October in Numbers….

Hidden Truths and Perceptions Revealed….

In reflection, we are leaving a cycle that has been very much about hidden truths and perception.  That sometimes the reality you are operating within is simply not the only reality that is affecting you.  And sometimes something totally surprising happens to show you that hidden realities and perspectives really do affect your world.  It is important to listen, respond, absorb and reflect on what these truths bring to us as we continue to move on.

The last few months of energies have been more intense and with a “cleansing’ and preparation effect to get us ready for what is around the corner.  I have been writing about the upcoming annual numerological cycle for years.  Once again, I urge my students to go back and pull out your notes!  Go back over what you’ve heard me talk about before.  Let me re-emphasize that this is not a surprise type of energy.  This is a pattern that has been in the eons in the making.  But many will be surprised when it arrives.  A philosophical look at chaos theory goes far in understanding what the next hundred year cycle brings.  (Work on your issues, because this will be more uncomfortable to those who haven’t done this than for those who have.  Those who have, it is your job to be there for those still figuring out how to do this.)

For now, we move into a cycle of brief respite.  I don’t like to write numerology outlooks/predictions completely based on months, because cycles blend in numerology.  They do not start and stop on a dime or a single minute, as many feel in astrology.  And even specific numerological dates blend into each other.  Think of it very much like what happens with an eclipse – the effects can be felt for a few days before and after.  Additionally on our planet as it rotates, there is always a new date in operation on the other side of the world from us, just as there is also an opposite season in operation elsewhere as well.  As in our modern day we become more of an intricate global community, this effect becomes more substantial to all of us.

With that hesitation in mind, October is the month to buy and sell.  October is the month to tackle those projects you’ve been putting off, especially if requiring significant financial committment.  Now is the time to knock out your holiday shopping and get your plans together for whatever you are doing during T-day and Xmas.  Meditate and prioritize.  Also de-clutter and clarify.  Start listing those items on ebay and craigslist that you’ve been intending to.  Start freecycling those extras away now.  It will be much harder to do this later.  Do it now.  As I wrote last month – the New Year is laid now, not in January.  Do not wait.  Lay next year’s foundation right now.  And the sooner before the last week of the month, the better.   My guides make it very clear – November through the end of the year will not be the easiest for many people. 

As I mentioned previously, October is also the time to pull out something you didn’t think was possible and go for it.  Even things you have not invested what would seem to you to be a whole lot of effort, can succeed during this space of energy.  This is the energy that 2008 has generally been about.  We are working with new millenial energies that launch us into new energetic directions.  And in this position of the year, that energy becomes even stronger, with a side kick of extra help from our spiritual guides and Source to facilitate our efforts.  The more you treat this with joy and fun (fear will botch it), the better this will go.  It’s risk taking time – in fun.  Enter that contest, apply for that job, sign up for that class and ask that girl out.  It can also be a time to repair things you didn’t think could be and a time when forgiveness is more possible than ever.  Things that didn’t seem possible before are right now.  And there is something in your life ready for that 2nd calling.  This is great energy to seed something exciting and new – something even totally outside the proverbial box.  Find it now. 

October is also the time to strengthen relationships of all kinds.  Invest the time to gather with friends.  Invest the time to rekindle your romance.  Invest the time into your children’s relationship with you and their grandparents, etc. now.  The urge is to strengthen community and those one on one relationships. 

The current cycle is also strong with energy to manifest something new.  Be careful what you wish for!


Copyright © 2003 – 2008 by Julia Meek Chambers, all rights reserved.

2 Responses

  1. As an astrologer, I have to say I do not hold to the cycles starting and stopping on a dime…Energy just doesn’t work that way, nothing happens in a vacuum. Most of those that subscribe to that thinking are like those who see leaves suddenly appearing in Springtime, versus the leave buds that start in the Fall and swell throughout winter 🙂

    Rock on! Love what you’re writting!

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