a life lesson that compounds the 1st 11 year in 99 years – I’d never want to be that person.

And 2009 was just the beginning.  Once we flipped into the new millennium, we will now begin to hit 11 years every decade.  It’s no wonder the fearful stories in human history that surround the changing of millenniums.  It forces societal change.  And we’re here, on the brink of history being made.

And don’t be complaining about it.  You’ve been asking for this.  It’s happening.  The world is evolving.  So Be Love Now.

11 is the Job number.  You can read a nicely indepth wiki synapses of the biblical story of Job here.  But essentially, in this poetic story, God describes Job as a righteous man.  And the Devil (or more correctly translated – Adversary) comes forward and says – “Oh yeah?  Job’s only righteous because You’ve blessed him.  Curse him and give him to me.  Hurt him and cause him pain.  I’ll show You that he’s not righteous after all.  In the end, he’ll curse You and You’ll see what he really is.”

As a quick side note:  I do caution you not to write off the historical inspired writings of the world, just because religions of the world have abused them and their responsibilities at some point.  You don’t have to have a particular religious viewpoint to gain from the writings of ancient peoples.  The universal lessons illustrated are valuable. Just as there are timeless inspired messages  of today, there also always have been throughout human time.  It’s our job to consider and learn.

So to get back to our story, God agrees and lets the Adversary do horrible things to Job.  The Adversary kills Job’s 10 children, takes away his home and all his thousands of animals, his clothes and riches.  He even gets God’s permission to strike Job’s own person and gives him boils from head to toe.  In the end, Job is sitting as a bum on the side of the road, wearing sackcloth and pouring ashes on himself because he’s in so much pain.

And Job still didn’t curse God.  He was still a righteous man.

What’s further interesting about the lesson of Job, and how perfect an analogy it makes for the energy of the Archetypal 11, is that his friends become convinced that Job must have done something wrong to deserve what has happened to him.  (Maybe he has karmic debt?)  Once upon a time they respected him, looked up to him as a leader, as a righteous man, as an example before God.  Now they judge him, consider themselves to be better than him and in their efforts to “help” him, they harass him and tell him that he must confess his sins and change his life.  He must repent, they say!  They’re not quite sure what he did, but he had to have done something horribly wrong.  They cannot believe that he did nothing to deserve his horrible current life and instead of supporting him through the pain, they judge and no longer think the best of him.  (Maybe he manifested this because he did not have enough faith, or positive thinking?  Maybe he attracted his circumstance because like attracts like? Maybe it was because he had been rich?  Maybe it was because of his ego?)  And so even Job’s friends become part of the “punishment.”

And still, even when his friends and his own wife no longer believe in him, Job remains a righteous and good man.  He passes the test.  He transits that gate of transformation.  He moves on to the next level of enlightenment.

11 is a powerful number for spiritual service.  It is the number of the Spiritual Teacher, whether the spiritual teacher is embodied as a person, or the energy is embodied as a lesson.  It is the Light Bringer, The Way Show-er.  That is the Blessed Divinity of the number; the manifestation of righteousness.  And don’t confuse that with the overused and abused description of righteousness that religions have tried to program into the world.  Neither Love nor Enlightenment is ever about control or taking away choices.  You must arrive and experience on your own.  This is only achieved through freedom.  No one can force you to come to enlightenment or righteousness (meaning without guilt or wrong-doing).  Just think about what the term “without guilt” alone means.  It’s not just that you did nothing to be guilty as in a court of law, but also that you are not burdened by it either.  That you do not even assign guilt where it does not belong.  Get away from the marketing hype of the world and look at the actual energies behind the words around you, especially the words you find to be triggers for you.  Words do mean things and nowhere more so than in numerology do we understand and needs respect this.  God spoke and everything came into BEing.  Words and their energies are powerful and important.

