May-June 2009 Numerology Watch…


Mercury is in retrograde again after a power pack of numerological combos, along with some other elements an astrology friend of mine was trying to explain to me. Then there’s a retrograde in Chiron around the corner as we wrap up this Merc Retro and a double master number day as well. If you’d like to read more about that, see Anne’s article on the matter here: Some very interesting and intense patterns indeed, including some patterns that occur only once in thousands of years.

Yes, we do live in interesting times. So interesting in fact, that we may not notice just how interesting as we feel overwhelmed by the sea of “interesting” things we tread in. (How’s that for interesting…?)

As I’ve mentioned before, many mystics will not “predict” or write much during a Mercury Retrograde, since it involves communication. After all, who wants their message to be misconstrued. When Mercury goes retrograde, messages often miss their mark. Who wants that?

However, I find that perhaps it’s the means of communication that dictates how Mercury operates during this time. No one says that communication stops during this time – just that it shifts. And a Mercury Retrograde is supposed to be a good time for reflection. So perhaps it’s about taking our communication to a different level?

Granted, I have not felt as motivated to write during this time, though my mind is going a mile a minute. It seems to happen every Merc Retro too. I am more wistful, meditative and philosophical for sure and my writing tends to turn into stream of consciousness. But I’m not the type to just hole up in a cave somewhere either. (Well, maybe on occasion it might be nice….) And I know ya’ll are looking to see what’s going on next.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one out there in the mood for something a little more like a story or a question and a little less like a lesson or a statement. It is a great time to ponder the meanings of Life.

So instead of making statements, lets bring up questions, shall we?


In thinking about what I wanted to write for my next numerology segment, I have found myself (lately) less interested in what’s coming up and more interested in what has happened in the past. (Reflection again!) That within questions of the past lie answers of today. I continually see unique interesting patterns around me in the world. And in recognition of the existence of those patterns, I spend my soul pondering and reflecting. Which in turn leads me toward seeking out more numerological patterns in history to add to my ever increasing notes.

For instance, what did it look like in number patterns around the time of the founding of the US? There are some very interesting patterns when you look at key events in our nation’s creation. After all, revolution did not happen overnight. Our identity as a people evolved. So what did the dates of key events and triggers look like? 5 – the number of Freedom, Shifting Change and Evaluation – abounds in these US historical events, as do also the Master Numbers of 11 & 22. They pop up again and again.

It gets even more interesting when I continue my research into “11” years in our history – that which we have record of. 1721 was an 11 year before the birth of our nation. And in my search I came across a book I really look forward to reading (when it’s finally published) called: “THE FEVER OF 1721: The Epidemic that Ignited the American Revolution” by Stephen Cross.

When I look at the date in 1776 when congress voted and said – we must now write a declaration of independence, I find a master number. When that Declaration was voted on and adopted by congress, I find a 5. When the end of the process came with the vote and decree that the Declaration of Independence must be signed by all, another master number. How interesting – hmmm?

And it goes further. In our Declaration of Independence, the capitalization of the title is interesting. You can see it for yourself here:

We call ourselves “The United States of America.” Not just any ol’ United States, but THE United States of America. Significant emphasis there. And yet – look at the emphasis on the original declaration. You will notice certain parts are in large bold letters and part of it is completely de-emphasized. And additionally interesting is that the word “united” is neither emphasized, nor capitalized. The bold print is simply: States of America.

In numerology, one of our main principles of operation is that what is bound on Earth is bound in Heaven. That which before God and Man is anchored into stone (or history, as it were) is significant and what we look at.

I also live in the grand state of Texas, a state that was a nation before it became a state. And a state with similar parallels to the US as well. When I look at the date that Texas congress said – that’s it, things are bad – we’ve got to draft a declaration of independence, I find a master number. The declaration was written during the throes of war literally overnight. The very next day it was voted into acceptance – a 5 day. Then with battle and soldiers marching towards them, congress hastily wrapped up their business and adjourned – a master number day. The Republic of Texas is a name of master number influence, just as is States of America and The United States of America. And not surprisingly to me the processes of declaration, at the start and the finish for both Texas and the US, are all Master Number triggers.

