Mercury is currently in retrograde during the most (numerologically) stressful month of 2010. And we are full swing into an intense arch of influence on top of a full moon as well.

This is the time of the month I most noted as causing “shaky ground,” both metaphorically and physically.  I find that often when certain stress equations are put into place, that that which we feel internally and personally can also make themselves known in the physical world around us.  So if our foundations as a society or nation or community feel shaky, often it radiates out there somewhere physically as well.  Stand ready to help smooth ruffled feathers.

Some of my clients will remember that they have special vibrations that make it far easier for them to manifest their emotions physically than others.  The same kind of energy is often wrapped up around dates. And our collective reaction has an impact.

On Mercury Retrogrades…  As often noted before, this is a time that is usually associated with communications gone awry.  Though I do acknowledge that this happens, I am not of the school of thought that avoiding communication until it’s over is the key to this energy.  In fact, I believe that not only is reflection good during this time, but also that clear, and focused communication becomes especially important during this window.  That important things are afoot and that either we rise to the occasion under the fire or we fail.  These are windows of opportunities when what we do and say becomes most important, even down to our body language.  And the more important, the more barriers there may be to overcome.  It’s all about balance, but also it’s about control.  Even when others go wrong.  Even when time doesn’t seem to obey the way it’s supposed to.  Even when space seems to bend.  Even when the impossible is staring you in the face.  If I tweak your sense and experience of time and space just a little, will you still be a good person and not judge or bite heads off  when disappointment or confusion strikes? What would it take? How high is your threshold?

Numerologically the energy stresses are similar in demand to this as well.  Honor and Karma are themes during this time.

By end of the first week of September, we shift into a gentler cycle where service, memories and friends become more important and we need to catch a breath.  Social circles are going to be important foundational aspects, so be sure that you are tending to your relationships with care.

I see much of September as recovery from August’s wake (sometimes that means after-shocks) and I do believe it’ll be the late part of September and first part of October before we finally feel like things are smoothing out again.  However, I do still see a natural disaster or something else that can qualify under the energy of “storm” taking place somewhere during the September/October cycle.  I do not see this as a major end of the world thing, just something significant during this window.

To recap on what I wrote at the beginning of the year for my annual predictions:  “September through October:  This is a time I see hurricane, earthquake or tsunami like involvement.  [Note that all of these involve water. And it seems this could go so far as to be activity “over the sea” also travels to us.]  Currently it appears that the east coast of the U.S. is primarily affected, however, I see this being North Atlantic in nature and that coastal nations opposite the U.S. could also be affected.  I’ve been asked if it could be terrorism instead.  It is possible that this is not a natural influence, but Man/people influence.  There is a type of “storm” that is seen when we study mob psychology and though I cannot recall the actual name for it, the phenomenon is actually referenced in ancient metaphysics as well.  So yes, people can in a sense energetically create a “psychic storm.”  And there is a valid 9 year cycle in numerology to consider.  However, if human-kind is involved with this, I feel it’ll take a back seat to the natural influence that seems to be present here.  The patterns set here seem to point to natural disaster.”

August Theme: Physical Trials, Challenge and Spiritual Lessons

Aug 4: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 11: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 11-14: Arch of Influence
Aug 16: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 18: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 20: Mercury goes Retrograde
*Aug 21-25: Arch of Influence
Aug 22: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 27: Date of Numerological Significance

September Theme: Service, Social Circles, Friendship

Sep 3: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 10: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 12: Mercury goes Direct
Sep 17: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 17-21: Arch of Influence
Sep 21: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 26: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 29 – Oct 1: Arch of Influence


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Creative and outside of the box thinkers, your time is now.  Don’t believe it? I’m telling you, this is your century, this is your year.  But you must not fall into group-think mode and must start being the inspired individual that you are.

I’ve spoken and written many times about the shift of the new millennium and the Unity Within Paradox Principle.  Many people agree with the ideas of Unity, but I find that few truly understand it or see the difference within their world views.