However, 11 brings undeserved persecution and spiritual testing, not unlike as it was for Job.  Not necessarily that under 11 it would happen that you will experience such to the level that Job did in the story outlined above, but the essence of the lesson is there.  The lessons may radiate into the physical, but they are not physical lessons by nature.  They are spiritual lessons.  Why is 11 meant to be all this?  Because our souls agreed to it for the overcoming.  Only through overcoming do we grow.  We reach enlightenment through exercise.  Though sometimes we do learn and grow from them, we don’t need karmic debt and “sin” to learn and grow.  We can be challenged through the sheer joy of being on this planet, in this incarnation, to learn what this plane of existence has to offer us.  Our souls can choose to be presented with hardships just for the sake of both learning and teaching.  We don’t have to deserve them.  We don’t have to pay a price.  We just get to receive the lessons for free, without trade.  Maybe it doesn’t seem as interesting as rocket science, but it’s as, if not more, important.  We are actively forwarding the evolution of a spiritual race.

So you think you are a good person.  Others think you are a good person.  Is it really true?  Did you mean it?  Or the instant that you find yourself challenged… the instant that you are faced with your greatest fear, your greatest pang, your greatest loss (I cannot imagine much worse than the loss of a child, much less 10 of them), your greatest irritant and your biggest button that someone might push… do you go off the track?  Are you no longer dependable to be that good and safe person you believe yourself to be?  Will you still be kind to people if your car breaks down?  Can you still be at One and share love and unity with someone whether they are a liberal or a conservative or not?

Can you. In the face of a terrorist attack upon you and your neighbors. Forget the damn labels, embrace your fellow human and recognize their absolute Divinity and perfection in the eyes of God.  The I AM you supposedly claim to be.

And can you do this even 11 years later.

This is what 11 begs of you.  What reality have you chosen?

Below: A message of positive deeds and dedication to honor the fallen and spirit of Unity that 9/11/2001 brought to us.  I don’t know anything about the organization, but it is a principal that I like very much and is very in keeping with 11.  Instead of waiting for a holiday, what will you do to make the world a better place on 9/11?

November 2011 Heretical Numerology Watch

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.
The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.

~ Winston Churchill

“Taking an interest in what others are thinking and doing is
often a much more powerful form of encouragement than praise.”
~ Robert Martin

“You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts,
acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits.
When we all help one another, everybody wins.”
~ Jim Stovall

Nine tenths of education is encouragement.”
~ Anatole France

“Most of us, swimming against the tides of trouble the world knows nothing about, need only a bit of praise or encouragement – and we will make the goal.”
~ Robert Collier

“Give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”
~ Emma Lazarus, (inscribed on the Statue of Liberty)

I’ve been recently asked about 11-11-2011. And it’s the 3rd time I’ve been interviewed by a newspaper about number patterns in dates.  Instead of spending time on this in the current newsletter, I encourage you to read my previous articles on the subject.  Yes, 11-11 is special every year, as is November.  No, this year does not mean what you think.

The Answer Is No

What Is The Significance of 9-29-2009

American Red Cross WWI Poster

The Greatest Mother

As we move into November, our nation’s month of Thanksgiving and Gratitude, the energies of the Divine Mother and Lady Justice become present with us.  Their images are expressed to me through memories of old paintings I remember seeing as a child at the local American Red Cross. My message is for the Enlightened. This is the way to channel this energy.  If not, negative and emotional this time can be.

Challenges arise at this time, especially around the Thanksgiving Holiday, but I stand by my notion that this may be the best time to spend with family all year.  The overriding theme at this time is a call to remain in the energy of gratitude, but also that of encouragement, mercy and forgiveness.

It is a time to count our blessings and to give up the swords of complaints and biting criticism.  It is a time to heal the wounded, encourage the old and nurture the children.  Find someone to give to.

What does the energy of The Divine Mother entail?

When you are sick, she looks after you.  When you are sad, she listens and lets you cry it out.  When you are hungry she feeds you, naked she clothes you.  And she is a graceful example to all.  She knows that you are the future.  And if anything is to change for the better, it all starts inside, right now and the difference we make even just for one other person.  Can you be a place of haven, rest or joy, for one person, even if only for a few moments?

