The Spirit Of 9/11: A Numerological Perspective

It happened 11 years ago today.  And though the energy of 9/11/2001 is identical to the energy of 7/4/1776 (a 11/5 day), it is the sub-vibration of 11 I’d like to focus on today.  Especially the 11 Master Number cycle and what it teaches us.  After all, the upcoming Dec 21, 2012 that everyone is focusing so much energy on, is a 33/11 day – double master numbers that contain the Martyr and the Spiritual Teacher – pushing the fulfillment of 11 on that day.  Because the whole world is focused on it, it can’t help but be important.  And today speaks ahead to us about the important role 11 brings.

The affects of an 11 cycle can be felt physically in our daily lives, in our very existence on this planet.  Our weather and life as we know it are affected and created through the 11 month lunar and the 11 year solar flare cycle.  Our seasons, our space weather.  Things we depend upon, and events that surprise us.  It’s spiritual impact is also subtle and has been less prevalent, until now.

It happened 11 years ago today.  The Twin Towers fell and the Pentagon was attacked.  A terrible act of hatred against innocent people was executed.  People died as the planes crashed into the buildings.  People died as they tried to save the lives of others.

And though hatred danced, sang and cheered, Innocence, Love, Unity and Heroism abounded that day.  And not just love – the feeling, but Love – the action.

For a moment, all differences erased.  For a moment, nothing else mattered than your fellow man.  For a moment, the daily facade we build around us snapped.

In that instant, we weren’t Republicans and Democrats (and the rest ignored by the two), we weren’t liberals and conservatives, we weren’t colored and white, we weren’t UT vs. A&M, we weren’t east vs. west, south vs. north, men vs. women.

There are a whole lot of divisive things we weren’t that day.  We weren’t any of these labels.

11  represents the Unity within Paradox Principal.  It represents the existence of two seeming opposite energies that exist in a perfect whole within seeming paradox.  It shows us the essential balance there must be for this physical plane of existence to be and represents the bridge between here and the next dimension.  It also represents great trials, tribulations and spiritual testing.  It represents the Gateway of Transformation.

With the exception of those who carry this particular vibration on a personal level, so much of our modern lives have been spent without the significant presence of this number’s energies.  It’s true that about 3 days out of every month will hold this Master vibration.  However, the energy is always short lived.  Any lasting submersion into the energy emotionally and on an individual level comes from larger patterns.  And when we look at the Western calendar, it happens in the passing Years.

The phenomenon of the last millennium in terms of Master Number years is that the closer we got to the year 2000, the fewer and fewer 11 years we experienced as a Western society and the increase of other types of Master Number years.  1910 was the last 11 year experienced in the 20th century.  Go back and look at the significant events that took place in 1901 to 1910.  Very interesting.

Then came 2009, the first 11 year experienced in 99 years.  Go back and think about that year.  If you talk to folks, you’ll hear a lot about how difficult that year was for people.  However, you will also find that no one agrees or quite can put their finger on the reason why.  This is because 11 is a powerful Master Number that not only challenges us, but it challenges us in spiritual ways that have nothing to do with what is happening physically.  It often challenges us through our greatest fears, which is very individual and unique to each of us.  What challenges you is not necessarily what challenges me and visa versa.  And it’s supposed to be that way.

To make it even more interesting, no matter who we voted into the presidential office to begin that year, all the men we were voting for carry a Life Lesson of 11.  Even the female candidate carries a life lesson of 33 – the master number of the Martyr.  Wow.  With all that focus that a public office like the presidency carries, with a life lesson that compounds the 1st 11 year in 99 years – I’d never want to be that person.

And 2009 was just the beginning.  Once we flipped into the new millennium, we will now begin to hit 11 years every decade.  It’s no wonder the fearful stories in human history that surround the changing of millenniums.  It forces societal change.  And we’re here, on the brink of history being made.

And don’t be complaining about it.  You’ve been asking for this.  It’s happening.  The world is evolving.  So Be Love Now.

11 is the Job number.  You can read a nicely indepth wiki synapses of the biblical story of Job here.  But essentially, in this poetic story, God describes Job as a righteous man.  And the Devil (or more correctly translated – Adversary) comes forward and says – “Oh yeah?  Job’s only righteous because You’ve blessed him.  Curse him and give him to me.  Hurt him and cause him pain.  I’ll show You that he’s not righteous after all.  In the end, he’ll curse You and You’ll see what he really is.”

As a quick side note:  I do caution you not to write off the historical inspired writings of the world, just because religions of the world have abused them and their responsibilities at some point.  You don’t have to have a particular religious viewpoint to gain from the writings of ancient peoples.  The universal lessons illustrated are valuable. Just as there are timeless inspired messages  of today, there also always have been throughout human time.  It’s our job to consider and learn.

So to get back to our story, God agrees and lets the Adversary do horrible things to Job.  The Adversary kills Job’s 10 children, takes away his home and all his thousands of animals, his clothes and riches.  He even gets God’s permission to strike Job’s own person and gives him boils from head to toe.  In the end, Job is sitting as a bum on the side of the road, wearing sackcloth and pouring ashes on himself because he’s in so much pain.

