What Song Do You Vibrate To?


As we all find ourselves transitioning into the fall season of 2012 and ever approaching December 2012, it’s obvious a lot of us are reflecting on the importance of like attracting like.

I found the quotes and video link below to be quite compelling in connection.

  • The physics of matching the frequency of what you wish to attract, in order to attract it in the first place.

  • The spiritual truth (quoted from Abraham) that you cannot attract what you are aware of being absent.  Which actually touches upon what quantum physics has already discovered – that when we try to observe and focus on a quantum particle, it no longer stays where we want it and it no longer behaves the same.  We have to “not observe” in order to observe.

  • And then the video clip of David Icke’s lecture with the live demos of sand particles rearranging with each change of frequency.

It all points to the same thoughts and ideas.  If you don’t like the pattern of your life, it’s simply a matter of switching the channel and singing a different song.  However, you can’t be focused on missing out or looking outside of yourself for it to happen.

It also compliments the pure simple truth about the I AM that is you in numerology – you came here vibrating to and singing a musical chord. A song that I can see in numbers.  When you are not true to yourself, you cause discord in that divine pattern of how you were created.  Part of my job is to help you see your Divine Self again.

In addition, I found this tidbit compelling this morning from Brother Ishmael Tetteh of the Etherean Mission in Ghana (shared on Facebook).

“If we ever feel envious of another [or wish for our path to be like another’s], we should not ask God to help us to be like them, rather we should ask God to show us how to do that as ourselves. “God, show me how to do that as me… Show me how to be Bill Gates as me… Show me how to be Oprah as me…” This way you’re activating your own greatness.”

So my question to you is: “What song do you sing?”  Are you trying to be someone else?  Live to someone else’s expectations?  Have you lost your identity?  Does the presence of certain others cause you to shift your true nature? Do you become less happy, less nice, less you when you engage in certain discussions, emotions, activities?  Even food is a vibration – does it compliment your natural state or compromise it?  Does the diet you are following bring you peace?  And do you notice other people who actually help you become more true to your natural state than others?  Activities?  Music?  Art?  Food?  (Keep in mind that sometimes these things are meant to shift and change throughout our lives.)

Perhaps if nothing else, as we approach the end of 2012, it’s time for a deeper consideration of what it all means.  And if you aren’t feeling yourself, if you feel you’ve lost your identity, if you find yourself in pain, perhaps the answer is to stop missing Yourself, stop looking for causes, and get your Vivacious Divine Self out there and simply just Be.  

Quotes of the Month: 

“A powerful Universal truth is simply this: you cannot attract the presence of something wanted when predominantly aware of its absence.” — Abraham

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency to what you want and you cannot help but get that. It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy, this is physics.” — Unknown

(The above quote has been mis-attributed to Einstein, but there’s no evidence that he ever said it.  There do appear to be some references tying this quote to Bashar, but in either case, no matter who said it, it’s compelling.)

This Month’s Recommended Video:

Sound Vibration Creates Form

via David Icke

August/September/Fall Heretical Numerology Prediction Notes…

For now, I am compiling my data for the rest of the calendar year.  This has taken a lot of time to boil down into a list for you to peruse.  But it’s together now and as deadlines draw near, I’m going to go ahead and get it out to you to look at.  I’ll elaborate more on details in a later update, but for now, let me invite you to look over each month and see the differences amongst them.

Remember what I said last month about November?  Now look at the list of data below and see how November stacks up next to all the other months.  That is the month to watch.  “Water of Life” and spirituality are words that are ringing in my ears when it comes to  November.  Something about water, blood and what they symbolize is very important during this time.  A thirst for “water” and spirituality, but not everyone will find satiation.  And I don’t believe November encapsulates it.  I believe that it brings it forefront.  I think a reference to ground water is being made here, as well as circulation – like a circulatory system.  And I would definitely draw analogies with chi and the healthy flow a human body is supposed to have, to that of the Earth.  This whole theme is both physical and symbolic in how it comes through.  The feeling I get physically though is that ground water is going to become available in areas it wasn’t previously and disappear in others it’s been rather reliable in.  Whether that changes due to earthquake or something, I’m not quite sure.  Just keep in mind there’s a rather significant spiritual parallel as well.  Phrases to reflect on:  Waters Of Life, Throne Of God, Holy Spirit, Blood Flow (as between mother and unborn child), Ascension, Divine Feminine As Creator.

Also, with all the references coming up about water, I’m going to assert something controversial about dowsing.  And I say this as an experienced dowser and as someone whose great-grandparents and other family members were once upon a time successful water-witchers in their day.   I don’t think it’s water that actually draws down our diviner rods in traditional water witching.  I think it’s something else.  

I’m also seeing a pattern this year I did not expect.  Towards the end of the year (with an intro taste to the energy felt in August), there are multiple arches of influence back to back or that overlap.  In November, we have three separate numerological energy arches that overlap each other.  Arches of influence, as I coin the phrase to describe them, are already a series of days with compounded energies contained.  But in November, December and a little one in August, we have compounded arches!

What does it all mean?  Well, things are afoot.  And when you add social circumstances (and inherent pressures) already in place, like the holidays and U.S. election, expect some fireworks.  I’ve been analyzing U.S. presidential candidates and history.  I think I can guarantee that what it reveals is rather unexpected.  Stay tuned.

