March 13-14, 2010 – Lecture Schedule for Austin Metaphysical Fair

March 2010 Fair Lecture Schedule


Sasha White
Relationships by Ashtar – Metatron
12:00 PM

Yanie Brewer
Awakening and Awareness
1:00 PM

Cindy Smith

Channeling from OSH
2:00 PM

Julia Chambers

Heretical Numerology
+ Readings from the Gallery
3:00 PM

Shannon Ogg

Remembering Your I AM Presence
4:00 PM


Cristy Nix

Psychometry – What Jewelry Says About You 12:00 PM

Karen Richards
Stone Energy and Vibration 2012
1:00 PM

Kramer Wetzel

2:00 PM

Daniel Brown

3:00 PM

Rev. Zarchian

Life Changes with Bath II
4:00 PM

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February Theme: Change and Adaption

Thus far we’ve been working with the energies of change and adaption.  To give you a personal example, I have a car that went from working, to suddenly being moments away from a seized engine with no explanation after a routine professional oil change.  Which of course renders any car suddenly worthless.  Wasn’t in my plan to be looking for new wheels at this time, and certainly I did nothing personally to warrant or expect this could happen.  However, this is the required adaption tossed into our family’s path.

For you, perhaps it’s not as drastic.  But somewhere, somehow, flexibility and looking at possibilities from a new angle, is key.

March Theme: Family Fun, Harmony and Health

March is the time of year here in Central Texas that brings us a myriad of weather possibilities.  Sometimes, it’s our coldest month, believe it or not.  And yet, somewhere in there, spring begins.  It’s also generally the beginning of “spring weather,” sometimes also known as thunderstorms, flooding, hail and possible tornadoes.

I do believe that March and April 2010 is going to involve some turbulent weather for us.  And some insurance adjusters will be quite happily busy.  However, I believe this will be in pockets and not blanketed across the area.  Not only that, but we will see some lemonade as well.

March brings with it a mixture of extremes.  Sadness and excitement.  Devastation (think tower card or master number 55) and Opportunity.

I expect some market growth as well.  There may be those who will use this to “prove” the economy is fixed.  It’s not – just a temporary boost.  Enjoy it though, in moderation.

Family is a key point during this time and for those with kids, I highly recommend you make some time during spring break for something you can do as a family.  Don’t just send the kids to spring break camp.  It’s an opportunity to build relationships and community, so service projects do well with making use of the energies at this time.  Good time for family reunions and friendly gatherings.

And can I just say that this kind of energy is perfectly channeled through dance as well?

Health falls into this realm for the next several weeks as well.  Whether this is under the guise of “get fit,” or medical issues, take the time to see what aspects in your life need attention at this time.

I want to bring up the subject of accidents. This is something for adults, as well as kids.  Numerological energies falling during this time, especially after spring break, can be sort of intoxicating or volatile in nature.  What I mean is our potential for lack of self-control and sometimes irresponsible spontaneity.  Spring brings with it a pretty good feeling this year.  A small sense of relief, after a time many folks have felt a little starved for some fun and encouragement.  Enough that it could even be intoxicating one of these days.  Daydreaming and feeling a bit unfocused or zoned out may also occur.  The tendency during such time is to indulge a little too far, go overboard and get carried away, or forget responsibilities altogether.  Kids feel like Super Man or just aren’t paying attention, do silly things and get hurt.  College finals are over and celebrations and excitement go too far or late night term papers take their toll on the road.  Adults may throw caution to the wind and spend more than they should.

Whatever it is, the point is don’t find yourself feeling so good or zoned out in the moment that you lose your sensibilities, or even sense of mortality, and end up paying for it.   Don’t think kids are immune to this.  They stress inside when adults are stressed too.  And they do pick up on your sense of relief and daydreaming as well.  If you are a teacher or have kids, this is a good time to talk to them in advance about Spring Break and learning self-control in general.  That it’s good to be excited about breaks and good times and sunny days, but not to lose their common sense either.

There is a flip side to this energy potential as well, as energies during this time seek harmony at all cost, and that is to force a sense of relief by way of explosion.  As in things have been so stressful, “I can’t stands no more!” And the temptation may be to do something extreme or irrational.