If you have resentments, put them aside.  Save the caustic retorts.  The core of the Truth is we are siblings.  And we don’t have to be the same. Just because we do not believe the same, just because our religion or politics are different, does not mean either of us is any less deserving of compassion or our wounds salved.  It is not criminal to be different in philosophy any more than in skin color.  Stand up for what is right.  The Divine Mother does not ridicule.  But she will attend to your wounds caused by it.

As 2011 comes closer to its conclusion, this energetic cycle calls us to express compassion for others.  It also demands a balancing of justice.  Let not accusations fall that are undeserved.  Do not equate apples to snakes when oranges suffice.  Do not allow poisonous people or attitudes to fester in your life.  And when it comes to who you are, actively be that blessing to someone else.  Some way.  Some how.

Mother of Justice.  Mother of Mercy.  Mother of Love.

The traps?  Think of what is opposite of The Divine Mother? Of Lady Justice?  This Divine energy is not meant to foster apathy.  It does not neglect.  It does not stand by and allow another to be abused.  It nurtures positive emotions and salves the negative.  It does not take advantage and do emotional injury.  “Do No Harm.”  Others may fall to this level. See that you do not.  Stick to Gratitude and Encouragement this holiday.  And when challenges arise, because they will, soothe them.

Dates of Numerological and Celestial Significance

November 7: Date of Numerological Significance
November 7 – 14: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 9: Neptune Goes Direct
November 18: Date of Numerological Significance
November 22 – 29: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 24: Mercury Goes Retrograde
November 25: Partial Solar Eclipse

November 29: Date of Numerological Significance

December 10: Uranus Goes Direct
December 10: Total Lunar Eclipse
December 14: Mercury Goes Direct
December 25: Jupiter Goes Direct

January 24, 2012: Mars Goes Retrograde

Transmutation Does Not = Maintaining the Status Quo…

Everything about this physical life is connected to the spiritual.  That’s what being Here is all about.  That’s why we incarnate Here.  To be blessed by what we learn and overcome on this very dense plane of existence – to benefit our Souls.  There is not, as some would prefer to believe, a separation between the two facets.  It is yin/yang in teamwork and action.

Life is about the overcoming.  This does not mean that Life is not about Joy too.  But we came here to to this greatest school of all to get something out of this existence.  Easy wasn’t part of the picture.  Like all things physical, it takes testing and trial to bring growth and expansion.

If anything, I hope for others to see that it’s not that different from working out at the gym.  Most people today can begin to see that in spite of how physically uncomfortable it might be in the moment, stressing our bodies in a proper workout can be very beneficial.  As we push our body limits so they grow, our bodies become healthier and stronger.  Our mental and emotional attitudes also improve as a result.  Our abilities to multi-task expand.  And as we commit ourselves to the ritual of challenge and overcoming, we find that we really do often enjoy it.  And yet if we neglect this need, we miss it.

Life, and the Spiritual aspects of it,  in and of themselves are not much different.   We basically take adversity and turn it into joy and triumph.  We take a lower vibration and learn to transmute it into something higher.   We take a negative experience and learn to create something positive from it.  It is our purpose.   To create.  And to learn from, and improve upon, that act.  The entire process of the world around us reflects this truth.  And Nature wholeheartedly embraces it.

Healthy living involves challenge on all levels.

No where in Nature or Spirit is atrophy desirable.

When Someone Goes Beyond Courtesy to Kindness….

Yesterday was a busy day. I had a customer to meet to deliver two custom hats for. It was actually a bit of a drive for me. He was a return customer, though, and for that thanks, I was happy to meet him closer to his home. And I knew he was studying for finals all day as well, so it’d be hard for him to take off a lot of time just to pick up his order. Dear hubby kept the kids so I could take care of business. And besides, it gave me an excuse to go by Central Market.

When I got to the Starbucks we were to meet at, my customer was nowhere to be found and I hadn’t realized my cell phone was dead. To make matters worse, the cigarette lighter in my car is broken. (And I mean broken.) So there’s no way to charge my phone on the run.

So I talked to an employee at Starbucks to see if there was a phone I could borrow. He said they didn’t have a public phone, but to check out the AT&T store.