2012 Dates of Numerological and Celestial Significance
(Dates in bold carry greater weight)

August 7-9Numerological Arch of Influence
August 8: Mercury Goes Direct

August 9: Date of Numerological Significance
August 20: Date of Numerological Significance
August 14-18Numerological Arch of Influence
August 19-21Numerological Arch of Influence 
August 25: Date of Numerological Significance
August 31: Date of Numerological Significance
August 30-31Numerological Arch of Influence

September 6-8Numerological Arch of Influence
September 8: Date of Numerological Significance
September 13-15
Numerological Arch of Influence
September 17: Pluto Goes Direct
September 19: Date of Numerological Significance
September 19-20: Numerological Arch of Influence
September 24: Date of Numerological Significance
September 30: Date of Numerological Significance

October 4: Jupiter Goes Retrograde
October 5-7Numerological Arch of Influence
October 7: Date of Numerological Significance
October 18: Date of Numerological Significance
October 23: Date of Numerological Significance
October 29: Date of Numerological Significance

November 4-6: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 6: Mercury Goes Retrograde
November 6: Date of Numerological Significance
November 11: Neptune Goes Direct
November 11-13: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 13: Date of Numerological Significance
November 13: Total Solar Eclipse
November 17-22: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 22: Date of Numerological Significance
November 22-28: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 26: Mercury Goes Direct
November 27-29: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 28: Date of Numerological Significance
November 28: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

December 3: Date of Numerological Significance
December 3-5: Numerological Arch of Influence
December 5: Date of Numerological Significance

December 13: Uranus Goes Direct
December 16-17: Numerological Arch of Influence
December 17 Date of Numerological Significance
December 16-21: Numerological Arch of Influence
December 21: Date of Numerological Significance
December 27: Date of Numerological Significance
December 27-31: Numerological Arch of Influence

January 30: Jupiter Goes Direct


So as you no doubt know, I took a break in general from the monthly numerology watches.  I’ve alluded to some changes and you’re probably wondering what’s going on.  Fact is, sometimes coinciding the monthly numerology watches with the main class newsletter has taken its toll on my writing energy in general.  As well, several people have trouble with newsletters that contain as much data as the TSRT newsletter has grown to contain.  In looking to also keep up with internet technology, etc., I’ve also known that coding the newsletter, preparing for class and writing “in the zone” are energies that are not exactly conducive with each other in the limited time/space they have been teamed together in.  Because of this, and because I want to get back to enjoying my writing and channeling my numerology, and make it easier on everyone, I have made the decision to split the “main” newsletter into two parts.  From now on, expect the main numerology watches to go out to the list separate from the main newsletter announcements for class – probably a couple weeks after.  Dividing the work and energies will be a great help to me as I continue to provide these free resources.  It will also help me go down the desired path of eventually developing a more robust publication of interest, a goal I’ve had since the beginning.  I am still working on the redesign, but at least this gives you an idea of where we’re going, even if I am baby-stepping through it.  I am, after all, a one-woman hurrah.

I went further and even took a real break – getting my family on the road and taking our first family vacation in over 11 years.  And after my little vacation to the heart of Arizona and the Grand Canyon, I’m feeling refreshed and you are probably asking, “But what can you tell me numerologically for now? Do I really have to wait longer before I can hear something more?”

Here’s the thing.  I’m actually not just looking at a single month at the moment.  It’s a cliché, but there really is a lot going on in 2012.  Just try to tell me you haven’t felt it.  Just try to tell me this year feels “average” for you.  Right…. don’t forget what I do for my life’s work.  All I look at is energy patterns.  And inevitably, right now I’ve been led into analyzing the presidential race, the rest of 2012 and a new pattern I’m immersed in studying.  I will be telling you about it, but until I get more work done and a clearer framework, there’s not much to tell you just yet, however yes, a lecture is coming out of it.  It’s going to have to.  Far more here than a simple blog post can contain.  For now I can tell you that we are under arches of numerological significance from July 26-31 and August 7-9, with July 26 being an incredibly potent day.  July 26th carries the energy of The Martyr (sacrifice) as well as The Spiritual Teacher (example).  It pings the chord for the entire week, but on that day in particular, spiritual messages really should be listened to.  And yes, you absolutely must be the better person in that altercation or uncomfortable situation you find yourself in.  Yeah you.  I am talking to you.

Things afoot?  Already I can tell you that November is turmoil.  Sorry, I have no other word for the energy right now.  I am literally expecting volcano, earthquake and tsunami energy at the end of this year, which might carry the face of a hurricane too or instead.  No – I am not going apocalyptic on you.  I am however seeing the energy pattern.  And these energies?  They are the catalytic kind.  It doesn’t mean other things won’t happen, but these energies are the turning points, the places where other events and energies shift and flow from.  No, I am not in a panic, nor am I worried.  I’m just stating what I see. How to get through it?  Know.  Prepare.  Trust.  Don’t you go crazy when others do.  Holiday plans?  If you can get your most important preparations made by November 3, that’s best.  By Nov 10 at latest.  Past that point?  There’s a complex web of energies all thrown in there at once.  Maybe you’ll be that one person that sails through unaffected.  But most folks will be presented with opportunities to be side-tracked.  Plan now.  August’s energy is perfect for preparation.  Get your important things done.

