The Spirit Of 9/11: A Numerological Perspective

It happened 11 years ago today.  And though the energy of 9/11/2001 is identical to the energy of 7/4/1776 (a 11/5 day), it is the sub-vibration of 11 I’d like to focus on today.  Especially the 11 Master Number cycle and what it teaches us.  After all, the upcoming Dec 21, 2012 that everyone is focusing so much energy on, is a 33/11 day – double master numbers that contain the Martyr and the Spiritual Teacher – pushing the fulfillment of 11 on that day.  Because the whole world is focused on it, it can’t help but be important.  And today speaks ahead to us about the important role 11 brings.

The affects of an 11 cycle can be felt physically in our daily lives, in our very existence on this planet.  Our weather and life as we know it are affected and created through the 11 month lunar and the 11 year solar flare cycle.  Our seasons, our space weather.  Things we depend upon, and events that surprise us.  It’s spiritual impact is also subtle and has been less prevalent, until now.

It happened 11 years ago today.  The Twin Towers fell and the Pentagon was attacked.  A terrible act of hatred against innocent people was executed.  People died as the planes crashed into the buildings.  People died as they tried to save the lives of others.

And though hatred danced, sang and cheered, Innocence, Love, Unity and Heroism abounded that day.  And not just love – the feeling, but Love – the action.

For a moment, all differences erased.  For a moment, nothing else mattered than your fellow man.  For a moment, the daily facade we build around us snapped.

In that instant, we weren’t Republicans and Democrats (and the rest ignored by the two), we weren’t liberals and conservatives, we weren’t colored and white, we weren’t UT vs. A&M, we weren’t east vs. west, south vs. north, men vs. women.

There are a whole lot of divisive things we weren’t that day.  We weren’t any of these labels.

11  represents the Unity within Paradox Principal.  It represents the existence of two seeming opposite energies that exist in a perfect whole within seeming paradox.  It shows us the essential balance there must be for this physical plane of existence to be and represents the bridge between here and the next dimension.  It also represents great trials, tribulations and spiritual testing.  It represents the Gateway of Transformation.

With the exception of those who carry this particular vibration on a personal level, so much of our modern lives have been spent without the significant presence of this number’s energies.  It’s true that about 3 days out of every month will hold this Master vibration.  However, the energy is always short lived.  Any lasting submersion into the energy emotionally and on an individual level comes from larger patterns.  And when we look at the Western calendar, it happens in the passing Years.

The phenomenon of the last millennium in terms of Master Number years is that the closer we got to the year 2000, the fewer and fewer 11 years we experienced as a Western society and the increase of other types of Master Number years.  1910 was the last 11 year experienced in the 20th century.  Go back and look at the significant events that took place in 1901 to 1910.  Very interesting.

Then came 2009, the first 11 year experienced in 99 years.  Go back and think about that year.  If you talk to folks, you’ll hear a lot about how difficult that year was for people.  However, you will also find that no one agrees or quite can put their finger on the reason why.  This is because 11 is a powerful Master Number that not only challenges us, but it challenges us in spiritual ways that have nothing to do with what is happening physically.  It often challenges us through our greatest fears, which is very individual and unique to each of us.  What challenges you is not necessarily what challenges me and visa versa.  And it’s supposed to be that way.

To make it even more interesting, no matter who we voted into the presidential office to begin that year, all the men we were voting for carry a Life Lesson of 11.  Even the female candidate carries a life lesson of 33 – the master number of the Martyr.  Wow.  With all that focus that a public office like the presidency carries, with a life lesson that compounds the 1st 11 year in 99 years – I’d never want to be that person.

And 2009 was just the beginning.  Once we flipped into the new millennium, we will now begin to hit 11 years every decade.  It’s no wonder the fearful stories in human history that surround the changing of millenniums.  It forces societal change.  And we’re here, on the brink of history being made.

And don’t be complaining about it.  You’ve been asking for this.  It’s happening.  The world is evolving.  So Be Love Now.

11 is the Job number.  You can read a nicely indepth wiki synapses of the biblical story of Job here.  But essentially, in this poetic story, God describes Job as a righteous man.  And the Devil (or more correctly translated – Adversary) comes forward and says – “Oh yeah?  Job’s only righteous because You’ve blessed him.  Curse him and give him to me.  Hurt him and cause him pain.  I’ll show You that he’s not righteous after all.  In the end, he’ll curse You and You’ll see what he really is.”

As a quick side note:  I do caution you not to write off the historical inspired writings of the world, just because religions of the world have abused them and their responsibilities at some point.  You don’t have to have a particular religious viewpoint to gain from the writings of ancient peoples.  The universal lessons illustrated are valuable. Just as there are timeless inspired messages  of today, there also always have been throughout human time.  It’s our job to consider and learn.