My advice?  Just don’t.

Dates of Numerological Significance

Mar 3: Date of Numerological Significance (3-3-3 and part of a Fibonacci pattern)
Mar 5: Date of Numerological Significance
Mar 8-9: Arch of Influence
Mar 16: Date of Numerological Significance
Mar 23: Date of Numerological Significance
Mar 26-27: Arch of Influence
Mar 27: Date of Numerological Significance
Mar 30: Date of Numerological Significance

2010 Predictions from The Heretical Numerologist…

Dear friends,

I’m sorry that it has taken me awhile to compile the info from my lectures for the blog.  You’ll find below a brief synopses of my predictions, as they currently stand, that I have so far covered at previous metaphysical talks and events.  Since I habitually do analysis on a monthly basis, it is possible down the road that I may identify additional patterns that at the time of this writing did not stand out to me.  Subscribe to the blog or to my free newsletter for greater detail in the monthly watches.

From my notes covered in class on hard predictions:

In general, 2010 will feel like a relief after 2009.  The first half of the year requires more work and planning and responsibility as the U.S. continues to operate under a 22 cycle.  The second half of the year, we shift into a 5 cycle.  5 is the Life Lesson of The United States of America.  With it brings change and seeming chaos.  But essentially what this vibration is about is shifting energy and paradigms.  Coupled with 2010 being a 3 year, and 3 and 5 being the “fun” numbers of the 1-9, the second half of the year I expect to see more spending.  It doesn’t mean the wisest of choices will always be made, however folks will feel a need to let down and do something for themselves.  Money will be spent more on experiences and quality of life and less on stuff.  Some will try to claim that the economy is fixed.  I would not agree this will actually happen this year and I see a reckoning coming in 2011.  However, this year will feel a little better to many, even if a brief respite.  This year is the time to plan a break and some fun; there is hard work ahead.

2010 is a great time to bring about anything you wish to manifest, as long as everything is kept in responsible balance.  I actually do recommend vacations and travel this year and investment into your families and social circles.  You’ve been too busy surviving and it’s time to invest in this important part of thriving.  However, there has to be a plan.  The beginning of the year is a good time to do your homework and plan your fun this year.  Set goals and work towards them.  But like all things in life, we *need* mini-successes in life to help us see our direction and keep from getting discouraged.  Do not forsake this important tool in pursuing success.  So make some deposits in your bank of happy experiences and stop overdrawing through the negative ones.  The human soul needs a healthy balance of stress and joy and this is the year to right the balances.

Now to some stormy specifics.  Which I’d like to note – is simply like planetary menses or detox, not something to be afraid of.  Even if PMS is sometimes scary….

Late January through February:  This is a time that I see significant winter storms and earthquake potential.  I spoke of this over the fair weekend.  Since then I have been asked if the January 12th earthquake in Haiti qualified for my prediction.  In my mind, the answer is no – it’s a little early in the month for what I’m looking at.  I’m looking for influence from January 15th on.  And we have a long arch of influence in January to start off our year.  Longer than usual.  However, I generally do predictions with effect on the United States in mind.  Afterall, it is where I live.  I’ve been asked if perhaps the significance I see might actually be from U.S. involvement.  Looking at it from this point of view, yes – I guess it could qualify.  And it is true, there are always two dates in operation on this planet at all times.  Still, I’m not convinced January 12th falls into my window of prediction.   And I still see winter storms.

March-April:  I predict stormy weather in the Central Texas, but it’s all good.  And a great time to really enjoy all that Spring has to offer!

May:  There will be a financial and systematic reckoning during this month, which can bleed into the last few days of April and beginning of June.  We will have an opportunity to see what is working and what is not and realize the benefits or costs of each.  Expect to see some businesses fail or make the news during this time.  Challenges in business, government and leadership fall during this time.  I expect a possible natural event of significance during this time.  Perhaps volcanic.  However, I’m not sure whether it rocks the world at this time, or just adds the cherry to the top of the ice-cream sunday.  Something in terms of boundaries, whether tangible like national borders, or intangible like government boundaries of operation, is going to spike somewhere during this time and draw attention.  Again, either it’s the one extreme of showing how well something is working and we realize the benefit of great work on the matter, or the other extreme of a demonstration of what isn’t working at all and consequences result.