Why do I say these things?  It’s as much for me as for you.  I’m a mom, this fall is holiday show season for me, my house is on the market, school is starting soon, I have colleges to look at – hey, I’ve a lot on my mind to organize at a fairly constant rate no matter what the year or energy present.  And many of us do.  But if I want to be efficient and feel at ease, I need to think of my year as being shorter than usual.  And I probably won’t count on the handmade market to be strong this fall.  Additionally, I covet every moment and memory with my husband and children, so if I want to enjoy the niceties of Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, I will be better served to plan now than too late.  Though flexibility is important all this year, important things – things that are personally important to you (so that means it’s different for everyone) will need their special attention upfront.  Think on it now.

With that stay tuned!  The main numerology watch will go out in a couple weeks!

May 2012 Heretical Numerology Watch

“Tanzan and Ekido were once traveling together down a muddy road. A heavy rain was still falling.

Coming around a bend, they met a lovely girl in a silk kimono and sash, unable to cross the intersection.

“Come on, girl,” said Tanzan at once. Lifting her in his arms, he carried her over the mud.

Ekido did not speak again until that night when they reached a lodging temple. Then he could no longer restrain himself. “We monks don’t go near females,” he told Tanzan, “especially not young and lovely ones. It is dangerous. Why did you do that?”

“I left the girl there,” said Tanzan. “Are you still carrying her?”
― Nyogen Senzaki, Zen Flesh, Zen Bones: A Collection of Zen and Pre-zen Writings

“We are all hypocrites. We cannot see ourselves or judge ourselves the way we see and judge others.”
― José Emilio Pacheco

“When one experiences truth, the madness of finding fault with others disappears.”
― S.N. Goenka

Heretical Message:

Without love and without wisdom, judgment is not an enlightened state.

If you did not choose a life in politics, then pray for our politicians.

If you did not choose a life of the clergy, then pray for our clergy.

If you did not choose a life in business, then pray for our merchants.

If you did not choose a life as a laborer, then pray for our laborers.

If you did not choose a life as a teacher, then pray for our teachers.

If you did not choose a life as a parent, then pray for our parents.

The modern world makes it too easy for us to unfairly and un-spiritually judge others.

The label wars must come to an end.

If we have not walked a mile in someone else’s shoes… We. Do. Not. Know.

This year is already a roller-coaster of highs and lows.  Inspirations and discouragements.  Proud moments and those not so.  And it is not over yet. We are but 1/3 of the way through 2012 so far.  And when April closes, May opens on an equally intense note.

Monday April 30th and Tuesday May 1….  These dates are part of a short intense burst.  And I expect some safety issues around travel to manifest, including travel to/from work/school, your daily routines.  It would make a great 4-day weekend if you can take these two days off.  Otherwise, plan ahead and do not rely on last minute, fly by the skin of your teeth, activities to get through these days.  Prepare ahead so you can be more available to observe and help if needed.  Seriously.  When you are too busy being busy, how can you see to help others?  Or avoid the pit in front of you? And hey, speaking of travel, does everyone carry a fully stocked first-aid kit in their cars, along with an emergency bag (ie, water, change of clothes, blanket, food, cash)?  Perhaps it’s the tornadoes dancing near my brother’s house last night, but as I write this, I am reminded of childhood memories of Terrible Tuesday and having to find a hotel with just the muddy clothes on our backs after our neighborhood was destroyed.  Whether you are affected or not, someone you know might be.

The rest of May is less notable in terms of number patterns, with the exception of two other short bursts.  But that is not because it’s less active.  It’s because the entire months of May and June are slated for transitions, with some trickle following in July.  With windows as big as that, very little stands out in the deluge.

How does this work?  Well, this year as it falls, the energies of May fall along the line of Master Number 55, which I often associate with the Tower Card in tarot.  This involves two types of change: rebirth and renewal.  These are not the same energies.  This can also be read as replace and recycle.  They both involve matters of change, but different kinds.

Come June, we hit our challenge month of the year.  (There’s one every year.)  This year it’s a time to be faced with our worst enemies – ourselves.  Please remember that every thing that comes up during this vibrational window is not about others.  It is about you.  When others make decisions that just set you off, the lesson is to realize it’s not about them – there’s something for you to settle personally.  It will not come up if it’s not an issue you need to give attention to.  OK?  During this window we find that the energy of judgement itself is on trial.  Gossip and media are also on the chopping block.  Remember that facts are facts and emotions are emotions.  Both are real and both have their place.  When you notice a feeling being triggered “by someone else,” remember it is not a fact about that other person.  It is about you.  I expect this to be especially challenging with the political climate ahead.  It’ll be interesting to see who plays sides and who sticks by and listens to their brother.  We know that judgement based on race or skin color is wrong.  Likewise judgement based on any box is also wrong.

July is always interesting because it is when the US flips into a new annual vibrational cycle.  Our summer culture softens the transition, but I expect new frontiers in technology and science to be introduced during that time frame and by fall of this year, I expect scientific breakthroughs to take center stage.  We shift every summer and the eclipses will be there this year to help us.  I believe something outstanding is on the horizon.  I’m not sure how much attention it will get until later in the year though.

There will be some who attribute all these energies specifically to 2012.  This is not really because it’s 2012, though that will accentuate the matter.  This energy is here because it is here now, numerologically, at this time.

What to do?  What I always say: consciously choose how to channel this energy.

