My Dream Last Night About the Man in the Mirror….

I had another dream last night.  I dream Dreams, and have all my life. And I continue to have what I call profound dreams even today. It  They have helped lead me to many doorways I have needed in life and have helped me help many people.  Sometimes they help me face fears or see something in a way I just would not otherwise.  This was an especially interesting dream….

“I was tending my garden when I became aware of my neighbor Mo. I saw Mo running around being active in his garden, doing this and founding that. He helped create a great many structures and gather a great many people and traveled a great many places, all the while building his garden and periodically singing the praises of his mentor and teacher whom he aspired to be like. And then down the street walking our way, Mo’s mentor came to visit and Mo sang out to the world to announce his presence. And I looked up and saw Mo turn to introduce a man walking up to him. And I saw all this and was invited to come out to the street to meet his mentor (who had another with him) and found myself intrigued. And as I looked, I was surprised, for Mo’s mentor stood within a door way as he moved. And I searched and realized it was a mirror and that the man who stood within the mirror, who was Mo’s mentor, was a mirror image of Mo himself. And I did not understand the meaning of this. And excitedly Mo hailed him and was elated by his coming and announced his mentor’s presence to all and then he turned to look at his work.

And Mo’s mirror image caught his eyes and then said to him, “Oh Mo, I know why it is that success has eluded you.” And Mo asked “Yes?” And the mirror image said, “For you have thought yourself to be better than I am and placed yourself as master above me. I will return when this has changed.” And he turned to walk away with the other who was with him.

And I looked up and beheld an opening in the sky and a semi circle made up of the host of my spiritual committee. And I asked, “How can this be?”

And they nodded and Mo’s mirror image turned and looked back and spoke to Mo. And I heard, “For works are not master of the Soul, but works are to be servant and assist the Soul. I Am. For the Soul is Master of the physical and all works of the hands. It is not for the works to place themselves above the Spirit. I will return when this has changed.” And then he turned away.

And I looked back up to the board of beings in the sky as I heard a gavel smack and they said, “You must tell him. And once this has been done, you must share this Truth with the others.” And I saw the heavens close.”

And I awakened and came to my computer to record all I could remember.


We live in a time of new millennial energies, where incredible things that didn’t used to be possible are now attainable.  And where things that used  to be possible now aren’t.  This new energetic reality is a catalyst that opens up our world of positive achievable realities for certain.   And at this time we couple this new millennial energy with an 11 year that energetically throughout history has brought with it many “shifts of the ages,” revolutions and dynamic steps towards what our world has become today.  It is the way of any new millennium, just in terms of number – to force societal change

However, as many are beginning to see in their everyday lives, this new energy also opens up a range of negative opportunities as well, not just the positive and the wondrous.  In the world today, we also begin to realize a range of new accessibility where people and organizations can “get away with” something they didn’t used to be able to get away with as well.  It is easy to see this in the US, in our daily lives, with regard to finances, layoffs, how government is run, how people are treated.  But it is also important to keep in mind that this energy strikes across the globe.  Not just here in our own little world.  And how this plays out seems to suit each culture in its own way.

As always, numbers are simply Divine energetic archetypes.  It is we who make the Choice.  “Since when……?” swings both ways.

On that note, the Western world and the US heads into a time of intensity for the entire month of July.  As already previously noted, The United States of America comes under the influence of a 22 cycle on July 4, 2009 this year.  While the Western world calendar hangs at 2009 – an 11 year. 

However this is not all that is afoot during this time. 

Jupiter has just gone retrograde, making the pursuit of money and materialism even more difficult at this time.  A friend of mine shared an interesting article on the subject that points out the opportunity this occasion presents – to focus on spiritual pursuits and growth of the soul.  Titled: “Time for a Spiritual Realignment,”by Cortney Litwin, you can read more about this interesting retrograde here.

In addition to all the interesting events coming to us from around the corner, we find two penumbral lunar eclipses and one total solar eclipse taking place July 7, July 22 and August 6 – all happening within 30 days of each other!  2009 is interesting in that there are 6 solar/lunar eclipses this year.  Most years there are only four and they usually pair up one lunar and one solar within a month’s period.  In poking around the data, the last time we had this sort of lunar-solar-lunar eclipse grouping within a 30 day period was in May/June 2002.  And in 2000 we had a solar-lunar-solar eclipse pattern between July 1-31.  The other detail I noticed is that this occasional pattern of triple-eclipse play-out doesn’t usually occur as 6 eclipses within a particular year, but rather only 5, which I find interesting numerologically speaking.  I personally like to use the NASA website for eclipse dates and information.  For your further interest, you can find eclipse data here for the years 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000.

