July/August Numerology Notes…..

In numerology notes:  We now enter a karmic stage of the year where we will reap what we have sewn thus far and from previous years’ investments. However, for this time there is a high spiritual vibrational requirement involved as all vibrations will compound during this time, augmenting the energies at work. Though we will physically see this manifestation, it is especially a spiritual “reaping” and karmic “pay-back.” When this energy is present, high vibrational traits like forgiveness, unconditional love and service, honesty, honor, integrity and purity of heart come quite into the focus. It’s important not to be stuck too much into the head during this time. You may find yourself faced with challenges of choosing spiritual vs. physical. Sometimes it’s not the sound business decision that’s important, but the spiritual one. Sometimes it’s about giving and sacrifice. Sometimes it’s about simply listening and putting your own words aside. If there were a key word about this time, it is to BE. Simply BE with all the purity and soul that You Are. Live and Thrive in Being. And through that will come Purity of Action. Choices to be made will also demand our focus during this time as new directions are in our future. Building up of our knowledge base and introspection thus far prepares us for this stage of the cycle.

We reap what we sew during this vibrational cycle. But more than simply that, how we reap is also important. Do we reap with grace and integrity. Do we step up to the plate and take responsibility for our choices. The lesson is even in the reaping during this time. Remember, karmically we receive only what we are suited to respond to. What we reap during this time may be surprising and unexpected. There may be the temptation to wonder how we could possibly have deserved this, whether positively or negatively experienced. The universe may not be fair, but it is just. And thoughts are as potent as words when it comes to manifestation.

It is important to remember commitments during this time as well. A good time to reach out to anyone you’ve been putting off. We set the stage during this time to carry us through the rest of the year.

Numerological dates of note are; July 27th, August 26th and August 29th. Week of note: The energy carried between August 26th and August 29th will be more intense, so mark it on your calendars. “Fruitional” energy is quite apparent during that vibrational space. It will be important to “listen well.”

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