The Unity within Paradox Principal describes the balance between that which we perceive to be opposites, say like up and down, or brother and sister, that are not necessarily so, yet are required for completion of the whole.  This concept is Individualism connected to Oneness.  Distinct individual responsibilities and parts, that can operate together as a Whole.  It is not a drone unity like Star Trek’s “Borg,” to borrow an analogy on assimilation, but unity not too unlike how our bodies operate.  The brain and liver look nothing alike, their jobs are completely different, their “perspectives” would be drastically different, and yet both are essential to the continuity, strength and success of the whole.  The brain vs. liver approaches to life are very different, and yet neither of them are wrong.  And both approaches are valid.  It would not do for our bodies to have a yellow pencil approach to working together.

I have heard from some that the concept of Duality is the antithesis of Light.  That duality and oneness cannot exist within the same space.  That in order for Light to reign, duality must be destroyed or otherwise abolished.  Or that duality is the illusion and that there is no duality, but only oneness.  I’m here to say that this is a misconception and mis-application of the spiritual principles echoing through Time.  That the face of God is not a flat plane, but one of individual facets.  I’m here to tell you that duality and oneness coexist within the same space both physically and energetically and are equally important.  That everything that we perceive to be Divine exists within Paradox.  That our existence is both physical and spiritual and the key is remembering to honor both planes of existence.  That Unity involves individual roles, choice and responsibilities.  That a view of complete anti-dualism is in and of itself a diversion from Truth and “off the path.”

We have entered a time when it becomes important to recognize the individualism of the whole as the whole becomes better at operating within Oneness.  Numerology teaches us this, that there are 9 distinct and vital archetypes and that it takes all 9 to come together to create the channel to the Divine.  At no time can we extract or invalidate one of those and still have that Divine Connection.  A key to this is the energy of 5 – the middle of the range unifying 1-9 and the number of learning, evaluation, choice and freedom and the responsibility that comes with them.

We are now entering an energetic space that opens up to creative new ways of doing things. Yes, even in the current “financial climate.” For so long our modern society has tended to be a bit unfair to certain types of energies, as seeing them only useful for recreation, not for success, not for serious growth, and not for professional outlook.  Yet Seekers I tell you your time is now! The doors are opening for the creative and inspired approach.

Sure, I will talk about numbers, like I always do.  “Here’s the current equation – and it means this.”  But I also want to show you the signs, popping up like Spring, everywhere. It’s pattern in action and we are in the throes of rebirth.  If you’ve been feeling discouraged, it’s time to pick yourself up.

You can find a wonderful example of this shift in an article I’d like to share with you from the technology world.   Start with reading comment #38 here and then scroll up to the top and read the actual article written by Chris Ashworth entitled: “My Competitive Advantage: I Hire Artists.”

It’s time to truly embrace what it means to manifest something. The final result won’t be handed to you. Be Inspired.  Create it. The ground is fertile, the weather and conditions are right – now get to work before you miss the opportunity to lay the foundation for a prosperous year.  Opportunity for new ideas to flourish will present themselves. Look for the windows and seize them.

The lessons run throughout history – Fulfill your Purpose.  Operate from the Pure Heart.  And have Faith – remembering who you truly are, awakening deep in the Soul, and Know Thyself.

I refer you now to switch over and read The Manifesto of Encouragement by Danielle LaPorte.

The signs of this creative shift are everywhere.  I encourage you to look for them out there too.  Find those seedling examples.  Share them here if you are so inspired, but share them somewhere.  Pass the baton and encourage your fellow peers.

Simply, I am excited. And I Believe In You.

That is your message….

On to numbers: as a recap, May and August are the challenge months for 2010, with August carrying the greatest/most stressful load. Where May 2010 was about physical lessons, August 2010 is about spiritual lessons and consequences. This entails a more difficult time in general as are most things that impact on the Soul level.

The set-up between events in May and August are dynamic in nature. May was responsible for laying the foundation for events in August. And sandwiched in between these intense polarities of physical and spiritual lessons, we find June and July. At the end of June we launched into our summer eclipse cycle, which coincided with the final shift of the US’s Master Number 22 cycle into 5 in July.

This all culminates with the US’s national shift into a cycle of CHANGE and desire for FREEDOM. This vibration is very strong with us as a nation because it happens to be our Life Lesson as a nation. It is what we desire most to achieve and it is what we are also challenged by.