And Job still didn’t curse God.  He was still a righteous man.

What’s further interesting about the lesson of Job, and how perfect an analogy it makes for the energy of the Archetypal 11, is that his friends become convinced that Job must have done something wrong to deserve what has happened to him.  (Maybe he has karmic debt?)  Once upon a time they respected him, looked up to him as a leader, as a righteous man, as an example before God.  Now they judge him, consider themselves to be better than him and in their efforts to “help” him, they harass him and tell him that he must confess his sins and change his life.  He must repent, they say!  They’re not quite sure what he did, but he had to have done something horribly wrong.  They cannot believe that he did nothing to deserve his horrible current life and instead of supporting him through the pain, they judge and no longer think the best of him.  (Maybe he manifested this because he did not have enough faith, or positive thinking?  Maybe he attracted his circumstance because like attracts like? Maybe it was because he had been rich?  Maybe it was because of his ego?)  And so even Job’s friends become part of the “punishment.”

And still, even when his friends and his own wife no longer believe in him, Job remains a righteous and good man.  He passes the test.  He transits that gate of transformation.  He moves on to the next level of enlightenment.

11 is a powerful number for spiritual service.  It is the number of the Spiritual Teacher, whether the spiritual teacher is embodied as a person, or the energy is embodied as a lesson.  It is the Light Bringer, The Way Show-er.  That is the Blessed Divinity of the number; the manifestation of righteousness.  And don’t confuse that with the overused and abused description of righteousness that religions have tried to program into the world.  Neither Love nor Enlightenment is ever about control or taking away choices.  You must arrive and experience on your own.  This is only achieved through freedom.  No one can force you to come to enlightenment or righteousness (meaning without guilt or wrong-doing).  Just think about what the term “without guilt” alone means.  It’s not just that you did nothing to be guilty as in a court of law, but also that you are not burdened by it either.  That you do not even assign guilt where it does not belong.  Get away from the marketing hype of the world and look at the actual energies behind the words around you, especially the words you find to be triggers for you.  Words do mean things and nowhere more so than in numerology do we understand and needs respect this.  God spoke and everything came into BEing.  Words and their energies are powerful and important.

However, 11 brings undeserved persecution and spiritual testing, not unlike as it was for Job.  Not necessarily that under 11 it would happen that you will experience such to the level that Job did in the story outlined above, but the essence of the lesson is there.  The lessons may radiate into the physical, but they are not physical lessons by nature.  They are spiritual lessons.  Why is 11 meant to be all this?  Because our souls agreed to it for the overcoming.  Only through overcoming do we grow.  We reach enlightenment through exercise.  Though sometimes we do learn and grow from them, we don’t need karmic debt and “sin” to learn and grow.  We can be challenged through the sheer joy of being on this planet, in this incarnation, to learn what this plane of existence has to offer us.  Our souls can choose to be presented with hardships just for the sake of both learning and teaching.  We don’t have to deserve them.  We don’t have to pay a price.  We just get to receive the lessons for free, without trade.  Maybe it doesn’t seem as interesting as rocket science, but it’s as, if not more, important.  We are actively forwarding the evolution of a spiritual race.

So you think you are a good person.  Others think you are a good person.  Is it really true?  Did you mean it?  Or the instant that you find yourself challenged… the instant that you are faced with your greatest fear, your greatest pang, your greatest loss (I cannot imagine much worse than the loss of a child, much less 10 of them), your greatest irritant and your biggest button that someone might push… do you go off the track?  Are you no longer dependable to be that good and safe person you believe yourself to be?  Will you still be kind to people if your car breaks down?  Can you still be at One and share love and unity with someone whether they are a liberal or a conservative or not?

Can you. In the face of a terrorist attack upon you and your neighbors. Forget the damn labels, embrace your fellow human and recognize their absolute Divinity and perfection in the eyes of God.  The I AM you supposedly claim to be.

And can you do this even 11 years later.

This is what 11 begs of you.  What reality have you chosen?

Below: A message of positive deeds and dedication to honor the fallen and spirit of Unity that 9/11/2001 brought to us.  I don’t know anything about the organization, but it is a principal that I like very much and is very in keeping with 11.  Instead of waiting for a holiday, what will you do to make the world a better place on 9/11?

August/September/Fall Heretical Numerology Prediction Notes…

For now, I am compiling my data for the rest of the calendar year.  This has taken a lot of time to boil down into a list for you to peruse.  But it’s together now and as deadlines draw near, I’m going to go ahead and get it out to you to look at.  I’ll elaborate more on details in a later update, but for now, let me invite you to look over each month and see the differences amongst them.

