My Dream Last Night About the Man in the Mirror….

I had another dream last night.  I dream Dreams, and have all my life. And I continue to have what I call profound dreams even today. It  They have helped lead me to many doorways I have needed in life and have helped me help many people.  Sometimes they help me face fears or see something in a way I just would not otherwise.  This was an especially interesting dream….

“I was tending my garden when I became aware of my neighbor Mo. I saw Mo running around being active in his garden, doing this and founding that. He helped create a great many structures and gather a great many people and traveled a great many places, all the while building his garden and periodically singing the praises of his mentor and teacher whom he aspired to be like. And then down the street walking our way, Mo’s mentor came to visit and Mo sang out to the world to announce his presence. And I looked up and saw Mo turn to introduce a man walking up to him. And I saw all this and was invited to come out to the street to meet his mentor (who had another with him) and found myself intrigued. And as I looked, I was surprised, for Mo’s mentor stood within a door way as he moved. And I searched and realized it was a mirror and that the man who stood within the mirror, who was Mo’s mentor, was a mirror image of Mo himself. And I did not understand the meaning of this. And excitedly Mo hailed him and was elated by his coming and announced his mentor’s presence to all and then he turned to look at his work.

And Mo’s mirror image caught his eyes and then said to him, “Oh Mo, I know why it is that success has eluded you.” And Mo asked “Yes?” And the mirror image said, “For you have thought yourself to be better than I am and placed yourself as master above me. I will return when this has changed.” And he turned to walk away with the other who was with him.

And I looked up and beheld an opening in the sky and a semi circle made up of the host of my spiritual committee. And I asked, “How can this be?”

And they nodded and Mo’s mirror image turned and looked back and spoke to Mo. And I heard, “For works are not master of the Soul, but works are to be servant and assist the Soul. I Am. For the Soul is Master of the physical and all works of the hands. It is not for the works to place themselves above the Spirit. I will return when this has changed.” And then he turned away.

And I looked back up to the board of beings in the sky as I heard a gavel smack and they said, “You must tell him. And once this has been done, you must share this Truth with the others.” And I saw the heavens close.”

And I awakened and came to my computer to record all I could remember.

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