The Voice at Center …

  Whew!  We made it!  So how’d you like that cleansing last month…..?   😀
 Welcome to September around the corner folks.  When the wind will come sweeping down the plain.  Wind being analogous to flowing spirit and plain to the physical life.  For about 6 weeks or so over from July to early August, we dealt with a very heavy duty cleansing pattern.  If you are new to the blog, you can catch up and read bullet points about the variety of convergences here:  And my previous numerology watch here.

Now we are completing our second trimester in the course of this 11 year (meaning we will be 2/3 the way through).  I do find that not only do years flow in quarters, along with seasons and business, but they also flow in thirds of a trine.  In general, the energy of the first trimester of the year seems to deal mostly with variations of self, partners and home.  The second with work, neighbors, friends and extended family.  And the third trimester of the year, September – December, church, spirituality and the “greater good” – in the way we tend to compartmentalize our annual lives in this society. 

Challenges and choices during each of these trimesters this year has also tended to follow the general theme of of each.  It is in our shift into this 3rd trimester of this 11 year where we begin to see the challenges shift from being about the physical/emotional and into being more about spiritual choices and responsibilities.  Within that 3rd trimester also operates another subpattern of quarters.  The awareness of need to flow with others and hold true to our standards, preparing for what’s next.  The awareness of Unity between God and Self and the basis of all Life.  The awareness of the need for commitment, harvest and to serve others.  And the awareness of the need for joy, memories, family and community. 

As we slide into September, we find ourselves feeling the pressure let up a little after all that purging from before.  However, the pressure upon us is not really gone, it’s just shifting focus.  September 2009 will uniquely bring upon us a spiritual challenge we have not really faced for so many weeks as a society in our lifetimes.  I have spoken many times about Unity within Paradox and this energy kisses us during this time, but essentially the challenge set before us involves The Voice at Center; the Face of Wisdom which lies in Unity at the center of a multitude of talents, ideas and opinions.  It is not “my” way, it is “our way.”  And the siblings must stop fighting and remember who they are and appreciate the Divinity of not only themselves, but of all. 

The responsiblity at this time is to take the higher road and grow up a little – being more mature, responsible, examples to live by, in our *daily* spiritual lives and how that radiates into the physical.  That spirituality is something we live and breathe and is a state of being, not the end of the road.  And that at no point ever can we responsibly “love our enemies” if we hate our brother.  Each of us will be challenged by something in which the lesson is not about what physically happens, but about making loving choices, like being a loving elder brother.  The idea of such a loving brother watches out for his younger siblings, accepts their fears and comforts and protects them anyway (not make fun of the fear or invalidate it entirely).  He pays attention when siblings have something to say or ask and recognizes the value in their opinions, ideas and growth, even if it’s different from his own path.  In fact, the ideal older brother energy probably better recognizes that his siblings ways and his ways do not have to be the same and still both be “right” and still be family even more than a father might.  And the ideal older brother accepts responsibility for when he screws up and says I’m sorry and is the first to cooperate – why?  Because he’s the oldest, he knows better and he can. 

It is the same type of lesson at this time.  The Unity Within Paradox Principle is part of the message of the number 11 we are experiencing this year.  We especially feel it this year because it is the first 11 year in 99 years on the westernized calendar.  11 is a highly spiritual number that is also all about duality, but balance within that duality.  Yin/yang are a balance and on this plane “two opposite sides” must come together to balance each other out.  Like the male and female principles come together to make a whole.  One is not complete without the other.  This plays right into quantum physics and the reality of Life as well.  Quantum particles both exisit and not exist at the same time.  We are both finite and infinite creatures.  It seems like it defies all logic and that it is not possible – and yet we find this paradox is the very definition of God and the Divine.  That what appears to be opposing views are actually two sides of the same coin and actually can (and must) co-exist in a balanced unity.

During this time we are encouraged to see that there is no Fear in Love. That there is no division in Truth or Love.  Now please notice I said no division, not disagreement.  They are not the same thing.  But is is also important, by the same paradox principle, that there be different points of view.  Unity has never been about the world all being the same; it has always been about flavor.  Each of us are incredibly gifted with something.  And we must come together in our giftedness to bring those elements together into a whole.  Not trying to separate each slice out to operate on it’s own as if it is better than everyone else.  This is the lesson numbers speak to us.  It take the entire 9 to reach 10 and complete the whole, opening the channel to the Divine.  Remove just one (even ourselves), and it all falls apart.  I am not infinite enough and it is not my purpose to shoulder all gifts of the world and knowledge in this one finite body.  Just as it is with The Seeker’s Round Table classes, I have but a slice of the wholistic pie and together in this place of learning, we come together to round out the rest.  In such a realization of truth, no one’s views, expertise and passions are invalidated.  Instead they only benefit the whole.

The first part of September will seem softer to begin with, but it is building up to the final 8 days between September 24 – October 1.  That week you should plan for in advance.  Both physically and spiritually.  Plan to have projects done by then, plan to take more time getting to and from work and school during that time, plan to be prepared so when the rest of the world is not prepared not only are your needs cared for, but you will be in a more powerful position to help, etc..  When I say, now’s the time to get your ducks in a row, whatever that means to you and pops into your head – you need to take care of now.  If that means, prepare for a blizzard or a tsunami, then that’s what you do.  If that means get your resume or other paperwork, or billing done and your legal issues, then do it.  If that means write your presentation now so you don’t have to deal with it then, then do it.  If you have any deadlines during that week, I highly advise you choose to meet those deadlines early.  The whole month is about this, but that week in particular will bring challenges and/or barriers to everyone and the question will be, how will you deal with it?  With grace?  or not?  Because here, it’s not about the physical thing that happens and it’s not even about the people involved.  It’s about you.  What you do and the example you set. 

September 18 at the new moon will be incredibly significant and should be looked at as a powerful time for manifesting.  Prepare earlier in the month so that the energies you flow with and channel during that time will be positive that come into physical reality.  Reap what you sow.  If you are open and passionate about possibility, you may just realize something incredible.

Upcoming Dates of Numerological Significance:

Aug 25, 2009
Aug 30, 2009

Sept 2, 2009
Sept 13, 2009
Sept 18, 2009
Sept 24 – Oct 1, 2009

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