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New Pendulums Are In….and Just How Interested is Everyone in a Small Class?

As most who know me eventually figure out, I am a finder. I’m the one at the grocery store everyone asks questions of, even though I’ve never worked there and don’t come in very often. It doesn’t matter where I go. It’s ok – I know I wear a sign. It’s the space I hold.

As such, all product I’ve ever carried has been as a result of folks asking for it. Which is better for flow.  When the universe keeps throwing requests and opportunities into your lap through no effort of your own, it’s time to simply listen.  Requests for meditation shawls and mala beads have died down, hence I do not currently have shawls in stock. I used to carry them from around the world. However grandfather white sage is still in demand, so I generally have it and will carry it until members no longer need sage from me.

I’m particular about energy though. So what I carry is always unique somehow. Like the meditation shawls brought to me from a friend who travels the temples of Asia. Because I really wanted the good stuff created with purpose. Or the sage wild harvested by an elderly gentleman who climbs the canyons of northern CA with permission from the chiefs there, because handling the plants helps him breathe and he plants new ones where he harvests one. Very different energy from farmed sage. And he truly believes it’s part of his purpose to give back to the world, by bringing them sage.

So now I keep getting requests for pendulums and information about dowsing. Dowsing is my family heritage. I also dowse and use tarot, etc., but I am primarily dedicated to numerology. But I keep getting requests for help. I do some things differently than the average energy worker/pendulum user, so my take is more in-depth and different.  But on a more basic level I am happy to help.  A hint?  You can do far more than yes/no with a pendulum.  And I’m happy to show you more.

So the question is, how interested really are folks in having a little dowsing class? I tend to approach dowsing a little differently anyway. I guess like all things, if you really take it seriously as a life’s work, you have to be a bit different somehow. But before I set something up, I’ll need some feedback on the matter. So a basic class – yes/no?

So because you asked, here are some photos of the new pendulums I currently have in stock. I am especially pleased with the chains these pendulums have – something I am rather picky about, because I see a lot of chains out there that I consider sub-quality. There should be no hitches in the movement of any dowsing chain. Good dowsing depends on flowing movement and some chains are not well suited for “flow.”

I will plan to have these pendulums with me at the next class I am teaching, at TSRT classes and the next Austin Metaphysical Fair in March as well. Or you can just contact me.

You can find below some photos and descriptions of what’s currently in stock.

Teardrop Crystal Pendulums

The category photographed to the right is what I would personally term student pendulums. They were not designed specifically for specialized approaches of dowsing work, like healing. But they are well balanced for everyday dowsing. These are all made from crystal that has been polished into a balanced tear shaped bob.

When picking a pendulum, I do feel it is important that they be well balanced and quality made. Being made from crystal and agate (as opposed to metal, glass, wood or ceramic), these are a little more specific to spiritual work, but will work fine for else. This particular teardrop style is available in amethyst, rose quartz, moss agate, white agate, lilac agate, amber agate and one in moonstone that escaped the camera this time. They run $6 each and make a good economical choice.

Six sided crystal pendulums

The next group of pendulums are a little more specialized in being point cut and higher grade crystal quality, but still very economical at $9 each.

Six sided crystal pendulums

These particular pendulums each have 6 sides to their crystals and are available in green aventurine, black agate, moonstone, bloodstone and amethyst.

To note:  The amethyst pendulum shown in this category does have a broken tip.

This amethyst pendulum has a broken tip

It was damaged in transit, so it is reduced to $7. I find that amethysts are fragile on the points as cut pendulums. Some say amethyst breaks from the strength of energy channeling through it. Others claim that a broken crystal has good healing properties because crystals have the ability to heal themselves and for the purpose of empathy (understanding and sharing pain). Hence many inclusions and formations found within them. In either case, from a pure basic dowsing standpoint, it remains a well balanced pendulum and will not affect general dowsing purposes.

Clear Quartz Pendulum with 6 sides. Even the shadow is clear!

This pendulum is in a category of its own and is $9. Clear quartz is desirable for certain types of healing work and spiritual purposes. You’ll notice just how clear this nice specimen of quartz is by noting it’s shadow in one of the photos. This one has six sides to its crystal.

Carnelian and Quartz Pendulums – 12 sided

This last group of crystal pendulums are clear quartz crystals with a band of carnelian. They are a little more specialized, combining the properties of two different types of semi-precious stones and cut with 12 sides each. These pendulums are $12 each.

Carnelian and Quartz Pendulums – 12 sided

All pendulums come with a small velvet bag to store them in. If you have any questions, let me know. If you are interested in any of the pendulums pictured here, shoot me an email and if it is still in stock, we’ll arrange delivery or shipment. And thanks for reading!


13 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by TheSeekersRoundTable, TheSeekersRoundTable. TheSeekersRoundTable said: New Pendulums Are In….and Just How Interested is Everyone in a Small Class? http://wp.me/piVw2-cN #dowsing #pendulums #radionics #class […]

    • Julia – I would be extremely interested. I’ve been trying to work with pendulums for many years and I have several kinds, metal, clear quartz crystal and a stone (jade?).

      I get very mixed answers and would appreciate help in how to get more trustworthy answers. Decisions are some of my big blocks and having a system that I could trust to guide me and assist would be a God send.

      • Hey Jennifer,

        Thanks for your feedback and stopping by the blog! Inconsistant answers will be something we’ll address for sure. It’s something I’m hearing from several people actually. And we definitely want to address that, because in true dowsing you don’t want that. As a Libra (mostly) myself, I understand where you are coming from as far as getting an extra say before making a decision. Although we’ll talk about that too.

        Thanks for your vote!


  2. […] – Pendulums are in! So just how interested is everyone in having a BASIC DOWSING CLASS? READ HERE FOR MORE […]

  3. Julia,

    I would like to pruchase the broken amethyst pendulum. I could meet you sometime next week. I am also interested in looking at the 12 sided ones.


    • Hey Trish!

      Thanks for stopping by the blog. Sure, no problem. Will you be in Round Rock or up north sometime? I’ll send you an email and we’ll figure something out then. Glad to know the broken amethyst will have a good home!


  4. Super awesome article! Honest.

  5. I am vey eager to learn the use of a pendulum. I have two but have trouble with the process. I think i need some coaching. Thanks.

    • Hi Rama,

      Thank you for your visit and question. Do you live in the Austin, TX area? I will be forming another dowsing class before the end of the year.


  6. HI,
    I found this post by searching for Pendulum classes so count me in!
    I live in Round Rock., Cynthia

    • Hi Cynthia! Thanks for your comment. This post is from two years ago. I’ll email you directly.


  7. Do you have a store where I can come look at your pendulums? I’d prefer to look at them and hold them before I purchase.


    • Hi Sherry,

      I don’t have a store front, but I do set up appointments with customers and you can find me at local metaphysical fairs. I will be at the next Austin Metaphysical Life Fair on June 29-30th if you would like to catch me there. You can find out more information here: http://www.facebook.com/events/580777445290383/. I will be giving a dowsing lecture at this event. I will copy this to you in email too, just to be sure you get this reply this time. Thanks for stopping by.


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