This is the forecast and being 2012, it does make for opportunities, if one will but seize them.  These are natural cycles of the Universe.  We are not victims.  We are creators and choosers.

If a wizard came to you and said, “Here, I give you this magical stone.  And with it, you can metaphorically ride any train farther and faster with less fuel,” what would you do?

Instead of expecting everything to be a wild ride and bracing yourself for it,  how about jumping on the back of that wild horse and decide where you want to go?

Bet you get there faster.

April 2: Date of Numerological Significance
April 4: Mercury Goes Direct
April 6-13: Numerological Arch of Influence
April 10: Pluto Goes Retrograde
April 11: Date of Numerological Significance
April 13: Date of Numerological Significance
April 14: Mars Goes Direct

April 20-24: Numerological Arch of Influence
April 24: Date of Numerological Significance
April 29: Date of Numerological Significance

April 29 – May 1: Numerological Arch of Influence
May 1: Date of Numerological Significance
May 10 – 12: Numerological Arch of Influence
May 12: Date of Numerological Significance
May 15: Venus Goes Retrograde
May 19: Date of Numerological Significance
May 19 – 20: Numerological Arch of Influence
May 20: Annular Solar Eclipse
May 23: Date of Numerological Significance

June 4: Neptune Goes Retrograde
June 4: Partial Lunar Eclipse
June 25: Saturn Goes Direct
June 27: Venus Goes Direct

July 13: Uranus Goes Retrograde
July 15: Mercury Goes Retrograde

August 8: Mercury Goes Direct

September 17: Pluto Goes Direct

October 4: Jupiter Goes Retrograde

November 6: Mercury Goes Retrograde
November 11: Neptune Goes Direct
November 13: Total Solar Eclipse
November 26: Mercury Goes Direct
November 28: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

December 13: Uranus Goes Direct

January 30: Jupiter Goes Direct

March/April 2012 Heretical Numerology Watch

“As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence.”
– Benjamin Franklin

“By words we learn thoughts, and by thoughts we learn life.”
– Jean Baptiste Girard

“The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart.  For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.”
– Luke 6:45

“However many holy words you read, However many you speak, What good will they do you If you do not act on upon them?”
– Buddha

“Our words should be purrs instead of hisses.”
– Kathrine Palmer Peterson

“The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.”
– Dorothy Nevill

“A writer lives in awe of words for they can be cruel or kind, and they can change their meanings right in front of you. They pick up flavors and odors like butter in a refrigerator.”
– John Steinbeck

We started March with this message: “Lay a foundation of flexibility and wisdom. Earthquakes are only devastating to the ill-prepared. And opportunities are only realized when you’ve allowed your soul to be open to them.”

Beginning mid March, we see more volatility in social economic events and a more intensified energy pattern that plays out through April. First half of April in particular will feel the most punch. During this time we will feel the pinch of responsibilities, rules, taxes, government, structure and need for balance more than we usually would this time of year.

Numerologically, expect politics to also have some notable affect on outcomes for the year. This is a time when policies go right or wrong. It’s fine and dandy to have theories, but proof is always in the pudding.

This is also a time when structures will be tested. Will it stand up to an earth quake we haven’t seen yet? Or will it be like Katrina was, something we had no idea how to be prepared for in advance? This is both metaphorically and physically how this energy plays out. Expect your resolve to be tested. Expect your beliefs to be tested, both religious and politically. You say you believe “x.” Maybe it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. If you are presented with new information about something you believe deeply, will you regard it, or avoid/ignore it. Language will be tested. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” (quote from The Princess Bride)

The energy of Justice and Libra (the Scales) will be stronger during this time, pushing each of us to play that balancing role of reserving judgment until the facts are all in. This is not the time to assume, jump the gun or make major decisions until we actually have an idea first what it’s all about. That means a little research, a little listening, a little thoughtfulness first. It also means sometimes the right thing is the unpopular thing or something that we are normally uncomfortable with. Lady Justice is a mother and she must be blind and fair. Will you be?

March 3: Date of Numerological Significance
March 12: Date of Numerological Significance
March 12: Mercury Goes Retrograde

March 25: Date of Numerological Significance
March 30: Date of Numerological Significance
March 30 – April 2: Numerological Arch of Influence

April 2: Date of Numerological Significance
April 4: Mercury Goes Direct
April 6-13: Numerological Arch of Influence
April 10: Pluto Goes Retrograde
April 11: Date of Numerological Significance
April 13: Date of Numerological Significance
April 14: Mars Goes Direct

April 20-24: Numerological Arch of Influence
April 24: Date of Numerological Significance
April 29: Date of Numerological Significance

May 15: Venus Goes Retrograde
May 20: Annular Solar Eclipse

June 4: Neptune Goes Retrograde
June 4: Partial Lunar Eclipse
June 25: Saturn Goes Direct
June 27: Venus Goes Direct

July 13: Uranus Goes Retrograde
July 15: Mercury Goes Retrograde

August 8: Mercury Goes Direct

September 17: Pluto Goes Direct

October 4: Jupiter Goes Retrograde

November 6: Mercury Goes Retrograde
November 11: Neptune Goes Direct
November 13: Total Solar Eclipse
November 26: Mercury Goes Direct
November 28: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

December 13: Uranus Goes Direct

January 30: Jupiter Goes Direct

February/March 2012 Heretical Numerology Watch

“I came upon a doctor who appeared in quite poor health.  I said, ‘There’s nothing that I can do for you that you can’t do for yourself.’  He said, ‘Oh yes you can.  Just hold my hand.  I think that would help.’ So I sat with him a while then asked him how he felt.  He said, “I think I’m cured.’”
~ Conor Oberst

Compassion is sometimes the fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else’s skin.
It is the knowledge that there can never really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too.

