Metaphysical Candy…

We are all supposed to follow our paths and be experts in something and I believe that’s tied into our passions in life.  I just mentioned in a Facebook discussion with Julie McAllister that numerology is like candy to me – candy I’m allowed to gorge on. Candy I can’t quite get enough of and never seem to burn out on. I never seem to tire of studying and growing in it.  And I love discussions and questions! They help remind me what language I need to speak.

And for all that stuff I’m not meant to be an expert in?  There are others to be that expert for me.  People like Julie with her healing/medium work and organization for mothers of children with special needs.

So what is it for you in life that’s like “candy?”


So as you no doubt know, I took a break in general from the monthly numerology watches.  I’ve alluded to some changes and you’re probably wondering what’s going on.  Fact is, sometimes coinciding the monthly numerology watches with the main class newsletter has taken its toll on my writing energy in general.  As well, several people have trouble with newsletters that contain as much data as the TSRT newsletter has grown to contain.  In looking to also keep up with internet technology, etc., I’ve also known that coding the newsletter, preparing for class and writing “in the zone” are energies that are not exactly conducive with each other in the limited time/space they have been teamed together in.  Because of this, and because I want to get back to enjoying my writing and channeling my numerology, and make it easier on everyone, I have made the decision to split the “main” newsletter into two parts.  From now on, expect the main numerology watches to go out to the list separate from the main newsletter announcements for class – probably a couple weeks after.  Dividing the work and energies will be a great help to me as I continue to provide these free resources.  It will also help me go down the desired path of eventually developing a more robust publication of interest, a goal I’ve had since the beginning.  I am still working on the redesign, but at least this gives you an idea of where we’re going, even if I am baby-stepping through it.  I am, after all, a one-woman hurrah.

I went further and even took a real break – getting my family on the road and taking our first family vacation in over 11 years.  And after my little vacation to the heart of Arizona and the Grand Canyon, I’m feeling refreshed and you are probably asking, “But what can you tell me numerologically for now? Do I really have to wait longer before I can hear something more?”

Here’s the thing.  I’m actually not just looking at a single month at the moment.  It’s a cliché, but there really is a lot going on in 2012.  Just try to tell me you haven’t felt it.  Just try to tell me this year feels “average” for you.  Right…. don’t forget what I do for my life’s work.  All I look at is energy patterns.  And inevitably, right now I’ve been led into analyzing the presidential race, the rest of 2012 and a new pattern I’m immersed in studying.  I will be telling you about it, but until I get more work done and a clearer framework, there’s not much to tell you just yet, however yes, a lecture is coming out of it.  It’s going to have to.  Far more here than a simple blog post can contain.  For now I can tell you that we are under arches of numerological significance from July 26-31 and August 7-9, with July 26 being an incredibly potent day.  July 26th carries the energy of The Martyr (sacrifice) as well as The Spiritual Teacher (example).  It pings the chord for the entire week, but on that day in particular, spiritual messages really should be listened to.  And yes, you absolutely must be the better person in that altercation or uncomfortable situation you find yourself in.  Yeah you.  I am talking to you.

Things afoot?  Already I can tell you that November is turmoil.  Sorry, I have no other word for the energy right now.  I am literally expecting volcano, earthquake and tsunami energy at the end of this year, which might carry the face of a hurricane too or instead.  No – I am not going apocalyptic on you.  I am however seeing the energy pattern.  And these energies?  They are the catalytic kind.  It doesn’t mean other things won’t happen, but these energies are the turning points, the places where other events and energies shift and flow from.  No, I am not in a panic, nor am I worried.  I’m just stating what I see. How to get through it?  Know.  Prepare.  Trust.  Don’t you go crazy when others do.  Holiday plans?  If you can get your most important preparations made by November 3, that’s best.  By Nov 10 at latest.  Past that point?  There’s a complex web of energies all thrown in there at once.  Maybe you’ll be that one person that sails through unaffected.  But most folks will be presented with opportunities to be side-tracked.  Plan now.  August’s energy is perfect for preparation.  Get your important things done.

