As noted before, May and August are the challenge months for 2010.  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

As a “challenge month” May has entailed questions of boundaries, maturity and honor. A time of reaping what has been previously sewn, for better or worse and a testing of character. A time to see what happens during sticky situations.

But where May is about physical lessons, August is about spiritual lessons and consequences.  And a much more difficult time in general as are most things that touch on the Soul.

The set-up between events in May and August are dynamic in nature.  In fact I expect certain events in May will lay the foundation for events in August.  And sandwiched in between these intense polarities of physical and spiritual lessons, we find June and July.

I expect the beginning of June to be a little quieter than the end of May, but the theme in June 2010 is about service and clarity.  And towards the end of June we launch into our next eclipse cycle, which will coincide with the final shift of the US’s Master Number 22 cycle into 5 in July.

There are a few things the next few weeks will bring:

  • It’s a time calling us to serve the greater good by serving our families.  Haven’t I been telling you this is the year to invest in family trips and time into your friendships and relationships?  Have you listened?  Because it matters.  And it matters this year not just for now, but for the future.  If you’re too busy working, stop and take some time somewhere to connect with someone.  Are you feeling tired and discouraged?  I can guarantee you that someone else in your circle is too.   Be the one who makes the difference.  I’m here to remind you that life does not have to be all suits and papers.  Remember how childhood made it easy to drop by and see if a friend wanted to play?  Help pull that energy into today, into right now, into this year.  Whatever it is that’s fun to you – do it and bring someone with you.
  • It’s also a time to take care of health matters.  This isn’t just medicine and exercise, this is also sleep, wholesome foods and all the things in life that make for a safe and nurturing environment to thrive in.  That goes for emotional nurturing too.   And what kind of pantry do you have anyway?  Or do you even have one?  Maybe you ought to think about having something around.  You know, just in case you need to feed someone – like yourself.
  • The challenging of foundations and belief systems.  It’s a time of clarifying your faith.  Whatever that means to you.  Whether it’s faith in your job, faith in your family, faith in your purpose, faith in your country, faith in God as you understand it….  You will be presented with an opportunity to face and clear something about what you believe.  And by all means, take it when it comes up.  Because it’ll help prepare you for August’s spiritual lessons.   In the process, a gift of healing will be offered.
  • With the challenge of shaky internal foundations comes the challenge of shaky external foundations.  I expect to see things like earthquake type activity, volcanic and/or stormy type volatility.  Perhaps a mud slide or collapse or two.  Gaea is after a clearing too.
  • This all leads up to our shift into a national cycle of CHANGE and desire for FREEDOM.  This vibration is very strong with us as a nation because it happens to be our Life Lesson as a nation.  It is what we desire most to achieve and it is what we are also challenged by.  Shifting into this cycle along with the full solar eclipse will bring fluctuation in the market place.  One of the easiest places for this energy to play out is in the flow of money.  If a stock is inflated, it will correct itself and a different direction will evolve.  If you’re rock bottom, there’s no where to go but up.  This energy is volatile enough every time we shift into it on a regular cycle.  However, the solar eclipse this year adds an extra element of unpredictability.  I expect it to be October before things start to feel semi-ok in the markets.  Now that being said, there is money to be made and opportunities to be found.  But it’ll take a pioneering outlook to find them.  They won’t be sitting on a grocery shelf for you to pluck off and buy.  So it’s a time for creative energy and thinking outside of the box.  It’s time to truly embrace what it means to manifest something.  Don’t just sit around waiting for something to be handed to you.  Create it.  Opportunity for new ideas to flourish will present themselves.  Look for the window and seize it.

Dates of Numerological Significance

May 21: Date of Numerological Significance
May 25: Date of Numerological Significance
May 23-25: Arch of Influence

June Theme:  Clarity and Service

Jun 2: Date of Numerological Significance
Jun 13: Date of Numerological Significance
Jun 13-16: Arch of Influence
Jun 21: Date of Numerological Significance
Jun 21: Summer Solstice and New Moon
Jun 24: Date of Numerological Significance
Jun 26: Partial Lunar Eclipse
Jun 29: Date of Numerological Significance
Jun 29 – Jul 1: Arch of Influence
Jul 1: Date of Numerological Significance
Jul 11: Total Solar Eclipse

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