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Creative and outside of the box thinkers, your time is now.  Don’t believe it? I’m telling you, this is your century, this is your year.  But you must not fall into group-think mode and must start being the inspired individual that you are.

I’ve spoken and written many times about the shift of the new millennium and the Unity Within Paradox Principle.  Many people agree with the ideas of Unity, but I find that few truly understand it or see the difference within their world views.

The Unity within Paradox Principal describes the balance between that which we perceive to be opposites, say like up and down, or brother and sister, that are not necessarily so, yet are required for completion of the whole.  This concept is Individualism connected to Oneness.  Distinct individual responsibilities and parts, that can operate together as a Whole.  It is not a drone unity like Star Trek’s “Borg,” to borrow an analogy on assimilation, but unity not too unlike how our bodies operate.  The brain and liver look nothing alike, their jobs are completely different, their “perspectives” would be drastically different, and yet both are essential to the continuity, strength and success of the whole.  The brain vs. liver approaches to life are very different, and yet neither of them are wrong.  And both approaches are valid.  It would not do for our bodies to have a yellow pencil approach to working together.

I have heard from some that the concept of Duality is the antithesis of Light.  That duality and oneness cannot exist within the same space.  That in order for Light to reign, duality must be destroyed or otherwise abolished.  Or that duality is the illusion and that there is no duality, but only oneness.  I’m here to say that this is a misconception and mis-application of the spiritual principles echoing through Time.  That the face of God is not a flat plane, but one of individual facets.  I’m here to tell you that duality and oneness coexist within the same space both physically and energetically and are equally important.  That everything that we perceive to be Divine exists within Paradox.  That our existence is both physical and spiritual and the key is remembering to honor both planes of existence.  That Unity involves individual roles, choice and responsibilities.  That a view of complete anti-dualism is in and of itself a diversion from Truth and “off the path.”

We have entered a time when it becomes important to recognize the individualism of the whole as the whole becomes better at operating within Oneness.  Numerology teaches us this, that there are 9 distinct and vital archetypes and that it takes all 9 to come together to create the channel to the Divine.  At no time can we extract or invalidate one of those and still have that Divine Connection.  A key to this is the energy of 5 – the middle of the range unifying 1-9 and the number of learning, evaluation, choice and freedom and the responsibility that comes with them.

We are now entering an energetic space that opens up to creative new ways of doing things. Yes, even in the current “financial climate.” For so long our modern society has tended to be a bit unfair to certain types of energies, as seeing them only useful for recreation, not for success, not for serious growth, and not for professional outlook.  Yet Seekers I tell you your time is now! The doors are opening for the creative and inspired approach.

Sure, I will talk about numbers, like I always do.  “Here’s the current equation – and it means this.”  But I also want to show you the signs, popping up like Spring, everywhere. It’s pattern in action and we are in the throes of rebirth.  If you’ve been feeling discouraged, it’s time to pick yourself up.

You can find a wonderful example of this shift in an article I’d like to share with you from the technology world.   Start with reading comment #38 here and then scroll up to the top and read the actual article written by Chris Ashworth entitled: “My Competitive Advantage: I Hire Artists.”

It’s time to truly embrace what it means to manifest something. The final result won’t be handed to you. Be Inspired.  Create it. The ground is fertile, the weather and conditions are right – now get to work before you miss the opportunity to lay the foundation for a prosperous year.  Opportunity for new ideas to flourish will present themselves. Look for the windows and seize them.

The lessons run throughout history – Fulfill your Purpose.  Operate from the Pure Heart.  And have Faith – remembering who you truly are, awakening deep in the Soul, and Know Thyself.

I refer you now to switch over and read The Manifesto of Encouragement by Danielle LaPorte.

The signs of this creative shift are everywhere.  I encourage you to look for them out there too.  Find those seedling examples.  Share them here if you are so inspired, but share them somewhere.  Pass the baton and encourage your fellow peers.

Simply, I am excited. And I Believe In You.

That is your message….

On to numbers: as a recap, May and August are the challenge months for 2010, with August carrying the greatest/most stressful load. Where May 2010 was about physical lessons, August 2010 is about spiritual lessons and consequences. This entails a more difficult time in general as are most things that impact on the Soul level.

The set-up between events in May and August are dynamic in nature. May was responsible for laying the foundation for events in August. And sandwiched in between these intense polarities of physical and spiritual lessons, we find June and July. At the end of June we launched into our summer eclipse cycle, which coincided with the final shift of the US’s Master Number 22 cycle into 5 in July.

This all culminates with the US’s national shift into a cycle of CHANGE and desire for FREEDOM. This vibration is very strong with us as a nation because it happens to be our Life Lesson as a nation. It is what we desire most to achieve and it is what we are also challenged by.

Shifting into this cycle along with the full solar eclipse will bring fluctuation in the market place. One of the easiest places for this energy to play out is in the flow of money. This energy often feels volatile every time we shift into it on a regular cycle. However, the solar eclipse this year adds an extra element of unpredictability. Do not get side-tracked. I expect it to be October before things start to feel like they are under some sort of “predictable” pattern again.

Now that being said, though unpredictability often feels uncomfortable, it is also the knock of opportunity and loaded potential. Unconventional doors are opening! There are opportunities to be found. But it’ll take a pioneering outlook to find them. And it will require focus and better communication. It’s time for creative energy and thinking outside of the box.

Creative Thinkers, your best time to shine all year long and in the last few years is during the next 6 months.  This doesn’t mean complete manifestation.  This means the tools and positive environment you crave are here.  Some things will manifest faster than others.  But the foundation is laid for this year to be of “good vintage.”  Don’t get stuck in discouragement or fear or despair.  Take advantage of this energy and be creative in all your perspectives and approaches now.

The time now calls for “outside of the box” considerations in whatever way that means for you.  Because that is not the same for everyone.  The new cycle of 5, the Life Lesson of the USA, tosses to us an opportunity to learn from others by exposing ourselves to ways of thinking and doing that we’ve never experienced before.  Whether it’s because the opportunity wasn’t there previously, or because we shut off the chance by being limited in our ideas, the door is open again.

When you are looking for that answer that seems to elude you, I challenge you to expose yourself to a world or perspective you normally would not and if it seems alien, actually try to “get” it and discover the insight encapsulated inside.  This requires freedom to experience these other ideas and views, the freedom to choose what to take away from the experience and the responsibility with the re-evaluation and choice as a result.

As August arrives, expect there to be challenges.  August is about honor and responsibility from the spiritual/soul level.  This challenges people in different ways.  What happens when people are challenged? Either they rise to the occasion, or they fail.  You will see both.  And in the mean time, energy is itching to be shifted in many places.  This can be both physically and spiritually.  it can be both financial climate as well as the weather.  And as some things feel unpredictable and shaky, I predict there may be real actual ground shaking as well.  “As above, so below” does not just apply to the Heavens and Earth, but spiritual and physical and even surface and below.  Remember it may take a couple months before we begin to feel we have the hang of things and all seems less volatile in nature.

Dates of Numerological Significance

July Theme: New Beginnings, Independence, The Tower Card

Jul 1: Date of Numerological Significance
Jul 11: Total Solar Eclipse
Jul 12: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)
Jul 19: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)
Jul 19 -23: Arch of Influence
Jul 26: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)

August Theme: Physical Trials, Challenge and Spiritual Lessons

Aug 4: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 11: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 11-14: Arch of Influence
Aug 16: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 18: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 20: Mercury goes Retrograde
*Aug 21-25: Arch of Influence
Aug 22: Date of Numerological Significance
Aug 27: Date of Numerological Significance

My Competitive Advantage: I Hire Artists

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