Add to that my recent study into the last 100 years of US presidents – all of whom carried master numbers, with the exception of two who carried double 9s. We are surrounded by and drawn to master numbers and 5s in our society! Some of the most key members of society in our history hold master numbers! Take in science for instance: Einstein, Newton, Pythagoras, Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku. Even in metaphysics we find Edgar Cayce. They all fall under the influence of master numbers. Dynamic historical leaders: George Washington, Patton, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson (master number and LL of 5), John Quincy Adams, James Madison, James Monroe, Benjamin Franklin (master number and LL of 5), and I obviously could keep going on! They all have master numbers! Even our last election had four members all carrying master numbers for Life Lessons – one of them 33 and the rest all 11, while embarking on the first 11 year in 99 years in the western world. No matter what – someone with a life lesson of a master number (and all double digit master numbers being based on 11) was going to end up serving our nation at the highest levels! And now we get ready for the US to move into a 22 cycle. Master number cycles built upon master numbers. Again, and again, and again.

What do they all mean?

And therein I leave you…
…with the questions….

(Stay tuned for more historical numerological details.)

Dates of numerological significance for the rest of May through July 4th:

May 28, 2009
June 5, 2009
June 16, 2009
June 27, 2009
July 4, 2009

Look for intensity to settle more significantly upon the first week of June.

April 2009 Numerology Watch….

