Who Do that VooDoo… Clarifying Eclipse and Numbers…

This blog takes for granted that its readers know at least a little something about numerology if they are here, reading what I tend to write about.  I don’t write about basic numerology because there are plenty of other resources where you can learn about that elsewhere.  Pretty much all books on the subject can provide you with a place to start when it comes to basic numerological thought and number meanings.  And it’s just not the focus on this blog.

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I like metaphysics.  There is meaning in looking at the world and its flow from an “outside” point of view.  I like to cross-reference a variety of information and events when I write about numerology and it’s layers of influence and where patterns overlap or collide.  And in all these things, I like to be very clear about information and facts I might reference.  You know, those things based on what is known and what has been traditionally understood.  It’s just good journalism. 

Currently the internet is alive with hubabbub about the Solar Eclipse getting ready to take place in just a few hours.  However, in the midst of it all, there is also mis-information amok.  It’s no wonder sometimes that skeptics might dump us all into the same new age bucket of all that’s odd.  So to add a little balance and maybe some clarification, I present some points of reference for my discerning readers:

1.  The solar eclipse begins on July 22 Universal Time.  I generally post information about astrological events in UT because I like to get my astronomical info from NASA and that is what they do.  Using Universal Time is generally considered a standard, and perhaps too many of us take for granted that others would know this.  But this point also means that in the Western part of the world, the solar eclipse begins on July 21st – tonight. 

From a numerological standpoint – I repeat myself again – when looking at world influence when it comes to numbers, you must remind yourself that there are always two different dates in operation on this planet at any one time. 

2.  I’ve read in a few places today that this is the longest solar eclipse ever, the longest in the 21st century, the longest in our lifetimes, etc..  None of this is exactly correct.  The July 22, 2009 solar eclipse is the longest total solar eclipse to take place within the Saros Series 136 and also to occur within the 21st Century.  There are several variables involved with today’s solar event and more than one type of solar eclipse to note. 

The longest solar eclipse in the saros Series 136 altogether was actually June 20, 1955.  And the Saros Series 136 itself began First Eclipse ->  1360 Jun 14   and the Last Eclipse ->  2622 Jul 30, making a total Duration for Saros 136  =  1262.11 Years.  “Solar eclipses of Saros 136 all occur at the Moon’s descending node and the Moon moves northward with each eclipse.” 

(Additional note: the last solar eclipse back on January 26, 2009 was from from a different series called the Saros Series 131. And it happened to be the longest annular solar eclipse in the entire Saros Series 131.  Solar eclipses of Saros 131 all occur at the Moon’s ascending node and the Moon moves southward with each eclipse.) 

So the point being, yes, it’s very cool we finally get to see a long total solar eclipse in a while, but it is not quite the unique event of our lifetime some people are painting.  You can read about this and more on the Saros Series 136 on NASA’s website for yourself here: http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEsaros/SEsaros136.html.

3.  Numerologically, July 22nd carries the vibrations of 11 and 22.  I’ve seen references to “The 11:11” and other things on a few blogs, and even one of my readers wrote to me about it as well.  (And thanks to Sandie for giving me a push to finish writing this article sooner! :wink:)  Of the references I’ve read, I haven’t found this “11:11” presentation numerologically logical.  The skeptics out there are laughing at that statement, but they are going to laugh anyway.

This sort of number play in all honesty reminds me too much of theology class, where one professor could take a scripture and make it mean one thing and another professor could take the same scripture and make it support a completely different point of view.  It also reminds me of things like statistics class and the book by Darrell Huff, “How to Lie with Statistics.”  Simply put, it is possible to manipulate information to say what you want or to match your belief system.  I talk to people all the time who really, really want to see 11:11 or some other sign in their lives.  Sometimes they do witness significant patterns of note.  And sometimes a clock is just a clock and my shoe size has nothing to do with my social security number.

July 22, 2009 is in totality a 22 or 4 day depending on your method of reduction.  It may be during an 11 year, but it is not numeroligcally sound to create 11:11 from 7 +22 = 29/11 and then set 11 year next to that with a : in the middle, voila making it 11:11.  July is intense with plenty of numerological patterns already without having to come up with something that is not even standard tradition.  If this were acceptable “number magic,” then by logic, because numerology does demand a cord of logic through the center, somewhere between 24 and 36 dates this year will be 11:11.  Perhaps others find some value in this approach, however I do not support this view.

What I do see is the diversion away from the important message of 22.  Of and by itself, 22 on any particular day is not necessarily all that astounding.  And generally I wouldn’t even consider this particular July 22 to be all that special.   In the method of simple Pythagorean reduction, where every portion of day, month and year is reduced once before reduction, arguably one of our oldest and most simplest method of reduction, you get 22.  Because there are more advanced methods of reduction logic in our modern world now, and we tend to respect our double digits more than we did in the old world style, I look at this as a lesser influence than if I do not have to reduce at all.