~ Frederick Buechner

“Compassion is not religious business, it is human business.
It is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability.
It is essential for human survival.”
~ Dalai Lama

“The dew of compassion is a tear.”
~ Lord Byron

Feb 27th, watch traffic and take your time getting to work and school.

Compassion is a word that is thrown around a lot, denied of it’s true nature and largely abused. It is easy to feel softly for that which we find comfortable. But can you shed tears for someone who believes in what you despise? Can you have true compassion for something that seems alien to you? Can you have compassion for those who rub you the wrong way?  And can you have compassion for the faces you cannot see?  Because if you cannot, we are doomed.

The burden of our modern age is to find our compassion for others in spite of the internet allowing us to not think of them as human, because there’s no face to interact with. In spite of charities, corporations and governments who tell us they will handle our giving for us, so we need not worry about it ourselves. In spite of politics that tell us that we are different from our brothers and can never be united and can never “both” be “right.” Compassion and Division do not harmonize. What messages from the mob do you receive? These are questions I ask and ponderings I pitch to you as we fully enter the 2012 cycle and year of the Dragon.

March – May….  This is the window to watch right now.  Starting in March we hit several pockets of highly intensified energies.  I expect to see what many will define as chaos.  However, this is a good wave to ride for clarity, vision and opportunities.  Read that as FOCUS, get your mitt ready and look for goodies to catch too.  Be ready to multi-task like never before.  Some very significant windows will fling open during this time, but these windows are also the short-lived kind.  There will be many.  Think of it like catching fire-flies.  There will be many, and catching them may take some focus and doing (and willingness to stumble and dance) but the little lights only come out for so long. You can also think of this like a game of pictionary.  Every puzzle is a challenge and an opportunity requiring communication for the win, but time is limited.  When a challenge heads your way, you want to tackle it and resolve it quickly.  Communicate clearly and without judgment.  Don’t over analyze and don’t blame.

This chaotic Mar-May feel also plays out physically and in the weather.  I still pick up rumblings of something important happening in southern CA. I think there will be more tornadoes, like we saw last year. I think it will snow somewhere at a time and/or place we consider unusual.  And I think by end of the year there will be a domestic incident/attempt in the US, but a significant window of opportunity is going to be during this Mar-May window of multiple windows.  There’s just an awful lot of intensified energies and energies that create challenges to juggle and jump through hoops with.  Expect to be challenged!  Right now is prep time, set the stage time, remember who you are time, research and listen time. This is slow time for a reason.  Come March, be ready to be flexible and act as things start hopping.  And don’t just duck the rocks that come your way, catch them!  April will intensify what March begins.  Communication is very key during this time.  Don’t avoid it, clarify and hone it!

Also… law making and policies are getting a stomping, especially come this fall.  If we were really following the Divine flow of this energy, we’d simplify, scrap some things and revamp others.  Since it seems unlikely, expect it to consequently hurt.  When we don’t flow, unintended consequences arise.  Don’t think it has to do with conspiracy of any particular group; it’s simply a matter of reap what you sow, on the grander, more complicated energy scale.  How we do things is shifting and this is pushing us.  How soon and how pleasant all this takes place is really up to us.  What will not help this shift is name calling and division.  I call on my friends not to participate in that.  I don’t care how annoying someone is or how much hurt you feel.  It’s your job to raise people up to your level, not stoop to anything lower.  It is also your job to listen and be open to ideas you have not considered before.  Consider your spheres of influence and make positive use of your influence.  Political parties and organized news are not where the Light is.  You are.

2012 Dates of Numerological and Celestial Significance (numbers thru April)

January 5: Date of Numerological Significance
January 14: Date of Numerological Significance
January 14-16: Numerological Arch of Influence
January 16: Date of Numerological Significance
January 23: Date of Numerological Significance
January 21-23: Numerological Arch of Influence
January 24: Mars Goes Retrograde

January 27: Date of Numerological Significance

February 4: Date of Numerological Significance
February 7: Saturn Goes Retrograde
February 15: Date of Numerological Significance
February 20-27
: Numerological Arch of Influence
February 22: Date of Numerological Significance
February 26: Date of Numerological Significance

March 3: Date of Numerological Significance
March 12: Date of Numerological Significance
March 12: Mercury Goes Retrograde

March 25: Date of Numerological Significance
March 30: Date of Numerological Significance
March 30 – April 2: Numerological Arch of Influence

April 2: Date of Numerological Significance
April 4: Mercury Goes Direct
April 6-13: Numerological Arch of Influence
April 10: Pluto Goes Retrograde
April 11: Date of Numerological Significance
April 13: Date of Numerological Significance
April 14: Mars Goes Direct

April 20-24: Numerological Arch of Influence
April 24: Date of Numerological Significance
April 29: Date of Numerological Significance

May 15: Venus Goes Retrograde
May 20: Annular Solar Eclipse

June 4: Neptune Goes Retrograde
June 4: Partial Lunar Eclipse
June 25: Saturn Goes Direct
June 27: Venus Goes Direct