Shifting into this cycle along with the full solar eclipse will bring fluctuation in the market place. One of the easiest places for this energy to play out is in the flow of money. This energy often feels volatile every time we shift into it on a regular cycle. However, the solar eclipse this year adds an extra element of unpredictability. Do not get side-tracked. I expect it to be October before things start to feel like they are under some sort of “predictable” pattern again.

Now that being said, though unpredictability often feels uncomfortable, it is also the knock of opportunity and loaded potential. Unconventional doors are opening! There are opportunities to be found. But it’ll take a pioneering outlook to find them. And it will require focus and better communication. It’s time for creative energy and thinking outside of the box.

Creative Thinkers, your best time to shine all year long and in the last few years is during the next 6 months.  This doesn’t mean complete manifestation.  This means the tools and positive environment you crave are here.  Some things will manifest faster than others.  But the foundation is laid for this year to be of “good vintage.”  Don’t get stuck in discouragement or fear or despair.  Take advantage of this energy and be creative in all your perspectives and approaches now.

The time now calls for “outside of the box” considerations in whatever way that means for you.  Because that is not the same for everyone.  The new cycle of 5, the Life Lesson of the USA, tosses to us an opportunity to learn from others by exposing ourselves to ways of thinking and doing that we’ve never experienced before.  Whether it’s because the opportunity wasn’t there previously, or because we shut off the chance by being limited in our ideas, the door is open again.

When you are looking for that answer that seems to elude you, I challenge you to expose yourself to a world or perspective you normally would not and if it seems alien, actually try to “get” it and discover the insight encapsulated inside.  This requires freedom to experience these other ideas and views, the freedom to choose what to take away from the experience and the responsibility with the re-evaluation and choice as a result.

As August arrives, expect there to be challenges.  August is about honor and responsibility from the spiritual/soul level.  This challenges people in different ways.  What happens when people are challenged? Either they rise to the occasion, or they fail.  You will see both.  And in the mean time, energy is itching to be shifted in many places.  This can be both physically and spiritually.  it can be both financial climate as well as the weather.  And as some things feel unpredictable and shaky, I predict there may be real actual ground shaking as well.  “As above, so below” does not just apply to the Heavens and Earth, but spiritual and physical and even surface and below.  Remember it may take a couple months before we begin to feel we have the hang of things and all seems less volatile in nature.

Dates of Numerological Significance

July Theme: New Beginnings, Independence, The Tower Card

Jul 1: Date of Numerological Significance
Jul 11: Total Solar Eclipse
Jul 12: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)
Jul 19: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)
Jul 19 -23: Arch of Influence
Jul 26: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)

August Theme: Physical Trials, Challenge and Spiritual Lessons

Aug 4: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 11: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 11-14: Arch of Influence
Aug 16: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 18: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 20: Mercury goes Retrograde
*Aug 21-25: Arch of Influence
Aug 22: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 27: Date of Numerological Significance

My Competitive Advantage: I Hire Artists

September/October 2009 Numerology Watch…..

Some general Fall/Winter 2009 astrology data for you:

Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune are all currently retrograde. Pluto just went direct Sept. 11th. And there is a Mercury-Sun Conjunction Sept 20.

Sept 29: Mercury goes direct
Oct 13: Jupiter goes direct
Nov 4: Neptune goes direct
Dec 1: Uranus goes direct
Dec 20: Mars goes retrograde
Dec 26: Mercury goes retrograde (just in time for the holiday)
Dec 31: partial Lunar Eclipse
Jan 13: Saturn goes retrograde
Jan 15: Annular Solar Eclipse

As I write this, we find ourselves under a Mercury retrograde, which often governs communication gone awry. And though unlike many of my collegues, I do not avoid writing during this time, I will however focus on a more general outlook. I’m even teaching a numerology class during the retrograde and on a very intense Master Number day. Daring I tell ya. I’m really wild now. Although the Master Number energy present on September 24th (the day of my class) is perfect for spiritual teaching. Remember – it’s what you do with it. Channel that energy the direction it seeks to flow. If it seeks to be more reflective and spiritual, then that’s your focus. If it seeks to be more physical and emotional, then that’s the focus you need. It’s a tool – use it.