So why do I have this date noted in my list of numerologically interesting dates?  Because of the recent shift of USA moving into a 22 cycle, the presence of the 11 year, and the total solar eclipse taking place on this date.  This qualifies to me as a convergence of energies that I want to take note of.  Eclipses have throughout history been symbolic of cleansing and facing challenges.  Master numbers are symbolic of facing challenges, the “hand of destiny” and holding ourselves to a higher standard. 

Spiritually speaking, seeing these events take place together, represents a very significant time to face, cleanse and overcome and denotes a more societal movement.  That sort of process also generally brings with it an unveiling of some sort, and a revealing of truth – sometimes something we didn’t want to see.  As such, I find myself taking note.

Observing the world for patterns is something I highly encourage anyone to participate in.  Even Christ said to be watchful in all things.  All of our great philosophers and scientists advocated looking at the world in a different way and using our powers of observation to glean understanding and even wisdom about this life we live.  My goal in writing is simply to share what, in my own quirky way, I observe.  But I do hope, before you go accepting my word on whatever you read here, that you’ll click on the links and go check it out yourself.  In the end, I think you’ll see where I’m coming from much clearer.


We live in a time of new millennial energies, where incredible things that didn’t used to be possible are now attainable.  And where things that used  to be possible now aren’t.  This new energetic reality is a catalyst that opens up our world of positive achievable realities for certain.   And at this time we couple this new millennial energy with an 11 year that energetically throughout history has brought with it many “shifts of the ages,” revolutions and dynamic steps towards what our world has become today.  It is the way of any new millennium, just in terms of number – to force societal change

However, as many are beginning to see in their everyday lives, this new energy also opens up a range of negative opportunities as well, not just the positive and the wondrous.  In the world today, we also begin to realize a range of new accessibility where people and organizations can “get away with” something they didn’t used to be able to get away with as well.  It is easy to see this in the US, in our daily lives, with regard to finances, layoffs, how government is run, how people are treated.  But it is also important to keep in mind that this energy strikes across the globe.  Not just here in our own little world.  And how this plays out seems to suit each culture in its own way.

As always, numbers are simply Divine energetic archetypes.  It is we who make the Choice.  “Since when……?” swings both ways.

On that note, the Western world and the US heads into a time of intensity for the entire month of July.  As already previously noted, The United States of America comes under the influence of a 22 cycle on July 4, 2009 this year.  While the Western world calendar hangs at 2009 – an 11 year. 

However this is not all that is afoot during this time. 

Jupiter has just gone retrograde, making the pursuit of money and materialism even more difficult at this time.  A friend of mine shared an interesting article on the subject that points out the opportunity this occasion presents – to focus on spiritual pursuits and growth of the soul.  Titled: “Time for a Spiritual Realignment,”by Cortney Litwin, you can read more about this interesting retrograde here.

In addition to all the interesting events coming to us from around the corner, we find two penumbral lunar eclipses and one total solar eclipse taking place July 7, July 22 and August 6 – all happening within 30 days of each other!  2009 is interesting in that there are 6 solar/lunar eclipses this year.  Most years there are only four and they usually pair up one lunar and one solar within a month’s period.  In poking around the data, the last time we had this sort of lunar-solar-lunar eclipse grouping within a 30 day period was in May/June 2002.  And in 2000 we had a solar-lunar-solar eclipse pattern between July 1-31.  The other detail I noticed is that this occasional pattern of triple-eclipse play-out doesn’t usually occur as 6 eclipses within a particular year, but rather only 5, which I find interesting numerologically speaking.  I personally like to use the NASA website for eclipse dates and information.  For your further interest, you can find eclipse data here for the years 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000.

As you will note in my list of numerologically significant dates below, July 7th is on the heel of our nation’s Master Number 22 birthday cycle, while July 22 will be a total solar eclipse and coincides smack on top of a 22 Master Number day.  The Master Number 22 cycle we as a nation are just entering.

Other noticeable aspects to July – an increase in intensity, as the equations for these particular dates, this particular month, this particular year, just happen to lay out for increased vibrational compounds and master number influence. 

June 28 – July 4th is a week of significant impact.  July 15th is intense with master number energy and occurs at the half moon.  While July 22 – August 3 also creates a very intense arc of numerological influence, followed by the last penumbral lunar eclipse.  Expect this last two week period from July to August to be incredibly intense and incredibly cleansing as well. 

What does this mean?  Well, it’s most certainly a time when issues from the past can haunt elements of the present, for one.  It’s about spirituality and challenges with regard to that reality in your life.  If you think you are “awake and aware” you may be tested to see if you really are. Identities and realities will also be challenged.  What you see is not always what you get. What you believe is not always built on solid ground.