Author’s Note:  As “The Heretical Numerologist,” I find it important to note that my life’s work and “calling” deals with Soul-Rooted Numerology (my words) and the dedicated study and interpretation of Master Numbers of all ranks, as well as double and triple digit interpretations.  I apply this information to Souls and Nations alike.  This is a relatively newer field of numerological application and research, and not something I take lightly.  All things must stand up to clarified logic.  I seek to recognize patterns that Are, not imply patterns that don’t exist.  It is also an area of numerology many numerologists have not (yet) accepted, and often argue over.  But I find that just as Pythagoras introduced the known world to the concept of 9 after it remained hidden by the Chaldeans for so long, that now it is time for humanity to learn about and embrace the higher vibrations of the cosmos of numbers, the Master Numbers and the complex vibrations of multiple digits.  Why? Because we have evolved enough as a human race and are ready for them.  Just as every planet, as it was discovered throughout our history, had to be embraced and interpreted in astrology, so now numerology is taking its leap into more complex dimensions.  I find comfort in returning to original Pythagorean related texts, the study of music, as well as many researched and older sources as possible.  All my predictions, blogs, classes and writing operate from this point of view.  What you read here is what I teach.
Everything in Life is a Song.  We need but to Sing its Note.
April is the 4th month of the year and interestingly enough, 4 is the number of structure, planning, boundaries, organization and law.  Is it any wonder then, why we tend to fill up our dearly beloved month of April with taxes, planning our summers (especially if you have kids) and spring cleaning?  Or as I like to put it – spring flinging!  This is always an excellent time of year for decluttering and clarifying our lives and setting the “behavioral boundaries, legal, office and paperwork” stage for the rest of our year.  April is an excellent month for doing a little research and getting at least a thumb note sketch idea of how we’d like to see the rest of the year go.  It is also an excellent time to implement habits, discipline and routines.
One quarter of our new year is already completed when we finally hit April and by the end of April, it turns into one third.  This vacillation between the psychological idea that “we’ve just barely begun the year” and, “oh my, we’re at 1/3 of the year (or tax time) already?” presents an interesting energy that we can capitalize upon as we take all the energy of organization and planning and implement it now. 
April is a mostly a fairly quiet month in 2009 when it comes to the more intense layers of numerological energies.  However, this is due to the lull before the storm.  Because the very end of April packs in a power punch of intense energy, one of the very few we see not only this year, but ever have in most of our lifetimes.  Why?  Because the first 11 year on the Western calendar in 99 years brings in some challenges and energies that we are not accustomed to, as well as some mathematical patterns.  In doing so, as the dates lay out in 2009, it creates an arc of influence that will last a week and culminate with the May 7th Mercury retrograde. 
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Let’s go back and catch up first. 
April 7th is our first day of numerological significance.  Energy during this time brings challenges in one-on-one relationships as well as to organizations.  This is a good time to focus “group” energy towards that of the “greater good.”  Also a good time to invest in your partnerships and contacts.
When we come around to April 18th, we arrive upon the master number energies of 33 – Unconditional Love.  A great time to make use of this powerful positive energy.  However unconditional love is also, at it’s defining root, often about sacrifice.  And sometimes sacrifice that others do not see, do not value or cannot comprehend; sacrifice even at great cost.  It is important to note that Love is a choice, not simply a feeling, and True Love IS… simply because it MUST.  33 understands that someone must be Love even when others are not or refuse.  33 stands in the gap and fills this void, even at physical cost.  So this energy of Unconditional Love, sometimes at great sacrifice, intensifies on this day, challenging us all to raise our awareness’s and the vibration of our deeds. 
But there is an additional spiritual lesson wrapped up into it as well.  A challenge of law and structure comes into play.  We are in a new time, a new millennium, working with new energies.  Old structures and attitudes no longer serve and must change.  Sometimes at great sacrifice.  Take a look at the world around you and feel what is going on in the hearts of Men.  The law and structure that our world has depended upon and thought of as infallible becomes more transparent in this year.  Challenges lie in not just the recognition that things must shift, but in what we do with this knowledge.  To further illustrate, I return to the example I give in nearly every lecture and class I teach; In numerology – Numbers ALWAYS have their way.  You cannot resist or choose to ride against this Divine Energy.  It is what this physical plane is founded upon.  It is the Pattern of Law in this Universe.  When you learn about the energies at work around you, you have choices as to what to do with them.  You know there is a flood coming.  You could do nothing, and be taken away.  You could move out of the way, saving yourself, and yet there is still destruction.  Or you can harness that energy and power your entire city.  The choice to make active choices and channel the energy is your and yours alone. 
We know we are operating under new energies, requiring new thought and new approaches.  Yet we wait for everything to return to the way it used to be.  And I am here to tell you, simply looking at numbers – it will never ever be that way again.  Everything truly is different and whether we desire it or not, everything we think about the way we do business, how we view education, how we view health, how we view family and friends, how we view success and abundance, how we view religion and politics (another type of religion) are all undergoing a shift.  I’ve been saying this for years.  Now we’re in an 11 year where everything comes to it’s first head and a time when master number energies remain compounded.  Remember, the lesson under 11 is always spiritual in nature, not physical – even if it radiates into the physical. 
Our most significant punch lands on us April 29th when three layers of master number energies collide and create an arc of influence for the next week that culminate on May 6th, setting the stage for the next Mercury retrograde beginning May 7th.  Energies at play during this time involve conquering the ego in all it’s negative forms.  Which is pretty vast, because nearly all human short-comings involve the ego in some form.  Whether the ego is over-inflated or anorexic in its passive-aggressive tendencies, nearly all aspects of challenges in the physical world involve setting aside the ego in its negative forms.  Expect a blow to your perceptions during this time.  Someone may let you down.  You may let others down.  Old issues you thought were long gone pop up and knock your head and say “‘ello!”  Hidden truths are exposed, both positive and negative during this time.  Find your hidden message.  This is one of the best windows of opportunities all year to receive this.
This is also an incredible time to focus on higher vibrational energies, in terms of spiritual and humanitarian service to the greater Good – all things sourced from the Pure Heart.  If you choose to channel this incredible energy towards these wonderfully positive means, what you will be able to accomplish will be incredible.  Days like this are often the turning points of history that could even take years later to finally understand.  If you really desire to make a difference in this world that promotes cooperation and complementation over division, this is a good wave to ride. 
On the financial side of things, now is a time for conservation and planning.  This is a good time to whittle down your debt and get rid of clutter, but not to spend or invest in what you do not need.  It is important to note that clutter is a word that can be far reaching.  Debt is a form of clutter, not just too much paperwork or too much stuff.  It is time to deal with unloading the extra weight on your life right now, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  If you do not have a financial plan for the rest of the year, sit down and pencil it out now.  Clarification, not simplification, is extremely key here.  Keep it simple in a non-complicated sort of sense, but clarify, so every effort really counts.  Establish yourself a bottom line code that you plan to stick to this year and do it.  Greater challenges lie ahead when the US hits a 22 cycle this summer.  However, do not misunderstand and think that all this means you do not need a family vacation or to invest time in friends or travel to see family.  If anything, that is extremely important this year.  Pare down to the essentials and clarify.  Who, what, where, when, why?  What is it that really matters in life?  Seriously?  What is your gift and calling?  Seriously.  Who is important if all else fails?  Seriously!  Where do you wish to be?  Seriously.  And when!  Even answer that core “why” in there.  Bullet points are enough and a good start; then pursue. 
What are you waiting for?

