January/February 2013 Heretical Numerology Recap

So let’s hear it.  How’s your 2013 shaking out?  Mine was definitely off to a sluggish start, and you?  Feel like all your starting up for the year isn’t really going anywhere?  I hear tell there might be some reasons for that.  Something about some planets that were hanging out there in a holding pattern, not really moving, so it affected us here on planet Earth too.

Now, I’m a numerologist, not an astrologer.  But I do believe in observing the skies and seeing how that plays out for us down here and how it matches up with what I see in numbers.  And when the planets appear to stop, it’s generally time to take their advice and at least slow down too.

As a result, March kind of feels like what January should have been, or even December.  There’s a reason for it numerologically too, as January’s energy was not the usual “let’s get started” energy.  Instead, it was ruled by an archetype that called us into a slower energy reserved more for withdrawal, taking our time to think and reflect – not act.  And perhaps even demand some rest and respite.

If you felt like you spent January hibernating or recuperating from December 2012 (or the holidays and family reunions), well… January’s numbers might have actually lent to that.  It was a good time to observe dreams too, so if you wrote any down, go back and look over them again.  From a business point of view, it was lots and lots of paperwork, studies, meetings, exploration and examination time.  From a numbers point of view, it’s almost as if January was still part of last year.

February pulled us into a karmic energy warp demanding responsibility and integrity from us.  Mercury went retrograde in Pisces on the 23rd.  However, as if to herald the new year, further punctuate February’s karmic theme and drive the lesson home, not only did Saturn turn retrograde in Scorpio, but there was a significant and unexpected meteor strike in Russia on February 15, 2013 – the day after Valentine’s Day (a date of numerological significance).  The explosion injured more than 1000 people with its shock waves.  This unexpected meteor strike came from the direction of the Sun where we can’t turn our telescopes, hence it wasn’t noticed in advance of it’s approach to Earth.  However it also just happened to occur the same day that near-Earth asteroid 2012 Da14 made its fly-by – close enough to our planet to come within some satellite orbits!  NASA and other scientists have assured us that the two were completely unrelated events (projectiles from entirely different directions et all), but it’s interesting none-the-less.

January on the whole stayed pretty quiet with it’s biggest numerological activity showing up the 4th week of the month, making it pretty void of challenges and unpleasant unpredictability, socially or financially.  February echoed the quieter start with most of its activity taking place in short exciting bursts during the second half of the month.  It was still fairly uneventful overall as it seemed to take on more of a warning sense  of reminding us of value, responsibility and rules, while still holding us back a bit from really starting the year.  A warming up to the plate essence waits with March around the corner.  The overall quiet begins to shift by second half of March and on into April, finally “starting” the year.

That’s it for now.  Subscribe to the blog and stay tuned for March/April currents!

January – February 2013 Dates of Numerological and Celestial Significance
(Dates in bold carry greater weight)

January 13 – 15: Numerological Arch of Influence
January 15: Date of Numerological Significance
January 21-23: Numerological Arch of Influence
January 22: Date of Numerological Significance
January 24-26: Numerological Arch of Influence

January 26: Date of Numerological Significance
January 30: Jupiter Goes Direct in Gemini
January 31: Date of Numerological Significance

February 12-14: Numerological Arch of Influence
February 12Date of Numerological Significance
Februa 14Date of Numerological Significance
February 15: Significant Meteor Strike in Russia
February 18: Saturn Goes Retrograde in Scorpio
February 20-21: Numerological Arch of Influence
February 23: Mercury Goes Retrograde in Pisces
February 25Date of Numerological Significance

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