A channeled message I received recently that has repeated over and over in my sleeping dreams simply states thus:  “That which is Unity does not Judge or Divide. That which is Truth does not on Image Rely.”

In looking at that, we know that what we perceive in an image is generally unique to us.  What is in an image to one person is not the same for another.  Even in physical/medical reality, not everyone sees in color, not every sees without astigmatism, not everyone can see close or far.  Not everyone sees without eye correction of some sort and that’s not even touching on our vast differences in our powers of observation and what we notice and what we understand in all that we take in through our physical eyes.  How much more so then when we speak of matters of the conscience, heart and soul and how we perceive these?  Therefore image may a poor guide be. 

I have mentioned before that this year in general brings a revealing of truths and a betrayal of false images.  I see this aspect intensifying for us over the weeks ahead.  However, to note: The thing I find amazing in many conversations on this is that most people think they know what I’m talking about and what to expect.  That they already know where these betrayals of ideals will be revealed. 

Which means the message has been missed altogether. 

For by the very nature of these principals, we cannot know this exactly in advance.  Nor is it important to understand in advance.  For by Design it is meant to surprise and challenge us all.  Which also means by Divine Right, the revealing or even the shock will be perfectly suited to each of us differently. 

Challenges by their very nature are not about what you comfortably know.  They are about that which you are uncomfortable with, so that you may become acquainted and overcome. 

Be Still. Be at Peace. And Know God. 

Feel the Truth in these words as we find ourselves in the midst of these energies.  We dramatize the challenging of our ideas even in our literature and movies.  But we don’t always think about how it might apply to us individually. 

What would most challenge your beliefs?  What would be difficult for you to embrace?  Even the most advanced souls will face this lesson somehow, on their own.  And we face it as a society and as a human race. Here duality reigns.  Remember about 11.  11 = Unity within Paradox.  When 11 forms the 22, we find Duty, Honor, Discipline, Law, Chivalry, Honesty, Golden Truth. 

What are the bare bones essentials right now?  What are the most important elements of Life?  Expect a re-awakening!

Upcoming Dates of Numerological Significance:

June 27, 2009
July 4, 2009
July 11, 2009
July 15, 2009
July 22, 2009
July 26 -31, 2009
July 29, 2009
Aug 1-3, 2009

April 2009 Numerology Watch….