When I walked in to AT&T Mobility, down on the corner of 45th and Lamar, a sales support rep named Sajid Sanchez was there to greet me immediately. I explained that the folks at the coffee shop had sent me over to see if I could borrow a phone. He immediately said, “Sure! Use any demo phone on the walls.” I was grateful. Especially since I’d just realized that my customer’s number was actually a long distance number. Never matters on my cell phone, but would have mattered had I borrowed a land line.  He said it didn’t matter, so I was definitely relieved.

I managed to make my call. My customer was so busy studying for finals that he forgot the time and said he’d be right over in a few minutes. I hung up relieved that I hadn’t driven 30 minutes just to turn around and go back home.

I thanked Mr. Sanchez for the loan of the phone and explained that I really did appreciate it since I was due to meet a customer and my own cell phone was dead. “Well,” he said, “What kind of phone is it? Perhaps we can charge it up for you here.”

I hesitated, wondering if this would turn into a hard sell to buy an AT&T phone. “Well,” I said, “It’s a Sprint phone….”

And that’s where Mr. Sanchez surprised me. “No matter, let’s see if we can try charging it anyway,” he said.

Mr. Sanchez proceeded to try several jacks around the store. Then he even raided through a box of oddball chargers they had stored away in a closet, trying out each one, looking to see if one of them might help charge up my phone a bit so I’d have a little juice at least for a little while. He was very polite and professional and not once did he say anything about buying a phone or switching my service.

In the end, there wasn’t a charger he could find to help me, and I needed to get back to the coffee shop to meet my customer. But I appreciated, none-the-less, that he went above and beyond. And I really don’t think it had anything to do with the season either.

I wasn’t even an AT&T customer. I’ve never had any cell service other than Sprint. But here was someone, even in a sales environment where time really can be money, who stopped and offered the time to see if he could help me out. With no strings attached. That to me really stands out. That’s the way business is supposed to be. When you focus on helping others, the rest just falls into place. And as a small business owner who knows a little something about sales, I really appreciate it too. So I went back over, after making my delivery, and asked Sajid for his business card so I could blog about his customer service and share this story with you.

So folks, if you might be in the need for a new phone or service, perhaps you might want to talk to Sajid Sanchez over at AT&T Mobility on the corner of 45th and Lamar in Austin, TX. I was very impressed with his professionalism and I’m sure you will be too. The main number there is: 512.879.8156.

Oh and hey, if you do decide to call or come by and check them out, please tell them that you read my blog post about Mr. Sanchez. I think his superiors ought to know they have a valuable employee. It would be a wonderful gift to him if you said a kind word on his behalf too.

So thanks again Mr. Sanchez – and Merry Christmas!

April 2009 Numerology Watch….