Why do I say these things?  It’s as much for me as for you.  I’m a mom, this fall is holiday show season for me, my house is on the market, school is starting soon, I have colleges to look at – hey, I’ve a lot on my mind to organize at a fairly constant rate no matter what the year or energy present.  And many of us do.  But if I want to be efficient and feel at ease, I need to think of my year as being shorter than usual.  And I probably won’t count on the handmade market to be strong this fall.  Additionally, I covet every moment and memory with my husband and children, so if I want to enjoy the niceties of Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, I will be better served to plan now than too late.  Though flexibility is important all this year, important things – things that are personally important to you (so that means it’s different for everyone) will need their special attention upfront.  Think on it now.

With that stay tuned!  The main numerology watch will go out in a couple weeks!

Join me on the radio for Numerology on May 16th!

ImageI will be doing live numerology on the national Blog Talk radio show “Awakening in Austinby Sara Blumenfeld from 10-11am CT on Wednesday May 16th! This has been a few months in the coming, so I’m happy to say I’m finally able to do the interview!

Please join us live over the phone for the free readings or catch the recording afterward here: You will find a fine collection of other recorded radio shows from a variety of metaphysicians and healers there as well. Additionally, you might also be interested in the Awakening in Austin Facebook Group. Please tell Sara I sent you!

Note: When I do personal numerology for public events like these, I do not want your identity or names. I do these as anonymously as possible while still giving you value since numerology is based on your personal information. I only ask you for your birth date and the vowels of your full name at birth.

That also means I want to know how many of each vowel in the name as well. 2 A’s, 3 E’s, 4 O’s, etc. for the first, middle(s) and last names. So for instance in the name “George Washington Carver,” I would only want to hear from you the birth-date and “E, O, E, A, I, O, A, E.”

Hope to “see” you there!

September 2011 Heretical Numerology Watch

“First say to yourself what would you be;
and then do what you have to do.”

~ Epictetus (C. 55 – C. 135) Greek Stoic Philosopher

“Take charge of your thoughts.
You can do what you will with them.”

~ Plato (428-327 BC) – Greek Philosopher and Prose Writer

“They can do all because they think they can.”
~ Virgil (70-9 BC) – Roman Poet

“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind
on things we desire not things we fear.”

~ Brian Tracy

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”
~ Mark Twain

At the time of this writing, Mercury is still retrograde and will go direct on August 26.  Themes during retrogrades are not only more reflective, but also more focused.  Too many folks go through life not really awake, or are too reliant upon last minute “by the skin of your teeth” living.  Retrogrades give increased focus on their areas of governance, which requires a greater sense of awareness as well.  Flying by the seat of your pants (we’re pretty bad about this in the US, not to mention the stress levels we try to pass off as normal life) doesn’t tend to work as well under the demand for focus during these times.  So-so output just doesn’t really cut it.  With Mercury governing money, communication and travel, these areas require more clarity, attention and focus during a retrograde.  Communication is very important at this time.  Even when you are aware though, you have all the sleepy-heads to watch for.  Your key to success is remaining balanced, eating right, sleeping right, staying focused and giving Mercury its due.  And moving into the next numerological window, this need for communication and facts becomes even greater.

Last month I mentioned that we’d have an opportunity to put things into order soon.  We enter that window between now and about mid-October. The energetic window that awaits brings into focus issues with boundaries, law, and order.  We had a swing at responsibility in August, and in September, it makes us look hard at what those responsibilities are.  Now is a time for clarity, revealing the realities as they are.  The is and is not.  When do you say no?  When do you say yes?  What deserves attention?  What does not?  What is your purpose in life?  What may feel nice, but isn’t your purpose in life?  Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you are supposed to.  On the other hand, there are things people can and should do that they fail to.  Like stand up for themselves, for someone else, or something that is right.  Sometimes during these types of energetic windows people focus on simplifying.  That is OK, but I do prefer the term clarify.  Clarify your purpose and direction right now and at least put together a thumbnail sketch of a road map to follow.  For most of us, our purpose is not for a simple life, but for one with a clear purpose.  Clarity is the key.

As the US gets comfortable with it’s new cycle, I expect health, community and family issues to take center stage come November/December.  And interestingly, this year the Thanksgiving holiday is more conducive to family gatherings than Christmas. (If you’re trying to decide which holiday to travel to see family for, my vote is Thanksgiving.)