As you will note in my list of numerologically significant dates below, July 7th is on the heel of our nation’s Master Number 22 birthday cycle, while July 22 will be a total solar eclipse and coincides smack on top of a 22 Master Number day.  The Master Number 22 cycle we as a nation are just entering.

Other noticeable aspects to July – an increase in intensity, as the equations for these particular dates, this particular month, this particular year, just happen to lay out for increased vibrational compounds and master number influence. 

June 28 – July 4th is a week of significant impact.  July 15th is intense with master number energy and occurs at the half moon.  While July 22 – August 3 also creates a very intense arc of numerological influence, followed by the last penumbral lunar eclipse.  Expect this last two week period from July to August to be incredibly intense and incredibly cleansing as well. 

What does this mean?  Well, it’s most certainly a time when issues from the past can haunt elements of the present, for one.  It’s about spirituality and challenges with regard to that reality in your life.  If you think you are “awake and aware” you may be tested to see if you really are. Identities and realities will also be challenged.  What you see is not always what you get. What you believe is not always built on solid ground.

A channeled message I received recently that has repeated over and over in my sleeping dreams simply states thus:  “That which is Unity does not Judge or Divide. That which is Truth does not on Image Rely.”

In looking at that, we know that what we perceive in an image is generally unique to us.  What is in an image to one person is not the same for another.  Even in physical/medical reality, not everyone sees in color, not every sees without astigmatism, not everyone can see close or far.  Not everyone sees without eye correction of some sort and that’s not even touching on our vast differences in our powers of observation and what we notice and what we understand in all that we take in through our physical eyes.  How much more so then when we speak of matters of the conscience, heart and soul and how we perceive these?  Therefore image may a poor guide be. 

I have mentioned before that this year in general brings a revealing of truths and a betrayal of false images.  I see this aspect intensifying for us over the weeks ahead.  However, to note: The thing I find amazing in many conversations on this is that most people think they know what I’m talking about and what to expect.  That they already know where these betrayals of ideals will be revealed. 

Which means the message has been missed altogether. 

For by the very nature of these principals, we cannot know this exactly in advance.  Nor is it important to understand in advance.  For by Design it is meant to surprise and challenge us all.  Which also means by Divine Right, the revealing or even the shock will be perfectly suited to each of us differently. 

Challenges by their very nature are not about what you comfortably know.  They are about that which you are uncomfortable with, so that you may become acquainted and overcome. 

Be Still. Be at Peace. And Know God. 

Feel the Truth in these words as we find ourselves in the midst of these energies.  We dramatize the challenging of our ideas even in our literature and movies.  But we don’t always think about how it might apply to us individually. 

What would most challenge your beliefs?  What would be difficult for you to embrace?  Even the most advanced souls will face this lesson somehow, on their own.  And we face it as a society and as a human race. Here duality reigns.  Remember about 11.  11 = Unity within Paradox.  When 11 forms the 22, we find Duty, Honor, Discipline, Law, Chivalry, Honesty, Golden Truth. 

What are the bare bones essentials right now?  What are the most important elements of Life?  Expect a re-awakening!

Upcoming Dates of Numerological Significance:

June 27, 2009
July 4, 2009
July 11, 2009
July 15, 2009
July 22, 2009
July 26 -31, 2009
July 29, 2009
Aug 1-3, 2009

The Children’s Great Secret…

I have also copied this to the poetry/writing section….

Originally written and published March 14, 2003….
Republished today…

Last night I dreamed that I was shown a great secret.
That the truth of all things
and all religions
and all spirituality,
back when the world was quite new,
was entrusted first to children.

There were children of all races and kinds sitting together in a big circle,
coloring and writing and interpreting the truths they had been given.
And the circle they sat in was in the middle of a single large landmass
on the earth, with no others.

Each child was asked to focus on one or two or a few aspects that they found most important,
that they personally felt that all the rest of humanity should know, if nothing else.
And so they laughed and colored and wrote pages of stuff and beliefs and truths,
for the generations to come, so they would know.

And all the various children had different ideas,
as was natural and fitting for each of their talents and personalities
and different interpretations even among similar points.

And they were all right.

And there were beings of light there with the children,
though you could not make out their faces.
They were of every imaginable color.

