As we wrap up the month of April, Mercury is currently in retrograde since April 18th and will go direct May 11 and  Mother’s Day is coming up May 9.

May and August are the challenge months for 2010 and as we come into May, the first full week entails an arch of influence that includes some especially intense energy on Monday, May 3rd, so please do take your time and be careful getting to work.  Auto collisions seem to spike on days with this kind of influence, at least in the Austin, TX area.

As a “challenge month” May entails questions of boundaries, maturity and honor.  “Karmic debt” can play a role not only on a personal level, but on a larger scale anywhere from local community to businesses to federal government.  It’s a time of reaping what has been previously sewn, for better or worse and a testing of character.  Questions the Universe will seek answers to include – do you stand for your honor/principles even when the chips are down and are you even sure what your principles are?  It’s always about operating from the Pure Heart.

As previously predicted, I expect a financial and systematic “balancing of the books” in community and government during this month, which can bleed into the last few days of April and beginning of June.  An opportunity will be presented to see what is working and what is not and realize the benefits or costs of each.  Though I generally write based on US energies, because that is where I live, this energy could play out and sweep world-wide.

I expect to see some businesses fail or make the news during this time, as well as challenges in business, government and leadership.  I also have expected a possible natural event of significance during this time.  I predicted back in January some possible volcanic energy during this time, which may have arrived a little earlier than I expected.  However, though the bleed-through begins in April, the full impact of May 2010’s energy has not yet arrived at the time of this writing.

Something in terms of boundaries, whether tangible like national borders, or intangible like government boundaries of operation, is going to spike somewhere during this time and draw attention.  Again, either it’s the one extreme of showing how well something is working and we realize the benefit of great work on the matter, or the other extreme of a demonstration of what isn’t working at all and consequences result.

Career, reputation and honor come to play during this time of challenge.  Financial adjustments in particular will play a significant role here.  I expect some market panic and perhaps some panic on the part of government and law.  Those in charge of economic efforts will see their efforts either succeed or fail here.  Same with companies.  I also expect news of the success or fail of either  anti-terror efforts and/or the success or fail of disaster response efforts.

Additionally, as we slide towards May, I continue to have strong feelings for the need for disaster preparedness and I ask everyone who reads my watches to please take the time to consider your emergency plans.  April’s watch has links to some good websites to help  you put together a plan if you have not done so.  So I suggest reading or re-reading last month’s watch.  Someone(s) reading this absolutely needs this message.  I don’t know who you are, but God bless and keep you and yours safe.

Dates of Numerological Significance

Apr 15: Date of Numerological Significance (also Tax Day)
Apr 18: Mercury goes retrograde
Apr 22: Date of Numerological Significance
Apr 26: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)
Apr 29-30: Arch of Influence

May 3: Date of Numerological Significance (watch Monday traffic)
May 3-6: Arch of Influence
May 11: Mercury goes direct
May 14: Date of Numerological Significance
May 21: Date of Numerological Significance
May 25: Date of Numerological Significance
May 23-25: Arch of Influence

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