“Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.”
Albert Einstein

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”

“Yes, know thyself: in great concerns or small,
Be this thy care, for this, my friend, is all.”

I’ve been going over calculations and found a reduction pattern that I missed and need to add corrections so far for the year.  These corrections are largely extensions of pattern already identified and for posterity’s sake (and if anyone wants to look back) they are as follows:

Jan 15-17: Arch of Influence
Feb 14-20: Arch of Influence
March 4 – 8: Arch of Influence
March 26 – April 3: Large Arch of Influence (this one’s a doozy I’m watching)

OK, catching up now…..

As we slide into April, we move into a period that demands communication, structure, responsibility, hard work, honor and laying ground work. However, we’ll continue to feel a pull of struggle with also trying to remain unstructured (read flexible) and allow freedom for shifts in energy and change. These are polarizations between the larger spheres of influence at work for the US as a whole, and the more compact spheres of influence for the Western world at large during this time period.  See the seeming dichotomy?  And as if that weren’t enough, it’s all wrapped up in a pretty karmic bow of all things related to honor, failure and success – umm, yeah, the public kind.  The world of glamour need watch out and international relations may be strained as the US struggles to remain true to its core essence while contending with the current and demanding wave.

Communication and leadership are KEY during this time.  With that leadership charge comes the honor theme and the whole karmic principle of “reap what you sow.”  There is no room for ignoring or hiding from any issues that involve communication, relationships for groups, partnerships, paperwork, finances, law, organization, etc..  If anything comes up in these areas, your attention needs to be full on and focused very heartily. And no cheating, as that will only blow up during this time. Confidence in who you are and what you believe are going to play a role. And foundations laid during this time will come to fruition likely sometime mid-summer.

Spring cleaning urges are pretty strong right now too as the whole craving for structure (also rules) balanced against freedom (also flexibility). There’s a reason and your focus is demanded. You can ride this wave well by being the go-getter who isn’t waiting around for someone else first.  A lot of folks will fail during this time. You (as someone who knows better and can) need to hold the reins. Partly because in a way you will save the “world.”  Partly because it is an opportunity being handed to you if you seize it.  Remember that cheating, dishonesty, mis-truths, etc. tend to be caught during windows like this.  That can be surprising sometimes as well, as it’s not always what you think. Also, that spring cleaning urge is an important one right now.  Clear the clutter, as it both organizes and frees you and it’s responsible, satisfying all energies demanding your focus during this time.  And make digital de-cluttering part of your chore list.  Did you know digital pack-rats and hording is becoming a concern due to energy consumption to store it all?  Read more about that here.  So hey, I’m doing it too – clean out your inbox and files!

Energies will be felt more intensely during this time and deceit will get a focus as it tends to be revealed.  Complicating this energy matrix is a Mercury retrograde beginning March 30 – April 23rd, along with it’s buffer of influence on either end.  Do not let the common attitudes about Merc retros cause you to miss out or neglect anything.  This is not a time to refrain from communicating.  It is a time that requires extra and more precise attention to it.  However, remember my quote from last month about finding the right answer by asking the right question? This is your key to communication as things get intense.  Use the reflective strengths present during this time to make your communication more effective.  And patience.  It may take more work than usual, so roll up your sleeves and just do it.

Keep in mind that tempers are likely to flare as these two seemingly opposite forces attempt to take center stage or butt heads.  The key is in the fact that they can coexist in the same space.  We can mind the rules and still leave room for flexibility, but there must be both, not one or the other.  Resist the dark side of these energies, impulsiveness and tyrany through control.

Now is a time more than ever to hold a focus. It won’t be easy, I’m not going to kid you. This kind of matrix of colliding energies is often when you see all sorts of things pop up for folks.  However, the energies don’t have to collide.  Remember when I spoke before about how everything that we perceive as Divine exists within paradox?  Balance is key and that focus.  Others will be turning to whoever seems to have their act together for direction.  Will it be you?

A note on natural events: In every year we have at least one month where each day’s vibrational totality equals its day number.  May is that month for 2011.  I believe the time between now and about mid-May is unfortunately one of the best times all year for explosive and even violently sudden events, as far as numbers are concerned.  I don’t want to see anyone hurt, but everyone take heed. And please have a disaster plan ready just in case.  Numerology affects the planet at large, so some areas will be more vulnerable than others, especially where tensions already exist.  I’d like for everyone to focus on the good that can come of anything during this time. Every time humanity is called upon to over come something, we grow.

Dates of Numerological Significance
(Notice this month we only have archs of influence, not singular dates. Larger windows of patterns in operation.)

March 26 – April 3: Large Arch of Influence (this one’s a doozy I’m watching)

March 30 – April 23: Mercury Retrograde
April 12-18: Numerological Arch of Influence
April 29 – May 2: Numerological Arch of Influence

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