Mercury is currently in retrograde during the most (numerologically) stressful month of 2010. And we are full swing into an intense arch of influence on top of a full moon as well.

This is the time of the month I most noted as causing “shaky ground,” both metaphorically and physically.  I find that often when certain stress equations are put into place, that that which we feel internally and personally can also make themselves known in the physical world around us.  So if our foundations as a society or nation or community feel shaky, often it radiates out there somewhere physically as well.  Stand ready to help smooth ruffled feathers.

Some of my clients will remember that they have special vibrations that make it far easier for them to manifest their emotions physically than others.  The same kind of energy is often wrapped up around dates. And our collective reaction has an impact.

On Mercury Retrogrades…  As often noted before, this is a time that is usually associated with communications gone awry.  Though I do acknowledge that this happens, I am not of the school of thought that avoiding communication until it’s over is the key to this energy.  In fact, I believe that not only is reflection good during this time, but also that clear, and focused communication becomes especially important during this window.  That important things are afoot and that either we rise to the occasion under the fire or we fail.  These are windows of opportunities when what we do and say becomes most important, even down to our body language.  And the more important, the more barriers there may be to overcome.  It’s all about balance, but also it’s about control.  Even when others go wrong.  Even when time doesn’t seem to obey the way it’s supposed to.  Even when space seems to bend.  Even when the impossible is staring you in the face.  If I tweak your sense and experience of time and space just a little, will you still be a good person and not judge or bite heads off  when disappointment or confusion strikes? What would it take? How high is your threshold?

Numerologically the energy stresses are similar in demand to this as well.  Honor and Karma are themes during this time.

By end of the first week of September, we shift into a gentler cycle where service, memories and friends become more important and we need to catch a breath.  Social circles are going to be important foundational aspects, so be sure that you are tending to your relationships with care.

I see much of September as recovery from August’s wake (sometimes that means after-shocks) and I do believe it’ll be the late part of September and first part of October before we finally feel like things are smoothing out again.  However, I do still see a natural disaster or something else that can qualify under the energy of “storm” taking place somewhere during the September/October cycle.  I do not see this as a major end of the world thing, just something significant during this window.

To recap on what I wrote at the beginning of the year for my annual predictions:  “September through October:  This is a time I see hurricane, earthquake or tsunami like involvement.  [Note that all of these involve water. And it seems this could go so far as to be activity “over the sea” also travels to us.]  Currently it appears that the east coast of the U.S. is primarily affected, however, I see this being North Atlantic in nature and that coastal nations opposite the U.S. could also be affected.  I’ve been asked if it could be terrorism instead.  It is possible that this is not a natural influence, but Man/people influence.  There is a type of “storm” that is seen when we study mob psychology and though I cannot recall the actual name for it, the phenomenon is actually referenced in ancient metaphysics as well.  So yes, people can in a sense energetically create a “psychic storm.”  And there is a valid 9 year cycle in numerology to consider.  However, if human-kind is involved with this, I feel it’ll take a back seat to the natural influence that seems to be present here.  The patterns set here seem to point to natural disaster.”

August Theme: Physical Trials, Challenge and Spiritual Lessons

Aug 4: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 11: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 11-14: Arch of Influence
Aug 16: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 18: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 20: Mercury goes Retrograde
*Aug 21-25: Arch of Influence
Aug 22: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 27: Date of Numerological Significance

September Theme: Service, Social Circles, Friendship

Sep 3: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 10: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 12: Mercury goes Direct
Sep 17: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 17-21: Arch of Influence
Sep 21: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 26: Date of Numerological Significance
Sep 29 – Oct 1: Arch of Influence

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