There are some interesting patterns afoot.  The whole month of September tends to be more intensified due to it’s nine nature doubling each day’s vibration, however the 9th and 20th do stand out.  The thing I think is interesting… I’ve been watching, and there are some interesting celestial “anomalies” that I thought I’d go ahead and mention.  Space Weather maintains a list of upcoming Earth-Asteroid encounters and it’s interesting to note that each one of note (highlighted in pink on their chart) comes closest to Earth during an arch of influence in numerology dates.  The most significant is actually classed a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (greater than 150 m in diameter and passing within .05 AU of our planet).  On Nov 8th, within an important numerology arch, asteroid 2005 YU55 will pass closer to the Earth than our own moon.  (For reference, our moon is 3474 km in diameter.)  If you’re curious, follow the link to space weather and click on the asteroids to watch the videos of the projected obits, etc..

Now, that  said – I find all this fascinating.  And I find that when astrological, celestial and numerological events collide, the intensity of the energy seems that much greater.  However, I’m not overly concerned about it.  Anymore than I am in a place of fear about the drought we’re having here in Texas.  My job is to love, not to be afraid.  And Mother Gaea is in need of her natural processes.  Our sun is increasing in activity. I think winter will be a different story.

For the next 6 weeks, I ask you to think about making plans, getting yourself organized and laying foundations.  Do this for work and career and do this for family.  September is the best month all year to get your act together for the holidays and pre-plan for 2012.  October is a good time to take a trip for fun, December a good time to take a trip for reflection.  But expect travel issues in December.  I think we’re in for quite a Winter 2011 in the US.  And September is a good time to plan for potential weather extremes and emergency scenarios as well.  Unusual weather is in the the future down the road and it’s better to think of needs now than not be prepared.  Besides, you know I’m a fan of being prepared not just for yourself, but so you can be a light to others.  You never know what kind of difference you might make for someone else.  Do you have a first aid kit?  Firewood? A disaster plan in case of a chemical spill?  A list of emergency phone numbers?  Do your kids know what to do?  These scenarios are often considered uncommon, but what has previously been considered uncommon is becoming more common place.  I’ve been analyzing the last 2000 years of dates and there is a large pattern that makes me want to encourage everyone to keep records and get first aid training.  Take an inventory and get an idea together of what you can and will do.

Feeling stuck?  I highly recommend an article by Mark McGuinness called: “5 Creative Coaching Techniques To Get Yourself Unstuck.”  Mark has not only a gift for writing, but for coaching as well.  And I love his “imagine yourself without a head” exercise.  Check it out.  He’s a good resource.

September is the 9th month of the year, and as such always holds a special vibration because 9 is the number that honors all other vibrations.  We feel each day’s vibrations more clearly in the month of September.  In the natural annual social progression in the US, it serves as the perfect “beginning of the year,” with its clearer messages and holiday season peeking around the corner.  No wonder our school years naturally start around September.  The weather may begin shifting to fall and the waning of the seasons during September, but as a society we seem to come alive with expectation.

The window we enter now asks us to place order into our lives, to focus, to organize, to plan.  As we begin turning to our fall schedules, planning for the future is important now.  Take the information you’ve gathered thus far this year and begin putting it into a working order.

Back in June I mentioned seeing some forces at work come this window beginning in August.  Not the short explosive bursts I saw back in April/May, but longer and more sustaining in effect.  The closer we draw, the more I feel this pull.  Again, I look to North Atlantic region and the east US coast, with the window appearing from about North Carolina on up.  It is a large energy pattern, which points to a natural event, but could manifest in something man-caused.  However, I also see disturbance on the west coast for mid to southern California.  I’m not sure what the trigger is.  Whether it’s weather or a natural disaster or frankly a ball game.  But something is coming to a head.