Jupiter is currently retrograde as well, still making physical and monetary goals harder to achieve and pushing us to more spiritual pursuits. However, it will go direct October 13. On top of that, in number energy there follows a lull after October 2 as we are sandwiched between two intense cycles of paradoxical energies that push us to our higher spiritual selves and away from physical pursuits as well. These energies also push trials and challenges our direction. A revealing of hidden truths and realities has been in operation with these number patterns, which we’ll find culminating in January. Suppose you’ve already noticed all these though?

It is a great time for us to be learning and growing. For it is only when we are faced with challenge that we can overcome. If you don’t know something is wrong, you can’t fix it and you don’t know what you don’t know. “Nature” is seeking to balance itself.

So many details are surfacing to challenge peoples ideas, ideals and preconceived notions. They are also surfacing to challenge “group think” or what I like to call “box think.” As a society, we are learning that as long as we insist on using boxes to label things as one or another, there will ultimately never be enough boxes. It is a time for us to face our illusions – and we all have them. No one, not I or even the most spiritual person in the world is exempt. If you are physical, this is present in your life. It is simply a sign of the plateau in development we are about to jump as a spiritual race. Everyone talks about the world evolving – this is part of that process, part of the answer everyone has been seeking. It is nothing to fear, nor is it something to feel you shouldn’t be affected by if you’re pursuing a spiritual life.

As of this writing, we are getting ready to launch into a week of intense energies that present many challenges, some of them very surprising. And the answer to these challenges in all cases comes ultimately to just this: It’s not what happens – it’s what you do and how you handle it. It is all about responsibility as a spiritual being and what that means. And it has little to do with the physical circumstances. Make the best decisions you can. Be careful with your words. Don’t give in to drama and keep it simple and cut to the soul of the matter.

Once we get through this pattern, numerologically it becomes a better time than it has been in a while for business. So for everyone that matters to, gear up and make your plans now to channel that energy spike. And as Jupiter goes direct in the middle of the month, even more so. For those in business, I believe October and Fall sales, probably Halloween in particular, will show strength. They might even be better than Xmas. Artistic endeavors also stand to do the best during this time, as do also all things that involve experiential entertaining and memories. That is where we should see some activity. And that kind of energy coupled with the usual energy of the Halloween/Fall holiday season should hold some significant spikes. However, the favor tips towards that which stands out, enhances social occasion and quality. Energy of the inventor and pioneer are strong at this time as well. So think in terms of new ways to do things that haven’t been done before. Serious business can be accomplished during this time, if we’re talking about buying substance. December sales energetically appear likely to have a short window spike, so prepare now.

A note on recent focus on 9-09-2009 and 9-11-2009….

As I’ve mentioned before, I do not necessarily support emphasis on certain dates on this blog just because everyone else is talking about it. Nor do I think you likely read my blog to hear the same information you get from everyone else. Why bring it up? Because my purpose is to teach. Why not bring it up sooner? Because it is not my purpose to divide, or distract anyone from pursuing a more spiritual ideal or the positive focus taking place at that time.

There are important messages in number patterns that should not be ignored. However, numerologically…. 9-9-2009 is not a 9 day, it is an 11 day, which we get roughly 3 times a month. And that date is not really strong in 9 energy numerologically, it would be considered strong in 11 energy. Because 9 is the number that supports and never takes away from another vibration. It serves to enhance others, not take over the lime light.

Dropping the 2 in 2009 is a numerological no-no. The true most recent 9-9-9 day was 9-9-2007. Which I preached about back then. 9-11-2009 has a little more significance, but not in the sea of note we are experiencing this year. It was not enough for me to note this time, even though Pluto did also go direct on that date.

Anything you choose to give focus to will manifest by spiritual law. When the world focusses on a particular date, yes, something can most definitely manifest. And ultimately whatever it takes to get folks to focus on more positive things is fine for me. If focussing on 9-09-2009 brings folks to a place of harmony, and helps them strive to be a better person and love their fellow man, then great. It becomes a great tool. However, it is not my purpose in this blog to note that which is emphasized by the physical. My purpose is to note those patterns which are Divinely present without regard to Mankind’s focus. They exist with or without our attention. Numerologically, I did not find 9-09-2009 to be significant of and by itself. It only becomes significant because of temporary physical focus. This does not make it the same type of energy and message present divinely within number patterns rooted at the core.