August:  This will be a challenging month, possibly the most challenging within the entire year.  Expect volatility in the market and perhaps some revisit of issues brought up in May.  Reputation, honor, honesty as well as image hang in the balance.

September through October:  This is a time I see hurricane, earthquake or tsunami like involvement.  [Note that all of these involve water. And it seems this could go so far as to be activity “over the sea” also travels to us.]  Currently it appears that the east coast of the U.S. is primarily affected, however, I see this being North Atlantic in nature and that coastal nations opposite the U.S. could also be affected.  I’ve been asked if it could be terrorism instead.  It is possible that this is not a natural influence, but Man/people influence.  There is a type of “storm” that is seen when we study mob psychology and though I cannot recall the actual name for it, the phenomenon is actually referenced in ancient metaphysics as well.  So yes, people can in a sense energetically create a “psychic storm.”  And there is a valid 9 year cycle in numerology to consider.  However, if human-kind is involved with this, I feel it’ll take a back seat to the natural influence that seems to be present here.  The patterns set here seem to point to natural disaster.

October through December:  Believe it or not, even though this is the time we consider to be holiday shopping season, numerologically, this is the best time all year for money growth.  I expect that there will be those in government who will point to this as evidence that the economy has recovered.  However, you will also see some businesses and government programs fail during this time and in the next year to come.

2011 brings a sea of reckoning and consequences for all will be made manifest, positive or negative.

In the Core Truths I teach about Numerology, numbers represent Divine archetypal energies.  They can never be bad or negative, only Divine.  However, we who have freedom of choice, can react negatively or positively to the influence of these Divine energies.

Key words that describe negative aspects or “traps” we can sink into while under the vibration of 2010 include:  Distraction, scattered, unfocused, disorganization, lazy, irresponsible, dishonesty, jealousy, prankster, without any structure or discipline, prima donna, drama, exaggeration, daydreamer, carelessness.

There is more I could write, but a lecture illustrates it best.  I’ll try to carve out some time for it in the future if others would like to host a venue.   Hosts attend for free of course!  In the mean time, I’ve attached my handout on 2010 dates below.

Copyright © 2003 – 2010  by Julia Meek Chambers, all rights reserved.

by Julia Chambers – The Heretical Numerologist

All data presented below was researched via public records and calculated according to my own personal approach to numerological calculation. This information is presented in conjunction with my talks at the January 8th Prediction Panel for the Austin Metaphysical Fair as well as my 3pm lecture at the fair on January 9th which will both explain this numerological outlook.  “Super Dates” are in bold. ”Arcs” denote longer/stronger times of influence.

For further detailed information, I invite you to attend a two-hour lecture on January 15, 2010, 7-9pm dedicated to the numerological influences of 2010.  Guest lectures are available upon request, if you’d like to host a lecture in your home or office.  You are invited to sign up for my free monthly numerology watch and newsletter.  Personal consults are also available.

Found in many ancient alphabets and not to be confused with the reverse which appears more like the crucifixion spire.

Dec 26: Mercury goes retrograde (just in time for the holiday)

Dec 31: Partial Lunar Eclipse and 2nd full moon of month
Interesting relationship with this New Year’s eclipse, the significance of the number sequence 2010, the Tree of Life and the character you see at right. Hover your cursor over the image for more details to further your exploration.

