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Announcement: Upcoming Gatherings….

For those who know their colors and are interested in being Gathered, Gatherings of the 7 colors are being held Feb 21-22 as well as March 7-8. This is according to the teachings presented by Dr. Joseph Crane and Julia Hanson. For this coming weekend, blues are needed. For March 7-8, Yellows and Violets are needed.

Remember, it’s a once in a lifetime event. I will update this post with more info about what a gathering is later on, for those who don’t know.

But for now, those of you who do know about this special spiritual event – get in touch with me if you are interested in being Gathered for one of these dates. Especially if you are one of the needed colors. There must be one of each color to make the gathering.


A gathering is a powerful, empowering, uplifting, spiritual, quantum event. That can only take place with a servant and seven masters – one of each church. Each master has the opportunity to experience their giftedness as a child of God and the giftedness of others. They come together to stand in a sacred geometrical pattern that is called at the gathering “THE WELL OF SOULS”. Also the opportunity is given to realign their spiritual DNA with the essence of God and reconnect their spiritual DNA with their physical DNA. Also the servant teaches the masters present to teach. Michael instructed Joe prior to the first gathering “to find seven masters and teach them to teach.” This event is over a 2 or 3-day period. 


Each master of the different churches stand in a sacred geometric pattern, which is called The Well of Souls. The Well of Souls is a space for giving and receiving. The reason that it is called this is that everyone has an opportunity to give up old ideas and beliefs that no longer serve them. In return they receive whatever they need at the time on a spiritual level to redefine their life. Each master of the different churches stands in a sacred geometric pattern to form this Well.


As your parents gave to you your physical makeup through DNA, God gave you your spiritual DNA. It is what makes you in God’s image and likeness.


The Gate of Grace is a sacred geometrical formation created with gemstones. The Gate of Grace is a benevolent tool given to us by the angelic realm. Holographically, it looks like two, four-sided pyramids intersecting. One points up, the other points down. As they spin in opposite directions, the pyramids intersect with each other and begin to create a geodesic ball within. As the facets smooth out, it forms a Ball of Grace in the center. The ball of grace then folds in and up in the middle creating a tube torus; through which the breath of God flows. This tool was given for angelic communication and/or healing. It is a clean space, not much different than an operating room. It is an excellent space for meditating or healing sessions. Nothing negative can be in this space nor can it be used for anything negative. If someone does it will shut down immediately and then start up again. There is no prayer or anything special to be done to have this gate start up. Just place the 8 stones in there proper places.

Everyone has different experiences working with this angelic tool. Most people just feel at peace, knowing they are in a sacred space. Some are clairsentient (feel); some are clairaudient (hear).



The churches are seven different types of people who have different gifts and traps. It takes these seven different types of people to create a working society. You can read, “Teaching the Masters” for more information. We call them churches, but they can also be called archetypes, clans, and tribes. They are ways of being or giftedness.


We are all masters. All children of God are Masters.


A servant is a person who has attended a gathering and is in service now to teach seven new persons to teach at the gathering process.


A gathered master is a person who has attended a gathering.


Either a servant has found you or you find one that is having a gathering. The servant MUST have attended a gathering and been taught what Michael said to teach during a gathering. If you have any questions about this process, a gathering, or finding a servant,  you can contact the following people:

Joe Crane –              www.TeachOnlyLove.com

Julia Hanson-         http://www.hanson-shelton.com/

These Portions reprinted and published here by permission of Rev. Julia Hanson and Dr. Joseph Crane…

(There is an awful lot more on what’s entailed in a Gathering of 7 and more details on the colors, etc..  If you are interested in more, contact me and I will forward the file to you.)


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