Patterns that do have divinely ordained messages from their core…. As you will notice below, November 11 is highlighted in red. There is a reason for that. It will be a very powerful date. And likely the world will focus on it, increasing the energetic reality of it on both spiritual and physical planes. Great things are afoot and this energy is powerful for all things spiritual. I share with you now: I am watching the entire week that date falls within. So should you.

More next time…..

Upcoming Dates of Numerological Significance:

Sept 24 – Oct 1, 2009
Oct 10-13, 2009
Oct 23-26, 2009
Nov 7, 2009
Nov 11, 2009
Nov 7-16, 2009 …this is a window to watch…

Lecture Schedule for Austin Metaphysical Fair – August 22-23, 2009

August 22-23, 2009:  AUSTIN METAPHYSICAL FAIR!
 Location: Radisson Hotel – 6000 Middle Fiskville Road  (Highland Mall Area)
Entrance Fee: $8.00 – covers both days

August 2009 Fair Lecture Schedule


Sasha White
Atlantis 12:00 PM

Yanie Brewer

Awaken-Awareness Process 1:00 PM

Dian Mahaffey

Orgon Energy 2:00 PM

Cindy Smith
Channeling from OSH  3:00 PM

Dr. Bernadette DeShields

Introduction to Matrix Energies 4:00 PM

Suzanne Camin
Messages from Spirit  1:00 PM

Dennis Smith
History of OSH  2:00 PM

Julia Chambers
Soul-Rooted Numerology Q & A + Mini-Readings from the Gallery  3:00 PM

Rev. Zarchian
Assisting/Accepting Change in Your Life  4:00 PM 
Find this Austin event and more listed at 


This will be a long entry while we first – recap some information and then second – get to the point. 

The month of July through the first week of August  is quite an energetically intense time for us in the good ‘ol USA. We’ve just flipped into a national 22/4 annual cycle, we’re in an 11/2 year on the western calendar, with a new president and vice-president who both carry the life lessons of 11/2 (in their birthdays).  And it just so happens to be that the way the equations add up this month, in this year, we hit some unique master number compounds – all around the same time as we experience 3 eclipses within a 30 day period. 

Eclipses have throughout history been symbolic of cleansing and facing challenges. Master numbers are symbolic of facing spiritual challenges, the “hand of destiny” and holding ourselves to a higher standard.  Spiritually speaking, seeing these events take place together, represents a very significant time to face, cleanse and overcome and denotes a more societal movement. That sort of process also generally brings with it an unveiling of some sort, and a revealing of truth – sometimes something we didn’t want to see.  As such, I find myself taking note.  All in all, it’s certainly an intense and busy time indeed.

OK, so what exactly does that mean?  Eclipses, master numbers, astral events?

Though I may see significance in patterns around us, I do not adhere to the dire predictions or dramatic interpretations that have floated around about these eclipses being once in a lifetime events, or paving the way for the end of the world, or predicting a miriad of unlikely events or for that matter representing spiritual agreement with political parties or the like, etc., etc..  (True spirituality does not choose division.)  And I’ve already basically addressed this position in a previous entry.  However, as an addendum, I love what Anne from Stariel Astrology recently wrote about this matter as well!  You can read her down to earth “rant” on recent astrological claims here:

What I’m talking about comes from the recognition of the Duality of Life.  That everything physical radiates into the spiritual and has an unending relationship and connection that cannot be broken.  Part of this time is about spiritual challenges in your life. If you think you are “awake and aware” you may be tested to see if you really are.  If you think you are a “good person” you might be challenged to see if you really are even under matters of great stress.  If you believe in an honor code, you might be put to the metal to see if you stick by it, or run when the going gets tough.  It is a time of testing and practice and it’s all here as a blessing to you.  Purging is often a very healthy part of life. 