Author’s Note:  As “The Heretical Numerologist,” I find it important to note that my life’s work and “calling” deals with Soul-Rooted Numerology (my words) and the dedicated study and interpretation of Master Numbers of all ranks, as well as double and triple digit interpretations.  I apply this information to Souls and Nations alike.  This is a relatively newer field of numerological application and research, and not something I take lightly.  All things must stand up to clarified logic.  I seek to recognize patterns that Are, not imply patterns that don’t exist.  It is also an area of numerology many numerologists have not (yet) accepted, and often argue over.  But I find that just as Pythagoras introduced the known world to the concept of 9 after it remained hidden by the Chaldeans for so long, that now it is time for humanity to learn about and embrace the higher vibrations of the cosmos of numbers, the Master Numbers and the complex vibrations of multiple digits.  Why? Because we have evolved enough as a human race and are ready for them.  Just as every planet, as it was discovered throughout our history, had to be embraced and interpreted in astrology, so now numerology is taking its leap into more complex dimensions.  I find comfort in returning to original Pythagorean related texts, the study of music, as well as many researched and older sources as possible.  All my predictions, blogs, classes and writing operate from this point of view.  What you read here is what I teach.
Everything in Life is a Song.  We need but to Sing its Note.
April is the 4th month of the year and interestingly enough, 4 is the number of structure, planning, boundaries, organization and law.  Is it any wonder then, why we tend to fill up our dearly beloved month of April with taxes, planning our summers (especially if you have kids) and spring cleaning?  Or as I like to put it – spring flinging!  This is always an excellent time of year for decluttering and clarifying our lives and setting the “behavioral boundaries, legal, office and paperwork” stage for the rest of our year.  April is an excellent month for doing a little research and getting at least a thumb note sketch idea of how we’d like to see the rest of the year go.  It is also an excellent time to implement habits, discipline and routines.
One quarter of our new year is already completed when we finally hit April and by the end of April, it turns into one third.  This vacillation between the psychological idea that “we’ve just barely begun the year” and, “oh my, we’re at 1/3 of the year (or tax time) already?” presents an interesting energy that we can capitalize upon as we take all the energy of organization and planning and implement it now. 
April is a mostly a fairly quiet month in 2009 when it comes to the more intense layers of numerological energies.  However, this is due to the lull before the storm.  Because the very end of April packs in a power punch of intense energy, one of the very few we see not only this year, but ever have in most of our lifetimes.  Why?  Because the first 11 year on the Western calendar in 99 years brings in some challenges and energies that we are not accustomed to, as well as some mathematical patterns.  In doing so, as the dates lay out in 2009, it creates an arc of influence that will last a week and culminate with the May 7th Mercury retrograde. 
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Let’s go back and catch up first. 
April 7th is our first day of numerological significance.  Energy during this time brings challenges in one-on-one relationships as well as to organizations.  This is a good time to focus “group” energy towards that of the “greater good.”  Also a good time to invest in your partnerships and contacts.
When we come around to April 18th, we arrive upon the master number energies of 33 – Unconditional Love.  A great time to make use of this powerful positive energy.  However unconditional love is also, at it’s defining root, often about sacrifice.  And sometimes sacrifice that others do not see, do not value or cannot comprehend; sacrifice even at great cost.  It is important to note that Love is a choice, not simply a feeling, and True Love IS… simply because it MUST.  33 understands that someone must be Love even when others are not or refuse.  33 stands in the gap and fills this void, even at physical cost.  So this energy of Unconditional Love, sometimes at great sacrifice, intensifies on this day, challenging us all to raise our awareness’s and the vibration of our deeds. 
But there is an additional spiritual lesson wrapped up into it as well.  A challenge of law and structure comes into play.  We are in a new time, a new millennium, working with new energies.  Old structures and attitudes no longer serve and must change.  Sometimes at great sacrifice.  Take a look at the world around you and feel what is going on in the hearts of Men.  The law and structure that our world has depended upon and thought of as infallible becomes more transparent in this year.  Challenges lie in not just the recognition that things must shift, but in what we do with this knowledge.  To further illustrate, I return to the example I give in nearly every lecture and class I teach; In numerology – Numbers ALWAYS have their way.  You cannot resist or choose to ride against this Divine Energy.  It is what this physical plane is founded upon.  It is the Pattern of Law in this Universe.  When you learn about the energies at work around you, you have choices as to what to do with them.  You know there is a flood coming.  You could do nothing, and be taken away.  You could move out of the way, saving yourself, and yet there is still destruction.  Or you can harness that energy and power your entire city.  The choice to make active choices and channel the energy is your and yours alone. 
We know we are operating under new energies, requiring new thought and new approaches.  Yet we wait for everything to return to the way it used to be.  And I am here to tell you, simply looking at numbers – it will never ever be that way again.  Everything truly is different and whether we desire it or not, everything we think about the way we do business, how we view education, how we view health, how we view family and friends, how we view success and abundance, how we view religion and politics (another type of religion) are all undergoing a shift.  I’ve been saying this for years.  Now we’re in an 11 year where everything comes to it’s first head and a time when master number energies remain compounded.  Remember, the lesson under 11 is always spiritual in nature, not physical – even if it radiates into the physical. 
Our most significant punch lands on us April 29th when three layers of master number energies collide and create an arc of influence for the next week that culminate on May 6th, setting the stage for the next Mercury retrograde beginning May 7th.  Energies at play during this time involve conquering the ego in all it’s negative forms.  Which is pretty vast, because nearly all human short-comings involve the ego in some form.  Whether the ego is over-inflated or anorexic in its passive-aggressive tendencies, nearly all aspects of challenges in the physical world involve setting aside the ego in its negative forms.  Expect a blow to your perceptions during this time.  Someone may let you down.  You may let others down.  Old issues you thought were long gone pop up and knock your head and say “‘ello!”  Hidden truths are exposed, both positive and negative during this time.  Find your hidden message.  This is one of the best windows of opportunities all year to receive this.
This is also an incredible time to focus on higher vibrational energies, in terms of spiritual and humanitarian service to the greater Good – all things sourced from the Pure Heart.  If you choose to channel this incredible energy towards these wonderfully positive means, what you will be able to accomplish will be incredible.  Days like this are often the turning points of history that could even take years later to finally understand.  If you really desire to make a difference in this world that promotes cooperation and complementation over division, this is a good wave to ride. 
On the financial side of things, now is a time for conservation and planning.  This is a good time to whittle down your debt and get rid of clutter, but not to spend or invest in what you do not need.  It is important to note that clutter is a word that can be far reaching.  Debt is a form of clutter, not just too much paperwork or too much stuff.  It is time to deal with unloading the extra weight on your life right now, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  If you do not have a financial plan for the rest of the year, sit down and pencil it out now.  Clarification, not simplification, is extremely key here.  Keep it simple in a non-complicated sort of sense, but clarify, so every effort really counts.  Establish yourself a bottom line code that you plan to stick to this year and do it.  Greater challenges lie ahead when the US hits a 22 cycle this summer.  However, do not misunderstand and think that all this means you do not need a family vacation or to invest time in friends or travel to see family.  If anything, that is extremely important this year.  Pare down to the essentials and clarify.  Who, what, where, when, why?  What is it that really matters in life?  Seriously?  What is your gift and calling?  Seriously.  Who is important if all else fails?  Seriously!  Where do you wish to be?  Seriously.  And when!  Even answer that core “why” in there.  Bullet points are enough and a good start; then pursue. 
What are you waiting for?

