Embrace the Fear and Do It Anyway….

Reprinted from my everyday blog at http://TheDifferenceBetweenADuck.wordpress.com

Someone once said you should not use the word fear. That it is a trigger that has no place in positive thinking.

I’m an “embrace that which you fear” kind of person. I believe that pretending a fear is not there is another face of reality avoidance as well as reality creation.  When fear is in your heart, it takes up room for love there. And when you avoid pain, you miss the important messages within.

We must acknowledge and feel to release. Endometriosis taught me that. Even a hormonally induced mood or pain must be expressed to be released. Being hit by a demolition rig and losing feeling in my left arm reinforced this understanding.

I often think of fear as a little child I need to hug. I would never have tried to have a child, gotten into a car, or crocheted again after losing feeling in my hand, if I did not hug my fear.

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