March 2009 Numerology Watch….

Well, it’s March and there’s a lot to cover.  Everyone has a message to receive somewhere.  I know you understand.
March, March, March…  ‘Tis a Jolly month.  Or at least it’s supposed to be.  It hides the birth of Spring and the excitement of things to come.  Though in Central Texas we already begin to see.  Creativity is in the air and it’s a great time to create something new or anew in your life.
This month’s challenge as a general whole deals with volatility and evaluation.  A point in time when we must look to the past and evaluate how things have been operating.  What doesn’t work and what isn’t balanced?  That needs to be tossed aside, never to be picked up again.  Now – what worked?  What’s valuable?  These are as important, if not more important, to figure out under this challenge.  What are the core principles that work?  What is truly – and I mean TRULY important?  Don’t look at the surface – that’s not core to our issues.  It’s just not.  Don’t look to your peers to make your decisions either.  Look within.  WHAT MATTERS?  What, when all else fails, is important?  Because THOSE things need to be identified and kept before moving forward.  The peripheral stuff that didn’t work and doesn’t matter?  Well, they served their purpose thus far to teach – now cut them like a pillow tag and move on, enjoying the release.  Hmmm?  And that pillow tag?  Don’t get hung up over it.  You’ve had it for years – it’s served its purpose, now enjoy its absence.

This should be creative and fun if possible.  This isn’t a release and become depressed kind of scenario and energy.  This is a release and celebration.  With well wishes around.  It’s not about division.  It’s about unity through the gift of clarification.  And you really should get out and enjoy the infant Spring air.  By end of this month, I expect you to fling open those windows, even if only for a brief while, and soak in the re-Birth.

March of this year marks an important evaluation period that demands that we keep in mind flow, freedom and flexibility.  And when it comes to evaluating things outside yourself that involve others, remember that you are keeping in mind these characteristics for them as well as yourself.  Currently I am revisiting a book called “Focusing,” by Gendlin.  It is appropriate for this first re-evaluation period we must face this year.  It shows how to hone in on the heart of a matter – whatever it may be.  And it reveals that the outer appearance and outer feelings are rarely what’s at source.  It’s a cheap little paperback for about $8 new, less for used.  I highly recommend you find a copy and give it a try.

March gives us a bit of a relief in the intense numerological energy department.  However, there are two main dates of numerological note and I expect them to be pretty intense.  Thursday, March 19 and Monday, March 30th.  Please watch the 30th in particular and please be patient with people and take your time getting to work.

March 19th carries master Number 33 inherent and March 30th carries Master Number 44.  Now here is where we get into myinterpretations of Master Numbers as “The Heretical Numerologist.”  You will not find these interpretations elsewhere.  And you may not reprint this information without my permission.

Master Number 33/6 is the martyr number and the Master Vibration of Pure Unconditional Love.  But it’s not about being martyred, though certainly it has happened.  It is about loving that much.  Giving that much.  And being willing to give and sacrifice – the essence of unconditional love, until it hurts.  To give it all, even if no one ever knows how much you gave, even if no one ever understands, and even in the face of being accused of being the complete opposite of who you are.  Remember what being a martyr really means – not the drama imbalanced label we give people we’re impatient with and are tired of listening to.  That’s not the martyr I’m talking about.  I speak of the Nameless One, willing to give it all for the Greater Good.  Because it’s not about wearing a badge.  It’s about Purity of Heart and holding that energetic space of what True Love means.  Love is not simply a feeling.  It is an Action and it is a Choice.  Master Number 33 knows this better than nearly any other vibration.  33 Loves because someone must love first for others to learn love.  33 Loves because it is right, even in the face of odds, unbelievers and the unappreciative who have not the maturity to reciprocate.  33 Loves because It Is Love.  It must.
Master Number 44/8 is the vibration of self-discipline, abundance and success through Balance.  But this isn’t success like everyone seems to preach it for 8s.  It really has little to do with money – though when 44 is in balance, certainly security is present.  But that is a by-product, not what 44 is about.  It is about success of the Soul, as 44 is the Master Vibration of Dynamic Inspiration.  44 knows more than others about attitude and overcoming in the face of great odds.  44 accomplishes this through logic and structure.  “Know Thyself” is key with this master vibration.  And sometimes that means knowing your limits.

What does this mean when we hit days with these vibrations?  It means these are the general energetic challenges we all face as a society on a personal level.  And how this plays out in our circle of reality depends on us.  These days challenge us to push to a higher ideal.  To be something a little more.  To operate on a higher plane.  The lesson is different each time.  We get to shift from various approaches to others and work through them in cycles.  And then we hit the “testing” days.  The “pop-quizzes” of the numerological world.  And for some people they are more major tests, depending on their own personal numerology.  And the question is, “So where do you stand?”  and “Are you really who you think you are?”