I also mentioned that by end of October I believe we’ll see some of the predictability in the markets and economy that everyone craves.  It’s important to note that though the chaotic flux will calm down, this predictability will likely remain with lower profits than many hope for.  If you’ll remember, I predicted previously that there would be those who will claim this year that the recession is over.  Lately on the news I’ve heard debate over whether we’ll have “another” recession or not, as if what we’ve been through ended some time ago.  It’s never been over.  It’s a larger pattern we are caught up in and it won’t be over for some time.  Either we get caught by the under current, or we ride the wave.  Everything is changing, nothing is going back to the way is was before.  I challenge you to think differently about everything, even your expectations.  Do not get caught in the boxes of “have to’s” either.  For instance, I have met so many people who are caught because they spent money to get a degree in a field that they now cannot find work in.  How can they possibly consider a completely different path now?  Wouldn’t it invalidate everything they’ve ever worked hard for?  Only if we allow ourselves to get trapped in that line of thinking.  That part of your life served its time.  The last millennium served a very important purpose.  Honor that.  But do not be trapped, do not be caught by that.  How many times have we wished in our lives to have a second chance?  Wished we could start over?  Wished we had more choices?  We asked for it – and it has been delivered!  Time does not matter to Spirit, why on earth would you allow yourself to be trapped by it now?  So what your age?  What are you really missing out on if you let go of that box?

I ask you to take inventory not just of your house, but of yourself at this time.  What are your skills, what it is that you are passionate about, but also, what is it that humanity really needs from you?  What is it that you are an expert of?  And do you have the means to pass that knowledge on?  Knowledge needs to be preserved while we go through rebirth.

Societal change is being forced to take place, right now.  NOTHING will ever be as it once was!  Make your plans now.

Dates of Numerological Significance

August 3: Mercury Goes Retrograde in Virgo
August 8-10: Numerological Arch of Influence
August 10: Date of Numerological Significance
August 14: Date of Numerological Significance
August 21: Date of Numerological Significance
August 25-26: Numerological Arch of Influence
August 26: Mercury Goes Direct in Leo
August 30: Jupiter Goes Retrograde in Taurus
September 9: Date of Numerological Significance
September 9 – 13: Numerological Arch of Influence
September 16: Pluto Goes Direct
September 20: Date of Numerological Significance
September 20-24: Numerological Arch of Influence

November 9: Neptune Goes Direct
November 24: Mercury Goes Retrograde
November 25: Partial Solar Eclipse
December 10: Uranus Goes Direct
December 10: Total Lunar Eclipse
December 14: Mercury Goes Direct
December 25: Jupiter Goes Direct

January 24, 2012: Mars Goes Retrograde

Practical Pendulum Dowsing class is scheduled for Friday, May 14th

It just occurred to me I need to post the class to the blog for my readers.  The dowsing class is scheduled for May 14th, 7-9pm.  Details and registration are handled through the meetup group here:

Please note you must be a member of the The Seeker’s Round Table (TSRT) to register for this class online.  If you are not a member and wish to be, just contact me.

Embrace the Fear and Do It Anyway….

Reprinted from my everyday blog at

Someone once said you should not use the word fear. That it is a trigger that has no place in positive thinking.

I’m an “embrace that which you fear” kind of person. I believe that pretending a fear is not there is another face of reality avoidance as well as reality creation.  When fear is in your heart, it takes up room for love there. And when you avoid pain, you miss the important messages within.

We must acknowledge and feel to release. Endometriosis taught me that. Even a hormonally induced mood or pain must be expressed to be released. Being hit by a demolition rig and losing feeling in my left arm reinforced this understanding.

I often think of fear as a little child I need to hug. I would never have tried to have a child, gotten into a car, or crocheted again after losing feeling in my hand, if I did not hug my fear.

At The Seeker’s Round Table – THURSDAY January 28th – “Business Building for Holistic Business Practitioners”

Welcome to TSRT! It’s back to January now, which means our class schedule goes back to meeting on the last Thursday of the month.

ALSO:  Pendulums are in!
So just how interested is everyone in having a BASIC DOWSING CLASS? READ HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


January 28, 2010
Thursday: 7-9pm

Business Building Basics for Holistic Business Practitioners: Strategies, Tips and Tools


DIRECTOR’S NOTE: I personally like the new year of classes to have at least one class geared more towards practitioners, or those considering a path of service, even if something just on the side.

This week’s class at The Seeker’s Round Table will be a great class to begin the new year with, containing lots of business advice to help practitioners marriage the technical aspects of business with the gifts they use to serve the world!

A great chance to talk to someone in-depth about holistic business pursuits and any questions you might have about bridging these sometimes seemingly opposite worlds!

If its time for you to understand why you do what you do in your business, this could be a powerful key to the insights you need!

Descriptions of future months’ events are on the website!

