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We speak to the Children with many thoughts.

You seek the Key to Life? 
The answer is BE.
For it will elude the tighter you squeeze.

Awake from dreams. 
See and hear not with your body or your heart, but with your Soul.

Stop running. 
You did not incarnate to run away.  Incarnation is for Pain as much as Joy.

Stop fearing.
It is but a myst and an illusion.
For as it is said, “There is no spoon.”

Stop hating.
For when you promote division there is no Unity.

It is said that “Wisdom lies at the feet of many Masters.”
This illuminates that not all are right and not all are wrong.
For you are not infinite enough to contain the completion of Truth.
You must receive it through the means of many emissaries.

Balance lies in the spectrum of visions, not in the narrow precision of one.

Adversity disappears only when faced.
It is in the overcoming that the answer to incarnation lies.

The message has been brought many times in many forms. 
For mankind forgets while in the dream.
You have been told if you do not learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.
It has been said that life is not fair and was not meant to be fair.
And yet you forget yourself and try to make it so, taking the right to pain from others.

Receive a lesson from your body so wondrously created. 
The Secret is in the Overcoming.

For without exercise, the body wanes.
Without practice, the immune system is ineffective.
Without training, the mind is limited.
Without discipline, existence remains trapped by illusion.
Without Choice, there is no Grace.

History is made not by plan, but in the moment.
Even yours.  Just face and BE.

Abundance lies in the overcoming.
And only then does transformation and passage take place.

Do not believe that you do this alone.
For many souls have served and sacrificed in unconditional love for you to achieve ascension.

Without the help of the micro-verses, your universe is not possible.

It is through the grace of the multi-dimensional Kingdoms of Life that the energy you require to transform is made available.  So much energy is required for you to remain on this plane that sacrifice and flow are constant here.  So many have agreed to hold the space and sacrifice to lend that energy to you.

Without the permission of these and their help, you could not remain or thrive in this existence.
The opportunity to be and remain here on this plane, at this “school,” is paid for only by the greatest of Love to you.  Gratitude even to the smallest of cells in your body is in order, for without the unified purpose of each micro-element, your existence here would not be.

Take care of your body for it is the Temple of Your Soul.
For if you neglect it, it cannot be there for you.
And rather than enabling you, it will become a stumbling block instead. 

Take care of your family and your neighbor. 
They are your first teachers in overcoming.

You have heard – “Love your enemies,” yet you still do not understand. 
For you tend to run away from that which is closest to you.
All whom and that which you feel adversity with require your attention.
If you disagree with your neighbor, you must face this disagreement and see it through.
For if you run, negative adversity will breed and follow in new forms wherever you hide.
Challenges were made to be faced in their infancy.
What is it that follows you?

Over and over mankind repeats the pattern. 
It twists and turns and spreads into new dimensions. 
It could have been over before now, but mankind is a stiff-necked people. 
They see only in one direction and wish to learn the hardest of ways.
Harder is not necessarily better.  And often the little things matter most.

What is your code of honor?
Find it, solidify it, stand up for it and defend it.
We do not speak of what you call religion or politics, for these are but the deceivers.
Look to the Masters we sent you.  They did not choose the sides of men. 
They did not promote division.

Do not run.  Do not divide by demanding others to become like you. 
This is not the meaning of Unity.  They, like you, must Simply BE I AM.

We speak of the Soul.  We speak of the Pure Heart.

The Pure Heart destroys fear by embracing it.
The Pure Heart reaches beyond limitations and embraces paradox.
Duality is to show you than Balance lies at Center.
Face and embrace your Opposite – do not run.
Only then will you become complete.
Only then are you Free.


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