As I always say (but repeat here for the benefit of newcomers) when one of these days of intense energy falls upon a Monday, we generally witness an increase in traffic collisions in the Austin, TX area.  I don’t live elsewhere, so I cannot report what traffic is like there.  However, these intense energies generally enter our realm of experience about a day in advance and they are meant to either be used in purity for higher service, or to challenge us.  One extreme or the other (or sometimes both).  As such, many people do not deal with these energies well.  We also as a society often don’t deal with Monday mornings well either.  And all too often this plays out on our highways.
Our highway and traffic systems operate on the principles of flow.  Just like chi.  Just like blood.  When everything is operating as it should be in balance, the flow works.  When something goes out of balance though, then flow is interrupted.  It’s a simple energetic principle.  So be patient with others.  Not everyone is an older soul.  And that’s OK.  And plenty of older souls aren’t perfect – so got you there too.  It’s the elders’ jobs to be there for the younger souls too you know.  Be the bigger man or woman as it may be.  Don’t cause the wreck – hmmmm?  And don’t be silly enough to think you’re above the challenge.  Why do you think you were born?  This Life is about nothing if not about challenge – and what you do with it.

So go – and make a positive infection out of your day.  What radiant effect will you make?

September/October 2008 Numerology Notes:

In numerology notes:

To re-cap:
Well, of late, we’ve been introduced to a smattering of energies that have contained both a karmic “reaping what you’ve sewn” nature and a “sometimes things happen because a spiritual lesson is involved” nature. The later cycle of energy will continue through this month as we continue to experience all energies in a compounded way. And it will culminate with the last week of the month, involving a numerological/astrological “conjunction.” Numerological Dates of Interest continue this month for September 24-25 (which coincide with a Mercury Retrograde) and Monday the 29th. Remember that “surprising change” energy that involves challenges and “truth revealed” will continue during this time. Watch for the heart of a matter to reveal itself to you by the end of this month. Please re-read my numerology outlook from last month before you let this cycle go by. I mean it – this cycle is not over yet. Go back and re-read it now.

Next Cycle:

October affords us a special brief respite this year. Energies layer up to provide October to us as The Month of Opportunity and even at points – Fruition. This is an important time to note and take advantage of. Because truly, October will lay the foundation for the next year, not the typical January 2009. Now is the New Year! In other words, October is the month to be laying out New Year’s resolutions and plans to implement before 2008 ends! You have goals in mind for 2009? NOW’s the time to get started! Don’t wait for New Year’s! Make plans now to implement by the end of 2008 as a foundation for next year.

It is also a time for “Dream Big.” Is there something you’ve put on the back burner because you didn’t think it could be done or you’d have the time or life energy to accomplish it? Is your heart tied into it? If so, pull that back off the shelf, dust it off and start allowing yourself to experience the potential energies of it now. Why? Because the energy we are currently working with this year and the energy cycle we’re moving into all involve great potential for success and outcomes that were never possible before. Now’s a time for “go for it” and playing with the possible plans and angles of something you might have thought just couldn’t happen for you.

My recommendation during this time is to pick *something,* just one thing if nothing else, that you give a second chance or make a run for it. But here’s the catch – it must be in Joy and something your heart is tied up into. And you must forsake all fear and remain lighthearted about it. If it’s the only way you can do this, and not get too wrapped around the axle about taking a risk, then please think of it like a fun trip to Vegas and throwing a ten in the slot machine just ‘cuz. However, laying out a plan does mean putting some thought and effort into it. Not enough to become a painful chore, but enough to gain a start.

When that opportunity just drops into your lap, don’t ignore or discount it this time either! And put aside some of those expectations. Traditional ways of looking at things will not work with this energy!

(On a peripheral note – in looking ahead, October might be a better time to knock out some holiday preparations for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and anything else needing attention before year end, *early.* You’ll thank me later….)

Something to note: Mercury Retrograde begins September 24th through October 15th. As most know, Mercury governs communication and often during a Merc Retro we find communication gone awry. It is important to realize this energy is colliding with some very intense Master Number energies that happen to fall at the very beginning and near the end of this particular retrograde. When compounded Master Number energy is present, many people react different ways to it, but often feel under a great deal of pressure. And many people are not well accustomed to the energy, which is both excellent for spiritual work/success and spiritual challenges/lessons. During a Merc Retro when people find themselves having trouble communicating, this can become even more intense. It is important to be the bigger person and remain patient during all these times. Others will “act out” due to the energy’s demand of them. So relax, center, protect yourself, love them, watch out for the people too stressed to drive right, be patient and channel this energy in a way that you choose and desire. Lots of raw energy is available during this time to accomplish great things. But a pure heart and place of being is a must. A great time for slowing down, more reflection and even at times reaction and not proaction. So back to what I said, try on the energy of a new possibility and play around with a plan. By 2nd half of October, you should be able to take it from the intangible state of thought and idea to a more tangible direction of plan of action and actuality. Culmination will come later, now is the time for seed.

Upcoming dates of numerological interest are:

September 24-25 (which coincides with a Mercury Retrograde), Monday the 29th, the weekend of October 11th-13th, October 22-24 and Monday October 27th. As I always caution, be prepared to stay calm and take their time getting to and from work and school on Mondays: September 29th, October 13th and October 27th. When intensified energies like this fall on a Monday, we always see more auto accidents in the Austin area. Monday, October 13th in particular is a date I am eyeing carefully.

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