Informative Resources

Elaine Ireland’s Radio Show: currently on Sabbatical – watch for updates

Kramer Wetzel’s Astrology “Fishing Guide to the Stars”:

Great online ephemeris as well as articles – look in the “features” section:

Anne Beversdorf – unique astrological perspectives:

Karen Rollins’ Maya Calendar Numerology and Interpretation:

A Place for Spiritual Teachers & Healers:

Jewls Hanson • Speaker & Author: “Awakening to Your Creation”

Linda Drake • Speaker & Author:  “Reaching through the Veil” and “Secret Pathway to Healing Your Issues”

Lamar L. Irwin, RScP, CSMI • Founder: Mind Technology • Home of the Silva Method in Austin and San Antonio

Sioux Storm • Visionary Artist, Healer, Teacher

Shuronda Robinson • Life Mastery Consultant


Heidi Shelton – 7 Rays of Light –

Laura Bridwell – Psychometry (contact me to contact Laurie)

Joia Jitahidi – Working with The Muses –

Wenea Elia – Master Feng Shui –

Linda Drake – Messages of Empowerment with Abraham –

Cynthia Shelton – Create Eden Now –

Elaine Ireland – Tarot –

Kramer Wetzel – Astrology –

Julia Hanson – The Miracle of Your Own Genetic Light Codes –

Reverand ZarchianThe (EITE) ExperienceShop™ Inner Transformation Experience –

Julia Chambers – The Evolution of Numerology in a New Millennium –

Yanie Leah Kyra – The Advanced Level of Akashic Records (contact me to contact Yanie at this time)

Chris Kopacz – Working with Spirit Guides –

Elaine Ireland – Responsibilities of the Metaphysical Practitioner –

Nelda Sheets – The Silva Method of Self-Mind Control –
Nelda is also a world renown artist who uses the Silva Method in her art:

Joe Nicols – Palmistry and Psychic Development –

Karen Hutchins, MA, LCP – Shamanism –

Candice Oneida, – Meditation, Life and Self-Knowledge –

Julia Chambers – Heretical Numerology –


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  1. I love everything coming from Jose Silva. Just take a look at the BLS or Silva Ultramind. They are absolutely great. Have no competition..

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