July 13: Uranus Goes Retrograde
July 15: Mercury Goes Retrograde

August 8: Mercury Goes Direct

September 17: Pluto Goes Direct

October 4: Jupiter Goes Retrograde

November 6: Mercury Goes Retrograde
November 11: Neptune Goes Direct
November 13: Total Solar Eclipse
November 26: Mercury Goes Direct
November 28: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

December 13: Uranus Goes Direct

January 30: Jupiter Goes Direct

January 2012 – Numerology Notes

Man cannot discover new oceans unless
he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

~ Andre Gide

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time.  You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michael Angelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein. ”
~ Life’s Little Instruction Book

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”
~ Deepak Chopra

“Remembering you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.
You are already naked.  There is no reason not to follow your heart. ”
~ Steve Jobs
(Stanford Commencement Address 2005)

I know you’re waiting. I know you want to see what I’m going to write about numerology for 2012.  But you’re going to have to wait a few days longer.  With class beginning again this week and transitioning to new technology, the numerology watch will have to be written a bit late and sent separately this month. 

I have a lot of thoughts, just haven’t had a chance to write them.  Read the quotes.  Stay tuned…

The Children’s Great Secret…

I have also copied this to the poetry/writing section….

Originally written and published March 14, 2003….
Republished today…

Last night I dreamed that I was shown a great secret.
That the truth of all things
and all religions
and all spirituality,
back when the world was quite new,
was entrusted first to children.

There were children of all races and kinds sitting together in a big circle,
coloring and writing and interpreting the truths they had been given.
And the circle they sat in was in the middle of a single large landmass
on the earth, with no others.

Each child was asked to focus on one or two or a few aspects that they found most important,
that they personally felt that all the rest of humanity should know, if nothing else.
And so they laughed and colored and wrote pages of stuff and beliefs and truths,
for the generations to come, so they would know.

And all the various children had different ideas,
as was natural and fitting for each of their talents and personalities
and different interpretations even among similar points.

And they were all right.

And there were beings of light there with the children,
though you could not make out their faces.
They were of every imaginable color.

And then the children celebrated together happily over their drawings and writings,
the lessons they learned and the lessons they were to teach.

Lots of singing, lots of laughing and joy.

Then the children arranged themselves and split up into groups around their circle.
They hugged and kissed one another and
then the land around them split and began to float apart,
like boats going in opposite directions from a single point.

The children stood on the edges as they floated away from each other
and waved happily, knowing they would meet again someday.

And they were happy about the new beginnings they were about to be a part of,
in teaching the future of mankind and teaching their small portion of the whole.
They knew that only by dividing the work of the whole among them,
would the world be able to have the gift of the whole when it matured.

And angels sang.

I was told to write this down,
for now it was to call back Time’s children.
It’s to be given in a young children’s book.
It must be illustrated well.
It will call unto children and teach parents.
And It is to be the first among many.

“Go and do.”

And it was after this vision that I grab the only materials I had available to me,
as I am a musician, not an artist, by heart.

I grabbed my children’s construction paper and crayons.

As an adult with dysgraphia, I cannot technically draw.
It took me years to learn to handwrite consistantly at all.
But I gave myself up to the divinty of order out of chaos.
And I scribbled.
Willing my hands to be empty vessels to channel what my guides had brought me to see.

It was then that these images were born.

"Light Beings"

"Light Beings"

This is called “Light Beings.”
This framed version is the first and belongs to my mother.

May the energy that inspired this inspire you as well.


Image and Writing Copyright © 1997 – 2009  by Julia Meek Chambers, all rights reserved.

The Numerological Lesson of Today….

Here we are in the new year – the year 2009 we’ve all been waiting for – and today tasting the first numerological combo intense with master number energy.  Do you feel it?  Can you taste it?  It is ripe with the humanitarian nature of the spiritual teacher and pioneer, as well as the master vibration of practical wisdom and problem solving.   It is also a day of challenge and testing.  Just how good is your positive Fu?  Hmm?  The energy of leadership and cooperation, as well as balanced unity and networking, go far with this day.

Now, I must say that I find number combinations like this more intense on weekdays than on weekends and holidays in American society.  Simply from the physical fact that the majority of people do not work on weekends and weekend energy as a result tends to be more relaxed as a society (even when you do work on the weekend).  Pretty much, in our way of doing work and business, all deadlines are during the week.  Even schools do not usually have deadlines due over the weekend.  As such we witness a suspension of many multi-tasking pressures and demands when it comes to all the world outside us during our “down time.”  Over the weekend, we are more likely to become re-connected and acquainted with the innate “us” and our families and chosen social settings.   As a race of humans, we tend to be affected by and pick up on the moods, thoughts and expectations of the world around us and operate under an unspoken set of rules and demands that is simply “understood” by the masses.  This concept might be better understood as a crowd psychology or group consciousness.   It’s a generality, but it works en masse.

During the week, the physical and spiritual energy struggles become more intense.  Far too many people in the world are not really happy at work.  It’s a job, it pays the bills, it might be somewhat interesting, but commonly, most people would rather not be there, doing that for work.  We all understand this.  And we all understand the concept of contending with things we don’t enjoy so much to make the things we do enjoy possible.  Ah…  An inherent lesson of challenge already.  Expose myself to something I don’t care for to get something I do care for. 

