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Basic Silva Method Parenting Class

  The Seeker’s Round Table 

Several parents have asked for workshops geared for children’s unique needs along with their parents at TSRT.  And we’ve been working  hard to deliver!

We have the wonderful opportunity to have this special
Parenting Workshop for Parents, Teachers and Children
Basic Silva Method Techniques with Nelda Sheets – Editor of Silva Magazine 

This class will be offered at this time at a special discount rate and ONLY to TSRT members!
You must be a member of The Seeker’s Round Table to sign up for this class or receive the special rate.
So if you’re not, email me and sign up for a free year’s subscription to the TSRT newsletter now.
(All members will receive the special rate details in their email newsletters.)
This is an incredible value with a highly experienced Silva instructor!
Nelda Sheets has worked with children of all types for over 30 years!

July 25-26th, 2009
$____ per adult prepaid by July 20th
9am to about 6pm each day  
(bring sack lunch or potluck)

This workshop will teach basic techniques from The Silva Method of Self-Mind Control that
can be applied to the parenting or teaching of our youth. 

This workshop will also be of interest to teachers of all levels, including anyone who works in education or otherwise works with children.

Details:  This will be a two day Parenting Workshop on a weekend.  Children of those parents attending may attend the last half day.  Techniques for memory, concentration, and other study skills, mental rehearsal and value of ESP for children as well as adults.  All aspects of our lives will be presented. 

Topics for Parents include:
Stress management techniques for family members
Importance of  family members using alpha and theta brain waves at will
Sleep Control, Awake Control, Dream Control, Pain control
Mental Housecleaning
How to help child overcome shyness and develop skills in sports, etc.
Enhancing creative and intuitive thinking
Plus techniques for understanding how others think/feel

We have a short window to enroll in this workshop.  Please contact me immediately if you are interested or would like to sign up.  If you are a Silva Graduate, contact me for further details of reduced “refresher” cost.


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