Numerology Notes: Endgame 2008, Chicken Little – The Sky is Not Falling

The Sky is Not Falling

I have struggled for a couple weeks now about how to write the next segment of what’s going on energetically in numbers. There’s a lot of doom and gloom being promoted out there, and I just do not wish to be associated as a part of that reaction. Such focus is really only a diversion from the purity of what is truly the big picture, and what is actually good news for all.

But the hand of inspiration had not set upon me yet. How was I to do this with so much change energy (and shocking change at that) in the air?

Though he’s generally behind the scenes, the Love of my Life is always there listening to and watching my illuminations at work. Frustrated, because the hand of Inspiration had not set itself upon me yet, I voiced my dilemma to John today and instantaneously he provided the spark that opened the door.
Like the movie “Chicken Little” – The Sky is Not Falling.

However, something out of this world is coming our way.

The western world as a whole is about to step into an energetic space that it has not been felt in 99 years. And this energy begins to make its entrance now. The full fruition of this energy will likely seem to center around business as a source. However it really will be about everything else.

Most of us were not alive to have experienced the last Western cycle that contained this energy. What is so special about it? The energy inherent is Master Number energy that demands the utmost in service as well as the utmost in challenges. It is itself the vibration of Light and the expression of Love, while at the same time is the number of harmony within paradox.

Numerology operates in layers upon layers. So there are always challenging energies of one sort or another flowing in and out of our lives. But this particular type of energy has to do with spiritual lessons, not physical ones. And it has to do with the unification and balance of polar opposites. Under its influence, we see the challenges of beliefs, that there is more than one approach to the same ends and each are valid and necessary to the Holy Balance. The coming challenges will shake the core foundations and beliefs of many and test even the highest of vibrations. Religious, political, the way we do business and the way we view education and health – all of it will be challenged. A message to those who came here for Now – The Pillars of Earth must stand.

2008 is not over yet and continues to get in the last bangs of surprising change energy. Things that were never possible before are possible now in this new millennium. And never more so than in this year – the last of the first 9 years of the new millennium. I’ve been writing about it forever, and as evidence points out, this year has already stood out amongst the many as unique in our current history. That which most could never see coming is taking place. Events that seem to defy logic and planning appear on the horizon. All this sets the stage for the coming year. But it is not over yet.

It will not matter who wins the election. Any win, even in the remote chance of a 3rd party, will be one for the history books. However, it is not the winner where the energy to watch lies. The saturation of it is already all around us. Winners are but puppet-heads, as outstanding and even seemingly shocking events lie ahead, no matter what. But again, pull out your notes and remember what I’ve been saying – this a part of a much larger pattern that has been in the works for eons. And it is not all doom and gloom or bad – it is good and necessary. Great things lie ahead for us all. And the process must be fulfilled.

As Americans, we tend to both crave as well as be challenged by Change. It can even seem like we’re easily bored. I’m tired of this channel, let’s flip it and try something new. However, we also fear the unknown. We try to avoid the existence of anything unknown by “planning” for the future, educating ourselves and incorporating a multitude of ideas in attempt to avoid surprises.

But in the end, the lesson comes that we cannot avoid all surprises or change. It is not our purpose on this plane of existence to avoid change, but instead to facilitate it and channel it for the greater good. It is our purpose to live in the present and not always the past or future. As mankind evolves, so must the energies around us. And it requires constant Flow and a state of Being.

Dates of numerological significance: The entire months of November and December stand out like beacons in intensity when considering the numerological energies at play. However, November 12th, 17th, and the weekend of 22-23rd (which coincides with the November 2008 Austin Metaphysical Fair) stand out the most in November. And as usual, Monday November 17th is a day to be careful getting to and from work and watching that traffic.

I still highly recommend – anything you really wish to accomplish this year for the holidays – do it now. Do your buying now, make your arrangements now, take care of loose ends now. Streamline and simplify. And I recommend looking a good 6 months ahead. If you can take care of some things now instead of next spring, then do it.

And though I do not wish to be one inciting panic, the cleansing energies of significant natural or other events lie ahead.  Do consider responsible preparations, just as anyone would to weather a storm.  This is just simple life responsibility.  Fix what needs to be fixed, stock what needs to be stocked, set aside some cash funds and consider what your emergency plan might be should the need arise.  In our modern era, our struggles have tended to change shape.  Still, if storm, flood or fire come, it’s basic building blocks of life that count. 

We embark on a journey.  See that you have what’s necessary to see it through and care for you and yours.

But most importantly, take care of your relationships now. Especially if you’ve been too busy to nurture them of late. Now is the time; do not wait. Call them up – it’s time to have tea.

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