Remember what I said last month about November?  Now look at the list of data below and see how November stacks up next to all the other months.  That is the month to watch.  “Water of Life” and spirituality are words that are ringing in my ears when it comes to  November.  Something about water, blood and what they symbolize is very important during this time.  A thirst for “water” and spirituality, but not everyone will find satiation.  And I don’t believe November encapsulates it.  I believe that it brings it forefront.  I think a reference to ground water is being made here, as well as circulation – like a circulatory system.  And I would definitely draw analogies with chi and the healthy flow a human body is supposed to have, to that of the Earth.  This whole theme is both physical and symbolic in how it comes through.  The feeling I get physically though is that ground water is going to become available in areas it wasn’t previously and disappear in others it’s been rather reliable in.  Whether that changes due to earthquake or something, I’m not quite sure.  Just keep in mind there’s a rather significant spiritual parallel as well.  Phrases to reflect on:  Waters Of Life, Throne Of God, Holy Spirit, Blood Flow (as between mother and unborn child), Ascension, Divine Feminine As Creator.

Also, with all the references coming up about water, I’m going to assert something controversial about dowsing.  And I say this as an experienced dowser and as someone whose great-grandparents and other family members were once upon a time successful water-witchers in their day.   I don’t think it’s water that actually draws down our diviner rods in traditional water witching.  I think it’s something else.  

I’m also seeing a pattern this year I did not expect.  Towards the end of the year (with an intro taste to the energy felt in August), there are multiple arches of influence back to back or that overlap.  In November, we have three separate numerological energy arches that overlap each other.  Arches of influence, as I coin the phrase to describe them, are already a series of days with compounded energies contained.  But in November, December and a little one in August, we have compounded arches!

What does it all mean?  Well, things are afoot.  And when you add social circumstances (and inherent pressures) already in place, like the holidays and U.S. election, expect some fireworks.  I’ve been analyzing U.S. presidential candidates and history.  I think I can guarantee that what it reveals is rather unexpected.  Stay tuned.

2012 Dates of Numerological and Celestial Significance
(Dates in bold carry greater weight)

August 7-9Numerological Arch of Influence
August 8: Mercury Goes Direct

August 9: Date of Numerological Significance
August 20: Date of Numerological Significance
August 14-18Numerological Arch of Influence
August 19-21Numerological Arch of Influence 
August 25: Date of Numerological Significance
August 31: Date of Numerological Significance
August 30-31Numerological Arch of Influence

September 6-8Numerological Arch of Influence
September 8: Date of Numerological Significance
September 13-15
Numerological Arch of Influence
September 17: Pluto Goes Direct
September 19: Date of Numerological Significance
September 19-20: Numerological Arch of Influence
September 24: Date of Numerological Significance
September 30: Date of Numerological Significance

October 4: Jupiter Goes Retrograde
October 5-7Numerological Arch of Influence
October 7: Date of Numerological Significance
October 18: Date of Numerological Significance
October 23: Date of Numerological Significance
October 29: Date of Numerological Significance

November 4-6: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 6: Mercury Goes Retrograde
November 6: Date of Numerological Significance
November 11: Neptune Goes Direct
November 11-13: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 13: Date of Numerological Significance
November 13: Total Solar Eclipse
November 17-22: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 22: Date of Numerological Significance
November 22-28: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 26: Mercury Goes Direct
November 27-29: Numerological Arch of Influence
November 28: Date of Numerological Significance
November 28: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

December 3: Date of Numerological Significance
December 3-5: Numerological Arch of Influence
December 5: Date of Numerological Significance

December 13: Uranus Goes Direct
December 16-17: Numerological Arch of Influence
December 17 Date of Numerological Significance
December 16-21: Numerological Arch of Influence
December 21: Date of Numerological Significance
December 27: Date of Numerological Significance
December 27-31: Numerological Arch of Influence

January 30: Jupiter Goes Direct

September 2011 Heretical Numerology Watch

“First say to yourself what would you be;
and then do what you have to do.”

~ Epictetus (C. 55 – C. 135) Greek Stoic Philosopher

“Take charge of your thoughts.
You can do what you will with them.”

~ Plato (428-327 BC) – Greek Philosopher and Prose Writer

“They can do all because they think they can.”
~ Virgil (70-9 BC) – Roman Poet

“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind
on things we desire not things we fear.”

~ Brian Tracy

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”
~ Mark Twain

At the time of this writing, Mercury is still retrograde and will go direct on August 26.  Themes during retrogrades are not only more reflective, but also more focused.  Too many folks go through life not really awake, or are too reliant upon last minute “by the skin of your teeth” living.  Retrogrades give increased focus on their areas of governance, which requires a greater sense of awareness as well.  Flying by the seat of your pants (we’re pretty bad about this in the US, not to mention the stress levels we try to pass off as normal life) doesn’t tend to work as well under the demand for focus during these times.  So-so output just doesn’t really cut it.  With Mercury governing money, communication and travel, these areas require more clarity, attention and focus during a retrograde.  Communication is very important at this time.  Even when you are aware though, you have all the sleepy-heads to watch for.  Your key to success is remaining balanced, eating right, sleeping right, staying focused and giving Mercury its due.  And moving into the next numerological window, this need for communication and facts becomes even greater.