So to get back to our story, God agrees and lets the Adversary do horrible things to Job.  The Adversary kills Job’s 10 children, takes away his home and all his thousands of animals, his clothes and riches.  He even gets God’s permission to strike Job’s own person and gives him boils from head to toe.  In the end, Job is sitting as a bum on the side of the road, wearing sackcloth and pouring ashes on himself because he’s in so much pain.

And Job still didn’t curse God.  He was still a righteous man.

What’s further interesting about the lesson of Job, and how perfect an analogy it makes for the energy of the Archetypal 11, is that his friends become convinced that Job must have done something wrong to deserve what has happened to him.  (Maybe he has karmic debt?)  Once upon a time they respected him, looked up to him as a leader, as a righteous man, as an example before God.  Now they judge him, consider themselves to be better than him and in their efforts to “help” him, they harass him and tell him that he must confess his sins and change his life.  He must repent, they say!  They’re not quite sure what he did, but he had to have done something horribly wrong.  They cannot believe that he did nothing to deserve his horrible current life and instead of supporting him through the pain, they judge and no longer think the best of him.  (Maybe he manifested this because he did not have enough faith, or positive thinking?  Maybe he attracted his circumstance because like attracts like? Maybe it was because he had been rich?  Maybe it was because of his ego?)  And so even Job’s friends become part of the “punishment.”

And still, even when his friends and his own wife no longer believe in him, Job remains a righteous and good man.  He passes the test.  He transits that gate of transformation.  He moves on to the next level of enlightenment.

11 is a powerful number for spiritual service.  It is the number of the Spiritual Teacher, whether the spiritual teacher is embodied as a person, or the energy is embodied as a lesson.  It is the Light Bringer, The Way Show-er.  That is the Blessed Divinity of the number; the manifestation of righteousness.  And don’t confuse that with the overused and abused description of righteousness that religions have tried to program into the world.  Neither Love nor Enlightenment is ever about control or taking away choices.  You must arrive and experience on your own.  This is only achieved through freedom.  No one can force you to come to enlightenment or righteousness (meaning without guilt or wrong-doing).  Just think about what the term “without guilt” alone means.  It’s not just that you did nothing to be guilty as in a court of law, but also that you are not burdened by it either.  That you do not even assign guilt where it does not belong.  Get away from the marketing hype of the world and look at the actual energies behind the words around you, especially the words you find to be triggers for you.  Words do mean things and nowhere more so than in numerology do we understand and needs respect this.  God spoke and everything came into BEing.  Words and their energies are powerful and important.

However, 11 brings undeserved persecution and spiritual testing, not unlike as it was for Job.  Not necessarily that under 11 it would happen that you will experience such to the level that Job did in the story outlined above, but the essence of the lesson is there.  The lessons may radiate into the physical, but they are not physical lessons by nature.  They are spiritual lessons.  Why is 11 meant to be all this?  Because our souls agreed to it for the overcoming.  Only through overcoming do we grow.  We reach enlightenment through exercise.  Though sometimes we do learn and grow from them, we don’t need karmic debt and “sin” to learn and grow.  We can be challenged through the sheer joy of being on this planet, in this incarnation, to learn what this plane of existence has to offer us.  Our souls can choose to be presented with hardships just for the sake of both learning and teaching.  We don’t have to deserve them.  We don’t have to pay a price.  We just get to receive the lessons for free, without trade.  Maybe it doesn’t seem as interesting as rocket science, but it’s as, if not more, important.  We are actively forwarding the evolution of a spiritual race.

So you think you are a good person.  Others think you are a good person.  Is it really true?  Did you mean it?  Or the instant that you find yourself challenged… the instant that you are faced with your greatest fear, your greatest pang, your greatest loss (I cannot imagine much worse than the loss of a child, much less 10 of them), your greatest irritant and your biggest button that someone might push… do you go off the track?  Are you no longer dependable to be that good and safe person you believe yourself to be?  Will you still be kind to people if your car breaks down?  Can you still be at One and share love and unity with someone whether they are a liberal or a conservative or not?

Can you. In the face of a terrorist attack upon you and your neighbors. Forget the damn labels, embrace your fellow human and recognize their absolute Divinity and perfection in the eyes of God.  The I AM you supposedly claim to be.

And can you do this even 11 years later.

This is what 11 begs of you.  What reality have you chosen?

Below: A message of positive deeds and dedication to honor the fallen and spirit of Unity that 9/11/2001 brought to us.  I don’t know anything about the organization, but it is a principal that I like very much and is very in keeping with 11.  Instead of waiting for a holiday, what will you do to make the world a better place on 9/11?

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