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Reposted for reference:
“The Seeker’s Window(TM) is an entity that will work in association with The Seeker’s Round Table(TM), as well as The Heretical Numerologist(TM).  Where The Seeker’s Round Table (TSRT) is a physical place where students and teachers come together and an email newsletter, The Seeker’s Window was envisioned to be a magazine/news medium.  And in today’s modern age, that has manifested into a blog! 

The subject is generally spiritual/esoterical.  The Heretical Numerologist and a few other inspired teachers will also pop in to chat from time to time.  However The Seeker’s Window is meant to compliment, and not to replace, The Seeker’s Round Table Newsletter which covers local classes, announcements and events in the Austin, TX area.  The weblog is available to anyone on the web and will cover a variety of subjects.  If you would like to join the membership/mailing list too, shoot me an email with your name, location and how you found us to:  info @DragonTea.net.  Blessings, Jules”


Director and founder of The Seeker’s Round Table, Julia is a professional numerologist as well as a 7th generation dowser and student of “The Gift.”  A believer in the duality of Life as both spiritual as well as physical, her “Soul-Rooted” approach to numbers is spiritual-philosophical in nature.

In metaphysical circles, Julia is known for her profound readings, public teaching, karmic-style numerology, networking of local teachers/classes, and her spiritual and charity work with children. Credentials include degrees in theology, music and Liberal Studies  with dual emphasis including psychology, as well as multiple awards in public speaking, music performance and published writing.

Drawing upon a lifetime of leadership accomplishments, writing, public speaking, and study of the music arts, Julia brings a unique and empowering perspective to the world of spirituality, metaphysics and numbers.

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