There is an argument that can be made…

…about birthday years and ages.

After all, a baby’s first year is logically 0. They do not receive the designated number of 1 until they have completed a full year of life. Then and only then is the number 1 assigned. Hence, any age is simply an indication that a person has completed a certain number of years of life. And also meaning that at say age 33, they have actually already passed their 33rd year of life and are now working on 34.

It is also the same with calendar years. 2009, an 11 in numerology, also indicates that we completed our 2009th year last year at Dec. 31, 2008.

So the question can be posed, is it possible that numerological influences could occur with this principle in mind? Is it possible that we fall under the influence of these years, ages and cycles a year in advance of what we think?

And then again, anything we give focus and attention to we give power to. If we focus on the fact that we are 55, then that influence must, by spiritual law and attraction, be present. If we lend focus and energy to the year 2000, then we give it life and credence.

Is it possible then, that more energetic influences occur in our lives than we might have initially thought. Is it possible even, to come under the influence of two vibrations at once in this fashion as well?

Some interesting thoughts.
What do you think?

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