January/February 2009 Numerology Watch…

A revisit to upcoming Dates of Numerological Significance and general analysis….

I’d like to take your hand and lead you down a path of consideration as we explore numerological significance in (western) world dates together. Instead of simply just “telling you,” I’d like to show you how to consider the possibilities and implications of various energies present in our times, right now. A mini class in exploration, if you will.

Well, so here we are. January 21, 2009. A date with master number 33 energy inherent, as well as other underlying master number energies that compound the vibrational structure as well, during an 11 year no less. All in all, a chord of magnificence for certain. Falling right here on this date, the date after the inaugeration of the first black president in US history. What an exciting time!

In recap, currently the dates of numerological significance for this first month of the first 11 year in 99 years and first 11 year in the new millennium, are January 10, January 21 and January 29, with a lesser value placed on January 19th and 26th (numerologically speaking). In looking ahead to February, we also see Feb 9th and Feb 20th containing very intense structures as well. A little lesser so, Feb 16th and the arc from Feb 25-27th.

Ok, from this point of reference, there is an arc of more intense structure between the dates of the 21st and the 29th, with another “inner” arc of influence between the 26th and the 29th. I expect the last week of January to be very interesting this month. As well as the first half of February.

To accentuate this, we find ourselves experiencing an annular solar eclipse on January 26th, colliding with the numerological vibrations, as well as a prenumbral lunar eclipse on Feb 9th, again colliding with intense numerogical master number energies.

Next, we see a collision of Mercury Retrograde in the mix. Mercury is currently retrograde January 10th through February 1st. As we all will remember what our astrology experts say – Mercury Retrograde usually feels strongest at the beginning and the ending and governs the flow of communication, as well as mechanism. So keep in mind that all that paperwork, communication issues, car troubles, etc. can be blamed on this and simply understand that you may not be getting all the right messages. If you are communicating with someone at work or home, and it just seems that no one can agree or understand each other, see if you can put it off until the retrograde is over. Might go a little easier then. Plus it may just take more time to process those deadlines. Just be patient and allow this demand for a process of reflection over action. (Sometimes we need a period to regroup and simply think/plan, before proceeding.) Merc Retros are there to give us a fall-back period to re-evaluate and reflect and less action. Pushing hard to act, act, act, as we are wont to do in the US, will only result in frustrations as you deal with the world. Some people handle them better than others, but in the end, no man is an island and we all affect one another.

Many astrologists I know actually prepare far in advance their predictions and calculations, just to avoid publishing or doing them during a merc retro. And they often advise the world toward the same kind of action. You might think, with advice like that, I’d avoid writing on today at all! Still, with the energies being so focussed on reflection, I find today’s message right in line, even if it does ramble a little. We are in the energetic space of reflection, so let’s be emmersed in that and see where it takes us.