January Theme: Planning and Brainstorming

Jan 13: Saturn goes Retrograde
Jan 7: Date of Numerological Significance
Jan 15: Mercury goes Direct
Jan 15: Annular Solar Eclipse
Jan 15-25: Arch of Influence
Jan 18: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)
Jan 25: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)
Jan 29: Date of Numerological Significance
Jan 29-30: Arch of Influence

February Theme: Change and Adaption

Feb 6: Date of Numerological Significance
Feb 15: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)
Feb 15-17: Arch of Influence
Feb 17: Date of Numerological Significance
Feb 24: Date of Numerological Significance
Feb 28: Date of Numerological Significance

March Theme: Family, harmony and health

Mar 3: Date of Numerological Significance (3-3-3 and part of a Fibonacci pattern)
Mar 5: Date of Numerological Significance
Mar 8-9: Arch of Influence
Mar 16: Date of Numerological Significance
Mar 23: Date of Numerological Significance
Mar 26-27: Arch of Influence
Mar 27: Date of Numerological Significance
Mar 30: Date of Numerological Significance

April Theme:  The Details

Apr 3-4: Arch of Influence
Apr 4: Date of Numerological Significance
Apr 15: Date of Numerological Significance (also Tax Day)
Apr 18: Mercury goes retrograde
Apr 22: Date of Numerological Significance
Apr 26: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)
Apr 29-30: Arch of Influence

May Theme:  Consequences, Reckoning, Discipline (Reap What You Sow)
Career, reputation and honor come to play during this time.  Financial adjustments especially will take place here.  I expect some market panic and perhaps some panic on the part of government and law.  Those in charge of economic efforts will see their efforts either succeed or fail here.  Same with companies.  Success or fail of anti-terror efforts.

May 3: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)

May 3-6: Arch of Influence
May 11: Mercury goes direct
May 14: Date of Numerological Significance
May 21: Date of Numerological Significance
May 25: Date of Numerological Significance
May 23-25: Arch of Influence

June Theme:  Clarity and Service

Jun 2: Date of Numerological Significance
Jun 13: Date of Numerological Significance
Jun 13-16: Arch of Influence
Jun 21: Date of Numerological Significance
Jun 21: Summer Solstice and New Moon
Jun 24: Date of Numerological Significance
Jun 26: Partial Lunar Eclipse
Jun 29: Date of Numerological Significance
Jun 29 – Jul 1: Arch of Influence

July Theme: New Beginnings, Independence, The Tower Card

Jul 1: Date of Numerological Significance
Jul 11: Total Solar Eclipse
Jul 12: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)
Jul 19: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)
Jul 19 -23: Arch of Influence
Jul 26: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)

August Theme: Physical Trials, Challenge and Spiritual Lessons

Aug 4: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 11: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 11-14: Arch of Influence
Aug 16: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 18: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 20: Mercury goes Retrograde
*Aug 21-25: Arch of Influence
Aug 22: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 27: Date of Numerological Significance

September Theme: Service, Social Circles, Friendship

Sep 3: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 10: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 12: Mercury goes Direct
Sep 17: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 17-21: Arch of Influence
Sep 21: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 26: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 29 – Oct 1: Arch of Influence

October Theme: Planning and Fortune, Innovation

Oct 9: Date of Numerological Significance
Oct 16: Date of Numerological Significance
Oct 20: Date of Numerological Significance
Oct 25: Date of Numerological Significance
Oct 31: Date of Numerological Significance

November Theme: Adaption and Adoption

Nov 8: Date of Numerological Significance
Nov 15-19: Arch of Influence
Nov 24: Date of Numerological Significance
*Nov 30: Date of Numerological Significance

December Theme: Transformation of Society

Dec 7: Date of Numerological Significance
Dec 10: Mercury goes Retrograde
Dec 14: Date of Numerological Significance
Dec 18: Date of Numerological Significance
Dec 21: Date of Numerological Significance
Dec 21: Winter Solstice and Total Lunar Eclipse
Dec 23: Date of Numerological Significance
Dec 29: Date of Numerological Significance
Dec 30: Mercury goes Retrograde

Copyright © 2003 – 2010  by Julia Meek Chambers, all rights reserved.


There wasn’t enough time to cover everything at the Prediction Panel last Friday or the lecture I gave at the fair.  So I will be giving a follow-up on 2010 for everyone that wants to hear more, or couldn’t attend the fair this weekend.  I will also have more time for questions and the mini-readings from the gallery audience.  So come on out and see how this is different from anything else you’ve ever heard!

