Numerologically, November looks somewhat quiet in terms of dates of significance until the very end.  There’s a large arch of influence taking place Nov 15-22 with emphasis on the 15th.  Please be careful in traffic on Nov 15th, especially when you are tired.  Plan right now that on the 14th, you are going to bed early please.  I want to see you safe.  Nov. 30th is one of the most intense dates we’ve had in a while.  Over all, though, November seems quiet in terms of patterns.

However the underlying energetic theme of this time may feel a little unsettling.  This is because the energy demanded at this time is flexibility, evaluation and adaptability.  This vibration compounds the life lesson of The United States in general and compounds again the current cycle we are in.  So we will feel this more intensely that usual.  If you have personal numbers of 5 or 8, especially tied to your birth date, I’d expect you to experience this in a rather personal way.

Folks who will have the most trouble during this month are those who have the hardest time adapting and flowing.  If you always need everything to be planned and exact, this month will feel unsettling to you as you are pushed outside your comfort zone.  If you are pretty good at riding the waves, this will be less of a challenge.  It’s all about flow and flexibility and things outside of the box.

However, at the opposite extreme of flow and adaptability is impulsiveness.

November is the 11th month of our year.  With 11 expressing a spiritual vibration that must lead by example, I have always found it interesting that Thanksgiving, our national holiday dedicated to gratitude, appreciation and generosity, falls during the month of November. It is also interesting to note that in 2010 we have an arch of influence taking place the weekend before Thanksgiving with the theme of Unconditional Love.  Rather appropriate to the season, don’t you think?

So what does that mean though?  As I am oft to point out – this is the energy at work.  Unless you want the choices to be made for you, channel the direction of how you want this energy to manifest in your life.  Just like channeling a lightening rod so that it either does no harm, or powers your flux capacitor.  I know everyone tends to focus on Christmas as the time to volunteer and to give.  But this year around Thanksgiving is a really wonderful time for this energy to be not only expressed, but multiplied in its Divine state.  Your pure hearted efforts (again with the theme of unconditional love) during this time cannot help but have a greater impact.  I really recommend everyone use this window to do some serious good.

But let’s remember something – what Unconditional Love is.  Because it is not simply a feeling.  It is self-sacrifice.  It is without condition.  It is without judgment.  It is without selfishness.  It is love even when it hurts.  Even when it means giving up your own needs.  Not wants.  Give up your own needs.

What is it you really need most right now?  Is it money?  Is it time?  Is it knowledge?  Is it healing?  Is it to be heard? To feel joy? To be accepted?

I challenge you to make a small sacrifice and offering of whatever it is you need most right now and unconditionally give it to another.

If you are in need of money, now is the time to make an offering of money to someone or some thing.  It does not have to be reckless, but it needs to be a small sacrifice of one of your actual needs.  Whether that means you donate, you give a gift, you pay back a favor, or you pay someone else for a service that will help them feed their family too – do it.  Trust me, it will come back to you multi-fold.  It’s even helpful to use your words and state to the universe something like: “I am in need of money so I can pay my bills.  I know that my needs are (present tense) fulfilled.  In recognition of this fact, I am purchasing a haircut so someone else can also be blessed and in turn bless others.”  Or something to the effect.  It could be a donation, but keep real action involved.   Sacrifice involves awareness.  It could be showing recognition of a service that you’ve been receiving for free.  Like open source applications. People develop anti-virus and anti-spyware software for free all the time, and they always accept donations.  How many people who benefit from their services actually make a donation back?  Or even write a letter to say thank you?  If someone made a difference for you, do you let them know?  Or anyone else?

So do the same for time, if that’s your greatest need right now. The same for love. The same for friendship.

Do you need appreciation? Express appreciation for someone else.  Do you need more happy memories? Create one for someone else.  We have a whole community of energy workers.  Do you know the creative power you have in sculpting a memory that will feed a soul for a lifetime?  Have you tried?  You’ve read those inspirational stories.  Have you helped create one for someone else?  More than once?  Do you know that what you put your hand to and create can take on a life of its own and continue to spread?  Did you know that when you open yourself to that process in Light, you become a channel for the Universe, like a perfect song for whomever you touch?

Impulse is present in the energies at play during this time.  This will somewhat continue into December as Mercury goes retrograde Dec 10 and complicates the holiday season a bit.

How will you express that impulsiveness?  Because it does not have to be a negative thing at all.  It could be inspired.

Will you channel that impulse for inspiration, innovation and good?  Or will you use it to take someone’s head off?

November Theme: Adaption and Adoption

Nov 8: Date of Numerological Significance
Nov 15-22: Arch of Influence
Nov 24: Date of Numerological Significance
*Nov 30: Date of Numerological Significance

December Theme: Transformation of Society

Dec 7: Date of Numerological Significance
Dec 10: Mercury goes Retrograde
Dec 14: Date of Numerological Significance
Dec 18: Date of Numerological Significance
Dec 21: Date of Numerological Significance
Dec 21: Winter Solstice and Total Lunar Eclipse
Dec 23: Date of Numerological Significance
Dec 29: Date of Numerological Significance
Dec 30: Mercury goes Direct

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