Last month I mentioned that we’d have an opportunity to put things into order soon.  We enter that window between now and about mid-October. The energetic window that awaits brings into focus issues with boundaries, law, and order.  We had a swing at responsibility in August, and in September, it makes us look hard at what those responsibilities are.  Now is a time for clarity, revealing the realities as they are.  The is and is not.  When do you say no?  When do you say yes?  What deserves attention?  What does not?  What is your purpose in life?  What may feel nice, but isn’t your purpose in life?  Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you are supposed to.  On the other hand, there are things people can and should do that they fail to.  Like stand up for themselves, for someone else, or something that is right.  Sometimes during these types of energetic windows people focus on simplifying.  That is OK, but I do prefer the term clarify.  Clarify your purpose and direction right now and at least put together a thumbnail sketch of a road map to follow.  For most of us, our purpose is not for a simple life, but for one with a clear purpose.  Clarity is the key.

As the US gets comfortable with it’s new cycle, I expect health, community and family issues to take center stage come November/December.  And interestingly, this year the Thanksgiving holiday is more conducive to family gatherings than Christmas. (If you’re trying to decide which holiday to travel to see family for, my vote is Thanksgiving.)

There are some interesting patterns afoot.  The whole month of September tends to be more intensified due to it’s nine nature doubling each day’s vibration, however the 9th and 20th do stand out.  The thing I think is interesting… I’ve been watching, and there are some interesting celestial “anomalies” that I thought I’d go ahead and mention.  Space Weather maintains a list of upcoming Earth-Asteroid encounters and it’s interesting to note that each one of note (highlighted in pink on their chart) comes closest to Earth during an arch of influence in numerology dates.  The most significant is actually classed a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (greater than 150 m in diameter and passing within .05 AU of our planet).  On Nov 8th, within an important numerology arch, asteroid 2005 YU55 will pass closer to the Earth than our own moon.  (For reference, our moon is 3474 km in diameter.)  If you’re curious, follow the link to space weather and click on the asteroids to watch the videos of the projected obits, etc..

Now, that  said – I find all this fascinating.  And I find that when astrological, celestial and numerological events collide, the intensity of the energy seems that much greater.  However, I’m not overly concerned about it.  Anymore than I am in a place of fear about the drought we’re having here in Texas.  My job is to love, not to be afraid.  And Mother Gaea is in need of her natural processes.  Our sun is increasing in activity. I think winter will be a different story.

For the next 6 weeks, I ask you to think about making plans, getting yourself organized and laying foundations.  Do this for work and career and do this for family.  September is the best month all year to get your act together for the holidays and pre-plan for 2012.  October is a good time to take a trip for fun, December a good time to take a trip for reflection.  But expect travel issues in December.  I think we’re in for quite a Winter 2011 in the US.  And September is a good time to plan for potential weather extremes and emergency scenarios as well.  Unusual weather is in the the future down the road and it’s better to think of needs now than not be prepared.  Besides, you know I’m a fan of being prepared not just for yourself, but so you can be a light to others.  You never know what kind of difference you might make for someone else.  Do you have a first aid kit?  Firewood? A disaster plan in case of a chemical spill?  A list of emergency phone numbers?  Do your kids know what to do?  These scenarios are often considered uncommon, but what has previously been considered uncommon is becoming more common place.  I’ve been analyzing the last 2000 years of dates and there is a large pattern that makes me want to encourage everyone to keep records and get first aid training.  Take an inventory and get an idea together of what you can and will do.

Feeling stuck?  I highly recommend an article by Mark McGuinness called: “5 Creative Coaching Techniques To Get Yourself Unstuck.”  Mark has not only a gift for writing, but for coaching as well.  And I love his “imagine yourself without a head” exercise.  Check it out.  He’s a good resource.

September is the 9th month of the year, and as such always holds a special vibration because 9 is the number that honors all other vibrations.  We feel each day’s vibrations more clearly in the month of September.  In the natural annual social progression in the US, it serves as the perfect “beginning of the year,” with its clearer messages and holiday season peeking around the corner.  No wonder our school years naturally start around September.  The weather may begin shifting to fall and the waning of the seasons during September, but as a society we seem to come alive with expectation.

The window we enter now asks us to place order into our lives, to focus, to organize, to plan.  As we begin turning to our fall schedules, planning for the future is important now.  Take the information you’ve gathered thus far this year and begin putting it into a working order.

Back in June I mentioned seeing some forces at work come this window beginning in August.  Not the short explosive bursts I saw back in April/May, but longer and more sustaining in effect.  The closer we draw, the more I feel this pull.  Again, I look to North Atlantic region and the east US coast, with the window appearing from about North Carolina on up.  It is a large energy pattern, which points to a natural event, but could manifest in something man-caused.  However, I also see disturbance on the west coast for mid to southern California.  I’m not sure what the trigger is.  Whether it’s weather or a natural disaster or frankly a ball game.  But something is coming to a head.

