The Children’s Great Secret…

Originally written March 14, 2003….
Republished today…

Last night I dreamed that I was shown a great secret.
That the truth of all things
and all religions
and all spirituality,
back when the world was quite new,
was entrusted first to children.

There were children of all races and kinds sitting together in a big circle,
coloring and writing and interpreting the truths they had been given.
And the circle they sat in was in the middle of a single large landmass
on the earth, with no others.

Each child was asked to focus on one or two or a few aspects that they found most important,
that they personally felt that all the rest of humanity should know, if nothing else.
And so they laughed and colored and wrote pages of stuff and beliefs and truths,
for the generations to come, so they would know.

And all the various children had different ideas,
as was natural and fitting for each of their talents and personalities
and different interpretations even among similar points.

And they were all right.

And there were beings of light there with the children,
though you could not make out their faces.
They were of every imaginable color.

And then the children celebrated together happily over their drawings and writings,
the lessons they learned and the lessons they were to teach.

Lots of singing, lots of laughing and joy.

Then the children arranged themselves and split up into groups around their circle.
They hugged and kissed one another and
then the land around them split and began to float apart,
like boats going in opposite directions from a single point.

The children stood on the edges as they floated away from each other
and waved happily, knowing they would meet again someday.

And they were happy about the new beginnings they were about to be a part of,
in teaching the future of mankind and teaching their small portion of the whole.
They knew that only by dividing the work of the whole among them,
would the world be able to have the gift of the whole when it matured.

And angels sang.

I was told to write this down,
for now it was to call back Time’s children.
It’s to be given in a young children’s book.
It must be illustrated well.
It will call unto children and teach parents.
And It is to be the first among many.

“Go and do.”

And it was after this vision that I grab the only materials I had available to me,
as I am a musician, not an artist, by heart.

I grabbed my children’s construction paper and crayons.

As an adult with dysgraphia, I cannot technically draw.
It took me years to learn to handwrite consistantly at all.
But I gave myself up to the divinty of order out of chaos.
And I scribbled.
Willing my hands to be empty vessels to channel what my guides had brought me to see.

It was then that these images were born.

"Light Beings"

"Light Beings"

This is called “Light Beings.”
This framed version is the first and belongs to my mother.

May the energy that inspired this inspire you as well.


Image and Writing Copyright © 1997 – 2010  by Julia Meek Chambers, all rights reserved.

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  1. thank you for sharing this…

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