So what is Heretical Numerlogy?
 The agenda includes numerology insight, mini-readings from the gallery, Q & A, as well as some discussion of dowsing and psychic tools.

Come see what it’s all about and how this is
different from any other reading you’ve ever had!

+ Mini-Readings from the Gallery

Friday, January 15, 2010 – 7-9pm
12806 Blackfoot Drive, Austin TX

Cost: Only $11

This will be an interactive full two hour talk on new millennial energies and 2010 from a heretical numerology perspective.  Some mini-readings from the gallery will also be used to help illustrate points and concepts.

Chocolate and bottled water served.  Notebooks are highly recommended.


Director and founder of The Seeker’s Window™, The Seeker’s Round Table™, and Heretical Numerology™, Julia is a professional numerologist as well as a 7th generation dowser and student of “The Gift.”  A believer in the duality of Life as both spiritual as well as physical, her “Soul-Rooted” approach to numbers is spiritual-philosophical in nature.

In metaphysical circles, Julia is known for her profound readings, public teaching, karmic style approach to numerology, networking of local teachers/classes, and her spiritual and charity work with children.  Credentials include degrees in theology, music and Liberal Studies with dual emphasis including psychology, as well as multiple awards in public speaking, music performance and published writing.

Drawing upon a lifetime of leadership accomplishments, writing, public speaking, and study in the music arts, Julia brings a unique and empowering perspective to the world of spirituality, metaphysics and number pattern.

Learn more about Julia, her classes and her work at:

Looking for a Central Texas
Community of Spiritual Interests?


The Seeker’s Round Table (TSRT) is a community place for novices and advanced students alike with regard to a variety of metaphysical and spiritual subjects.  As a general rule of thumb, The Seeker’s Round Table does not repeat a subject within a 10-12 month period, or a teacher within about 12-18 month period, keeping our rotation of subjects, and interest, fresh and new. Our classes are only 2 hours long and, though jam-packed, generally serve to introduce students to each teacher or subject. (There’s only so much you can cover in 2 hours!) But it gives our students a chance to meet, learn from and rub shoulders with accomplished and experienced professionals and mentors in their spiritual fields, in a safe and welcoming environment.  The level of expertise that our teachers bring to the table is important to us.  I’m confident you’ll find yourself in good hands!

 At TSRT, you will be exposed to others who also share interests in these areas and who are at various stages of their paths.  Meant to be community support as well as a place for introductory classes, TSRT is a place to rub shoulders and network, as well as a chance to just shake off the day and receive.  TSRT classes are kept low cost for a reason.  Our teachers do this in part as a community service, since obviously they do not normally charge $11 for their work.  But also, it is a chance, in a safe place with “low financial risk” for students to be exposed to a variety of subjects and teachers.  It is your chance not only to learn about a subject, but about the teacher as well.  And as such, you have a better chance of becoming connected with the teachers, contacts and subjects you feel aligned with as well.  The Austin area has a lot to offer, but most of it is word of mouth.  TSRT is one outlet to bring teachers and students together.  Some people come every month and some come just whenever they are interested in a subject or have time.  There are no obligations either way. 

 In addition, there is also a monthly email newsletter, as well as an online community.  If these appeal to you, let me know and I’ll be happy to add you to the mailing list and send you the invitation to the online community.  We respect our TSRT members’ privacy, so the online community is a private closed group, by invitation only.  It is only open to TSRT email members.  So you have to sign up.


Or come by The Heretical Numerologist’s Table at the Austin Metaphysical Fair to join the mailing list for local news and events.

Blue Moons, Eclipses and Message of New Year’s Eve 2009…

I was asked a question about December 31st, the eclipse, being a “Blue Moon” and how it can be honored, which helped spawn this post.  I am in the process of working on my lecture for the upcoming fair and presentation for the prediction panel this year at the fair, as well as my upcoming lecture after the fair.  So a little of that is present here as well.   Many thanks again to Tasha for the question and push to write about this date on the blogs!  I hope you all will enjoy.

As far as my viewpoint of what this time currently brings:  This is from my perspective as a numerologist.  You may also wish to check on it from an astrologer’s point of view or reference natural magic sources. 