JAN – SEP: The LAST Thursday of the month
OCT – DEC: The SECOND Thursday of the month
Time: 7-9pm
Cost: $11   

Bottled Water and Chocolate Provided

For more information, detailed directions or to RSVP, contact Julia Chambers

New Pendulums Are In….and Just How Interested is Everyone in a Small Class?

As most who know me eventually figure out, I am a finder. I’m the one at the grocery store everyone asks questions of, even though I’ve never worked there and don’t come in very often. It doesn’t matter where I go. It’s ok – I know I wear a sign. It’s the space I hold.

As such, all product I’ve ever carried has been as a result of folks asking for it. Which is better for flow.  When the universe keeps throwing requests and opportunities into your lap through no effort of your own, it’s time to simply listen.  Requests for meditation shawls and mala beads have died down, hence I do not currently have shawls in stock. I used to carry them from around the world. However grandfather white sage is still in demand, so I generally have it and will carry it until members no longer need sage from me.

I’m particular about energy though. So what I carry is always unique somehow. Like the meditation shawls brought to me from a friend who travels the temples of Asia. Because I really wanted the good stuff created with purpose. Or the sage wild harvested by an elderly gentleman who climbs the canyons of northern CA with permission from the chiefs there, because handling the plants helps him breathe and he plants new ones where he harvests one. Very different energy from farmed sage. And he truly believes it’s part of his purpose to give back to the world, by bringing them sage.

So now I keep getting requests for pendulums and information about dowsing. Dowsing is my family heritage. I also dowse and use tarot, etc., but I am primarily dedicated to numerology. But I keep getting requests for help. I do some things differently than the average energy worker/pendulum user, so my take is more in-depth and different.  But on a more basic level I am happy to help.  A hint?  You can do far more than yes/no with a pendulum.  And I’m happy to show you more.

So the question is, how interested really are folks in having a little dowsing class? I tend to approach dowsing a little differently anyway. I guess like all things, if you really take it seriously as a life’s work, you have to be a bit different somehow. But before I set something up, I’ll need some feedback on the matter. So a basic class – yes/no?

So because you asked, here are some photos of the new pendulums I currently have in stock. I am especially pleased with the chains these pendulums have – something I am rather picky about, because I see a lot of chains out there that I consider sub-quality. There should be no hitches in the movement of any dowsing chain. Good dowsing depends on flowing movement and some chains are not well suited for “flow.”

I will plan to have these pendulums with me at the next class I am teaching, at TSRT classes and the next Austin Metaphysical Fair in March as well. Or you can just contact me.

You can find below some photos and descriptions of what’s currently in stock.

Teardrop Crystal Pendulums

The category photographed to the right is what I would personally term student pendulums. They were not designed specifically for specialized approaches of dowsing work, like healing. But they are well balanced for everyday dowsing. These are all made from crystal that has been polished into a balanced tear shaped bob.

When picking a pendulum, I do feel it is important that they be well balanced and quality made. Being made from crystal and agate (as opposed to metal, glass, wood or ceramic), these are a little more specific to spiritual work, but will work fine for else. This particular teardrop style is available in amethyst, rose quartz, moss agate, white agate, lilac agate, amber agate and one in moonstone that escaped the camera this time. They run $6 each and make a good economical choice.

Six sided crystal pendulums

The next group of pendulums are a little more specialized in being point cut and higher grade crystal quality, but still very economical at $9 each.

Six sided crystal pendulums

These particular pendulums each have 6 sides to their crystals and are available in green aventurine, black agate, moonstone, bloodstone and amethyst.

To note:  The amethyst pendulum shown in this category does have a broken tip.

This amethyst pendulum has a broken tip

It was damaged in transit, so it is reduced to $7. I find that amethysts are fragile on the points as cut pendulums. Some say amethyst breaks from the strength of energy channeling through it. Others claim that a broken crystal has good healing properties because crystals have the ability to heal themselves and for the purpose of empathy (understanding and sharing pain). Hence many inclusions and formations found within them. In either case, from a pure basic dowsing standpoint, it remains a well balanced pendulum and will not affect general dowsing purposes.

Clear Quartz Pendulum with 6 sides. Even the shadow is clear!