Author’s Note:  As “The Heretical Numerologist,” I find it important to note that my life’s work and “calling” deals with Soul-Rooted Numerology (my words) and the dedicated study and interpretation of Master Numbers of all ranks, as well as double and triple digit interpretations.  I apply this information to Souls and Nations alike.  This is a relatively newer field of numerological application and research, and not something I take lightly.  All things must stand up to clarified logic.  I seek to recognize patterns that Are, not imply patterns that don’t exist.  It is also an area of numerology many numerologists have not (yet) accepted, and often argue over.  But I find that just as Pythagoras introduced the known world to the concept of 9 after it remained hidden by the Chaldeans for so long, that now it is time for humanity to learn about and embrace the higher vibrations of the cosmos of numbers, the Master Numbers and the complex vibrations of multiple digits.  Why? Because we have evolved enough as a human race and are ready for them.  Just as every planet, as it was discovered throughout our history, had to be embraced and interpreted in astrology, so now numerology is taking its leap into more complex dimensions.  I find comfort in returning to original Pythagorean related texts, the study of music, as well as many researched and older sources as possible.  All my predictions, blogs, classes and writing operate from this point of view.  What you read here is what I teach.
Everything in Life is a Song.  We need but to Sing its Note.
April is the 4th month of the year and interestingly enough, 4 is the number of structure, planning, boundaries, organization and law.  Is it any wonder then, why we tend to fill up our dearly beloved month of April with taxes, planning our summers (especially if you have kids) and spring cleaning?  Or as I like to put it – spring flinging!  This is always an excellent time of year for decluttering and clarifying our lives and setting the “behavioral boundaries, legal, office and paperwork” stage for the rest of our year.  April is an excellent month for doing a little research and getting at least a thumb note sketch idea of how we’d like to see the rest of the year go.  It is also an excellent time to implement habits, discipline and routines.
One quarter of our new year is already completed when we finally hit April and by the end of April, it turns into one third.  This vacillation between the psychological idea that “we’ve just barely begun the year” and, “oh my, we’re at 1/3 of the year (or tax time) already?” presents an interesting energy that we can capitalize upon as we take all the energy of organization and planning and implement it now. 
April is a mostly a fairly quiet month in 2009 when it comes to the more intense layers of numerological energies.  However, this is due to the lull before the storm.  Because the very end of April packs in a power punch of intense energy, one of the very few we see not only this year, but ever have in most of our lifetimes.  Why?  Because the first 11 year on the Western calendar in 99 years brings in some challenges and energies that we are not accustomed to, as well as some mathematical patterns.  In doing so, as the dates lay out in 2009, it creates an arc of influence that will last a week and culminate with the May 7th Mercury retrograde. 
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Let’s go back and catch up first. 
April 7th is our first day of numerological significance.  Energy during this time brings challenges in one-on-one relationships as well as to organizations.  This is a good time to focus “group” energy towards that of the “greater good.”  Also a good time to invest in your partnerships and contacts.
When we come around to April 18th, we arrive upon the master number energies of 33 – Unconditional Love.  A great time to make use of this powerful positive energy.  However unconditional love is also, at it’s defining root, often about sacrifice.  And sometimes sacrifice that others do not see, do not value or cannot comprehend; sacrifice even at great cost.  It is important to note that Love is a choice, not simply a feeling, and True Love IS… simply because it MUST.  33 understands that someone must be Love even when others are not or refuse.  33 stands in the gap and fills this void, even at physical cost.  So this energy of Unconditional Love, sometimes at great sacrifice, intensifies on this day, challenging us all to raise our awareness’s and the vibration of our deeds. 
But there is an additional spiritual lesson wrapped up into it as well.  A challenge of law and structure comes into play.  We are in a new time, a new millennium, working with new energies.  Old structures and attitudes no longer serve and must change.  Sometimes at great sacrifice.  Take a look at the world around you and feel what is going on in the hearts of Men.  The law and structure that our world has depended upon and thought of as infallible becomes more transparent in this year.  Challenges lie in not just the recognition that things must shift, but in what we do with this knowledge.  To further illustrate, I return to the example I give in nearly every lecture and class I teach; In numerology – Numbers ALWAYS have their way.  You cannot resist or choose to ride against this Divine Energy.  It is what this physical plane is founded upon.  It is the Pattern of Law in this Universe.  When you learn about the energies at work around you, you have choices as to what to do with them.  You know there is a flood coming.  You could do nothing, and be taken away.  You could move out of the way, saving yourself, and yet there is still destruction.  Or you can harness that energy and power your entire city.  The choice to make active choices and channel the energy is your and yours alone. 
We know we are operating under new energies, requiring new thought and new approaches.  Yet we wait for everything to return to the way it used to be.  And I am here to tell you, simply looking at numbers – it will never ever be that way again.  Everything truly is different and whether we desire it or not, everything we think about the way we do business, how we view education, how we view health, how we view family and friends, how we view success and abundance, how we view religion and politics (another type of religion) are all undergoing a shift.  I’ve been saying this for years.  Now we’re in an 11 year where everything comes to it’s first head and a time when master number energies remain compounded.  Remember, the lesson under 11 is always spiritual in nature, not physical – even if it radiates into the physical. 
Our most significant punch lands on us April 29th when three layers of master number energies collide and create an arc of influence for the next week that culminate on May 6th, setting the stage for the next Mercury retrograde beginning May 7th.  Energies at play during this time involve conquering the ego in all it’s negative forms.  Which is pretty vast, because nearly all human short-comings involve the ego in some form.  Whether the ego is over-inflated or anorexic in its passive-aggressive tendencies, nearly all aspects of challenges in the physical world involve setting aside the ego in its negative forms.  Expect a blow to your perceptions during this time.  Someone may let you down.  You may let others down.  Old issues you thought were long gone pop up and knock your head and say “‘ello!”  Hidden truths are exposed, both positive and negative during this time.  Find your hidden message.  This is one of the best windows of opportunities all year to receive this.
This is also an incredible time to focus on higher vibrational energies, in terms of spiritual and humanitarian service to the greater Good – all things sourced from the Pure Heart.  If you choose to channel this incredible energy towards these wonderfully positive means, what you will be able to accomplish will be incredible.  Days like this are often the turning points of history that could even take years later to finally understand.  If you really desire to make a difference in this world that promotes cooperation and complementation over division, this is a good wave to ride. 
On the financial side of things, now is a time for conservation and planning.  This is a good time to whittle down your debt and get rid of clutter, but not to spend or invest in what you do not need.  It is important to note that clutter is a word that can be far reaching.  Debt is a form of clutter, not just too much paperwork or too much stuff.  It is time to deal with unloading the extra weight on your life right now, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  If you do not have a financial plan for the rest of the year, sit down and pencil it out now.  Clarification, not simplification, is extremely key here.  Keep it simple in a non-complicated sort of sense, but clarify, so every effort really counts.  Establish yourself a bottom line code that you plan to stick to this year and do it.  Greater challenges lie ahead when the US hits a 22 cycle this summer.  However, do not misunderstand and think that all this means you do not need a family vacation or to invest time in friends or travel to see family.  If anything, that is extremely important this year.  Pare down to the essentials and clarify.  Who, what, where, when, why?  What is it that really matters in life?  Seriously?  What is your gift and calling?  Seriously.  Who is important if all else fails?  Seriously!  Where do you wish to be?  Seriously.  And when!  Even answer that core “why” in there.  Bullet points are enough and a good start; then pursue. 
What are you waiting for?