Most of what I write on my blogs is in reference to where numerology and other events coincide or “collide.”  Numerologically, New Year’s Eve 2009 is a great day for meditation and spiritual pursuits.  And certainly, with every end and beginning of a year, moon or month, it is a good time to set intentions. 

There are always either 13 full moons or 13 new moons from winter solstice to winter solstice.  And it is true that Dec 31st will be the 2nd full moon in December.  However being a 2nd full moon in a month is not necessarily a true “Blue Moon.” 

The idea that two moons within the same month a Blue Moon make, is actually only as recent as 1946 when Sky and Telescope Magazine mis-interpreted the Maine Farmer’s Almanac.  According to the Farmer’s Almanac, a Blue Moon is actually the 3rd full moon within a season of four full moons.  A correction was published, but not until some years down the road and the mistake has stuck ever since. 

So operating from that perspective – astrologically, numerologically, or even from a natural magic standpoint – Dec 31st is in fact the 1st full moon of the winter season and can not qualify as a true Blue Moon.

That being said, being a partial lunar eclipse on New Year’s Eve when the year is shifting into something new, and during a Mercury Retrograde, does bring its impact.  It doesn’t play out numerologically in the way I look for significant patterns, but it is its own rite of passage. 

On top of that, as I always emphasize – what people in mass focus on does bring about a reality.  If the “world” focuses on the date as significant as a “Blue Moon” then there will be some special energy to it by the sheer force of law that governs manifestation.

The beginning of this year is like a hesitant step back before it makes its actual step forward.  New Year’s Eve of 2009 – numerologically the first 11 year in 99 years coming to a close – with its eclipse and under mercury retrograde – is a good time to end the year in reflection.  To go back over what we have seen, heard, been through and make an accounting for it.  It’s a good time for some subtle evaluation as well, but essentially, focus and honor given to each and every thing, whether perceived as positive or negative.  That there be no waste.  That every moment of this year was of impact and importance for this point in our evolution as a spiritual race.  It is important to remember, to look back over our lives and reflect.  It is important to pick up the unanswered questions and slate them for exploration.  It is important to realize that every circumstance had importance this year and sets the stage for the future to come.  It is important to look over our choices and evaluate their potential.  As every major religion and philosophy in the world urges, we must slow down, take our time, go within and listen before we move.  It is time to look back and recapture, tie puzzle pieces together and set aside those we haven’t figured out yet for future consideration.  Share memories, joy and even pain; release that which needs to be released and embrace Life and its true purpose.  I expect New Year’s Eve 2009 is meant to be as a moment that stands still in Time.  Whether all will hear the cry remains to be seen.

For additional inspiration at this time, you might also be interested in looking into information on the 13th zodiacal constellation in the Zulu culture – that of the Whale (Umkhomo).  It is considered holy and rules between December 28 and January 6.  People born during this time are considered blessed and meant for sacred work in the world.

I hope this information is useful to you. 

Blessings and Happy New Year!

Lecture Schedule for Austin Metaphysical Fair – January 9-10, 2010

January 9-10, 2010:  Austin Metaphysical Fair!
*Traditionally, the first Austin Metaphysical Fair of each year includes a free Friday night (prior) prediction panel!  Held 7:30 – 10pm at the hotel.  Aside from my numerology lecture on Saturday, I will also be presenting numerological outlooks for the prediction panel this year.*

Location: Radisson Hotel
6000 Middle Fiskville Road
(Highland Mall Area)
Entrance Fee: $8.00 – covers both days
(email us for more information or a map)

January 2010 Fair Lecture Schedule


Sasha White
Ashtar & Outer Dimensions 12:00 PM

Yanie Brewer
Messages From Spirit 1:00 PM

Cindy Smith
Predictions for 2010  2:00 PM

Julia Chambers
Numerology & Psychic Tools
+ Readings from the Gallery
3:00 PM

Robert Baca
Guided by Spirit – Public Gallery 4:00 PM


Cristy Nix
Spirit of Stones 12:00 PM

Karen Richards
Crystal and Stone Energies 1:00 PM

Kramer Wetzel
Astrology  2:00 PM

Rev. Zarchian
Life Changes with Bath II  3:00 PM

Robert Baca
Guided by Spirit – Public Gallery 4:00 PM


It’s December 2009.  Whew!  How’d ya’ll enjoy November!  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

As we wind down the year 2009, it is a good time to make changes and set the pace for the next year to begin.   Mercury goes retrograde the day after Christmas and stays retrograde until Jan 15th.  December and January will be about balance between friends, socializing and adventure with responsibility and planning. 