I also mentioned that by end of October I believe we’ll see some of the predictability in the markets and economy that everyone craves.  It’s important to note that though the chaotic flux will calm down, this predictability will likely remain with lower profits than many hope for.  If you’ll remember, I predicted previously that there would be those who will claim this year that the recession is over.  Lately on the news I’ve heard debate over whether we’ll have “another” recession or not, as if what we’ve been through ended some time ago.  It’s never been over.  It’s a larger pattern we are caught up in and it won’t be over for some time.  Either we get caught by the under current, or we ride the wave.  Everything is changing, nothing is going back to the way is was before.  I challenge you to think differently about everything, even your expectations.  Do not get caught in the boxes of “have to’s” either.  For instance, I have met so many people who are caught because they spent money to get a degree in a field that they now cannot find work in.  How can they possibly consider a completely different path now?  Wouldn’t it invalidate everything they’ve ever worked hard for?  Only if we allow ourselves to get trapped in that line of thinking.  That part of your life served its time.  The last millennium served a very important purpose.  Honor that.  But do not be trapped, do not be caught by that.  How many times have we wished in our lives to have a second chance?  Wished we could start over?  Wished we had more choices?  We asked for it – and it has been delivered!  Time does not matter to Spirit, why on earth would you allow yourself to be trapped by it now?  So what your age?  What are you really missing out on if you let go of that box?

I ask you to take inventory not just of your house, but of yourself at this time.  What are your skills, what it is that you are passionate about, but also, what is it that humanity really needs from you?  What is it that you are an expert of?  And do you have the means to pass that knowledge on?  Knowledge needs to be preserved while we go through rebirth.

Societal change is being forced to take place, right now.  NOTHING will ever be as it once was!  Make your plans now.

Dates of Numerological Significance

August 3: Mercury Goes Retrograde in Virgo
August 8-10: Numerological Arch of Influence
August 10: Date of Numerological Significance
August 14: Date of Numerological Significance
August 21: Date of Numerological Significance
August 25-26: Numerological Arch of Influence
August 26: Mercury Goes Direct in Leo
August 30: Jupiter Goes Retrograde in Taurus
September 9: Date of Numerological Significance
September 9 – 13: Numerological Arch of Influence
September 16: Pluto Goes Direct
September 20: Date of Numerological Significance
September 20-24: Numerological Arch of Influence

November 9: Neptune Goes Direct
November 24: Mercury Goes Retrograde
November 25: Partial Solar Eclipse
December 10: Uranus Goes Direct
December 10: Total Lunar Eclipse
December 14: Mercury Goes Direct
December 25: Jupiter Goes Direct

January 24, 2012: Mars Goes Retrograde


Cooler autumn weather has finally visited Central Texas and heralds in the solstice moon. Around the corner, Venus will go retrograde on October 8th following the new moon. And to add interest, some sun spots and solar flares are receiving a little attention this week as well. And it appears a solar wind stream from a coronal hole may brush our magnetic field Sept 29 or 30th. You can read more about the current sun focus over at This somewhat touches on recent “space” focus on reports of projected solar flare activity in the year 2013 and it’s potential devastating effect upon our technologically reliant world today. Read more about those interesting details here. Interesting stuff, our universe.

As we round up September numerologically, we should begin to feel an easing from the intense challenge equations we’ve been working under as we begin to shift more fully into the creative prosperity window of 2010. Divine Child energy is present with us along with its unbounded, inspiring, creative (and sometimes destructive) passion.

The thing that is really important to point out here is that this is not an outstanding prosperity window when you put it into context say over the last 10 years. This is the best window during 2010 and for awhile thereafter. For some this may be good and for others it may be… not quite so bad. Things will ease up for just a while before we end the year, allow some money to flow, and then get harder again. I expect this to play out significantly in the financial markets. We’ll have a softened slide landing into 2011, but once we get into 2011, things will feel very tense again. That entire year (2011) is focused on balance and corrections. So please take the opportunity to 1) tap into the creative abundance possibilities now and 2) get a vacation or break in now because you’ll need that energy to help you with what’s to come next year.

Everyone seems to focus a lot of energy on 2012. But I tell you, 2011 is the year to watch! History will take place then. My advice, invest in memories. Financially, spiritually and emotionally.  Plant some seed energy now!

Pulling into October, we shift from unbounded creativity and passion into a more organized and planned mode. This is a GREAT time for structured (and responsible) fun and planned social events. Think Divine Child energy and innocent fun, coupled with the expert management of a parent. Family vacations are great examples of this energy in motion. Requires planning and preparation, but requires fun for the kiddos too or it isn’t gonna work. Think the difference between planning for and buying tickets to a Broadway show or the opera, vs. a movie and a cheeseburger. Both are fun, but the planning edge does allow for just a touch of class and can punch up the memory experience. It’s a great foundation to start off the window of prosperity opening up now for 2010. Please make use of it!  Again, seed that energy now.

Innovation, along with a little planning and inspiration will pave the way. This is also a good canvas to try some ideas out and see if they work or not.  Overall, October in general feels more quiet comparatively.

I do still see a natural disaster or something else that can qualify under the energy of “storm” taking place somewhere during the September/October cycle. I do not see this as a major end of the world thing, just something significant during this window.  Refer back to last month’s watch and January’s annual predictions for more details.