This pendulum is in a category of its own and is $9. Clear quartz is desirable for certain types of healing work and spiritual purposes. You’ll notice just how clear this nice specimen of quartz is by noting it’s shadow in one of the photos. This one has six sides to its crystal.

Carnelian and Quartz Pendulums – 12 sided

This last group of crystal pendulums are clear quartz crystals with a band of carnelian. They are a little more specialized, combining the properties of two different types of semi-precious stones and cut with 12 sides each. These pendulums are $12 each.

Carnelian and Quartz Pendulums – 12 sided

All pendulums come with a small velvet bag to store them in. If you have any questions, let me know. If you are interested in any of the pendulums pictured here, shoot me an email and if it is still in stock, we’ll arrange delivery or shipment. And thanks for reading!


It’s December 2009.  Whew!  How’d ya’ll enjoy November!  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

As we wind down the year 2009, it is a good time to make changes and set the pace for the next year to begin.   Mercury goes retrograde the day after Christmas and stays retrograde until Jan 15th.  December and January will be about balance between friends, socializing and adventure with responsibility and planning. 

December itself should feel like a bit of relief as we end the year, as spiritual lessons and challenges are reduced over all.  However one last kick back of the lessons of the master number 11 will take place before we say goodbye to 2009 forever.  I expect this will affect the US leadership as this energy compounds our president’s and vice president’s life lessons. 

Shop early and wisely this season, but include some spontaneity as well.  When those opportunities arise to let down your hair, don’t ignore them.  It’s been a tough year.  Be wise, but have some fun and salve some wounds.  Friendships play an important role both as stress release and in helping us make decisions.  There will be an important decision and evaluation to be made before the end of the year is done.  And it may just resolve itself over the holiday.  All the better if you are able to take some time off during the holiday to sort things out.   Don’t forsake the fun, it plays an important role in this process.  Yes, this month you can have your cake and eat it too, if you remember the key word – BALANCE.

As we slip into January, master number energy significantly drops off except for the master number 22, which makes it’s presence known and compounds the US’s current 22 cycle.  January begins with Mercury in retrograde, but the emphasis will turn to the new year’s energies.  Leadership and responsibility start the year off, though expect some delays in process.  Though some energies give us a break for a while, there is an arch of influence that is rather long in January – 10 days actually.  I expect to see issues involving law and government to play pivotal roles during this time.  It is also a good time to exercise your networking and family building skills.  Foundations are not just about getting organized, it’s also about beginning, renewing and building relationships and partnerships.  Do not get so stuck in the head that the heart suffers!  And if you’ve been so busy trying to survive that you’ve left off some simple courtesies when it comes to friendship and love, it’s time to take a deep breath and Live.  December’s energies give you the perfect lead in for this by giving you the social opportunities, or at least setting the energy to make it work for you should you choose to seize the moment.  Again I say, the end of this year sets the course for next year.   2010 will bring new challenges in the arenas of career, reputation, karma, service and responsibility.  Start preparing now as if the new year has already begun, if you haven’t heeded my advice yet.  It’s not too late.

I would like to note folks, that on December 21, please be careful while driving on this day.  Whether you are traveling, or just going to work, plan for extra time on the road and be prepared to be patient with others.  This is a day we all really need to be as “zen” as possible on the roads and certainly not take anything personal on the roads either.  When I see this kind of stress pattern fall like this on a Monday, much less surrounded by a bunch of other energies, I see far more car accidents in the Austin area.  It may not be like this everywhere, but I expect it will likely be on this date.  Some could argue that the energy of traveling and looking forward to seeing friends and family could shift more typical daily impatience on the road, but I’m not sure that it will.  I expect traffic on the big highways, especially metro areas, to be at a high.  There will likely be flight delays too, so just keep it in mind and plan plenty of time.  Get there safe!

Recap on upcoming celestial events with Dates of Numerological Significance included:

Dec 1: Uranus goes direct
Dec 10: Date of Numerological Significance

Dec 20: Mars goes retrograde
Dec 21: Winter Solstice
Dec 21: Date of Numerological Significance
Dec 21-24: Arch of Numerological Influence
Dec 25: Christmas (not celestial, but on everyone’s mind none-the-less)
Dec 26: Mercury goes retrograde (just in time for the holiday)
Dec 31: Partial Lunar Eclipse
Jan 13: Saturn goes Retrograde
Jan 7: Date of Numerological Significance
Jan 15: Mercury goes Direct
Jan 15: Annular Solar Eclipse

Jan 15-25: Arch of Influence
Jan 18: Date of Numerological Significance
Jan 29: Date of Numerological Significance
Jan 29-30: Arch of Influence

New Classes Group Starting Up in Georgetown…

Hello Everyone!  We have a new group on the horizon I’d like to support!