March 2009 Numerology Watch….

Well, it’s March and there’s a lot to cover.  Everyone has a message to receive somewhere.  I know you understand.
March, March, March…  ‘Tis a Jolly month.  Or at least it’s supposed to be.  It hides the birth of Spring and the excitement of things to come.  Though in Central Texas we already begin to see.  Creativity is in the air and it’s a great time to create something new or anew in your life.
This month’s challenge as a general whole deals with volatility and evaluation.  A point in time when we must look to the past and evaluate how things have been operating.  What doesn’t work and what isn’t balanced?  That needs to be tossed aside, never to be picked up again.  Now – what worked?  What’s valuable?  These are as important, if not more important, to figure out under this challenge.  What are the core principles that work?  What is truly – and I mean TRULY important?  Don’t look at the surface – that’s not core to our issues.  It’s just not.  Don’t look to your peers to make your decisions either.  Look within.  WHAT MATTERS?  What, when all else fails, is important?  Because THOSE things need to be identified and kept before moving forward.  The peripheral stuff that didn’t work and doesn’t matter?  Well, they served their purpose thus far to teach – now cut them like a pillow tag and move on, enjoying the release.  Hmmm?  And that pillow tag?  Don’t get hung up over it.  You’ve had it for years – it’s served its purpose, now enjoy its absence.

This should be creative and fun if possible.  This isn’t a release and become depressed kind of scenario and energy.  This is a release and celebration.  With well wishes around.  It’s not about division.  It’s about unity through the gift of clarification.  And you really should get out and enjoy the infant Spring air.  By end of this month, I expect you to fling open those windows, even if only for a brief while, and soak in the re-Birth.

March of this year marks an important evaluation period that demands that we keep in mind flow, freedom and flexibility.  And when it comes to evaluating things outside yourself that involve others, remember that you are keeping in mind these characteristics for them as well as yourself.  Currently I am revisiting a book called “Focusing,” by Gendlin.  It is appropriate for this first re-evaluation period we must face this year.  It shows how to hone in on the heart of a matter – whatever it may be.  And it reveals that the outer appearance and outer feelings are rarely what’s at source.  It’s a cheap little paperback for about $8 new, less for used.  I highly recommend you find a copy and give it a try.

March gives us a bit of a relief in the intense numerological energy department.  However, there are two main dates of numerological note and I expect them to be pretty intense.  Thursday, March 19 and Monday, March 30th.  Please watch the 30th in particular and please be patient with people and take your time getting to work.

March 19th carries master Number 33 inherent and March 30th carries Master Number 44.  Now here is where we get into myinterpretations of Master Numbers as “The Heretical Numerologist.”  You will not find these interpretations elsewhere.  And you may not reprint this information without my permission.

Master Number 33/6 is the martyr number and the Master Vibration of Pure Unconditional Love.  But it’s not about being martyred, though certainly it has happened.  It is about loving that much.  Giving that much.  And being willing to give and sacrifice – the essence of unconditional love, until it hurts.  To give it all, even if no one ever knows how much you gave, even if no one ever understands, and even in the face of being accused of being the complete opposite of who you are.  Remember what being a martyr really means – not the drama imbalanced label we give people we’re impatient with and are tired of listening to.  That’s not the martyr I’m talking about.  I speak of the Nameless One, willing to give it all for the Greater Good.  Because it’s not about wearing a badge.  It’s about Purity of Heart and holding that energetic space of what True Love means.  Love is not simply a feeling.  It is an Action and it is a Choice.  Master Number 33 knows this better than nearly any other vibration.  33 Loves because someone must love first for others to learn love.  33 Loves because it is right, even in the face of odds, unbelievers and the unappreciative who have not the maturity to reciprocate.  33 Loves because It Is Love.  It must.
Master Number 44/8 is the vibration of self-discipline, abundance and success through Balance.  But this isn’t success like everyone seems to preach it for 8s.  It really has little to do with money – though when 44 is in balance, certainly security is present.  But that is a by-product, not what 44 is about.  It is about success of the Soul, as 44 is the Master Vibration of Dynamic Inspiration.  44 knows more than others about attitude and overcoming in the face of great odds.  44 accomplishes this through logic and structure.  “Know Thyself” is key with this master vibration.  And sometimes that means knowing your limits.