First, let’s revisit a few details about this month that have already been provided on this blog previously.  To shorten this particular post, I’ve re-compiled the bullet points here:

All such events happen with regularity.  But in today’s world from a spiritual perspective, when I observe these events colliding with one another or layering, I get more interested in the punctuation of the present energy.  And what we see is a time that allows for us to face things we haven’t faced.

I know, I know. We hear that rather frequently in the spiritual circles. But this month in general is a bit different and a bit more “grab your attention and yank” than others.

And so I have equated this to being somewhat like Zombies. Yes – ZOMBIES….

Life in Austin is just - never boring.....

Life in Austin is just - never boring.....

Why? Because it’s the perfect analogy for this. It’s most certainly a time when issues from the past can haunt elements of the present. Identities, realities and truths are challenged. What you see is not always what you get. What you believe is not always built on solid ground. Even sometimes what you believe your “issues” are. 

So let’s take a look at “The Zombie Equation” here. When you get a mix of cleansing energies like this, things from the past, some you might have long thought dead and gone, can suddenly rise up out of the grave and appear right in front of you, to challenge you. Now it’s possible you might not even recognize them for what they are. After all a challenge of reality also brings itself into the mix here.  You might not know what you’re even looking at, at first.  And think about it, just how real would it seem to you at first if you did suddenly find yourself face to face with a zombie anyway? What-Huh…? 

Energetically, this isn’t much different.

This cleansing pattern digs deep this time, which is where some of the surprise comes into play.  Because the issues that come to surface for cleansing might not always be what you generally would expect. In terms of possible zombie analogies of “who” might come back to haunt you, it might not be mom or dad or an ex who surface to challenge you in their zombie form this time. This time, it just might be your distant Uncle Bob, or something else you might not have recognized having an issue with before, like say your neighbor’s old dog Fluffy.  But suddenly it’s here now and in your face and you have to figure out what it is and deal with it.

You might not even recognize Uncle Bob at first when he pops up in your face.  After all, you don’t recall him being on your “issue” radar, either ever or in forever. But suddenly, here’s Uncle Bob, in your face and threatening to take your heart and cause you great pain. 

So a unique time like this grants the opportunity to dig deep and reveal issues that need attention so they can truly go away.  These could be minor issues you didn’t pay attention to and these could be deep layers of issues you’ve been chipping away at for years. 

It also presents an opportunity to “test your muster.”  What happens inside of you when the zombies of your life come and threaten to take it away?  What happens to your sense of Truth when your world is turned upside down or backwards or you are faced with something you’ve just never had to face before?  What happens if you are shown a weakness you’ve never seen in yourself before?  Or you are shown a fact or reality that you refused to believe existed before.  Maybe Uncle Bob really isn’t such a nice guy.  Maybe he really is a zombie and you’ve just got to accept that fact and deal with that.

The lesson which master numbers ask of us is “Will you still hold to your Truth, Commitment and Light no matter what?”  Or when your zombies show up, do you look for someone to trip so you have a better chance to run?  Your zombies won’t go away on their own.  You won’t know of their existence unless they hunt you down to face them.  They have to be recognized for who and what they are and they have to be faced.  Only then can they be brought to final rest.  So when Uncle Bob has risen from the grave and is chasing you, you need to stop running, turn and face him and see what he wants and carefully put him to rest.  Just don’t let him take your heart.

I had intended to finish writing this article much sooner, but unfortunately, some zombies of my own got in the way….  Like me, you have to face them and deal with them so they don’t become permanent blockages in your Life. 

So best of luck out there and wherever you are, give my regards to Uncle Bob.

Upcoming Dates of Numerological Significance:

July 26 -31, 2009
July 29, 2009
Aug 1-3, 2009 
Aug 14, 2009
Aug 25, 2009

Lesser Influences:
Aug 21, 2009
Aug 30, 2009

(August 3rd falls on a Monday morning – please take your time and be careful on the roads on the way to work, etc.)

Recap on Some Details About Summer 2009

• Jupiter went retrograde, making the pursuit of money and materialism even more difficult.