December itself should feel like a bit of relief as we end the year, as spiritual lessons and challenges are reduced over all.  However one last kick back of the lessons of the master number 11 will take place before we say goodbye to 2009 forever.  I expect this will affect the US leadership as this energy compounds our president’s and vice president’s life lessons. 

Shop early and wisely this season, but include some spontaneity as well.  When those opportunities arise to let down your hair, don’t ignore them.  It’s been a tough year.  Be wise, but have some fun and salve some wounds.  Friendships play an important role both as stress release and in helping us make decisions.  There will be an important decision and evaluation to be made before the end of the year is done.  And it may just resolve itself over the holiday.  All the better if you are able to take some time off during the holiday to sort things out.   Don’t forsake the fun, it plays an important role in this process.  Yes, this month you can have your cake and eat it too, if you remember the key word – BALANCE.

As we slip into January, master number energy significantly drops off except for the master number 22, which makes it’s presence known and compounds the US’s current 22 cycle.  January begins with Mercury in retrograde, but the emphasis will turn to the new year’s energies.  Leadership and responsibility start the year off, though expect some delays in process.  Though some energies give us a break for a while, there is an arch of influence that is rather long in January – 10 days actually.  I expect to see issues involving law and government to play pivotal roles during this time.  It is also a good time to exercise your networking and family building skills.  Foundations are not just about getting organized, it’s also about beginning, renewing and building relationships and partnerships.  Do not get so stuck in the head that the heart suffers!  And if you’ve been so busy trying to survive that you’ve left off some simple courtesies when it comes to friendship and love, it’s time to take a deep breath and Live.  December’s energies give you the perfect lead in for this by giving you the social opportunities, or at least setting the energy to make it work for you should you choose to seize the moment.  Again I say, the end of this year sets the course for next year.   2010 will bring new challenges in the arenas of career, reputation, karma, service and responsibility.  Start preparing now as if the new year has already begun, if you haven’t heeded my advice yet.  It’s not too late.

I would like to note folks, that on December 21, please be careful while driving on this day.  Whether you are traveling, or just going to work, plan for extra time on the road and be prepared to be patient with others.  This is a day we all really need to be as “zen” as possible on the roads and certainly not take anything personal on the roads either.  When I see this kind of stress pattern fall like this on a Monday, much less surrounded by a bunch of other energies, I see far more car accidents in the Austin area.  It may not be like this everywhere, but I expect it will likely be on this date.  Some could argue that the energy of traveling and looking forward to seeing friends and family could shift more typical daily impatience on the road, but I’m not sure that it will.  I expect traffic on the big highways, especially metro areas, to be at a high.  There will likely be flight delays too, so just keep it in mind and plan plenty of time.  Get there safe!

Recap on upcoming celestial events with Dates of Numerological Significance included:

Dec 1: Uranus goes direct
Dec 10: Date of Numerological Significance

Dec 20: Mars goes retrograde
Dec 21: Winter Solstice
Dec 21: Date of Numerological Significance
Dec 21-24: Arch of Numerological Influence
Dec 25: Christmas (not celestial, but on everyone’s mind none-the-less)
Dec 26: Mercury goes retrograde (just in time for the holiday)
Dec 31: Partial Lunar Eclipse
Jan 13: Saturn goes Retrograde
Jan 7: Date of Numerological Significance
Jan 15: Mercury goes Direct
Jan 15: Annular Solar Eclipse

Jan 15-25: Arch of Influence
Jan 18: Date of Numerological Significance
Jan 29: Date of Numerological Significance
Jan 29-30: Arch of Influence

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