Dates of Numerological Significance

Sep 21: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 26: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 29 – Oct 1: Arch of Influence

October Theme: Planning and Fortune, Innovation

Oct 9: Date of Numerological Significance
Oct 16: Date of Numerological Significance
Oct 20: Date of Numerological Significance
Oct 25: Date of Numerological Significance
Oct 31: Date of Numerological Significance


Mercury is currently in retrograde during the most (numerologically) stressful month of 2010. And we are full swing into an intense arch of influence on top of a full moon as well.

This is the time of the month I most noted as causing “shaky ground,” both metaphorically and physically.  I find that often when certain stress equations are put into place, that that which we feel internally and personally can also make themselves known in the physical world around us.  So if our foundations as a society or nation or community feel shaky, often it radiates out there somewhere physically as well.  Stand ready to help smooth ruffled feathers.

Some of my clients will remember that they have special vibrations that make it far easier for them to manifest their emotions physically than others.  The same kind of energy is often wrapped up around dates. And our collective reaction has an impact.

On Mercury Retrogrades…  As often noted before, this is a time that is usually associated with communications gone awry.  Though I do acknowledge that this happens, I am not of the school of thought that avoiding communication until it’s over is the key to this energy.  In fact, I believe that not only is reflection good during this time, but also that clear, and focused communication becomes especially important during this window.  That important things are afoot and that either we rise to the occasion under the fire or we fail.  These are windows of opportunities when what we do and say becomes most important, even down to our body language.  And the more important, the more barriers there may be to overcome.  It’s all about balance, but also it’s about control.  Even when others go wrong.  Even when time doesn’t seem to obey the way it’s supposed to.  Even when space seems to bend.  Even when the impossible is staring you in the face.  If I tweak your sense and experience of time and space just a little, will you still be a good person and not judge or bite heads off  when disappointment or confusion strikes? What would it take? How high is your threshold?

Numerologically the energy stresses are similar in demand to this as well.  Honor and Karma are themes during this time.

By end of the first week of September, we shift into a gentler cycle where service, memories and friends become more important and we need to catch a breath.  Social circles are going to be important foundational aspects, so be sure that you are tending to your relationships with care.

I see much of September as recovery from August’s wake (sometimes that means after-shocks) and I do believe it’ll be the late part of September and first part of October before we finally feel like things are smoothing out again.  However, I do still see a natural disaster or something else that can qualify under the energy of “storm” taking place somewhere during the September/October cycle.  I do not see this as a major end of the world thing, just something significant during this window.

To recap on what I wrote at the beginning of the year for my annual predictions:  “September through October:  This is a time I see hurricane, earthquake or tsunami like involvement.  [Note that all of these involve water. And it seems this could go so far as to be activity “over the sea” also travels to us.]  Currently it appears that the east coast of the U.S. is primarily affected, however, I see this being North Atlantic in nature and that coastal nations opposite the U.S. could also be affected.  I’ve been asked if it could be terrorism instead.  It is possible that this is not a natural influence, but Man/people influence.  There is a type of “storm” that is seen when we study mob psychology and though I cannot recall the actual name for it, the phenomenon is actually referenced in ancient metaphysics as well.  So yes, people can in a sense energetically create a “psychic storm.”  And there is a valid 9 year cycle in numerology to consider.  However, if human-kind is involved with this, I feel it’ll take a back seat to the natural influence that seems to be present here.  The patterns set here seem to point to natural disaster.”

August Theme: Physical Trials, Challenge and Spiritual Lessons

Aug 4: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 11: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 11-14: Arch of Influence
Aug 16: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 18: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 20: Mercury goes Retrograde
*Aug 21-25: Arch of Influence
Aug 22: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 27: Date of Numerological Significance

September Theme: Service, Social Circles, Friendship

Sep 3: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 10: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 12: Mercury goes Direct
Sep 17: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 17-21: Arch of Influence
Sep 21: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 26: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 29 – Oct 1: Arch of Influence

What is the Significance of 9-29-2009?

 Thanks to Kerrin for her comments and questions from the last blog entry.  I started to answer her in the comment section, and then this became longer than a short answer, so I decided to post it for everyone’s benefit.  Consider it a mini class.   🙂

You could say that all dates have significance, as no day is exactly the same as any other. Sept 29, 2009 in looking at it written out as a reduced number date, does have two 11s. However, it is in the number reduction pattern where we find the most significance. Though every 29th day of a month carries an 11 aspect to it, it is not the full nature of the date. And though we are currently in an 11 year, the first in 99 years, again, it’s the full date that we look at. To do otherwise would be like trying to say – sum you up by your middle name only.  Your middle name has purpose, but it is not the whole of who you are.  As a name or as a numerological consideration.

9 is the humanitarian number that never takes away, so certainly, 11 energy is present on this date. It also depends on the method of number reduction. Possibly a “purist” way to look at dates is to add the full 29 + 9 + 2009 = 2047 = 13/4.   As we know in modern numerology, 29 and 11, though related, are not the exact same vibration. And we like to honor each collective as they truly are.