What does this mean when we hit days with these vibrations?  It means these are the general energetic challenges we all face as a society on a personal level.  And how this plays out in our circle of reality depends on us.  These days challenge us to push to a higher ideal.  To be something a little more.  To operate on a higher plane.  The lesson is different each time.  We get to shift from various approaches to others and work through them in cycles.  And then we hit the “testing” days.  The “pop-quizzes” of the numerological world.  And for some people they are more major tests, depending on their own personal numerology.  And the question is, “So where do you stand?”  and “Are you really who you think you are?”

As I always say (but repeat here for the benefit of newcomers) when one of these days of intense energy falls upon a Monday, we generally witness an increase in traffic collisions in the Austin, TX area.  I don’t live elsewhere, so I cannot report what traffic is like there.  However, these intense energies generally enter our realm of experience about a day in advance and they are meant to either be used in purity for higher service, or to challenge us.  One extreme or the other (or sometimes both).  As such, many people do not deal with these energies well.  We also as a society often don’t deal with Monday mornings well either.  And all too often this plays out on our highways.
Our highway and traffic systems operate on the principles of flow.  Just like chi.  Just like blood.  When everything is operating as it should be in balance, the flow works.  When something goes out of balance though, then flow is interrupted.  It’s a simple energetic principle.  So be patient with others.  Not everyone is an older soul.  And that’s OK.  And plenty of older souls aren’t perfect – so got you there too.  It’s the elders’ jobs to be there for the younger souls too you know.  Be the bigger man or woman as it may be.  Don’t cause the wreck – hmmmm?  And don’t be silly enough to think you’re above the challenge.  Why do you think you were born?  This Life is about nothing if not about challenge – and what you do with it.

So go – and make a positive infection out of your day.  What radiant effect will you make?

January 2009 Numerology Watch Update…

I just need to post a correction/update for the dates of significance I’ve already laid out, along with the arc of influence in the last week of January. I need to include today, January 30th, due to the hidden master number (33) inherent. So we’ll still see this influence through today, and bleeding on into the weekend as Mercury prepares to go direct.

The Numerological Lesson of Today….

Here we are in the new year – the year 2009 we’ve all been waiting for – and today tasting the first numerological combo intense with master number energy.  Do you feel it?  Can you taste it?  It is ripe with the humanitarian nature of the spiritual teacher and pioneer, as well as the master vibration of practical wisdom and problem solving.   It is also a day of challenge and testing.  Just how good is your positive Fu?  Hmm?  The energy of leadership and cooperation, as well as balanced unity and networking, go far with this day.

Now, I must say that I find number combinations like this more intense on weekdays than on weekends and holidays in American society.  Simply from the physical fact that the majority of people do not work on weekends and weekend energy as a result tends to be more relaxed as a society (even when you do work on the weekend).  Pretty much, in our way of doing work and business, all deadlines are during the week.  Even schools do not usually have deadlines due over the weekend.  As such we witness a suspension of many multi-tasking pressures and demands when it comes to all the world outside us during our “down time.”  Over the weekend, we are more likely to become re-connected and acquainted with the innate “us” and our families and chosen social settings.   As a race of humans, we tend to be affected by and pick up on the moods, thoughts and expectations of the world around us and operate under an unspoken set of rules and demands that is simply “understood” by the masses.  This concept might be better understood as a crowd psychology or group consciousness.   It’s a generality, but it works en masse.

During the week, the physical and spiritual energy struggles become more intense.  Far too many people in the world are not really happy at work.  It’s a job, it pays the bills, it might be somewhat interesting, but commonly, most people would rather not be there, doing that for work.  We all understand this.  And we all understand the concept of contending with things we don’t enjoy so much to make the things we do enjoy possible.  Ah…  An inherent lesson of challenge already.  Expose myself to something I don’t care for to get something I do care for. 

Now add a vibration that says, “No matter what, you have to take the higher road.  You think you’re a good person, huh?  Well are you still going to be if we turn the pressure up a notch?  Let’s practice getting better at this.”  And in today’s combo, the challenge and lesson is both physically and spiritually challenging: a two-fer. 

In numerology we naturally go through cycles of vibrational combinations that facilitate just this.  Just like in school, we have periodic “evaluations” that pop up in numerology.  These are opportunities to 1) overcome and 2) raise our awareness and operational vibrations.  It’s like exercise – you have to use it to make it stronger.  And there are safeties built into our physical exestence here that make sure we have the opportunities to grow, no matter what.

Ok, great – so what does that mean for 2009 and why does any of this matter? 

Well, to start – 2009 is an 11 year.  The first 11 year in 99 years (by western calendar folks).  Our last 11 year was 1910.  Go ahead – it’s easy to figure out.  Go write down the last 100 years and do your number reduction on them.  You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.  Not a difficult fact to grasp at all.

Ok, well what does that mean?