Combining a merc retro with intense master number influence always seems to have an extremely “cleansing” effect. Not always very pleasant. If there was ever a time to really focus on the energies of unconditional love, it is now. Unconditional love is something that is very patient and should be available to everyone around you. If everyone used these intense periods of numerological and astrological energies to simply express the merits of love, patience, faith and goodness, things would work a whole lot more smoothly in the world!

Additionally, I find it interesting that both MLK Day and the upcoming President’s Day, both fall on dates that contain *hidden* master number 11 energies (though a little less combination of energies than the other dates I’ve focussed on above). With our new president’s life lesson also being an 11, I find this very interesting. And undoubtedly, President Obama must be really feeling the intensity of these dates as they couple with the strongest number vibration in his own personal vibrational chord.

Didn’t know our President Obama was a master number person? Why yes, indeed he is. And with his life lesson (what he is here to learn and become) being master number 11 – while falling during our first 11 year in 99 years, his life will be very intense as these energies compound. Anytime vibrations around you collide with your own personal vibrations, it compounds the energy for you, in your life and experience. This compounding is considered among the ultimate of tests and challenges. Will you really be all you are supposed to be with honor and light? Even when you are inside an energetic pressure pot? We all experience these testing periods in our own ways. Some of us have more intense challenges to overcome than others. That’s fine. It’s supposed to be that way. Some of us are older souls than others too. But our new president is right smack in the middle of one of the biggest intensity periods of his life – and he has now taken on one of the most pressurized and demanding jobs in the world. If anyone is in need of our prayers, as he strives to be the best leader he can be and make the best of hard decisions he can, it is President Obama. This is not about politics. I’m not one to believe in organized politics and truthfully numbers do not “choose sides” either. It is however about the one position of responsibility in the world that receives a great deal of energetic focus, both positive and negative. And about doing what is right and Light. Our leadership always deserves our prayers. Ever notice how every single president goes grey headed and ages very quickly in a short period of time?

Now, back to dates. What does it mean when I say there’s an intense compounding of energies on certain dates? Well, keep in mind, this is neither good nor bad. It’s simply intense, raw divine energy. And how the day manifests physically can be either extremely positive, or extremely not. These are the days that test the character of men and women from every walk, and depending on their core number essences, some more than others. And often, the lessons inherent are spiritual in nature, not physical. It’s about what you do morally as a soul, and less what you do physically as a person. Still, other master numerological combinations do manifest in very big physical ways. The tsunami a few years ago is one example. Hurricane Gustav made landfall in the US on a master number day. Hurricane Ike’s beginning, middle and end all took place on master number days. As did Kosovo’s declaration of independence. When these energies are reinforced and compounded by other elements, say astrologically, then we see a compounding effect even far greater.

Usually, these sorts of things happen on a very personal level. And as we all know, our personal struggles and even triumphs are not necessarily something that culminates into world news or history. So we want to look at the energy as it plays on us as a society as a whole. Do we as a societal whole respond positively or negatively to these vibrations? And what kinds of things do we tend to manifest under these pressures? I find that often it is events that change the course of history, or change the course of our lives. Are we always conscious in the moment, on the day, that history is being made? No, not always. But when we look back on that day in history, when events of the time become more public knowledge, we may find that a special person or a special set of events, who/that change everything from that point forward, are tied to dates such as these. Master Numbers, like all numbers, are raw Divine energy. However Master Numbers appeal to a higher playing field and a higher ideal. They issue challenges and demand purity of heart. And they urge us towards a higher vibrational existence, where service to the greatest of good rules at the highest level. This is the energy inherent in these compounded days. And channeling that energy to these higher ideals can make all the life altering difference in the world. Resisting the call of these energies, on the other hand, can equally cause great trial or loss. The choice is ultimately ours.

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