• Two penumbral lunar eclipses and one total solar eclipse will take place July 7, July 22 and August 6 – all within 30 days of each other. 2009 is interesting in that there are 6 solar/lunar eclipses this year. Most years there are only four and they usually pair up one lunar and one solar within a month’s period. In poking around the data, the last time we had this sort of lunar-solar-lunar eclipse grouping within a 30 day period was in May/June 2002. And in 2000 we had a solar-lunar-solar eclipse pattern between July 1-31.

• This occasional pattern of triple-eclipse play-out doesn’t usually occur as 6 eclipses within a particular year, but rather only 5, which I find interesting numerologically speaking. Not so much for the 6 vs. 5, as much as it’s an aberrant pattern.  That during our first 11 year (2009) in 99 years (since 1910), 2009 as an energy will also include experience of a total of 6 eclipses, not the more usual 4-5.  So we see a combo of intense master number energy with the more intense cleansing eclipse pattern again here as well. 

(Remember what I’ve said previously about how it is the nature of new milleniums to force societal change? It’s because of the new 11 year patterns!  And our first 11 year of a new century rife with 11 years has this much cleansing eclipse energy associated with it.  Does this energy occur because of the numbers and astral events?  Or do the numbers and astral events reflect what is already taking place?  That’s a chicken or the egg argument I think.)

• July 7th eclipse was on the heel of our nation’s Master Number 22 birthday cycle, while July 22 was a total solar eclipse and coincides smack on top of a 22 Master Number day. The Master Number 22 that we as a nation are just entering as an annual cycle.

• Super sun spots materialized on July 4th – the Master Number 22/4 day, that was also a significant date for the US entering a new 22 cycle. Later the cluster began to wane on July 7th, the day of the lunar eclipse. I already noted an arc of energetic influence between these two dates – the Super Sun Spot’s behavior just reinforced this idea of more intense energetic influence.

August/September Numerology Notes:

 In numerology notes: As we exit the karmic energy presently in place, this last week of August holds significantly intensified energies. These powerful energies entail karmic challenges. Again, this about how we deal with these challenges, as we’ve experienced this “reap what you’ve sewn” energy these last few weeks. However, expect some interesting surprises this week as we blend into a new cycle.The intense energetic “auras” that everyone has been feeling won’t be over soon, though. As we phase into the next numerological stage, the energies shift more out of the karmic slap and then into full blown compounded energies that are best channeled into all that is spiritual and love and a realization that sometimes things happen that we don’t deserve.Some dates will be especially intense as higher vibrational energies become compounded with a spiritual lesson entailed. Expect various profound physical events, all the while with a spiritual barb and lesson. Actions speak louder than words during this time. As we filter through these energies, the heart of many matters and even the soul make up of some will be revealed. You might just find out exactly what someone really believes, whether they meant for it to be obvious or not. I expect to see some raw truths become evident during this time both in personal and professional lives. This will manifest both in negative and positive ways! You may suddenly realize the value of someone you never took much notice of or gave much credit. And likewise, someone you thought more of may disappoint you. However, it is often when dishonor becomes apparent that humanity takes most notice. Please strive to see the positive things shifting as well as they are there for all of us! There is more going on than just what appears shocking.

Again, though drastic physical events may grab your attention during this time, the lessons are more spiritual in nature. It’s NOT about deserving or reaping what you sew during this cycle of energy. It’s about being a good person and soul *anyway,* no matter stress what is thrown your way. Can you dig it?

Upcoming dates of numerological interest are:

August 26 -29; the weekend of September 12-14, September 24-25 (which coincides with a Mercury Retrograde) and Monday the 29th. Everyone be prepared to stay calm and take their time getting to and from work and school on Monday September 29th. When intensified energies like this fall on a Monday, we always see more auto accidents in the Austin area. Energy present during the weekend of September 12-14 involve a series of compounded master number energies that influence change (sometimes to destruction) to build something new and the number of the martyr, which includes a willingness to love unconditionally, in spite of physical trials and tribulation and even unto sacrifice. This energy is also about Forgiveness, even in the face of loss. Resist the urge to go toward dark internal attitudes when things become difficult. It is important to stay in the Light and remember it’s not about what you’ve sewn this time. It’s about sometimes things happen just because and we must remain Love no matter what. These energies are preparatory for the coming year. Practice now.

(Written August 22 – 29th)

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