One of our members  of The Seeker’s Round Table, Judith Manriquez, is launching a group for a series of classes in Georgetown, TX.  I know several of our members have been interested in anything possibly developing north of Austin, so please pass the word.  And if you see a class you like – go support the formation of this great new opportunity to gather with like-minded folks!

The name of the new group is A Drop of Light.  You can visit them at: for all details of upcoming events.  I am including Judith’s intro newsletter here:

Abundance and Prosperity Classes
September 1, 2009

You are receiving this email because you are a friend of Judith Manriquez or Mary Grace Neville. We thought you might like to know about this. If you prefer not to receive these communications in the future, please opt out now.

Hello Friends!

In our quest to try new things and improve ourselves, we have found some amazing, talented people who offer classes and group seminars on different topics. We got to thinking that we have a bunch of friends and they know a lot of people. And if we had these types of classes in Georgetown, then more of us could benefit without having to drive to Austin!

So, with the help of the following gifted people, we organized 3 different types of classes all centered around the topic of prosperity and abundance. We hope you’ll join us for one or more of these one-evening courses.

We have to make a minimum headcount for each different class to make, so we need people to sign up in advance even though we are pretty confident that we will have enough interest. Also, if there is enough interest we can look at scheduling follow up groups.

We encourage you to sign up for a class and share this email with your friends. It is so rare to find groups like this in the Georgetown area. We are excited to create one. Know, too, that we have been to classes by each of these people and enjoy them.

Please email back your RSVP to Judith for the group you choose and we will add you to the group list. Each group is $20 per person at the dooor.

The location for each class is at the Old Masonic Lodge in Georgetown at the corner of Main and Seventh Streets, 110 E. 7th Street, Second Floor.

Tuesday, September 15, Abundance Repatterning
Lauren Johnston O’Connell
7-9 p.m.
The quality of your life down to the smallest detail depends on whether your unconscious thoughts are in sync or out of sync with your conscious thoughts. Resonance Repatterning is based on quantum physics and is a system that allows you to identify and change your resonance (what you relate to) with out-of-sync patterns that cause any problem you have in your life and stop you from living your intentions to the full. What you resonate with determines what you attract, since resonance automatically creates a field of attraction for better or for worse.
This class will help you:

Take responsibility for the creation of your abundance of money
Recognize your abundance of power and energy
Actualize your ability to be creative, fulfilled and successful

Tuesday, September 22, Prosperity Clearing
Dr. Robin Shepperd
7-9 p.m.
There are many aspects to one’s self which obstruct prosperity. For this evening, we’ll clear crusty, old blockages regarding receiving (our biggest issue around money), and then clear ‘stuckness’ and ‘no choice’. Dr. Robin will employ a variety of modalities including verbal processes, pendulum, and body tapping to shift your reality. Join us for a fun experience.

Wednesday, September 30, Attunement Gathering
Kathryn Weldon
7-9 p.m.
Join us for an upbeat evening with Kathryn Weldon and receive attuning energy throughout the night. The first hour, we will be led through exercises, new ideas and a short meditation to help us attune and align our cells and bodies with our eternal, infinite Self. This attunement allows each of us to access and be more of who we truly are, helping us deal more effectively with life’s opportunities.

Answer Time
During the last hour Kathryn will provide mini-readings for at least 10 people to help with a particular challenge or help answer a burning question. What applies to one person usually applies to many in the group and by the time it’s over there is an experience of more clarity and a greater sense of purpose and happiness.

To learn more about each of these teachers, please go to

Please forward this to your friends or someone you know who might be interested. We hope to see you at one of these classes!

Have a fabulous day!
Judith and Mary Grace

p.s. The new restaurant and bar, Amante’s, will be open on the first floor should anyone want to come early or stay after to enjoy!

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