And then the children celebrated together happily over their drawings and writings,
the lessons they learned and the lessons they were to teach.

Lots of singing, lots of laughing and joy.

Then the children arranged themselves and split up into groups around their circle.
They hugged and kissed one another and
then the land around them split and began to float apart,
like boats going in opposite directions from a single point.

The children stood on the edges as they floated away from each other
and waved happily, knowing they would meet again someday.

And they were happy about the new beginnings they were about to be a part of,
in teaching the future of mankind and teaching their small portion of the whole.
They knew that only by dividing the work of the whole among them,
would the world be able to have the gift of the whole when it matured.

And angels sang.

I was told to write this down,
for now it was to call back Time’s children.
It’s to be given in a young children’s book.
It must be illustrated well.
It will call unto children and teach parents.
And It is to be the first among many.

“Go and do.”

And it was after this vision that I grab the only materials I had available to me,
as I am a musician, not an artist, by heart.

I grabbed my children’s construction paper and crayons.

As an adult with dysgraphia, I cannot technically draw.
It took me years to learn to handwrite consistantly at all.
But I gave myself up to the divinty of order out of chaos.
And I scribbled.
Willing my hands to be empty vessels to channel what my guides had brought me to see.

It was then that these images were born.

"Light Beings"

"Light Beings"

This is called “Light Beings.”
This framed version is the first and belongs to my mother.

May the energy that inspired this inspire you as well.


Image and Writing Copyright © 1997 – 2009  by Julia Meek Chambers, all rights reserved.

A Healing Dream…

From time to time, I receive visits from loved ones who have passed on.

It was my grandfather who died earlier this year. 
He held a very influential place in my life. 
(The dedication I wrote for his funeral is posted on my crochet blog, if you wish to see.)

He visited me last night.  Or perhaps more correctly, I visited him. 
I was sad and lonely and came to his lifeless body lying on his hospital bed. 
Laying my head upon his chest, I cried. 

As my tears fell on him, he stirred and with effort spoke. 
“Take heart child.  Your beliefs are welcome here.” 

And he was gone.
And I was filled with joy. 

“The signal is faint Grandma,”
I cried out to my one living grandparent left. 
“But he has not left.  Grandpa is still Here.”

We speak to the Children with many thoughts.

You seek the Key to Life? 
The answer is BE.
For it will elude the tighter you squeeze.

Awake from dreams. 
See and hear not with your body or your heart, but with your Soul.

Stop running. 
You did not incarnate to run away.  Incarnation is for Pain as much as Joy.

Stop fearing.
It is but a myst and an illusion.
For as it is said, “There is no spoon.”

Stop hating.
For when you promote division there is no Unity.

It is said that “Wisdom lies at the feet of many Masters.”
This illuminates that not all are right and not all are wrong.
For you are not infinite enough to contain the completion of Truth.
You must receive it through the means of many emissaries.

Balance lies in the spectrum of visions, not in the narrow precision of one.

Adversity disappears only when faced.
It is in the overcoming that the answer to incarnation lies.

The message has been brought many times in many forms. 
For mankind forgets while in the dream.
You have been told if you do not learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.
It has been said that life is not fair and was not meant to be fair.
And yet you forget yourself and try to make it so, taking the right to pain from others.

Receive a lesson from your body so wondrously created. 
The Secret is in the Overcoming.

For without exercise, the body wanes.
Without practice, the immune system is ineffective.
Without training, the mind is limited.
Without discipline, existence remains trapped by illusion.
Without Choice, there is no Grace.

History is made not by plan, but in the moment.
Even yours.  Just face and BE.

Abundance lies in the overcoming.
And only then does transformation and passage take place.

Do not believe that you do this alone.
For many souls have served and sacrificed in unconditional love for you to achieve ascension.

Without the help of the micro-verses, your universe is not possible.

It is through the grace of the multi-dimensional Kingdoms of Life that the energy you require to transform is made available.  So much energy is required for you to remain on this plane that sacrifice and flow are constant here.  So many have agreed to hold the space and sacrifice to lend that energy to you.

Without the permission of these and their help, you could not remain or thrive in this existence.
The opportunity to be and remain here on this plane, at this “school,” is paid for only by the greatest of Love to you.  Gratitude even to the smallest of cells in your body is in order, for without the unified purpose of each micro-element, your existence here would not be.

Take care of your body for it is the Temple of Your Soul.
For if you neglect it, it cannot be there for you.
And rather than enabling you, it will become a stumbling block instead. 

