Join me on the radio for Numerology on May 16th!

ImageI will be doing live numerology on the national Blog Talk radio show “Awakening in Austinby Sara Blumenfeld from 10-11am CT on Wednesday May 16th! This has been a few months in the coming, so I’m happy to say I’m finally able to do the interview!

Please join us live over the phone for the free readings or catch the recording afterward here: You will find a fine collection of other recorded radio shows from a variety of metaphysicians and healers there as well. Additionally, you might also be interested in the Awakening in Austin Facebook Group. Please tell Sara I sent you!

Note: When I do personal numerology for public events like these, I do not want your identity or names. I do these as anonymously as possible while still giving you value since numerology is based on your personal information. I only ask you for your birth date and the vowels of your full name at birth.

That also means I want to know how many of each vowel in the name as well. 2 A’s, 3 E’s, 4 O’s, etc. for the first, middle(s) and last names. So for instance in the name “George Washington Carver,” I would only want to hear from you the birth-date and “E, O, E, A, I, O, A, E.”

Hope to “see” you there!

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