August/September Numerology Notes:

 In numerology notes: As we exit the karmic energy presently in place, this last week of August holds significantly intensified energies. These powerful energies entail karmic challenges. Again, this about how we deal with these challenges, as we’ve experienced this “reap what you’ve sewn” energy these last few weeks. However, expect some interesting surprises this week as we blend into a new cycle.The intense energetic “auras” that everyone has been feeling won’t be over soon, though. As we phase into the next numerological stage, the energies shift more out of the karmic slap and then into full blown compounded energies that are best channeled into all that is spiritual and love and a realization that sometimes things happen that we don’t deserve.Some dates will be especially intense as higher vibrational energies become compounded with a spiritual lesson entailed. Expect various profound physical events, all the while with a spiritual barb and lesson. Actions speak louder than words during this time. As we filter through these energies, the heart of many matters and even the soul make up of some will be revealed. You might just find out exactly what someone really believes, whether they meant for it to be obvious or not. I expect to see some raw truths become evident during this time both in personal and professional lives. This will manifest both in negative and positive ways! You may suddenly realize the value of someone you never took much notice of or gave much credit. And likewise, someone you thought more of may disappoint you. However, it is often when dishonor becomes apparent that humanity takes most notice. Please strive to see the positive things shifting as well as they are there for all of us! There is more going on than just what appears shocking.

Again, though drastic physical events may grab your attention during this time, the lessons are more spiritual in nature. It’s NOT about deserving or reaping what you sew during this cycle of energy. It’s about being a good person and soul *anyway,* no matter stress what is thrown your way. Can you dig it?

Upcoming dates of numerological interest are:

August 26 -29; the weekend of September 12-14, September 24-25 (which coincides with a Mercury Retrograde) and Monday the 29th. Everyone be prepared to stay calm and take their time getting to and from work and school on Monday September 29th. When intensified energies like this fall on a Monday, we always see more auto accidents in the Austin area. Energy present during the weekend of September 12-14 involve a series of compounded master number energies that influence change (sometimes to destruction) to build something new and the number of the martyr, which includes a willingness to love unconditionally, in spite of physical trials and tribulation and even unto sacrifice. This energy is also about Forgiveness, even in the face of loss. Resist the urge to go toward dark internal attitudes when things become difficult. It is important to stay in the Light and remember it’s not about what you’ve sewn this time. It’s about sometimes things happen just because and we must remain Love no matter what. These energies are preparatory for the coming year. Practice now.

(Written August 22 – 29th)

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