The Numerological Lesson of Today….

Here we are in the new year – the year 2009 we’ve all been waiting for – and today tasting the first numerological combo intense with master number energy.  Do you feel it?  Can you taste it?  It is ripe with the humanitarian nature of the spiritual teacher and pioneer, as well as the master vibration of practical wisdom and problem solving.   It is also a day of challenge and testing.  Just how good is your positive Fu?  Hmm?  The energy of leadership and cooperation, as well as balanced unity and networking, go far with this day.

Now, I must say that I find number combinations like this more intense on weekdays than on weekends and holidays in American society.  Simply from the physical fact that the majority of people do not work on weekends and weekend energy as a result tends to be more relaxed as a society (even when you do work on the weekend).  Pretty much, in our way of doing work and business, all deadlines are during the week.  Even schools do not usually have deadlines due over the weekend.  As such we witness a suspension of many multi-tasking pressures and demands when it comes to all the world outside us during our “down time.”  Over the weekend, we are more likely to become re-connected and acquainted with the innate “us” and our families and chosen social settings.   As a race of humans, we tend to be affected by and pick up on the moods, thoughts and expectations of the world around us and operate under an unspoken set of rules and demands that is simply “understood” by the masses.  This concept might be better understood as a crowd psychology or group consciousness.   It’s a generality, but it works en masse.

During the week, the physical and spiritual energy struggles become more intense.  Far too many people in the world are not really happy at work.  It’s a job, it pays the bills, it might be somewhat interesting, but commonly, most people would rather not be there, doing that for work.  We all understand this.  And we all understand the concept of contending with things we don’t enjoy so much to make the things we do enjoy possible.  Ah…  An inherent lesson of challenge already.  Expose myself to something I don’t care for to get something I do care for. 

Now add a vibration that says, “No matter what, you have to take the higher road.  You think you’re a good person, huh?  Well are you still going to be if we turn the pressure up a notch?  Let’s practice getting better at this.”  And in today’s combo, the challenge and lesson is both physically and spiritually challenging: a two-fer. 

In numerology we naturally go through cycles of vibrational combinations that facilitate just this.  Just like in school, we have periodic “evaluations” that pop up in numerology.  These are opportunities to 1) overcome and 2) raise our awareness and operational vibrations.  It’s like exercise – you have to use it to make it stronger.  And there are safeties built into our physical exestence here that make sure we have the opportunities to grow, no matter what.

Ok, great – so what does that mean for 2009 and why does any of this matter? 

Well, to start – 2009 is an 11 year.  The first 11 year in 99 years (by western calendar folks).  Our last 11 year was 1910.  Go ahead – it’s easy to figure out.  Go write down the last 100 years and do your number reduction on them.  You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.  Not a difficult fact to grasp at all.

Ok, well what does that mean?

11 is the master number of spiritual leadership.  It’s often considered one of the most intense vibrations to learn, because the lesson is spiritual in nature, but it radiates into the physical.  how it radiates into the physical is more specific to you and what you personally as a soul find to be challenging.  That’s different for everyone.  But the lesson is essentially the same.  11 is the light bringer and teacher of others who will awaken and teach.  11 is the pioneer of unity within paradox. 

In numerology, how we have come to various meanings of the numbers over generations and millenia is to study the world around us language itself for patterns.  We find that there are patterns between various words that are complimentary or have similar meanings.  And they all have similar numerical vibrations as well.  Words that vibrate to the Master Number 11 include LIGHT, WISDOM and JESUS.  Also energy, vibration, ablaze, cloudless, rich, dazzle, purpose, show, etc.. 

11 is the number that actively teaches and shows the way.  But it’s more than that.  The lesson is to be this wonderful energy and soul no matter what, even when unpleasant things happen.  When things go wrong, don’t go wrong with them.  And when conflict arrises, always bring your “enemy” up to your level, not stoop to theirs.  11 is the unifier and represents the divinity of duality on this physical plane, as well as unity within paradox.  11 has the responsibility to be and live by example at all times, as well as to maintain a balanced and wise love and patience for all.  Balance and wisdom are a very key words here.  11 reflects that Love itself is not simply a feeling, but an action and that sometimes that action requires the maturity to lay boundaries when others fear to.  It’s 11’s job to be an inspiration to do and try more – to live to a higher degree of expectation and to achieve a higher state of vibrational ideal.  To make life more meaningful and to serve the greater good for all.  It’s a hefty responsibility generally reserved for a rather developed soul.  And the lessons are not because 11 did something to deserve it.  I.e. you must have done something wrong or out of balance for these challenging things to happen to you.  They are chosen simply for the task of testing one’s soul, to exercise their vibrational muscles, so to speak.  Muscles experience pain both from injury and growth.  It’s important not to confuse the two and judge others based on naive  ideas about how this physical existence works. 

Ok, so back to an 11 year.  Well, it means we’ll experience these challenges as a society as a whole.  Go back in history and you will see all sorts of things that have happend during 11 years.  These kinds of things have happened in other years too.  But perhaps if you do a little homework, you’ll begin to see a pattern arise. 

If you go back even further, you will beging to see a pattern that develops numerologically with millennia.  The closer we get to the end of a millennium, the fewer and fewer 11 years we have.  But once we flip into a new millennium, the 11 years begin to hit us within every decade of the 1st hundred years.  These energy patterns force societal change and evolution.  And it’s no wonder, from a numerological perspective, why legends of “end times,” the end of the world and “end of an age” surround the ending of millenniums. 

People keep waiting for things to go back to the way they were.  Things will never be the same as they were.  We are operating under a new set of energies now.  And we are evolving as a society and as a human race, whether we “want” to or not.  It will happen.  And it will be wonderful.  How you allow all this to affect you is by choice and perspective.  When you can embrace that, you’ll realize the true power of what that means. 

As a numerologist who approaches these things in a very karmic way, it is my goal to teach you about what I do and see, not just tell you.  To take your hand and lead you down a path of enlightenment that has left clues throughout known existence.  I want you to see the patterns for yourself and begin to experience the awarenss of the why’s and how’s of vibrational energy layers.  It’s the same way I do reading consultations.  I’m not just going to tell you – I’m going to teach you, so you can take that knowledge with you and apply it and benefit from it from now on. 

That’s it for now.  Go give it a try….!

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