11 is the master number of spiritual leadership.  It’s often considered one of the most intense vibrations to learn, because the lesson is spiritual in nature, but it radiates into the physical.  how it radiates into the physical is more specific to you and what you personally as a soul find to be challenging.  That’s different for everyone.  But the lesson is essentially the same.  11 is the light bringer and teacher of others who will awaken and teach.  11 is the pioneer of unity within paradox. 

In numerology, how we have come to various meanings of the numbers over generations and millenia is to study the world around us language itself for patterns.  We find that there are patterns between various words that are complimentary or have similar meanings.  And they all have similar numerical vibrations as well.  Words that vibrate to the Master Number 11 include LIGHT, WISDOM and JESUS.  Also energy, vibration, ablaze, cloudless, rich, dazzle, purpose, show, etc.. 

11 is the number that actively teaches and shows the way.  But it’s more than that.  The lesson is to be this wonderful energy and soul no matter what, even when unpleasant things happen.  When things go wrong, don’t go wrong with them.  And when conflict arrises, always bring your “enemy” up to your level, not stoop to theirs.  11 is the unifier and represents the divinity of duality on this physical plane, as well as unity within paradox.  11 has the responsibility to be and live by example at all times, as well as to maintain a balanced and wise love and patience for all.  Balance and wisdom are a very key words here.  11 reflects that Love itself is not simply a feeling, but an action and that sometimes that action requires the maturity to lay boundaries when others fear to.  It’s 11’s job to be an inspiration to do and try more – to live to a higher degree of expectation and to achieve a higher state of vibrational ideal.  To make life more meaningful and to serve the greater good for all.  It’s a hefty responsibility generally reserved for a rather developed soul.  And the lessons are not because 11 did something to deserve it.  I.e. you must have done something wrong or out of balance for these challenging things to happen to you.  They are chosen simply for the task of testing one’s soul, to exercise their vibrational muscles, so to speak.  Muscles experience pain both from injury and growth.  It’s important not to confuse the two and judge others based on naive  ideas about how this physical existence works. 

Ok, so back to an 11 year.  Well, it means we’ll experience these challenges as a society as a whole.  Go back in history and you will see all sorts of things that have happend during 11 years.  These kinds of things have happened in other years too.  But perhaps if you do a little homework, you’ll begin to see a pattern arise. 

If you go back even further, you will beging to see a pattern that develops numerologically with millennia.  The closer we get to the end of a millennium, the fewer and fewer 11 years we have.  But once we flip into a new millennium, the 11 years begin to hit us within every decade of the 1st hundred years.  These energy patterns force societal change and evolution.  And it’s no wonder, from a numerological perspective, why legends of “end times,” the end of the world and “end of an age” surround the ending of millenniums. 

People keep waiting for things to go back to the way they were.  Things will never be the same as they were.  We are operating under a new set of energies now.  And we are evolving as a society and as a human race, whether we “want” to or not.  It will happen.  And it will be wonderful.  How you allow all this to affect you is by choice and perspective.  When you can embrace that, you’ll realize the true power of what that means. 

As a numerologist who approaches these things in a very karmic way, it is my goal to teach you about what I do and see, not just tell you.  To take your hand and lead you down a path of enlightenment that has left clues throughout known existence.  I want you to see the patterns for yourself and begin to experience the awarenss of the why’s and how’s of vibrational energy layers.  It’s the same way I do reading consultations.  I’m not just going to tell you – I’m going to teach you, so you can take that knowledge with you and apply it and benefit from it from now on. 

That’s it for now.  Go give it a try….!