March 2009 Numerology Watch….

Well, it’s March and there’s a lot to cover.  Everyone has a message to receive somewhere.  I know you understand.
March, March, March…  ‘Tis a Jolly month.  Or at least it’s supposed to be.  It hides the birth of Spring and the excitement of things to come.  Though in Central Texas we already begin to see.  Creativity is in the air and it’s a great time to create something new or anew in your life.
This month’s challenge as a general whole deals with volatility and evaluation.  A point in time when we must look to the past and evaluate how things have been operating.  What doesn’t work and what isn’t balanced?  That needs to be tossed aside, never to be picked up again.  Now – what worked?  What’s valuable?  These are as important, if not more important, to figure out under this challenge.  What are the core principles that work?  What is truly – and I mean TRULY important?  Don’t look at the surface – that’s not core to our issues.  It’s just not.  Don’t look to your peers to make your decisions either.  Look within.  WHAT MATTERS?  What, when all else fails, is important?  Because THOSE things need to be identified and kept before moving forward.  The peripheral stuff that didn’t work and doesn’t matter?  Well, they served their purpose thus far to teach – now cut them like a pillow tag and move on, enjoying the release.  Hmmm?  And that pillow tag?  Don’t get hung up over it.  You’ve had it for years – it’s served its purpose, now enjoy its absence.

This should be creative and fun if possible.  This isn’t a release and become depressed kind of scenario and energy.  This is a release and celebration.  With well wishes around.  It’s not about division.  It’s about unity through the gift of clarification.  And you really should get out and enjoy the infant Spring air.  By end of this month, I expect you to fling open those windows, even if only for a brief while, and soak in the re-Birth.

March of this year marks an important evaluation period that demands that we keep in mind flow, freedom and flexibility.  And when it comes to evaluating things outside yourself that involve others, remember that you are keeping in mind these characteristics for them as well as yourself.  Currently I am revisiting a book called “Focusing,” by Gendlin.  It is appropriate for this first re-evaluation period we must face this year.  It shows how to hone in on the heart of a matter – whatever it may be.  And it reveals that the outer appearance and outer feelings are rarely what’s at source.  It’s a cheap little paperback for about $8 new, less for used.  I highly recommend you find a copy and give it a try.