Another method of reduction is to reduce just the year, then add. This would give you 9+29+11 = 49/9. And yet another accepted method is reduce month and day together and then add reduced year. 9+29 = 38/11 + 2009/11 = 22. This is a less common way of looking at a date and requires more steps, so in that regard, I consider the 22 to have less influence.  And of course the 31 you mentioned by reducing 9+11 = 20 + 11 = 31, reduces to the base number 4.  4 is the number of structure, boundaries, organization and law.  Think of how an outline or a skeleton is so important to serve as a foundation and you’ll understand the basic energy of 4. 

That being said, when I post dates of significance, it’s because there is more than just a significant number involved, converging upon that point in the calendar. I find when you look at multiple parts of the whole pie and find several parts of significance in the same spot – that’s where I get more interested. Many times we don’t realize until hindsight just how the energy shifted on those dates and foundations were laid for the future. For instance – oil was discovered at Spindletop on a master number day during an 11 year, after a series of significant patterns that took place prior. At the time, there was no way anyone could really understand the significance of what took place there. And yet, it was a turning point for every bit of our modern society and transportation as we know it.

One of the primary laws we numerologists supposedly operate by is that “What’s bound on Earth is bound in Heaven.”

If this is the truth, then by that very law, when you have a variety of long-term highly accepted methods of reduction, no matter what school of thought they come from, they must all have validity and value. And you have to consider them all.

Because of this very nature, I don’t endorse the idea sometimes out there that “this one way of number reduction is the correct and only way to do this.” Especially when there are major schools of thought that have been around a very long time. Not much better than religions arguing with each other over who is most righteous and knows God best. There are many paths and many flocks. This is just my way of looking at number patterns. I like to see it all.

I hope this answers your questions!  Thanks again for your post!

September/October 2009 Numerology Watch…..

Some general Fall/Winter 2009 astrology data for you:

Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune are all currently retrograde. Pluto just went direct Sept. 11th. And there is a Mercury-Sun Conjunction Sept 20.

Sept 29: Mercury goes direct
Oct 13: Jupiter goes direct
Nov 4: Neptune goes direct
Dec 1: Uranus goes direct
Dec 20: Mars goes retrograde
Dec 26: Mercury goes retrograde (just in time for the holiday)
Dec 31: partial Lunar Eclipse
Jan 13: Saturn goes retrograde
Jan 15: Annular Solar Eclipse

As I write this, we find ourselves under a Mercury retrograde, which often governs communication gone awry. And though unlike many of my collegues, I do not avoid writing during this time, I will however focus on a more general outlook. I’m even teaching a numerology class during the retrograde and on a very intense Master Number day. Daring I tell ya. I’m really wild now. Although the Master Number energy present on September 24th (the day of my class) is perfect for spiritual teaching. Remember – it’s what you do with it. Channel that energy the direction it seeks to flow. If it seeks to be more reflective and spiritual, then that’s your focus. If it seeks to be more physical and emotional, then that’s the focus you need. It’s a tool – use it.

Jupiter is currently retrograde as well, still making physical and monetary goals harder to achieve and pushing us to more spiritual pursuits. However, it will go direct October 13. On top of that, in number energy there follows a lull after October 2 as we are sandwiched between two intense cycles of paradoxical energies that push us to our higher spiritual selves and away from physical pursuits as well. These energies also push trials and challenges our direction. A revealing of hidden truths and realities has been in operation with these number patterns, which we’ll find culminating in January. Suppose you’ve already noticed all these though?

It is a great time for us to be learning and growing. For it is only when we are faced with challenge that we can overcome. If you don’t know something is wrong, you can’t fix it and you don’t know what you don’t know. “Nature” is seeking to balance itself.

So many details are surfacing to challenge peoples ideas, ideals and preconceived notions. They are also surfacing to challenge “group think” or what I like to call “box think.” As a society, we are learning that as long as we insist on using boxes to label things as one or another, there will ultimately never be enough boxes. It is a time for us to face our illusions – and we all have them. No one, not I or even the most spiritual person in the world is exempt. If you are physical, this is present in your life. It is simply a sign of the plateau in development we are about to jump as a spiritual race. Everyone talks about the world evolving – this is part of that process, part of the answer everyone has been seeking. It is nothing to fear, nor is it something to feel you shouldn’t be affected by if you’re pursuing a spiritual life.

As of this writing, we are getting ready to launch into a week of intense energies that present many challenges, some of them very surprising. And the answer to these challenges in all cases comes ultimately to just this: It’s not what happens – it’s what you do and how you handle it. It is all about responsibility as a spiritual being and what that means. And it has little to do with the physical circumstances. Make the best decisions you can. Be careful with your words. Don’t give in to drama and keep it simple and cut to the soul of the matter.

Once we get through this pattern, numerologically it becomes a better time than it has been in a while for business. So for everyone that matters to, gear up and make your plans now to channel that energy spike. And as Jupiter goes direct in the middle of the month, even more so. For those in business, I believe October and Fall sales, probably Halloween in particular, will show strength. They might even be better than Xmas. Artistic endeavors also stand to do the best during this time, as do also all things that involve experiential entertaining and memories. That is where we should see some activity. And that kind of energy coupled with the usual energy of the Halloween/Fall holiday season should hold some significant spikes. However, the favor tips towards that which stands out, enhances social occasion and quality. Energy of the inventor and pioneer are strong at this time as well. So think in terms of new ways to do things that haven’t been done before. Serious business can be accomplished during this time, if we’re talking about buying substance. December sales energetically appear likely to have a short window spike, so prepare now.