Now add a vibration that says, “No matter what, you have to take the higher road.  You think you’re a good person, huh?  Well are you still going to be if we turn the pressure up a notch?  Let’s practice getting better at this.”  And in today’s combo, the challenge and lesson is both physically and spiritually challenging: a two-fer. 

In numerology we naturally go through cycles of vibrational combinations that facilitate just this.  Just like in school, we have periodic “evaluations” that pop up in numerology.  These are opportunities to 1) overcome and 2) raise our awareness and operational vibrations.  It’s like exercise – you have to use it to make it stronger.  And there are safeties built into our physical exestence here that make sure we have the opportunities to grow, no matter what.

Ok, great – so what does that mean for 2009 and why does any of this matter? 

Well, to start – 2009 is an 11 year.  The first 11 year in 99 years (by western calendar folks).  Our last 11 year was 1910.  Go ahead – it’s easy to figure out.  Go write down the last 100 years and do your number reduction on them.  You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.  Not a difficult fact to grasp at all.

Ok, well what does that mean?

11 is the master number of spiritual leadership.  It’s often considered one of the most intense vibrations to learn, because the lesson is spiritual in nature, but it radiates into the physical.  how it radiates into the physical is more specific to you and what you personally as a soul find to be challenging.  That’s different for everyone.  But the lesson is essentially the same.  11 is the light bringer and teacher of others who will awaken and teach.  11 is the pioneer of unity within paradox. 

In numerology, how we have come to various meanings of the numbers over generations and millenia is to study the world around us language itself for patterns.  We find that there are patterns between various words that are complimentary or have similar meanings.  And they all have similar numerical vibrations as well.  Words that vibrate to the Master Number 11 include LIGHT, WISDOM and JESUS.  Also energy, vibration, ablaze, cloudless, rich, dazzle, purpose, show, etc.. 

11 is the number that actively teaches and shows the way.  But it’s more than that.  The lesson is to be this wonderful energy and soul no matter what, even when unpleasant things happen.  When things go wrong, don’t go wrong with them.  And when conflict arrises, always bring your “enemy” up to your level, not stoop to theirs.  11 is the unifier and represents the divinity of duality on this physical plane, as well as unity within paradox.  11 has the responsibility to be and live by example at all times, as well as to maintain a balanced and wise love and patience for all.  Balance and wisdom are a very key words here.  11 reflects that Love itself is not simply a feeling, but an action and that sometimes that action requires the maturity to lay boundaries when others fear to.  It’s 11’s job to be an inspiration to do and try more – to live to a higher degree of expectation and to achieve a higher state of vibrational ideal.  To make life more meaningful and to serve the greater good for all.  It’s a hefty responsibility generally reserved for a rather developed soul.  And the lessons are not because 11 did something to deserve it.  I.e. you must have done something wrong or out of balance for these challenging things to happen to you.  They are chosen simply for the task of testing one’s soul, to exercise their vibrational muscles, so to speak.  Muscles experience pain both from injury and growth.  It’s important not to confuse the two and judge others based on naive  ideas about how this physical existence works. 

Ok, so back to an 11 year.  Well, it means we’ll experience these challenges as a society as a whole.  Go back in history and you will see all sorts of things that have happend during 11 years.  These kinds of things have happened in other years too.  But perhaps if you do a little homework, you’ll begin to see a pattern arise. 

If you go back even further, you will beging to see a pattern that develops numerologically with millennia.  The closer we get to the end of a millennium, the fewer and fewer 11 years we have.  But once we flip into a new millennium, the 11 years begin to hit us within every decade of the 1st hundred years.  These energy patterns force societal change and evolution.  And it’s no wonder, from a numerological perspective, why legends of “end times,” the end of the world and “end of an age” surround the ending of millenniums. 

People keep waiting for things to go back to the way they were.  Things will never be the same as they were.  We are operating under a new set of energies now.  And we are evolving as a society and as a human race, whether we “want” to or not.  It will happen.  And it will be wonderful.  How you allow all this to affect you is by choice and perspective.  When you can embrace that, you’ll realize the true power of what that means. 

As a numerologist who approaches these things in a very karmic way, it is my goal to teach you about what I do and see, not just tell you.  To take your hand and lead you down a path of enlightenment that has left clues throughout known existence.  I want you to see the patterns for yourself and begin to experience the awarenss of the why’s and how’s of vibrational energy layers.  It’s the same way I do reading consultations.  I’m not just going to tell you – I’m going to teach you, so you can take that knowledge with you and apply it and benefit from it from now on. 

That’s it for now.  Go give it a try….!