March gives us a bit of a relief in the intense numerological energy department.  However, there are two main dates of numerological note and I expect them to be pretty intense.  Thursday, March 19 and Monday, March 30th.  Please watch the 30th in particular and please be patient with people and take your time getting to work.

March 19th carries master Number 33 inherent and March 30th carries Master Number 44.  Now here is where we get into myinterpretations of Master Numbers as “The Heretical Numerologist.”  You will not find these interpretations elsewhere.  And you may not reprint this information without my permission.

Master Number 33/6 is the martyr number and the Master Vibration of Pure Unconditional Love.  But it’s not about being martyred, though certainly it has happened.  It is about loving that much.  Giving that much.  And being willing to give and sacrifice – the essence of unconditional love, until it hurts.  To give it all, even if no one ever knows how much you gave, even if no one ever understands, and even in the face of being accused of being the complete opposite of who you are.  Remember what being a martyr really means – not the drama imbalanced label we give people we’re impatient with and are tired of listening to.  That’s not the martyr I’m talking about.  I speak of the Nameless One, willing to give it all for the Greater Good.  Because it’s not about wearing a badge.  It’s about Purity of Heart and holding that energetic space of what True Love means.  Love is not simply a feeling.  It is an Action and it is a Choice.  Master Number 33 knows this better than nearly any other vibration.  33 Loves because someone must love first for others to learn love.  33 Loves because it is right, even in the face of odds, unbelievers and the unappreciative who have not the maturity to reciprocate.  33 Loves because It Is Love.  It must.
Master Number 44/8 is the vibration of self-discipline, abundance and success through Balance.  But this isn’t success like everyone seems to preach it for 8s.  It really has little to do with money – though when 44 is in balance, certainly security is present.  But that is a by-product, not what 44 is about.  It is about success of the Soul, as 44 is the Master Vibration of Dynamic Inspiration.  44 knows more than others about attitude and overcoming in the face of great odds.  44 accomplishes this through logic and structure.  “Know Thyself” is key with this master vibration.  And sometimes that means knowing your limits.

What does this mean when we hit days with these vibrations?  It means these are the general energetic challenges we all face as a society on a personal level.  And how this plays out in our circle of reality depends on us.  These days challenge us to push to a higher ideal.  To be something a little more.  To operate on a higher plane.  The lesson is different each time.  We get to shift from various approaches to others and work through them in cycles.  And then we hit the “testing” days.  The “pop-quizzes” of the numerological world.  And for some people they are more major tests, depending on their own personal numerology.  And the question is, “So where do you stand?”  and “Are you really who you think you are?”

As I always say (but repeat here for the benefit of newcomers) when one of these days of intense energy falls upon a Monday, we generally witness an increase in traffic collisions in the Austin, TX area.  I don’t live elsewhere, so I cannot report what traffic is like there.  However, these intense energies generally enter our realm of experience about a day in advance and they are meant to either be used in purity for higher service, or to challenge us.  One extreme or the other (or sometimes both).  As such, many people do not deal with these energies well.  We also as a society often don’t deal with Monday mornings well either.  And all too often this plays out on our highways.
Our highway and traffic systems operate on the principles of flow.  Just like chi.  Just like blood.  When everything is operating as it should be in balance, the flow works.  When something goes out of balance though, then flow is interrupted.  It’s a simple energetic principle.  So be patient with others.  Not everyone is an older soul.  And that’s OK.  And plenty of older souls aren’t perfect – so got you there too.  It’s the elders’ jobs to be there for the younger souls too you know.  Be the bigger man or woman as it may be.  Don’t cause the wreck – hmmmm?  And don’t be silly enough to think you’re above the challenge.  Why do you think you were born?  This Life is about nothing if not about challenge – and what you do with it.

So go – and make a positive infection out of your day.  What radiant effect will you make?


“Attack of the Gratitudes” that is!