A note on recent focus on 9-09-2009 and 9-11-2009….

As I’ve mentioned before, I do not necessarily support emphasis on certain dates on this blog just because everyone else is talking about it. Nor do I think you likely read my blog to hear the same information you get from everyone else. Why bring it up? Because my purpose is to teach. Why not bring it up sooner? Because it is not my purpose to divide, or distract anyone from pursuing a more spiritual ideal or the positive focus taking place at that time.

There are important messages in number patterns that should not be ignored. However, numerologically…. 9-9-2009 is not a 9 day, it is an 11 day, which we get roughly 3 times a month. And that date is not really strong in 9 energy numerologically, it would be considered strong in 11 energy. Because 9 is the number that supports and never takes away from another vibration. It serves to enhance others, not take over the lime light.

Dropping the 2 in 2009 is a numerological no-no. The true most recent 9-9-9 day was 9-9-2007. Which I preached about back then. 9-11-2009 has a little more significance, but not in the sea of note we are experiencing this year. It was not enough for me to note this time, even though Pluto did also go direct on that date.

Anything you choose to give focus to will manifest by spiritual law. When the world focusses on a particular date, yes, something can most definitely manifest. And ultimately whatever it takes to get folks to focus on more positive things is fine for me. If focussing on 9-09-2009 brings folks to a place of harmony, and helps them strive to be a better person and love their fellow man, then great. It becomes a great tool. However, it is not my purpose in this blog to note that which is emphasized by the physical. My purpose is to note those patterns which are Divinely present without regard to Mankind’s focus. They exist with or without our attention. Numerologically, I did not find 9-09-2009 to be significant of and by itself. It only becomes significant because of temporary physical focus. This does not make it the same type of energy and message present divinely within number patterns rooted at the core.

Patterns that do have divinely ordained messages from their core…. As you will notice below, November 11 is highlighted in red. There is a reason for that. It will be a very powerful date. And likely the world will focus on it, increasing the energetic reality of it on both spiritual and physical planes. Great things are afoot and this energy is powerful for all things spiritual. I share with you now: I am watching the entire week that date falls within. So should you.

More next time…..

Upcoming Dates of Numerological Significance:

Sept 24 – Oct 1, 2009
Oct 10-13, 2009
Oct 23-26, 2009
Nov 7, 2009
Nov 11, 2009
Nov 7-16, 2009 …this is a window to watch…

August/September Numerology Notes:

 In numerology notes: As we exit the karmic energy presently in place, this last week of August holds significantly intensified energies. These powerful energies entail karmic challenges. Again, this about how we deal with these challenges, as we’ve experienced this “reap what you’ve sewn” energy these last few weeks. However, expect some interesting surprises this week as we blend into a new cycle.The intense energetic “auras” that everyone has been feeling won’t be over soon, though. As we phase into the next numerological stage, the energies shift more out of the karmic slap and then into full blown compounded energies that are best channeled into all that is spiritual and love and a realization that sometimes things happen that we don’t deserve.Some dates will be especially intense as higher vibrational energies become compounded with a spiritual lesson entailed. Expect various profound physical events, all the while with a spiritual barb and lesson. Actions speak louder than words during this time. As we filter through these energies, the heart of many matters and even the soul make up of some will be revealed. You might just find out exactly what someone really believes, whether they meant for it to be obvious or not. I expect to see some raw truths become evident during this time both in personal and professional lives. This will manifest both in negative and positive ways! You may suddenly realize the value of someone you never took much notice of or gave much credit. And likewise, someone you thought more of may disappoint you. However, it is often when dishonor becomes apparent that humanity takes most notice. Please strive to see the positive things shifting as well as they are there for all of us! There is more going on than just what appears shocking.

Again, though drastic physical events may grab your attention during this time, the lessons are more spiritual in nature. It’s NOT about deserving or reaping what you sew during this cycle of energy. It’s about being a good person and soul *anyway,* no matter stress what is thrown your way. Can you dig it?

Upcoming dates of numerological interest are:

August 26 -29; the weekend of September 12-14, September 24-25 (which coincides with a Mercury Retrograde) and Monday the 29th. Everyone be prepared to stay calm and take their time getting to and from work and school on Monday September 29th. When intensified energies like this fall on a Monday, we always see more auto accidents in the Austin area. Energy present during the weekend of September 12-14 involve a series of compounded master number energies that influence change (sometimes to destruction) to build something new and the number of the martyr, which includes a willingness to love unconditionally, in spite of physical trials and tribulation and even unto sacrifice. This energy is also about Forgiveness, even in the face of loss. Resist the urge to go toward dark internal attitudes when things become difficult. It is important to stay in the Light and remember it’s not about what you’ve sewn this time. It’s about sometimes things happen just because and we must remain Love no matter what. These energies are preparatory for the coming year. Practice now.

(Written August 22 – 29th)

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