Take care of your family and your neighbor. 
They are your first teachers in overcoming.

You have heard – “Love your enemies,” yet you still do not understand. 
For you tend to run away from that which is closest to you.
All whom and that which you feel adversity with require your attention.
If you disagree with your neighbor, you must face this disagreement and see it through.
For if you run, negative adversity will breed and follow in new forms wherever you hide.
Challenges were made to be faced in their infancy.
What is it that follows you?

Over and over mankind repeats the pattern. 
It twists and turns and spreads into new dimensions. 
It could have been over before now, but mankind is a stiff-necked people. 
They see only in one direction and wish to learn the hardest of ways.
Harder is not necessarily better.  And often the little things matter most.

What is your code of honor?
Find it, solidify it, stand up for it and defend it.
We do not speak of what you call religion or politics, for these are but the deceivers.
Look to the Masters we sent you.  They did not choose the sides of men. 
They did not promote division.

Do not run.  Do not divide by demanding others to become like you. 
This is not the meaning of Unity.  They, like you, must Simply BE I AM.

We speak of the Soul.  We speak of the Pure Heart.

The Pure Heart destroys fear by embracing it.
The Pure Heart reaches beyond limitations and embraces paradox.
Duality is to show you than Balance lies at Center.
Face and embrace your Opposite – do not run.
Only then will you become complete.
Only then are you Free.

Dream Work Can Be a Powerful Tool!

I am a dreamer.  It is part of who I am.  I have always dreamed dreams of significance on a regular basis.  As such, it is really interesting sometimes the things that come out as wonderful experiences and lessons that often only the dream world can provide.

The other night I had an opportunity to reflect within during my sleep.  There were all sorts of things dreaming through my head that night, but at one point, I suddenly became aware of a single state of being – Gratitude.

In my dream, all the people of my childhood began to flow before my eyes, like a river of stories.  But they weren’t the major figures that are easy to look back upon and remember.  The people I was reminded of were those who played small but important roles, whether I was aware of them as a child or not.  Some of them had faces and others, I did not know them, but I was shown stories of the roles they played that at some point made way into my life.

The grade school principal who I rarely saw or was aware of, but who depended heavily upon my mother as PTA president, the parent volunteers who put together the carnival I bought my first jewelry at, the mother who part-time coached my basketball and volleyball team one year, the grandmother from church who rode the bus with my brother to make sure he got to basketball tournaments without mishap, the friends of my parents who were great about supporting their role as parents and sometimes took us kids to give them a break, the lady at the consession stand who always had a smile, the mothers who volunteered to cook in that hot cabin kitchen at summer camp whose faces I can’t even see, the teenagers who listened to my stories as a kid, the girl who taught me to make mud pies.  And there were so many more.  Such small and even tiny events in my life throughout my childhood and then on into my adulthood. 

So many people who had indirect and yet important positive influence upon my life.  And it was time for every one of them to be told “Thank You.”  Thank you for who you were then and who you are now.  Thank you for the small roles you have played, even if you didn’t think it mattered or anyone noticed.  Thank you for doing things the best you could or stepping out to do a small thing that had a trickle down effect upon the Soul that I AM.  Thank you for taking the time to Smile and to Listen.  Thank you for believing in me even when I didn’t know you.  Thank you for playing chase with a couple of bored kids stuck at an adult gathering. Thank you for loving my parents and believing that their job was important enough to support, even when you did not have children of your own.  Thank you for judging and encouraging me at the sicence fair. Thank you for sending my teacher that info on volunteer opportunities for young kids. Thank you for taking the time at the grocery store to tell me that a bag of apples can help you make a long drive better than gallons of coffee.

Yes – those carnivals you slaved over meant something and positively affected us as kids.  Yes, taking the time to laugh at our jokes and look at our creations made a difference.  Yes, that piggie-back ride at the church picnic made for a positive reference point in my sense of community. Yes, that handful of change you gave me at the store, when you didn’t even know me, touched my heart. Yes, that heart-felt talk you had at the city council meeting changed my life for the better, even if you weren’t sure what you were going to say or who would agree with you.  Your insecurities don’t matter, what does is what you did in spite of them and I thank you.  Thank you for the sense of community you fostered and gave me as an internal foundation to return to time and time again.  You have been a great teacher to me, even if you don’t remember me and we pass unknowingly on the street today. 

We have connected, you and I.  And I am so very grateful!

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