I was waiting for my kids in the car the other day, overhearing snippets of conversation passing me by outside.  Layoffs, “uncertain times,” so-n-so needs surgery, house hasn’t sold, Suzy needs tutoring, depression, worry, anxiety, “I’m just so tired” I heard someone say hopelessly….  

“So much worry and pain in the world, God,” I whispered.  I allowed my empathic senses to quietly take it all in and float on by.  “How do we heal it?”  “Gratitude…”  is what I heard in response.  “Sure, I know that.  But not everyone understands that energy and not everyone is in a space to just appreciate or even be patient when they feel so overwhelmed.  They are hurting.  They need help,” I said.  “Not them – you…”  I heard.  “But you got me on the gratitude circuit a long time ago.  What is it I’m not already doing? I know it all starts at home and within.  What is it you need me to do, God?  What is the step you are leading me to?”  “Not you – them!”  I heard.  And then the vision popped and opened up at once, pouring White Light over and through me.  At once I saw it all and knew exactly what I was to do.  And it made me giggle – so much FUN! 

I’m so excited to share with you the latest project Spirit has dropped into my lap!   

We all know the value that gratitude brings to all areas of life.  We increase value for what we receive when we make a point of expressing gratitude in return.  Of course, like all things, seeding this gratitude energy starts at home with us and our inner place of Being.  And there is much we do to change our lives just by changing our point of view.   

Now I would like to invite everyone to join me in a spiritual experiment – to take seeding the world with the benefits of gratitude to the next level.  This time through initiating a physical manifestation of positive healing via the act of gratitude, expressed in written form.  

In other words – write a letter and fill it with your expressed gratitude! 

All creation begins with thought.  Next comes the spoken word.  After that comes action and deed, including the written word.  Each level of creation is ever powerful in its ability to manifest physically and accentuated by the power of emotion and passion.  Let’s take our energy work to the next level as we see our communities in need of healing on so many levels:  financial, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, fear, grief, apathy, hopelessness, etc..  All things can be healed and we can facilitate healing for others in all things.  

In this time of financial fear, and during this numerological year of incredible spiritual energy, I intend to focus on the good in my life caused by others.  Including those companies who have developed products that I really do appreciate.  I have a metaphysical philosophy about the health of companies and business being much like the health of humans.  After all, we supply those “entities” with life force energy.  Without love and positive experiences, humans suffer and fail to thrive.  When our negative experiences outweigh the positive, we become depressed and it becomes harder to remain in balance and make balanced choices.  It’s not to say that our own choices aren’t an intitial cause for what we experience.  But as we all know, the power of a kind word can do wondrous things, promote life altering change even, and sometimes prevent so much pain.   

Some of you may remember my favorite phrase “Take Joy!  Go and Infect Your World!”  In that spirit, I’ve decided to take my “Attack of the Gratitudes” to the next level.  I’m not just going to think it.  I’m not just going to say it.  I’m not even just going to email it.  I’m going to put it in physical form and write it, all the while filling it with love, healing, smiles and my gratitude – creating a physical and tangible form of the positive healing and loving energy I wish to pass on and “infect” my world with.   

Your mission should you choose to accept it:  Look around your life at the things and the people that you honestly appreciate.  Make sure it’s something your heart is really in.  And be creative!  For instance – I absolutely love my dishwasher.  I really do!  It’s a great model and makes my life so much easier!  I plan to write the company and let them know how much of a positive difference this dishwasher has made in my family’s life. 

How about you?

“Love your Life to the Fullest….”

This is the latest message I received.

“We would like to momentarily
take your focus off the phrase
Life to the Fullest’ and turn you to:

Love your Life to the Fullest.  

For to truly Live, you must Love.
This is the Truth that all Called Ones

For Love is in every Act
and in every Breath
and in every Thought and Word.

Love is both Passive and Active.
Love is in the state of ‘Simply Be.’

Love is in the Abundance
and Clarification
of your Cause for this Lifetime.

You must both Love Yourself
as well as Love your Life.

For the Two are Eternally Twined.

Go and Immerse in the Abundance of Love.”