End of Year Numerology Watch 2008

Numerology Watch
Well guys, as we wrap up for the end of the year, there’s a lot going on in numerological energy.  November and December of this year was already set to be more intense in energies.  But as always, I’ve posted the dates I find of most significance below.  Remember, the purpose of this is to give you a chance to plan to channel that energy to your advantage, rather than disadvantage.  But also to help you know why people around you are having a time of it too.  Numbers themselves are never bad.  They are simply raw divine energy.  How we react to them, positively or negatively to them, is where the difference lies.  However, some energies, like those described in my outlooks, present greater challenges than most for most people and sometimes all of us.  Also note that the foundation laid by these energies also sometimes plays out later.
The time left before the end of 2008 is intense with energetic conflict.  The month of December cries out for Love and for a sense of stability, while the last year in the first set of nine in the New Millennium demands destruction, change and new beginnings as it winds down to its end.  (Think the Tower card in tarot.)  The other shoe has yet to drop.  We are talking about change that knocks you off your feet, change you didn’t see coming, new ideas that couldn’t work before suddenly have credence now.  You’ll hear a lot of “Since when does blah-blah….?!”  Well, since now.  Since not a moment more of the old ways or ideas or thought processes.  If you find that confusing, the message simply is – focus on the Truth of Love. 
A lot of karmic energy in in play as well, as hidden truths continue to be revealed and reality to face is brought to light.  Delusions will be brought up short for us to come head to head with.  Our idealistic ideas will no longer work.  It is the closing of an age.  Things will never be again the way they were, nor will they ever work that way again.  We are evolving, as a society, as a world and as the human race.  Which will be wonderful for those who open themselves to it and will be more painful to those who resist.  We are now moving into a 9 year millennial “cleansing” period, with the first 4 being the most intense 2009-2012, as we realize the inheiritance passed down from our ancestors “unto the 11th generation.”
What I find rather interesting is that these challenges are for everyone, “enlightened” or not.  We all have idealistic ideas that will be shattered now and in the time to come.  We don’t know what it’s like to be a parent until it happens to us.  We don’t know what it’s like to lose a loved one until it happens to us.  Generations before could not understand the technology we have today, until they received it.  Something we just don’t know yet is right around the corner.  What currently can’t you imagine?  Especially in your beliefs and relationships?  This message is for all, because even we in the “new age” fields have old ways, attitudes and habits that must die. 
The New Year brings a final demand of us that so very few of us have ever experienced before – a cry for balance within paradox.  “Love Thy Enemy.”  Forgive who you never thought you could.  Acceptance that balance is in the midst of opposing views, not in the domination of just one “mine.”  The Universe has had it with “won’t it be great when everyone is like us” and with the blame between brothers.  And we are about to receive our next lesson in Unity.  Be prepared to need those you thought you never would.  Be prepared not to be able to afford to waste a friendship or to be too busy.  Our society is about to shift completely.  We cannot sustain our greed, fear and impatience any longer.  We can no longer afford our judgmentality.  Even if it takes the rest of our lifetimes to achieve this, the next generation will see something better.  They must.  And it has begun. 
What is at work now, that so many see as surprising or even shocking, is part of a very long cycle that’s been eons in the making.  Numerology is not about the minute details as much as the core raw essence. 
December and January will continue to be extremely strong in this shift into new realities.  The way of business and finance takes a hefty smack over the next 8 weeks.  We will be challenged with things that have never before been challenges.  Our next year lies at the crux of evolution.  The last time this energy was felt in mass, at a lesser magnitude, multiple revolutions took place in the world, world leaders were assassinated. 
Come together.  Heal the wounds.  The cry for the Love of White Light is strong.  Use this time of celebration to preserve and heal your relationships, to strengthen your positive attitudes and blessings upon one another.  Make peace with your brothers and rock on.  The pillars of the Earth must stand.
Dates of numerological significance:
Dec. 11, with a lead-in on Dec. 10th.  There is a LOT of energy swirling around this day.  (Remember that in numbers, when I post about dates of numerological significance, you may begin to feel the influence as much as 3 days in advance – which is part of what makes them dates of note.) 
This day is best channeled into love and spiritual work and it desires us to take the high road and pushes us towards that higher vibrational ideal of spiritual love, patience and purity of heart in all actions and choices.  But along with this push to be so comes a test to see if you will even while being challenged.  (If your car breaks down, will you still be nice to people, or will you take it out on them.  It could determine the course of your future.)  Whether you consciously or unconsciously achieve this, it’s always easier when you do.  Not being fully aligned with this energetic urge is what creates the discomfort when these vibrational demands are present.  (Which all too often plays out in impatience on the highway.)  It’s important to realize that this particular type of energy allows you a chance to practice manifesting under adversity.  Your thoughts, both negative and positive, will affect the course of your day in a more tangible and realistic way.  The lesson is spiritual in nature, but it will radiate and manifest into the physical in a variety of ways specific to you and with a rather karmic backslap.  Those negative thoughts can be potently destructive if you’re not careful.  These types of days allow you a chance to experience and learn from that in a very real, hand-on kind of way.  Think of it like a school day, where testing, practice and teaching by example are the course are the day.  It’s also about loving and serving each other.  Love your teachers, love your students.  We’re all in this together.
Please be patient with the world and others.  Many will not react well to the extra pressures and challenges this day and coupling bring.  Souls come in various stages of growth.  Adults generally understand that a 2 year old has a hard time being very polite when they haven’t had a nap or their tummy is rumbling.  In the same way, we as Light beings should be patient with one another.  We never know what kind of trials others are facing.  We each receive that which is best suited to us at our stage of development. 
We are currently beginning to feel the New Year energy stronger from this point on as well, which introduces great challenges so very few of us are old enough to have ever experienced this way before.
Dec 21 & 22 – this happens to also coincide with the winter solstice.  Does that matter?  I’m not really a solstice expert, but generally when you couple a major shift in one science with a major shift in another, you’re going to get a more profound result. 
January 10 – This one will be intense folks.  Been a long while since we’ve had this combo.  And with the new year energy, it will be more intense.


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