End of Year Numerology Watch 2008

Numerology Watch
Well guys, as we wrap up for the end of the year, there’s a lot going on in numerological energy.  November and December of this year was already set to be more intense in energies.  But as always, I’ve posted the dates I find of most significance below.  Remember, the purpose of this is to give you a chance to plan to channel that energy to your advantage, rather than disadvantage.  But also to help you know why people around you are having a time of it too.  Numbers themselves are never bad.  They are simply raw divine energy.  How we react to them, positively or negatively to them, is where the difference lies.  However, some energies, like those described in my outlooks, present greater challenges than most for most people and sometimes all of us.  Also note that the foundation laid by these energies also sometimes plays out later.
The time left before the end of 2008 is intense with energetic conflict.  The month of December cries out for Love and for a sense of stability, while the last year in the first set of nine in the New Millennium demands destruction, change and new beginnings as it winds down to its end.  (Think the Tower card in tarot.)  The other shoe has yet to drop.  We are talking about change that knocks you off your feet, change you didn’t see coming, new ideas that couldn’t work before suddenly have credence now.  You’ll hear a lot of “Since when does blah-blah….?!”  Well, since now.  Since not a moment more of the old ways or ideas or thought processes.  If you find that confusing, the message simply is – focus on the Truth of Love. 
A lot of karmic energy in in play as well, as hidden truths continue to be revealed and reality to face is brought to light.  Delusions will be brought up short for us to come head to head with.  Our idealistic ideas will no longer work.  It is the closing of an age.  Things will never be again the way they were, nor will they ever work that way again.  We are evolving, as a society, as a world and as the human race.  Which will be wonderful for those who open themselves to it and will be more painful to those who resist.  We are now moving into a 9 year millennial “cleansing” period, with the first 4 being the most intense 2009-2012, as we realize the inheiritance passed down from our ancestors “unto the 11th generation.”
What I find rather interesting is that these challenges are for everyone, “enlightened” or not.  We all have idealistic ideas that will be shattered now and in the time to come.  We don’t know what it’s like to be a parent until it happens to us.  We don’t know what it’s like to lose a loved one until it happens to us.  Generations before could not understand the technology we have today, until they received it.  Something we just don’t know yet is right around the corner.  What currently can’t you imagine?  Especially in your beliefs and relationships?  This message is for all, because even we in the “new age” fields have old ways, attitudes and habits that must die. 
The New Year brings a final demand of us that so very few of us have ever experienced before – a cry for balance within paradox.  “Love Thy Enemy.”  Forgive who you never thought you could.  Acceptance that balance is in the midst of opposing views, not in the domination of just one “mine.”  The Universe has had it with “won’t it be great when everyone is like us” and with the blame between brothers.  And we are about to receive our next lesson in Unity.  Be prepared to need those you thought you never would.  Be prepared not to be able to afford to waste a friendship or to be too busy.  Our society is about to shift completely.  We cannot sustain our greed, fear and impatience any longer.  We can no longer afford our judgmentality.  Even if it takes the rest of our lifetimes to achieve this, the next generation will see something better.  They must.  And it has begun. 
What is at work now, that so many see as surprising or even shocking, is part of a very long cycle that’s been eons in the making.  Numerology is not about the minute details as much as the core raw essence. 
December and January will continue to be extremely strong in this shift into new realities.  The way of business and finance takes a hefty smack over the next 8 weeks.  We will be challenged with things that have never before been challenges.  Our next year lies at the crux of evolution.  The last time this energy was felt in mass, at a lesser magnitude, multiple revolutions took place in the world, world leaders were assassinated. 
Come together.  Heal the wounds.  The cry for the Love of White Light is strong.  Use this time of celebration to preserve and heal your relationships, to strengthen your positive attitudes and blessings upon one another.  Make peace with your brothers and rock on.  The pillars of the Earth must stand.
Dates of numerological significance:
Dec. 11, with a lead-in on Dec. 10th.  There is a LOT of energy swirling around this day.  (Remember that in numbers, when I post about dates of numerological significance, you may begin to feel the influence as much as 3 days in advance – which is part of what makes them dates of note.) 
This day is best channeled into love and spiritual work and it desires us to take the high road and pushes us towards that higher vibrational ideal of spiritual love, patience and purity of heart in all actions and choices.  But along with this push to be so comes a test to see if you will even while being challenged.  (If your car breaks down, will you still be nice to people, or will you take it out on them.  It could determine the course of your future.)  Whether you consciously or unconsciously achieve this, it’s always easier when you do.  Not being fully aligned with this energetic urge is what creates the discomfort when these vibrational demands are present.  (Which all too often plays out in impatience on the highway.)  It’s important to realize that this particular type of energy allows you a chance to practice manifesting under adversity.  Your thoughts, both negative and positive, will affect the course of your day in a more tangible and realistic way.  The lesson is spiritual in nature, but it will radiate and manifest into the physical in a variety of ways specific to you and with a rather karmic backslap.  Those negative thoughts can be potently destructive if you’re not careful.  These types of days allow you a chance to experience and learn from that in a very real, hand-on kind of way.  Think of it like a school day, where testing, practice and teaching by example are the course are the day.  It’s also about loving and serving each other.  Love your teachers, love your students.  We’re all in this together.
Please be patient with the world and others.  Many will not react well to the extra pressures and challenges this day and coupling bring.  Souls come in various stages of growth.  Adults generally understand that a 2 year old has a hard time being very polite when they haven’t had a nap or their tummy is rumbling.  In the same way, we as Light beings should be patient with one another.  We never know what kind of trials others are facing.  We each receive that which is best suited to us at our stage of development. 
We are currently beginning to feel the New Year energy stronger from this point on as well, which introduces great challenges so very few of us are old enough to have ever experienced this way before.
Dec 21 & 22 – this happens to also coincide with the winter solstice.  Does that matter?  I’m not really a solstice expert, but generally when you couple a major shift in one science with a major shift in another, you’re going to get a more profound result. 
January 10 – This one will be intense folks.  Been a long while since we’ve had this combo.  And with the new year energy, it will be more intense.


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